Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Karol's Erotic Adventures: Part 1 (Did you notice)

By Karol
Written by a woman.

Did you notice Baby, when I slipped in your door this morning at 3:55 a.m?

Did you hear me walk into your bedroom?
You were fast asleep.
I could just barely make out your form on your bed.
Did you notice I pulled the sheets out from the foot of the bed and crawled up next to your legs?
I was trying so hard to be quiet, but at the same time so excited to be near you.

You were breathing so steady.
I couldn't see your face but you were turned on you side.
I found myself running my hands up your legs.
God, I thought to myself "Such sexy smooth legs".
Did you notice my hands were trembling?
I lightly caressed your legs up your calves to your knees.
My fingers were light as feathers because you didn't seem to stir much, maybe you were dreaming something pleasant, I don't know I couldn't see your face, could only hear your soft breathing.

I could feel my breathing was changing just from being near you, I traced your skin as lightly as i could up your thighs.
Did you notice when I reached your panties?
I don't think you did.
You were sleeping so hard.
So tired out from your long day.
Did you notice when my finger slipped under the edge of your panties?
You must of noticed something because you shifted and sighed in your dreamy state, rolling onto your back.
You made me jump a little because I wasn't expecting any movement from you.
I was pleasantly pleased to find your position had become more favorable.
God how I wanted you so bad, wanted to taste you on my lips, wanted your sweet juices all over my tongue.

Did you notice when i slipped your panties so lightly off your hips?
Slid them down as softly and quickly as I could.
My heart was beating so hard for you baby, I'm sure if you had been awake you would of heard it pounding deep in my chest.
Did you notice when I parted your legs ever so slowly?
Your such a deep sleeper.
I was thinking if I could just taste you for a second then I could lie down next to you and sleep with you.
Maybe in the morning when you woke up we would make love.
But I just had to have a little taste of you.

Did you notice when my tongue lightly brushed against your clit?
Oh god that felt so good.
Just once is never enough.
Did you notice when I teased and sucked your clit into my mouth?
I was trying so hard to be quiet as I laid there between your legs.
I heard a soft moan escape your lips.
I tried so hard to be as gentle as I could.
My purpose wasn't to wake you, only to taste your sweetness once before falling asleep next to you.

Did you notice when my tongue lightly traveled down your soft pussy lips?
I noticed how wet you had become.
Was your subconscious taking this all in and letting your body react as you slept?
I don't know, I just know what the simple taste I wanted was now a craving to have more of you, all of you.
God , how my tongue stroked your pussy softly and slowly.
Moving back and forth across and up and down as I lapped at your sweet tasting juices.

I know I heard you moan, was that my name coming off your lips?
I'm not sure, my head was spinning and reeling from your sweet nectar on my lips, your aroma as I breathed you in.
Did you notice when my tongue softly entered gently into your pussy?
I tried so hard to be a feather.
Sliding it in gently and slowly , licking softly, kissing your clit.
I was feeling my own pussy contract as i licked and dipped yours.
You shifted and your breathing became more ragged.
Is it possible to sleep thru this? Surely you will wake up soon and scream
"Take me" or something, but you didn't, I noticed.
I felt your warm wet pussy starting to spasm lightly on my tongue as I licked you.
Each time my tongue entered into you deep I could feel you growing tighter.

Each time I kissed your clit I could feel its throbbing.
I was in extacy.
The taste of you was overwhelming me.
I picked up my pace.
No concern for your slumber.
I only wanted to feel your explosion on my tongue.
Wanted to feel it grip me and hold me there.
Did you notice me then? I don't think you did, but your body knew I was there.

Your legs closed in automatically on my head as your pussy started to erupt with your orgasm.
Your body grew tense, your pussy took hold of my tongue as the ripples of pleasure rushed thru your sleeping body.
My name escaped from your lips.
Did you notice you came all over my tongue?
Did you notice I licked at you forever as your body calmed?
Could you smell your juices on my lips when I crawled up next to you and pulled your trembling body into my arms?
I don't think you did, I think your subconscious kept this little orgasm all to itself and didn't share it with your mind.
Thats ok, because I noticed your body's reactions and enjoyed them for you and will tell you about them in the morning when you wake up.
For now I'm just going to lie here and hold you and dream of you more.

Will you notice me when you first open your eyes in the morning?
I'm sure you will.
I'm lying so close to you I can hear your heartbeat.
Can you hear mine?
at this moment it beats for you.

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