Friday, April 07, 2006

Meeting you

Editor's Note: Okay, the next two posts are by a guy named Brian. These are not long ago posts that I am saving, but e-mails I got recently that started out something like, "Camilla, you are the smartest woman in the world, and though I really would like to meet you for lunch and discuss the works of Plato, Ibid and Descartes, I would settle for fucking your brains out behind the smoothie machine at 7-11."

Okay, the e-mail did not really go like that, but it sounded funnier the way I enhanced it. The guy even offered to send me pictures of his penis. Weak in the knees, I am right now. Without further ado, a couple of stories from Brian.

by Brian

It’s Wednesday afternoon and we just got done chatting with each other online, and in our chat we talked about meeting each other later that evening. So we picked a neutral location, Metro Center Mall at Sears at 6pm. I told you that I was wearing khaki pants, a black polo shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath. I tell you to wear to something sexy but classy.

It’s a quarter to 6, and I just parked my car next to sears. I make my way into sears on the bottom floor, and then enter through the kitchen department. We agreed to meet where they sell mattresses. I work my way down to the mattress department, and I see this sexy woman, sitting on a mattress with her legs crossed. So I think it’s you.

I make my way down to her, and then introduce myself, and the lady gestures back, and replies that her name was Susan. I took a quick glance of what you are wearing short pink skirt, black top, leather boots, you have your hair up.

So we embrace, and I can feel your soft tits pressing against my chest, as we do some shopping. We start to browse through the men section, as I look around for clothes, but really looking at you. We are holding hands, as you hold me tight.

Then I find a pair of pants that I like, and wish to try it on.

So I go into the changing rooms and since it is a Wednesday and it’s mid afternoon, no one is around since. I invite you back with me, as you are shy at first about coming back with me, but after persuading you, you finally agree.

So we walk hand in hand to the back room, the handicap room where it is a little bigger, and you can fit more than one person in the room.

I am not a shy person, as I undo my belt, and let my khakis fall to the ground. You are sitting at the bench, holding your purse in sheer nervousness, as you just look at me undressing. You sneak a peak at my crotch area, and notice that you can see my cock through the front of my boxer shorts.

I look at you, and smile, as I catch you looking at my cock.

I pull my cock out, and tell you, that it’s okay, you’ve seen pictures of my cock before.

Still shy, I make a move to comfort you. As you are sitting there, I straddle your legs, and bend my head down, as I kiss you. You can feel my warm lips touch against yours, as you drop your purse to your side, and then hold me.

Since my boxers really can’t hold my cock inside my shorts, you feel it getting hard against your chest, as I make my way down from your lips to your neck, kissing and licking every inch of sultry skin on the way down. I can smell your sweet smell, as I move down.

I take my teeth, and pull the shirt off your left shoulder, as I kiss it, then make my way down to your elbow, then grabbing your wrist, and sucking on your fingers.

I have a look of lust and sex on my face, as I grab your head, and kissing you more passionately and more deeply, as you take my embrace and hold me firm against your body. You feel my hard cock pressing more against your body.

After a few minutes of deep kissing, I release my body from your wanting grip, and then kneel before you, as I look into your eyes and tell you that I have been wanting this for a long time.

You lose track of where you are, all you know is that it is me and you, and no one else. You feel my hands moving up your skirt, on your outer thighs, as they move up at the same time. The rush of feeling sexy and feeling wanted jolts your body to a level of desire, lust, sex, and anticipation of what to come.

As my hands move closer to your hips, your skirt follows, soon enough I expose your black satin panties, as you look down to see my head moving towards you. I start by kissing your inner thighs, licking them, and moving my head closer to your hot pussy.

Then you feel my hands reaching the back of you, as I grip your ass and move your body closer to me. You are now slouching in the dressing room, as my tongue moves closer and closer to your panty line.

You thrust you head back feeling my warm wet tongue moving closer to you. I can hear you breathing panting faster and faster, as you want my hot tongue on you.

I get up on my knees a bit more, as you feel my tongue licking around your pussy. You can feel it trace around your clit, as it moves to the left side of your pussy lips. I gently grab your panty with my teeth and pull it aside, exposing your shaved luscious lips. Then you feel the sudden rush of sexual desire run through your body as it wants to escape. My tongue lavishes at your lips, as I pull it and lick it. I take my hand and move your panties aside, fully exposing your sexual hole to me. I devour my mouth, going from a slow and soft lick to hard, wanting, animal like mentality, as I rush your warm lips onto mine. You can feel my tongue licking you, up and down, side to side, in and out, as I want to know more about your pussy and discover it’s sexual wants. Then you feel my fingers sliding into your pussy, as I work inside you, trying to discover your gspot. Paying close attention to your body, your breathing, your movements, and then suddenly, your hands reach my hair, as you hold it together. I have found your spot.

After my discovery, I work my fingers against, wanting to expose it’s weakness, as I curl my fingers up ward, a motion where if you were a far, I would point at you, and tell you to come here.

I do so with your gspot, telling it to cum.

As my fingers fuck you harder and faster, you feel my tongue on your clit, as I work both your sexual points of desire, as my fingers fuck you, massaging your gspot, and my tongue continues to lick your clit.

Tasting your ever so sweet juices, I pull my finger out, and offer it to you, as you take it, and suck the juices off my fingers.

After you taste yourself, I take my tongue off of your clit, and tell you to stand up.

I move my face underneath your skirt, as I ‘disappear’ in your clothes. Then you feel a jolt of my tongue licking you, as you squat down to meet it. I stick my tongue out and up in the air, as you move your body up and down on it. Then you realize that this isn’t good enough for you. You shove your pussy harder on my face, as I reflex back, and then you do it again, and then I reflex back more. You repeat this motion with me several times, and then I am forced on my back. You sit on top of me, as you grind your pussy lips on my mouth. You feel my gums, my teeth, my tongue, every part of my lips on your clit and pussy.

Then I feel your warm hands run down my body, as you look down and see my hard cock exposed through my boxer shorts. I start to stroke it, as I feel your tongue licking my tip, as I moan silently in your crotch.

As we are in a 69 position, you aggressively pull my hand off of my cock, and then I feel your hot mouth sucking it hard and fast. The feeling is unreal as you master my cock in minutes, sucking it with no hands, as you deep throat every hard inch.

I met your sucking by envoking my tongue deeper inside you, and then I move my head back to breath, and then spit on your pussy lips and spit on your asshole. I grab your ass and lift my head, as my mouth makes contact with your asshole, as I lick it hard and good. You relieve a moan from hot mouth, as you suck me faster, telling me that you like it and want it.

Not to disappoint, I shove my tongue in your ass, as you moan and gasp in shocking fashion, as I get your ass nice and wet.

Then, you feel my tongue leaving your ass, and back to your cunt, and you feel my arms and hands moving behind you. Then all of a sudden a sharp pain in your ass, as you realize that my fingers have just invaded it. I jam your ass hard and tight, as my fingers fill that tight void. My tongue still licking you, tongue fucking your pussy.

You lift your head up a bit to breath, and hold the sexual tension in you, as you let out a loud moan, hoping that everyone can hear your pleasure.

Seconds have come by and no one to check in on us.

Then I feel your moaning vibrating on my cock, as you suck me faster and harder, fucking it with your mouth. My fingers and tongue work together, as I feel your body quiver in pleasure, as you cum hard on my face. I can feel the rush of your juices run down my face, as I don’t relinquish any mercy, and continue to fuck your ass hard, and now eat your pussy side to side, in and out, and up and down. I can feel your body wanting it, as you beg me for more, and more.

Harder and faster, I feel your hips push against my fingers and my face, as you let out another soft secretive orgasism. You had to shove my cock in your mouth to keep your quiet.

I slide my face from underneath you, and you get up.

We see a mirror in the room, a full body size mirror, and then I position myself to have my head just underneath the mirror, and then I pull of my boxers.

Eager to fuck me, you pull off your skirt, and then squat and then put my hard cock inside your pussy. I feel the sudden rush of warmth around me, as I grab your hips, and then let you fuck me. I can feel the wet and warm glide of my cock fucking you, as I tell you to look in the mirror.

You moan in delight, and you can see my cock disappearing inside your pussy. The view is turning you on so much, that you fuck me harder and faster. I meet your fucking by thrusting my hips upward as you come down on my thick hard cock. Every penetrating motion is followed by my hips. Then you pull your shirt off to show me your tits. I grab them and pinch your nipples, as we fuck in sync as you feel my cock hitting your cervix.

Harder and faster, deeper and deeper, you clench my chest in pleasurable pain, as you feel my cock throbbing inside you. Then you lean forward to kiss my lips as you fall to your knees, and let out a hard moan in my mouth, as you cum hard on my cock. Your body quivers, as I tell you get off of me.

You do so, and stand up, and I follow.

Since I have a height advantage over you, and you are really light in weight, I stand behind you and pick you up. Then I tell you to grab my cock and spread your legs. You’ve never done this position before.

So there we are, I am standing up, and you shoved my cock in your pussy, as we or you look at us in the mirror. Your spread eagle position makes it easy on you to see my cock fucking you. I sneak a peak as I see your pussy engulfing my hard cock, as I fuck you harder. I let gravity take you as I slam your body on my cock.

Fucking you faster and faster, harder and harder, you view is spectacular as my cock disappears in your hot pussy.

Then you reach back and grab my hair, as you move your head to the side to kiss me. I feel your hot passion of sex and lust through your kiss, as you whisper in my ear to cum.

As you tell me this, you clench your pussy together tightening the grip, as my cock fucks you hard and harder, every inch of pleasure shoots though your body when you come down on it.

Then you feel my veins throbbing inside you, as I kissing your neck to hold my anticipated moan, and then you start to concentrate on my cock, feeling my veins thicken, as my load explodes inside your pussy. My body is moving your body extremely fast on my cock. Our bodies have developed a hot sticky sweat between your back and my chest.

As I slow down, you see my cum drizzling out of your pussy lips.

I put you back on your feet, as I stand you up, and put my mouth under your pussy lips, and suck my cum out of your pussy, and then stand up, and make you kiss me, as we exchange our hot sweet cum together. With that, you get on your knees, to suck my cock, draining it of every last hot warm cum.

Just as you think we were down, you can feel my cock getting harder and thicken as you suck on it.

I tell you get on all fours, as you look up in shock, and realize I am a younger male with a huge sexual appetite. Tired as you may be, you do so eager to know what is to follow next.

You get on your knees, and face the mirror. Then you feel my spit combined with my cum and yours, on your ass. You think you may know what’s next, but you are waiting on me.

Just then I squat behind you, and then you feel the tip of my wet cock invading your asshole. I bury it inside you, as I look at your face in the mirror, as you clench your lower lip in pain, not wanting to take it, but excited and horny about it.

You feel my cock penetrate you deeper and harder, as I spit on your ass crack, hoping to lube it up more. The pain and pleasure of having a cock inside your ass is different for you, as you adjust to the pleasure of it.

Just then you feel my balls touching your cunt, and at that moment you know, that all of me is inside of you. Then I grab your ass, and begin to fuck your tight ass. In and out, slowly, making you adjust to me, as you moan in pleasure. I see your face wincing as I tell you to relax.

I feel your hands massaging your pussy as you transfer your pleasure of being fucked in the pussy to your ass. Then you relax more and more, as my cock fills your much needed ass fucking.

That transfer of pleasure finally subsides, as you just rub your pussy because now you are getting fucked in a raw and slutty nature.

Harder and harder, I penetrate you as you feel your once tighten ass, open and adjust for my cock.

Then you push back, realizing although this may feel awkward, it does feel fucking good. Then your moans follow as you are really enjoying my cock.

You moan to me “Fuck me, Fuck me hard”

I do so, and ram my cock inside you, as you rub your pussy in a pleasurable violent way. Feeling used and slutty to no avail, I penetrate you, and fuck you so hard, that you couldn’t help but yell so fucking loud. Thank god that the dressing rooms are enclosed, and no one is around.

I moan back, as rock your body back towards me, and then cum so fucking hard, that you collapse, and quiver violently on the ground. Just then you feel my cock explode inside your ass.

I pull my cock out, as it is still oozing with cum, and jerk it a few times to get all my cum out, as it runs down your ass. You feel that ooze drizzling down your body. As you reach back to scoop the cum into your mouth.

With that, I help you, and help you get dressed. As we leave, you mention to me, that you can still feel the cum inside you, as it runs down your sexy thighs.

We walk out of the dressing room fully dressed, and we look around to find no one, and walk out of sears, and out to our cars. Where we kiss.


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