Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nudist Interlude ...

by Sledge Stone

Jeb spent the morning swimming in the lake, and despite slathering himself with sunscreen still managed to get a bit too much sun.

Not that he burned, but the heat and strenuous exercise left him thoroughly exhausted.
Then he ate a big lunch at the camp picnic and it became obvious he needed a nap.
So he grabbed his backpack with a few supplies and hiked back up in the hills, to a little spring he knew where the trees grow thick and there is plenty of shade.

Sleeping heavily, he dreamed someone was giving him a blowjob and his cock was so hard it was aching.
Whoever was sucking on him had forgotten how ticklish he is and began to lick his balls.
He spiralled up from the dream state, hairs on the back of his neck standing up.
"Aagghh!" he yelled.

His eyelids unshuttered, and there was Terry, big cock in her fist, smiling up at him.
"Sorry about that," she said, licking his cock.
"I was hoping you'd wake up slowly."
Before he could respond she went down on him again, sucking him into her mouth until her nose nestled against his balls.
Jeb lay back and closed his eyes as the sensitive head of his cock was massaged by Terry's throat muscles.

Terry twisted around sideways, throwing a leg over him, and settled her crotch right over his mouth, the smell of hot, wet pussy invading his nostrils.
Jeb spread the cheeks of her butt and pulled her closer to his face.
His tongue probed the folds of her cunt, teased her lips apart, flickered across her clit until it came erect, then licked deep into her honey pot.
Her whole body quivered when he did this, and he could feel her tremble with surpressed longing as he sucked her clit.
"Oh, Jeb, I want you to fuck me so bad!" she whispered.

Jeb made little slurping sounds in response.
Terry became so concentrated on the pleasurable sensations at her nether end that she stopped sucking his cock, holding it wet against her cheek, licking it between gasping breaths.
She felt Jeb's finger probe the bud of her asshole, sending little ripples up her spine.
When he pushed his whole finger up her butt she couldn't stop herself: she sat hard on his face, grinding her clit against his lips and soaking his moustache with her sticky juice.

Susan skipped up the trail, humming an R.E.M. tune in her head, revelling in the feel of the hot Texas sun on her naked body.
She rounded a bend and followed the trail down to a large clump of trees surrounding the spring-fed pool.
Jill had said she would meet her there at 3 PM.
As she stepped into the cool shade of a large cottonwood tree she heard a voice.
"Oh! Oh! Mmmmm! Don't stop!"

Peering through the foliage, she saw a middle-aged man and woman doing 69.
The woman had the guy's big cock in her hand, licking it up and down, and the guy was noisily eating the woman's pussy while she moaned and cooed and encouraged him not to stop.
He seemed to have his finger in her rear end too, but Susan couldn't quite tell what he was doing.
Susan felt her nipples harden at the sight of them.
The air moving between her legs felt cool, but her little pussy was generating its own heat.
Watching entranced, she began rubbing her clit with one hand and squeezing a small nipple with the other.
The woman ground her ass into the man's face, obviously orgasming.
"Oh! Ahhh! Jeb, please fuck me now!"

Jeb responded with a muffled "Mmmph!"
The woman reversed herself and straddled him.
Susan watched her reach between her legs to spread her pink pussy lips, saw the wetness gleaming there for an instant.
She also saw the large mushroom head of Jeb's cock just before it disappeared inside her.
All Susan's blood seemed to flow to the point between her legs.
She had three fingers inside herself. She felt a bit lightheaded, so she sat down behind the tree and watched, hypnotized, as the woman impaled herself again and again on Jeb's hard member.

Susan was dripping wet by now, her breathing was growing louder, and she was making little squishy sounds fingerfucking herself, but she really didn't care if they discovered her.
She was much too intent on getting off.
Besides, they were making quite a bit of noise themselves, what with the wet smacking sound of hot fucking and the woman's moans.
Susan rubbed sticky fingers rapidly over her clit and pussy lips, and curled her toes as she came.
Little jolts of electricity shot from her nipples down to her pussy. Her juices flowed out on the grass.

Jeb heard something and turned his head.
There was a little blonde waif with no tits at all sitting behind a tree, hand on her wet pussy and a dazed look on her face.
Terry looked over her shoulder to see what Jeb was looking at and saw her too. She looked like she was maybe twelve years old.
"Hi! Come join us!"

The girl stood shakily and walked over to them.
She had pale, smooth skin, pink nipples, and a naked cleft between her legs.

"How old are you?" Jeb asked.
"I'm nineteen," she said.
"Well, that's a relief."
Jeb reached up to massage Terry's breasts and pinch her nipples.
In response, Terry slowly raised herself off his cock, and just as slowly lowered herself again.

The girl stepped around to get a rear view, and Terry obligingly lifted her butt up off Jeb's tool again.
The girl saw Terry's steaming pink pussy, lips spread wide, and Jeb's seven inch cock, mushroom head purple and throbbing, the whole length of it slathered with sticky white cunt juice.
She watched fascinated as Terry's little pussy easily swallowed Jeb's big cock again, until all she could see were his hairy balls pressed up against Terry's butt.
She unselfconsciously fingered her naked pussy and pinched her pink nipples as she watched them fuck.

Finally, Jeb said, "I'm Jeb, and this is Terry."

"Oh! I'm Susan," she replied.
"Hi." She nodded at them both, then said to Jeb:
"do you think you could eat my pussy? I'm really hot from watching you fuck.
My girlfriend hasn't shown up yet."

Jeb smiled expansively. "No problem."

He gestured for her to come on. Susan knelt daintily over his face, facing Terry, and lowered her sweet little pussy right onto his mouth.
He immediately began to explore her with his tongue.
Her butt was narrow and skinny.
Her labia were absolutely smooth, with no shaving stubble.
When he parted her inner lips her little vagina obligingly dripped some juice into his mouth.
He felt her tense, but with pleasure rather than apprehension.

Susan lowered herself onto the old guy's face, feeling his bristly moustache against the smoothness of her naked pussy lips.
She almost started to cum when he stuck his tongue up her, but she consciously relaxed and let him work his magic between her legs.
The old guy certainly knew how to use his tongue.
Susan leaned forward and began to suck one of Terry's nipples, feeling it harden in her mouth.

Terry was still fucking vigorously, Jeb's cock deep inside her, breasts jiggling.
She squeezed them together and tried to hold them relatively still so Susan could suck the nipples.
Susan put her face between Terry's soft breasts and licked from one to the other until both nipples were hard and Terry let her head loll in ecstasy.

Jeb reached up with his fingers and tweaked Susan's nipples.
They were about the size of quarters, very pointed, and they responded instantly.
Susan immediately began to squirm on his face, feeling that electric connection again between breasts and crotch, and Jeb was delighted to force his tongue as far as it would go into her warm little snatch.

Then Susan surprised Terry by taking her head in her hands and kissing her full on the mouth.
Susan's tongue traced Terry's lips delicately, then probed into her mouth, feeling its way around her teeth and touching her tongue, never stopping its constant movement.
For the first time in her life Terry was overpowered with lust for for another female.
With Susan kissing her and playing with her breasts and Jeb's hard cock inside her, she quickly reached another orgasmic peak.
She began to moan loudly, and Susan, sensitive to every sexual nuance, started moaning and cumming at the same time.
Jeb felt Terry's pussy tightening and quivering around his cock, followed quickly by a similar shuddering in Susan's tiny butt.
Jeb was surprised when Susan's little cunt flooded his mouth with her warm salty-sweet juices, which he tried to slurp up, but which were so copious they ran down his cheeks, soaking his moustache and beard.

Jill arrived just in time to see Terry and Susan cum all over Jeb.
"God, I love the smell of wet pussy!" she said.
"I'm not too late, am I?"

"Hey Jill!" replied Susan. "This is Jeb and Terry."

Jill walked up and knelt down beside them, putting her arms around Terry and Susan.
"Pleased to meet you!"
She kissed Susan on the mouth, then pulled Terry's face close and kissed her too.
Susan didn't back away, but stuck her tongue in with Jill and Terry's to make a three way kiss.
Jill's hands slid behind both women's butts and between their legs, finding Jeb's cock still in Terry's snatch and his tongue up Susan's little honey pot, both dripping wet.
She rubbed her breasts against Terry's and Susan's chests, and insinuated her fingers into their hot pussies.

Jeb reached a hand between Jill's legs from behind, only to encounter Susan's hand already there, fingering her wet cunt.
Jill also had an incredibly smooth cunt with no hair and no feel of stubble.
Jeb had to know how this came about, so he asked "how do you two keep your pussies so smooth?"

Jill broke away from the three-way kiss to reply:
"we pluck them."
"Oh, I love it," said Jeb, burying his tongue in Susan's heavenly little cunt again.

The three women continued to kiss and caress one another while Jeb enjoyed the occasional attention of one or another of them.
Then Terry pulled languorously away from the wet kisses of the other two women and announced
"I want Jeb to fuck me in the ass while you two eat my pussy and suck my nipples."

"Allriiight!" said Jill.
"Ohboy!" said Susan.
"Ridem cowboy!" said Jeb.
So all the girls stood up and Terry got out the K-Y jelly.
"Let us help," said Susan.
Terry handed the K-Y over to Susan, who took a handful and handed it on to Jill.
Susan looked at Jeb's big cock for a moment, then took it in her mouth and began to suck on it, evidently deciding the K-Y could wait for a moment.
Meanwhile, Jill had Terry get down on hands and knees next to Jeb and began to lick her asshole.

This was not an entirely new experience for Terry, but never before had she had anyone do it with such enthusiasm.
Jill not only licked all around Terry's sensitive hole, but stuck her tongue deep inside it as well.
Terry wriggled her butt and spread her legs further as Jill's lithe tongue explored her asshole.
"Ohhhhh! Mmmmmm!" Terry exclaimed.
"You have two weeks to stop doing that!"

Terry turned her head and edged closer to Jeb so she could kiss him, noticing as she did that little Susan had slathered Jeb with K-Y jelly and was now poised over him, ready to settle her tiny child-like butt onto his throbbing tool.
Jill was literally fucking Terry's asshole with her tongue now, her head bobbing up and down, all four fingers of one hand in her pussy too.

Phil wandered down to the little spring, late for his meeting with Terry.
He had fallen asleep after a big lunch and had awakened with a hard on, having dreamed of Terry's tight little pussy wrapped around his cock.
Now he was amazed to see not only Terry, but a guy and two other women all entwined in the shade.

A woman, who appeared to be in her thirties, had her tongue up Terry's asshole and one hand almost completely inside her cunt.
Her other hand was busy fingering her own obviously very wet pussy.
Terry was wiggling her butt while kissing the guy, who was lying on the ground with a large gleaming cock sticking straight up and a little girl straddling him.
Paul was just in time to watch the purple head of the guy's cock part the tiny pink pussy of the little girl.
She was lowering herself, very slowly, onto him.

Phil's own cock sprang to attention as he watched, mesmerized.
He heard Terry say, "oh god, it's so sexy to watch her fuck you, Jeb!"
Jeb's reply was muffled by Terry's kisses.
About this time, the woman who was licking Terry's butt now had her hand completely inside Terry's cunt and was fisting it.
Phil had heard of fisting but had never seen it.
The woman got out a tube of K-Y jelly and squirted a generous glob onto Terry's asshole.
Her fist still in Terry's cunt, she poked a finger into her asshole also.

Phil had his cock in his hand by this time, stroking it.
He watched as the woman poked a second, then a third finger into Terry's ass.
She alternated forcing her fist into Terry's cunt, and her fingers into her asshole.
Terry appeared to be on the verge of levitating.
It was obvious she was building toward a huge orgasm.
Meanwhile, the little girl her her pussy completely impaled on the guy's cock and was babbling "oh god, your cock is so hard, oh it feels so good, oh I want you to fuck me," over and over while playing with her nipples.

At this point, Terry started to cum, shouting "aarrgghh! ohhhhh! mmmmm!"
The little girl began to rub her clit very rapidly too, shouting "I'm cumming! Oh, I'm cumming!"
The little girl lay down on top of the guy and wiggled around, obviously rubbing her clit against him and trying to get off even better.
The guy grabbed her tiny butt in his two big hands and held it steady while he slammed his big cock into her vigorously.
Phil couldn't stand it anymore--he had to get in on this.
"Hey, is there room for me too?" he asked?

Terry's head turned. "Hey everybody! This is Phil."
She pointed to everyone:
"That's Jeb, Susan, and Jill."
Everyone stared at Phil and his hard dick.

"Oh my god--look at his cock," said Jill.
Phil's cock was only about five inches long, but it was as big around as a beer can, had a head on it bigger than a woman's fist, and was thickly veined and throbbing with desire.
His balls were huge too.
It was simply too inviting for Jill to resist.
She rose up on her knees and said, "come here, big boy."

Phil walked up to her and plugged his huge tool into her waiting mouth. "Mrrph," she said.

Terry turned to little Susan, now lying somewhat dazed on Jeb's chest, his big cock still inside her, and her juices dripping from his balls.
Terry got down behind her and began to lick the juices from Jeb's balls and cock, and also licked Susan's wet pussy lips and the delicate bud of her asshole.
Susan rose up to let Terry get at Jeb's cock better, and couldn't refrain from squatting over Jeb's face for a few moments and letting him lick her dripping little pussy some more.

"Okay," Terry said, "everybody watch--I'm going to fuck Jeb with my ass!"
So the others assembled at Jeb's feet to watch.

Jeb held his cock pointing upward while Terry turned her back to him and straddled him, her legs spread wide, feet flat on the ground.
Terry spread her pussy lips for everyone to see ("Ooh, I like it," said Susan.), ran a finger over her clit, and placed her asshole over the throbbing purple head of Jeb's cock.

Susan got down on hands and knees next to Terry to observe. Following suit, Jill did the same, and Phil got behind her, nudged her legs apart, and began rubbing his big cock against her pussy.
"Oh Jesus, Phil, that feels good!" she said.
So Jill reached around and guided his huge tool into her pussy.
Meanwhile, Terry had just the head of Jeb's cock in her ass, and she was bobbing up and down, teasing him.
"Mmmm, that feels incredible," he said.

Susan was watching intently, and finally said, "watch her pussy lips."
Even Phil turned his attention from fucking Jill to watching Terry.
Every time the head of Jeb's cock went into her asshole, Terry's pussy lips would open, flower-like, and they would close again when she lifted herself off his cock.

"I can do that too," said Jill. "But not right now."

Terry finally lowered herself all the way down on Jeb's cock.
Susan was still watching closely, fingering her pussy and pinching her nipples.
"It's so sexy to see his hairy balls and your wide-open pussy too," Susan said.

Terry looked down at herself.
"You are sooo right.
And it feels so good to have him deep inside me like this."
She began rocking back and forth.

"Ahhhhh!" Jeb said. "I don't know if I can hold out too much longer.
Would you like to try being sandwiched?"

"Yes, yes. Oh, Phil--I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I need your cock in my pussy right now. Jill, do you mind?"
"Not at all," said Jill. "I want to see this!"
Terry lay back on top of Jeb, legs spread wide, and Jeb spread his legs wide too, so Phil could get down between them.
Susan and Jill positioned themselves on either side of Terry and began sucking her nipples.
Phil had to lean over the somewhat awkward pile of people, but he held himself up with powerful arms, and eased the huge head of his cock into Terry's tight pussy.

Jeb contented himself with merely vibrating his cock in Terry's ass, but Phil began to really pound her pussy.
With a big cock up her ass, and an even bigger one in her pussy, Terry was getting more stimulation than she had ever had at one time.

"Ohhh, ahhhh, I'm cumming!" Terry yelled, and the girls sucked harder on her nipples and the guys forced themselves as deep inside her as they could get.
Terry bounced and shook, raking Phil's butt with her nails, and both guys could feel her muscles contracting around their cocks as she came.

Terry might have subsided a bit, but Phil was really getting worked up and he wasn't slowing down at all.
He was forcing his big cock like a piston into Terry's wet hole, his butt moving rhythmically between her legs, his breathing growing ever more strained.
"I'm gonna cum," he said through gritted teeth.

"Oh boy!" said Susan, and she and Jill both opened their mouths and stuck their tongues out, ready to lap up his jism.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" said Terry, as Phil hammered her. "Ahhhhh!"

Phil pulled out and shot a rope of hot cum that hit little Susan right in the face, another that hit Terry's breast, and yet another that caught Jill right in the mouth.
But he didn't stop.
He aimed his cock like a firehose and covered all three women with streams of hot, sticky cum, taking nearly a minute to empty himself.

Little Susan edged over to Phil, cum tangled in her blonde hair, took his huge tool in her mouth, and sucked him dry.
Phil held her head and literally fucked her face for a few minutes, until all his spasms were over and his cock began to soften in her mouth.
"Mmmm, your cum tastes sweet!" Susan exclaimed.

"Okay, now it's my turn to show off," said Jill, licking the cum off her lips.
She lay on the ground, put her knees up and spread her legs wide.
Everyone gathered around to watch.
Terry lifted herself off Jeb and got down on hands and knees right next to Jill, sticking her butt up in the air and wiggling it.
Jeb got up on his knees behind her and stuck his cock up her ass again, slowly stroking in and out.

Jill seemed to be doing deep breathing, her eyes unfocused.
She rythmically tightened and released her vaginal and anal muscles.
As she did so, the lips of her cunt began to swell and pinken.
She pinched her nipples, squeezed her breasts, and ran her hands up and down her torso and thighs, never quite touching her pussy.
Her clit began to rise and harden, and her ragged cunt lips began to unfold like flower petals. Jill's stomach muscles rippled, her thighs flexed, her cuntlips spread wide and began to drool a thin stream of cum.
Her clit rose a half-inch above its little hood and could be seen to throb like a small cock. Her whole body began to shake and quiver.
At this point little Susan got down between Jill's legs and flicked her tongue rapidly over Jill's throbbing clit.
Jill dug her heels into the ground, lifted her butt up, and began to shoot convulsive streams of sticky female cum all over Susan's face and the green grass.

At the sight of Jill cumming in Susan's face, Jeb pulled his cock out of Terry's ass, moved around to her front, and proceeded to shoot his cum all over her nose and mouth.
Susan lifted her head from Jill's crotch, opened her mouth, and Jeb shot cum from her forehead to her chin.
Then she and Terry began licking and kissing each other, smearing cum all over.

With Jeb and Jill's cum drooling from her chin, Susan looked up at Jeb and asked innocently, "What're you guys doing tonight?"

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