Monday, July 31, 2006

The Shower

by Dick Throb

I arrived home early that day.
As I opened the door I could see her standing at the sink.
She was cleaning vegetables for dinner.
I knew she had been in the garden by what she had on.
She always put on the halter top and very short shorts after she took a shower.
I could imagine the sweet taste of her vagina, fresh and warm from the hot water flooding over the inner folds of her pussy lips.
The thought made my cock stir in my pants.
She was beautiful, standing there with her long tan bare leg, no shoes and her hair laying across her back.

She turned slightly and smiled.
"Hi, how are you?" she asked.
"I'm doing real good, now that I'm home and see you, life is great. And you are beautiful."
Knowing that I had taken a shower before leaving work, I felt as fresh as she did.
I knelt on the floor behind her and started to run my tongue up her leg.
The shorts gave me a slight view of the nice crease of the bottom of her ass cheek.
I lick that area, it always drives her crazy.
She pushed her ass back into my face a little and I could heard her breathing getting heavy.
I licked the crease and into the crack between her pillows of flesh.
She stopped what she was doing and held onto the edge of the sink.
She moaned loudly as my tongue made contact with her ass hole.
It was so sweet and smelled of soap and oils.
I knew what she had done in the shower with herself and didn't mind a bit.
As I licked her ass hole my mind drifted to her image in the shower.
I could see her with water cascading down her beautiful body.
Flowing over her tits down her stomach and funneling across her sweet pussy.
Her feet and toes would be standing in the fresh water.
Ready for me to lick and kiss.
She would wash her tits and slide the soap to her ass. Gently she would lather up her ass while concentrating on the dark rose bud nestled between her cheeks.
All the while she continued to wash her pussy, making it foam up with soap and water.
Soon she started to moan and push back against the hand that was on her rose bud. She would push back and open her legs slightly.
All the time smiling with her eyes closed.
This continued for several minutes until I saw her bend over and grab the side of the tub.
She let out a scream and pumped her ass hole hard with her soapy hand.
I could imagine the tight ring around her ass hole opening up to admit the finger I knew was buried deep inside her ass.
She continued to have an orgasm pumping her ass as her pussy juice flowed down her legs.

After several minutes she stood, smiling with a glow in her eyes.
She now concentrated on her pussy.
This too was covered with the soapy water worked into a lather.
She inserted two fingers into the open dripping pussy and started to pump her hand.
Slowly at first, just touching her clit. Gently brushing it as her finger went in and out.
She kept up this pumping until she had to grab onto the hand rail.
She gripped it tightly as the spasms of her orgasm took over her body and mind.
I could smell the sweet aroma of her fresh pussy juice as it gushed from within.
Mixing with the hot water, it gave the whole room a fragrance of glorious sex.
Now she reached just outside the shower and got the vibrator.
Totally enclosed in rubber made it perfect to use in the shower.
She put some oil on the end and rubbed it all over.
She then place one foot on the edge of the tub, and while rubbing her pussy, she slowly inserted the vibrator into her ass hole.
I could see it slowly disappear into the deep recess of her beautiful ass.
Once she got it in, she turned it on.
She immediately began moaning and writher around in the tub.
She is the only woman I know that can have an orgasm from a good ass fucking.
That's just one more thing I love about her.

She pulled the vibrator out almost to the end then pushed it back in hard.
She kept up this fucking, in and out, hard and fast until she almost fell over.
I could see her face shining with pure delight and pleasure.
Very soon she stood up and squeezed her ass cheeks together and slammed her pussy with her hand.
She screamed out loudly and moaned with such great depth.
I almost came just thinking of her.

After a few minutes and slid the vibrator out of her ass and washed it off.
She washed herself again and got out of the shower.
She replaced the vibrator and dried off.
Taking great care to dry everything as she let the towel drift over her body.

I continued to lick her ass and smell the fresh oil on her puckered rose bud.
I reached up and unhooked her shorts and pulled them down to the floor.
As she stepped out of them, I saw her ass spread slightly in anticipation of what was going to happen.
I buried my tongue into her ass and felt the tight ring of muscle close around the end.
I removed my pants as I rubbed her wet pussy.
Her sweet juices flowed freely all over my hand.
I spread it onto her ass hole and licked it. Mmmm, so fresh and warm.
I spread a lot of her juice on my granite cock.
I continued to lick her ass as I stroked my shaft with her juice.
I stood behind her and she bent over the sink.
I rubbed my cock head against her juicy ass hole.
I pushed slightly and the head popped right in.
Very slowly I pushed a little further until my whole 8" of rock hard meat was deeply buried in her ass hole.
I could feel her hot pussy juice on my balls.
Slowly I pulled out some and pushed in again.

I continued this slow in and out until I knew my cock was completely covered so I wouldn't hurt her.
She knew what was going to happen next, so she held on tight to the counter top.
I started fucking her ass.
All the way in and almost out then back in again.
Each time it was harder and harder.
Slamming her ass, pumping with all I was worth.
My balls slapped against her pussy as my cock went deep into her rose bud.
Her warm wet muscle gripped my cock like a rubber band. It squeezed and milked it.
I kept up this hard banging and fucking as I felt my cum building from my toes.
My groin started to swell with my cum.
My knees were getting weak. I pumped hard and fast.
She was ready as my cock slammed into her.

Suddenly she let out a scream and squeezed my cock hard.
She matched each and every stroke as she pushed her ass onto my pumping cock.
I reached around her and felt her juices flowing from her pussy.
I rubbed her clit and was rewarded with a hand full of hot steamy liquid gushing onto my hand. It felt so great.

At that time, my balls could hold back no more.
I grabbed her around the waist and pushed one last time as my boiling cum exploded from my cock filling her deep dark love canal with it's life giving fluid.
I held it deep inside as her ass muscle milked my dry.
After several minutes, my spend flaccid cock fell from her as hole.
She turned around and we kissed hot wet and deep for a long time.
She was still quivering and shaking from her tremendous orgasm.
We held eachother until we were again steady on our feet.
She looked at me and said, "Lets take a shower and get ready for dinner. There's something in there I want to show you".
"Dear, that's another reason I love you so much, you're always showing me things".

We then headed for the bathroom, but that's another story.

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