Monday, October 02, 2006

The new executive (Part I)

By T Bear ( JULY 99)

I was new to the company and wanted to get settled into my new office and home.
I just moved from DC to California to start with a new company. I was looking forward to the challenge and the money wasn't bad either.
The only problem was that I didnմ know anyone but the people who hired me.

The first week went by fast and I ate in the company's cafeteria for the first week but I wasn't going to do that the following week. I was going to go out and explore my new surroundings.

I was walking out of the building to my car when I say this woman walking toward me.
She had to be in her late thirties or early forties with an hour glass figure with pretty legs and a photogenic face.
She was wearing a navy blue jacket suite with gold buttons and no blouse under her jacket so all you saw was cleavage.
She also had a scarf tied around her neck. Her stockings were black and her skirt was a little over mid thigh but matched the jacket.
She also had blue heels on that must have been 4 inches high.
Her hair was brown and curled neatly around her face and her nails were in the French style.
She was a gorgeous.

I realized that I must have been staring and quickly diverted my eyes.
That would be all I needed was to have a sexual harassment suit against me at my new job.
I thought she was going to walk by me when she stopped in front of me and put her hand out and asked me what my name was.
I told her and she said I must have been new.
I told her yes; I had only been there a week.
She asked me where I was headed and I said to find something to eat.
She asked me if she could take me to lunch but she had a stop to make first.
I said sure.

We walked to her car and I went over to the driver door to help her in but she looked at me and said that she was driving.
I looked into her brown eyes and said that I knew that and that I was just helping her into the car.
I took the keys and unlocked her door and waited for her to get in before I handed her back her keys.
What I really was doing was get a good look at her legs as she swung them into the car.
She looked up at me and said thanks and mumbled that this was different.
I went around to the other side of the car and got in and off we went.

She drove for about 15 minutes and turned down this tree-lined road with some pretty well to do houses on it.
As we were driving we had the ideal chit chat that two new people have before they really get to know each other.
I found out she was divorced and was only at this company for 2 months.
She really didn't know anyone in town and that she heard all about me through the office grapevine.
I asked her if the new was good and she looked at me and said she would let me know and started to smile.
I didn't know how to take this.

We pulled into a circle driveway in front of a large house with big oak doors.
She got out and said come on.
I just looked and said nice house.
She just smiled and said it is just something called home.
She opened the door and kicked off her shoes.
She told me to go sit down and went into another room.
I looked around and was impressed with her taste in furniture and pictures and knickknacks.

She called me from around the corner to come and I did as told.
It turned out to be the kitchen.
She pointed to a plate with a sandwich on it and told me that we would eat on the patio.
I followed her through the sliding glass door to a patio that was along side a very nice pool.
She noticed me looking at the pool and asked if I swam I said yes and she said good, we would go swimming after work.
I said sure.

She sat down with her legs draped over another chair as we ate our food.
Every once is awhile I would sneak a peek at her long legs and she seemed to like that.
She looked me in the eyes and said that we better get moving or we would be late for work.
As we started to walk into the house I thought I heard her mumble something and then sigh.
I let it go.

We made arrangement to meet at the front door after work and the afternoon seemed to drag on for days.
Finally it was time to go and I hurried to the front door.
She was already there and asked if I was ready to go.
I said yes but that I had to stop by my apartment to get my bathing suit.
She said donմ worry she had some at the house that would fit me.
I just looked at her.
She grabbed my arm and said come on it is Friday and she promised not to bit, then smiled and said much.

I followed her back to her house and we went inside.
Again she kick off her shoes as soon as she came through the door.
She then took off her suit jacket and dropped it on a chair.
She looked back at me since I hadnմ moved from the door and said come on.

I followed as her blouse was dropped on the floor.
Then her skirt was laid on the kitchen counter.
Before she got to the door she stopped and took off her panty hose.
She opened the door to the patio and walked through.
She took off her bra and turned around and through it at me and asked if I was body shy before jumping into the water.
When she surfaced she looked at me a said well.
Not wanting to feel left out I go undress and jumped into the cool water and swam to her.

She swam to me and hoped out of the water and placed her hands on my head.
Her breasts were in my face and she pushed me under the water.
We played and swam together naked and free from the hassles of work.
We must have stayed in the pool for a couple of hours because the lights came on automatically in the pool.
She looked at me and asked if I was hungry and I said starved.
We both got out of the pool and went into the house.
The air conditioning was on and when she turned around her nipples we standing up and inviting me to put them into my mouth.
She saw me looking and asked me what was on my mind.
I told her that I was having a hard time being around her with no clothes on.
She looked down and said I see.
I looked and found that I was getting harder by the second.

She reached up and cupped her breast and asked if her body looked okay to me.
I said it was fantastic.
She called me a liar and I asked her why.
She said if she looked that good, I would be over by her and taking me in my arms.

I quickly closed the gap between us and slowly took her in my arms. Feeling her soft skin touching mine.
Her bear arms moved over my arms and sides.
Her breast and nipples flatten against my chest.
Our stomachs came together and as they met on our embrace, they trapped my erect cock between them.
My lips finally met her soft supple ones and she kissed me passionately yet very hungrily as our passion quickly took off.

She parted her lips and our tongues entwined as we tried to suck the last breath form each other.
I ran my hand down her spine to the small of her back and pressed her even closer to me.
I broke the kiss and stared to kiss her neck and ears.
First the right side then the left. I worked my way down to her shoulders.

She turned around and back up into me as I started kissing her neck again and feeling her soft butt cheeks against my erect member.
She took my hands in hers and placed them on her breast.
I caught her nipples in between my fingers and closed them while listen to her moan.
I took my right hand away and ran it along her stomach and over her pubic hair.
I cupped her mound before running a finger up her seam.
She pushed her butt back into my overly excited member.

As I ran my finger along her seam again, her lips parted like a butterflyճ wing and I could feel her hot liquid wetness cover my finger.
I stuck it into her whole and started to rub upward all the while kiss and nibbling her neck and shoulder.
She started chanting that's it, that's it, until I felt her body go taught as her orgasm racked through her.

After her breathing returned to almost normal she spun around to face me.
She kissed me again with excitement then broke it off and started to kiss my neck.
She moved to my chest and licked my nipples.
She then took hold of my member and started to pump it up and down with her hand.
She kissed her way down my stomach, as she slowly kneeled in front of me.
She licked my member from my balls to the tip causing me to moan loudly.
She never broke eye contact with me as she did this again.
This time when she got to the head to put it in her mouth.
The feeling was like putting my cock in soft, hot and wet velvet.
The rush was tremendous and made me weak at the knees.
I put my hand on a counter to steady myself as she took more of me into her mouth.
She started bobbing her head up and down in a slow motion.

She took me out of her mouth and looked into my eyes and said, I am going to make you cum now with the confidence of a lady in charge.
I just smiled and said go ahead, thinking what was the bad side to this argument.
She then put me back into her mouth and started bobbing again.
This time after about the fourth bob she took almost all of me into her mouth.
I had never experienced this before and came like there was no tomorrow.
My knees finally gave out and I sank to the floor.

She disengaged herself from me and crawled up on me.
With her lying on top of me, I rolled her over and kissed her, tasting her and me.
I started to kiss and nibble my way down her body. I enjoyed the way she moved under me.
Enjoying every touch or nip as I moved closer to her Garden of Eden.

When I finally got to her thighs, which were muscular and firm, I nibbled on the inside portion first one then the other.
I then took the tip of my tongue and light lick upward.
She moaned and spread her legs farther apart.
I did this a couple of more times and her lips became excited and full and they open to give way to her treasures.
I flattened my tongue this time and applied more pressure as I licked upward.
I felt her legs going over my shoulder and her hips started to rise up off the floor from my oral attack.
I placed two fingers at her entrance and she moved her hips along their length as I rolled her clit between my lips.
Occasionally sucking on it as she moaned and twisted her body from side to side.

I liked this lady she wasn't afraid of enjoying herself.
She placed her hands on the back of my head and started to hump my face.
Her breathing became erratic; her hips were totally off the floor.
Her thighs open and closed around my head. Her body started to shack and she yelled at the top of her lungs and her body came crashing down on the floor.

After she recovered she asked me to help her up.
She took me by the hand and led me to the shower.
As we walked toward the bathroom she said she didn't normally do this but she was glad she had and that I was good.
I put my arms around her and stepped into the shower to start round two.
I whispered into her ear that she hadn't seen the best part of me yet, with that I closed the shower door.

She turned around to face me and put her arms around my waist to draw me to her.
My cock was now pressed between us and she looked up and kissed my awaiting mouth.
She then started to kiss down my body.
She started at my neck, then chest, running her gifted tongue around my nipples.
She started to kneel and as she did she caught my member between her breast letting it slid up and down in the valley of her chest. Lubricated by the water.
She pushed her breast together and I felt like I was enveloped in a bed of rose petals.

She then moved lower and took the tip of my now raging hard on into her mouth.
She swirled her tongue around it making me moan with lust and satisfaction.
She then took it out of her mouth and licked the length of my shaft and proceeded down to my heavy balls.
She licked them and them took one the other in turn in her wet, warm mouth.

The excitement this woman was giving me was too much and I pulled her up to her feet.
I turned her around and placed one of her foot up on the side of the tub.
She placed her hands on the shower wall and I entered her with one slow stroke.
The folds of her womanhood invited me in like a baker's warm oven to undone bread.
She bared down on my member and her muscle felt like a velvet-covered vise.
Soft yet unyielding grip that wouldnմ let me go.
I grabbed her hips with my hands and for every thrust I did she pushed back on me, hungrily and with passion that I never felt before.
We both couldnմ take anymore and sounding like to lions in the wild we moaned and came together.

She lowered her leg and flattened herself against the wall with me attached to her.
We got our breath back and washed each other lovingly before getting out and toweling off.
We went back into the kitchen to eat and then find what other rooms needed to be made love in.

I went into the company cafeteria for lunch as I occasionally do and started to eat.
At the table next to mine there were a couple of woman chatting.
I donմ normally eavesdrop but they were laughing and sounding like they were having a good time.

It turned out that they were talking about some guy that came for an interview with the company.
I was thinking, is that all they had to do until they started to describe him.
He was about 6'1"with wide shoulder and a narrow waist. Big brown eyes that they said could melt you.
They said that he also had a way with people and that all the secretaryճ hope he get hired. I started to laugh at these women until I thought of my situation.

Here I was in my early 40's and divorced, with a good job nice house and no one to share my live with.
I couldn't even remember the last time I had a date not to mention some toe curling, loud moaning, make me scream your name, sex.

I wasn't a bad looking woman at least that is what I thought. I still work out fighting middle age spread and could still turn a head or two.
I called my secretary in to take a memo and she started talking about this guy to.
Now I was known as the Ice Queen but she was even pickier than I was.
So hearing her talk about this guy got my juices going.

It turns out that he was apply for a new executive position and was brought by my office by the company president to meet me.
She said that he went out of his way to say hi to her and that he was polite and very charming.
He seemed different than all the other guys that applied for the job and maybe it was because he was from out of town.
She said he had this way about him that when he entered a room your eyes just were drawn to him. Not that he was that good looking but he had this presence. She then bent down and whispered in my ear that her panties were soaked when he left.
Now she has never said anything like that before and now I was hoping he would get hired.

My secretary also said that I might want to check him out and I said no.
She looked at me and asked me straight out when was the last time I got my socks screwed off.
I yelled her name and said that wasnմ her business and as she was leave you looked back at me a said smiling that is why they call you the Ice Queen. I throw my pen at her but she was already out the door.
We kid each other like this every once in a while but never to this level before.
Now I was feeling a little lonely.

A month had gone by and the buzzing about that guy had started in the halls again.
I hadn't seen him but the ladies were talking about how he open doors and greets them all no matter what their status was at the company.
He even notice when the got a new hair due.
They all were talking about how he was single and here alone in town from Washington DC.
They all would laugh and said he didnմ have to be alone that he could park his slippers under their bed anytime.

Even my secretary came into my office on Thursday and said that she saw that guy again and how she had dropped some papers on the floor and he picked them up and told her to just sort them into the proper order.
He then smiled at her and told her to have a good day and then held the door open for her to walk through.

Continued - but unfortunately Part II could not be recovered

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