Saturday, January 27, 2007

California Blues

by Dawn (Oct 99)

Jackie Ducek was a First Lieutenant in the Air Force.
She had been through ROTC in college and after she graduated, she was commissioned as an officer and sent to training school in Texas and then assigned to a base in North Dakota for two years.
She was glad when she finally got her transfer orders to Travis Air Force Base in Northern California, North Dakota was a wasteland as far as she was concerned. She packed up quickly and left, relieved that she was leaving and going back to civilization.

After spending three weeks at home in Tennessee with her parents, she drove west and reported to the 95th Avionics Squadron to begin her new assignment.
Jackie's duties in the 95th were as chief administrative officer to the squadron and she reported directly to the Squadron Commander, Major Ames.
When she first met Ames he made it very clear to her that he wanted things to run smoothly in the squadron until he retired in eight months.
He had a spotless record up to this point and he didn't want anything to spoil it until he retired and left to live in Idaho and become a recreational fisherman for the rest of his life.
Ames explained her duties to her and then told her about the other people in the office and the various shop chiefs.
He really didn't like dealing with the shop chiefs himself and told her, "Go around and introduce yourself to the people in the office and then go talk to Morrison, he's the guy that really runs the squadron. Have him take you to meet the shop chiefs and the Maintenance Office people."

"Morrison, sir?" she asked questioningly..
He looked up from the game he was playing on his computer and said, "Yeah.
He's the Sergeant at the end of the hall."
"Is that all, sir?" She asked.
Ames waved his hand and replied, "Yes. Dismissed."
There were two secretaries, one a civilian and the other an Airman First Class.
Jackie sat and chatted with both of them and then went down to Sergeant Morrison's office.
His door was open and he was sitting at his desk staring at his computer screen.
When he noticed her, he stood up at attention.
Jackie smiled. At least somebody noticed that she was an officer!

"At ease, Sergeant." She held out her hand and Morrison walked around the desk and took it.
Her hand was small and slender and he took it gently.
"Sit down," she said as she sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. Morrison sat back down in his chair and folded his hands together, interlacing the fingers and letting them rest on the desktop.
Smoothing out the wrinkles on her skirt, she smiled and said, "I really expected to find a Tech Sergeant or Master Sergeant here."
Morrison was just a three striper and it surprised her.
Morrison looked down at his hands and then looked back up.
"I'm sorry, Ma'am. We had a Senior Master Sergeant here until three weeks ago. He retired, right after the Lieutenant got transferred. So now it's the Major, Vickie and Terry, Airman Blake, and me . . . and now you."

Jackie looked at him with a slight smile.
When he first stood, she had seen that he was lean with wide shoulders, about five foot eight or nine, with brown hair, a mustache, and beautiful deep green eyes.
She also noted that he was in his twenties and he was very cute.
"Well, Sergeant, the Major says you run things around here." Morrison blushed and replied, "Not really, Ma'am. We all run it. If we run into problems, the Major is brought in and we get things fixed. He's good about that."
Jackie nodded and said, "Tell me about yourself."
Morrison sighed and wondered if he was being tested.
Something was on her mind and he hoped he gave her the right answer.
"Well, Ma'am, I joined the Air Force when I was twenty. After basic training and Tech school, I was at McClellan for over a year as an Aircraft Electrician and then I got transferred here. I've been here for a year and a half."

Jackie was confused. "Well, if you're an electrician, what are you doing here as an administrative aide?"
He smiled again and Jackie liked the way he smiled.
"I first came here on a TDY assignment to put the unit web page together and the Major liked my work, so we worked around the regs and I ended up here full time helping Lieutenant Fitzsimmons."

Jackie was still confused and Morrison saw it on her face and said, "I get carried on the Electric Shop books as working for them while I'm here."
She was still confused and asked, "Don't you want to be an electrician? That sounds like an interesting job."
Morrison smiled again. "Ma'am, I liked being an electrician and I still go down there and work a few days a month, but I'm going to college at night and I get the weekends off here. If I was full time at the shop, I'd have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off or maybe Thursdays and Fridays off. This is more convenient for me because I usually go home to Sacramento on my days off."

"Are you going to college so you can become an officer?" she asked.
Morrison smiled, "No Ma'am! I've got ten months left and then I'm gone. I've got enough money in my college fund now to easily finish college without having to work after I get out."

Jackie nodded and then a serious look came over her face and she asked, "I have to ask you a question, Sergeant. Do you have any problems taking orders from a woman?"
Morrison chuckled, "No, Ma'am. My mother gave me orders for nineteen years before I left home and I had a girlfriend that gave me orders for another two years. I'm very used to it!"
Jackie laughed and Morrison joined her.
She was really starting to like him and saw that they could get along with each other nicely.
When they stopped, Jackie said, "When I was in North Dakota, I had all kinds of trouble. The guys that run the maintenance shops resent having a woman having rank over them.
I either had guys glowering at me when I told them to do something or guys hitting on me.
They nicknamed me the "Ice Queen" because I didn't put up with their crap. Am I going to have that problem here?"

Morrison smiled and decided to be blunt. "Ma'am, you'll probably still have guys hitting on you because you're an attractive woman, as for the rest, I'll run interference for you. If you want, I'll take you to meet the people in the Maintenance Office tomorrow and then we can go meet the shop chiefs."
Jackie blushed at Morrison's comment about her being attractive, but said, "That would be good. Let's go about ten tomorrow. Okay?"
Morrison nodded and said, "I'll call them and let them know we're coming."
She started to stand and said, "No. Don't tell them we're coming."
As Morrison started to stand, he frowned. "Ma'am, I'll take orders from you and I hope you'll take advice from me."
Standing, she looked at him and said, "Of course, I'll listen to your advice. Why?"
"Ma'am, you'll piss them off if you just walk in on them. Let me tell them we're coming."
Jackie looked at him. For the first time she had been in the Air Force, she felt that she was in a room with somebody she could trust.
She smiled and said, "I'll defer to you, Sergeant. Go ahead and tell them."
Morrison smiled and replied, "Thank you, Ma'am. If you have any problems, let me help. I've been around here for awhile. And Ma'am. . . we need to get together on the unit web page because you're the Senior Editor, so to speak."
She turned and smiled. "What's your first name, Sergeant?"
"Eric, Ma'am," he replied.
"Eric, once I get acclimated, we'll sit down and go over the web page. In the meantime you handle it."
She left and Eric sat down again.
"What an interesting woman. What an attractive, interesting woman!" he thought.
He had always been turned on by a female officer in uniform, but she was especially interesting.
She was about five foot four, with blonde hair that flowed in a curved style down to her shoulders.
And he liked her figure.
She was nicely proportioned with beautiful legs, green eyes like his and a smile that melted him. He figured that she was about twenty-five or twenty-six at the most and she wore no rings, so she wasn't married.
Still, she was an officer and the Air Force had a policy about fraternization between officers and enlisted men. Nonetheless, he was going to enjoy working with her.
The next day, Jackie showed up in Eric's office at nine-thirty, closed the door, and sat down as Eric was starting to stand.
She looked concerned. "Eric, quit standing up everytime I come in. You make me nervous."
Eric sat back down and said, "Yes, Ma'am."
She looked into his eyes, reached across his desk and put her hand on his and said, "That's another thing, Eric.
You can call me Jackie when we're alone. I hate being called Ma'am!"
Eric smiled and put his other hand on top of hers.
"You're nervous about today, aren't you?" She looked at her hand in his, but didn't move it.
She looked up at him. "I want them to like me or at least respect me. At Minot, all I got was animosity."
Eric smiled and stroked her hand softly.
"Jackie, listen to me. Trust me, just be friendly and don't try to overwhelm them with your authority and they'll like you and respect you."
Jackie smiled and took a deep breath. "Okay, lead the way, my knight."
What Jackie didn't know was that Eric had been to see the Major the previous afternoon after she left his office.
He had sat down in the Major's office and asked the Major to back him up. He explained what Jackie had been through at her previous assignment and the Major agreed that it shouldn't happen here.
With that assurance, Eric had called the Maintenance Office and each of the shop chiefs and made sure that Jackie would be welcome.
He pointed out to everyone that they should be on their best behavior or they could expect a call from the Major.
He did it casually, without threats, but they all got the message.
As he took her into each office, everyone was friendly and offered to be available anytime she needed anything. They explained how everything operated and she left each shop felling confident. As they were driving back, Eric asked, "Would you like to go tour a C-5 this afternoon after lunch?"

What happened next completely unnerved Eric. Jackie leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.
Sitting back in her seat, embarrassed by what she had done, she said nothing. Eric smiled and looked over at her. "What was that for, Jackie?"
She turned to him and put her hand on his thigh. "You did all that for me, didn't you, Eric?"
He smiled slightly, feigned ignorance and asked, "Did what?"
"Got all those people to be nice to me."
Eric pulled the car into a parking lot at the office and stopped.
He took her hand and said, "Jackie, I did it because you deserved it.
Nobody, whatever their rank, should have to put up with bullshit before they get to know you." "How old are you?" he asked.

Shyly she said, "I'm twenty-five, why?"
Eric turned slightly solemn.
"You've got to trust those guys, they're the experts. They keep the planes flying and they're proud of their work. They've been doing it for a long time and have lots of experience.
Give them a chance and they'll give you a chance."
He hesitated as she thought about what he had said.
Then he continued still holding her hand, "Jackie, there's only one goal. The planes have to fly and we don't want them to crash because people die when that happens.
We all have to work as a team and forget about rank.
I'm twenty-three and everytime I've gone into a new situation, it scares me.
You and I are about the same age, we're just kids. It's been easier for me because I can just keep my mouth shut until I figure out the people and the rules.
For you, it's different. You have the silver bar and you're expected to be a leader. It's difficult, but if you let me help you, you'll be fine. You'll be a great First Lieutenant."

Eric watched her and hoped she understood what he said. She looked so fragile and Eric wanted so badly to take care of her.
He wanted her, but he knew it wasn't possible as long as one of them was wearing a uniform.
It was springtime at Travis and the rains had subsided.
The temperature was in the seventies and the hills around Travis were a rich green.
The trees were starting to bloom and Jackie stood outside the car as she waited for Eric.
As he closed his door, Jackie said, "What a beautiful day. It'd be a great day for a picnic."
Eric smiled back and said, "What are doing for lunch, Lieutenant?"
She looked at him with mock suspicion. "Why. What do you have in mind."
"I could take you to lunch as a welcome to Travis gesture."
She hesitated. "I don't know if that's such a good idea."
"I'll bring some files with me. We have business to talk about."
She smiled. "Sure. Okay, that sounds nice. I've got to see the Major first though."
Eric shook his head. "He's already gone. He plays golf on Fridays."
Jackie laughed. "It sounds like he's already retired!"
Eric nodded and smiled. "You could say that."

After checking his e-mail and his messages and making a couple of calls, he grabbed a couple of files and went to Jackie's office.
She was looking at some files that had been left on her desk.
"Are you ready?" he asked.
They started down the hall and Jackie stopped at Vickie's desk and said, "I'm going to lunch with the Sergeant so he can explain some of this stuff and I need to work with you and Terry on Monday about the personnel things. Okay?"
Vickie nodded and smiled, "Sure, ma'am. Terry'll be gone on Monday, but we'll take of that on Monday."
Eric walked up and asked, "Is Terry already gone to lunch, Vickie?"
"Yes, she left a few minutes ago. She'll be back in an hour."
Eric nodded. "Okay, tell her I need to talk to her about the transfers this afternoon."
Jackie and Eric left and drove over to the Nut Tree in Vacaville. "Have you been here yet, Jackie."
"No, I've just been around Fairfield and Suisun."
Eric smiled and said, "You'll like it."
When the weather was good, there was an outdoor dining area on the patio area at the Nut Tree.
It was surrounded by blossoming cherry trees and flower gardens.

They took a table near the edge of the patio and sat down under the umbrella in the shade. Jackie ordered a turkey sandwich and a glass of Chablis.
Eric ordered roast beef and a beer. Jackie looked around. "This is nice, I like it," she said as she sipped her wine. "It's not a picnic, but it's just as nice."
"What are you doing tonight, Eric?"
He looked up at her and said, "I usually go home to Sacramento for the weekends and then come back on Sunday night."
"You mentioned a girlfriend before, does she live in Sacramento?"
Eric shook his head. "Had a girlfriend. Past tense. We started drifting apart when I moved here and then she left to go to school in Santa Barbara."
"Oh. . . I'm sorry."
Eric shook his head again.
"No need to apologize. It was no big deal and for the best. We weren't in love."
"I see," she said as she finished her wine.
She looked at the glass and said, "I wonder if I dare have two."
Eric smiled. "Go ahead. It'll be our little secret."
Jackie ordered another glass and Eric ordered another beer.
Jackie sipped the new glass and said, "Not much to do around here is there?"
Eric shrugged. "There are movie theaters and then there's the bowling alley in Fairfield."
Jackie laughed. "Is that what you do, Eric? Hang around the bowling alley?"
Eric smiled and replied, "When I first got here, I'd go play the pinball machines there, but now I go to school at night and in the summer go golfing over at the Leisure Town course or go fishing down on Putah Creek after work."
Jackie sighed, "I've got to find a place to live this weekend, I've been in the BOQ for a week and a half."
Eric knew that she was talking about living in the temporary housing on base and when she said needed to find a place to live, she meant off-base.
"Do you have any idea where you want to move?" he asked.
"I looked around Fairfield and Suisun and didn't like anything.
I came over here in Vacaville and don't like anything over on the east side.
Tomorrow, I'm going to look at a cottage over on Pleasant Valley Road. Do you know where that is?"
"Sure. Just take this road out front here and drive west to the end.
It runs north to south at the base of the mountains. It's beautiful out there, orchards and green pastures. I like driving through there. It's nice and quiet and secluded.
It's totally different from all this clutter here around the freeway."
Eric satopped for a second and then asked, "When you say cottage, what do you mean?"
She had sipped away half her second glass of wine and was feeling good.
She reached over and put her hand on Eric's arm and cocked her head slowly.
"I called up this lady and asked her about it last night.
Seems that she and her husband owned a lot of orchards over there.
Well, they're in their sixties and her husband wanted to stop working as much and so they sold them all except one smaller orchard that's around their house.
In addition to the house, they have a cottage on the other side of the orchard where their foreman used to live.
It's essentially a small one bedroom house with a yard. It has a kitchen, small dining room, front room, bathroom with a tub and shower and a bedroom. Oh, and it has a front and back porch and it's furnished." Eric raised his eyebrows, "Sounds perfect. The kind of place I'd like to live. Does it have electricity and running water."

She smiled and squeezed his arm and laughed. "Don't be silly. Yes! It has electricity and water and it even has cable!"
Eric frowned. "Sounds too perfect to me."
Jackie smiled. "To me too. I'll find out tomorrow."
On their way back, Jackie was feeling less inhibited and kept reaching to touch Eric's arm as she talked about Tennessee and college and her time in the Air Force. Her candidness made Eric feel good and he was starting to forget she was an officer.
As they went in the front gate of the base she said, "I've always wanted to go to San Francisco and I thought about going tonight, but I don't want to go alone."
There was silence for a few seconds and Eric turned and smiled at her. "Is that an invitation?"
She looked coyly at him and replied, "Yes, but we have to be careful."
Eric nodded. "I know. It wouldn't look good."
"No, it wouldn't."
Eric thought for a minute. This wasn't going to be easy.
"I got it. After work, go get changed and then drive down to the parking area at the freight terminal. I'll pick you up and we'll drive out the south gate."
"At what time?" she asked.
"How about six? It'll be getting dark."
Jackie smiled and said, "Okay. But we have to be discrete."
Eric returned the smile and echoed, "Discrete."
When six came around, Eric pulled into the parking lot and started looking for Jackie's car. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, but there was no one around.

When Jackie saw him, she got out her car and quickly jumped in his and slid down a ways on the seat.
Eric laughed, "Very discrete." When they got out of the gate, Jackie sat back up again.
"Jackie, maybe we're being a little too discrete. I don't think the fraternization policy forbids officers and enlisted personnel from being friends. The service just doesn't want them sleeping together."
"I know, and if it was the Major and you hanging around together nobody would think anything of it unless you were both gay. But they would immediately think that we were sleeping with each other if they saw us together like this.
It's not that I would mind them thinking that, it's just that we can't have them thinking that." She stopped and thought about what she just said.
"Did that sound right, Eric?" Eric smiled and then chuckled, "Does that mean you want to sleep with me or you don't want to sleep with me?"
She blushed and smiled and slapped his arm. "Stop it. You know what I meant."
On the way, they drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and Jackie stared at everything with wide eyes, she was enchanted with the San Francisco night.
"Jackie? I don't think we should be wandering around in the tourist areas, we might run into somebody. Can I suggest something discrete."
She was staring with wonder out the window and a smile on her face. "Discrete, sure."
He reached over and grabbed her arm. "Jackie, the city isn't going anywhere. It'll be here tomorrow, next week and next year."
She sighed, "I know, but after North Dakota it's. . . fantastic!"
"How about if we do this? I know this nice quiet, little restaurant in North Beach off the main thoroughfare and we can go have dinner there. It's Italian."
Jackie smiled, "It sounds discrete."
"Very discrete," replied Eric.

Discrete was an understatement.
The restaurant was just off of Green Street. If you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't find it.
Located on the ground floor of an old Victorian home in a neighborhood, there was nothing but a simple wooden sign out front and you had to walk down the side of the building to get to the door of the restaurant.
When they walked in, Jackie smiled and took Eric's hand.
"Not only discrete, but romantic,' she said.

The lighting in the restaurant was intentionally low and the tables were separated far enough apart so that people could talk quietly without others hearing them. They were seated in a slight nook that afforded plenty of privacy and Jackie continued to hold his hand.
Eric ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and when the waiter returned with the cold bottle and poured a bit in a glass to let him taste it, he handed it to Jackie.
Jackie let go of his hand and took the glass and smiled at him and winked.
She swirled it around and said, "Nice legs."
Eric stifled a laugh as he watched. Next she brought it to her nose and smelled it and then took a sip and swished it around in her mouth while Eric and the waiter watched.
After a long pause, she turned to the waiter and said, "That's fine."
The waiter poured two glasses and left the bottle on the table and walked away. After he had left, Eric started laughing and Jackie joined him.
"Do you think I fooled him?" she asked with a grin.
"My dear, I couldn't have done better myself. I thought you were going to send it away and make him bring another bottle!"
Jackie smiled and winked. "That would have been too cruel, besides, it's good wine."
Eric drank one glass of wine and Jackie drank the rest. They talked about all sorts of things during dinner and Eric liked the way Jackie kept touching him and holding his hand. The evening was even more fascinating for Jackie.
She couldn't believe that she was in San Francisco having dinner with a cute guy in a romantic restaurant.
After dinner they were walking back to the car and Jackie asked, "Can we see the ocean again before we go back. She had her arm around Eric's waist and he had his arm around her shoulders and held her close. "Sure," he said.
As they were driving through the city again, she was like a child.
"This is wonderful! No strip malls and convenience stores. Look at the beautiful houses and the Mom and Pop stores on the corners. It must be wonderful to live here."
When they got to Land's End, a bluff overlooking the Pacific, they parked in the parking lot and walked to the edge of the bluff.
The moon was full and they could see the whitecaps of the waves as they broke on the rocks and beach below.
Jackie had her arm around Eric again and he had his around her shoulders to shelter her from the cold air wafting off the ocean.
"Incredible," she murmured as she stared out at the vast expanse before her. After a few minutes, she turned and put both arms around his neck. They looked into each others eyes wantonly and she kissed him on the lips.
He fell victim to the moment and pulled her close to him as their mouths opened and their tongues met. After a few minutes, Eric's lips moved to her neck and started kissing it and caressing its curves as she leaned her head back in pleasure.
Suddenly she stepped back and said, "Eric, thank you for the most romantic evening I've ever had, but we should be getting back."

When they got back to the base, Eric dropped her off at her car and watched as she drove away.
Rather than stay on the base, he drove to Sacramento and got to his parent's house about midnight.
Both of them had already gone to bed and he sat alone downstairs in the den and turned the television on, but quickly turned it off again. Grabbing a beer from the refrigerator, he went outside on the patio and lit a cigarette.
He knew that he was falling in love with Jackie and wondered what she was thinking.
Did she feel the same way? It seemed like it, but he couldn't be sure. Even when she stopped him at Land's End, she said it was the most romantic evening she ever had.
Maybe it was just the wine and on Monday they'd just be embarrassed and apologize and that would be the end of it. He was confused and thought this was one fucked up situation.
It was stupid.
Fuck the Air Force and their policy! Who are they to interfere in his private life?

Back at Travis, Jackie was in her room at the BOQ thinking the same thing.
She had come close to really stepping over the line and violating the policy, but damn it, she thought, I've fallen in love.
As she lay in bed she let her hands wander over her bare breasts, teasing them and feeling the moisture gathering between her wanting thighs. Her hands moved down her body and she slipped her panties off and stroked the inside of her sensitive thighs as she moaned.
She was thinking of Eric and stroked her pussy, feeling her wetness.
With her slender forefinger, she found her clit and touched it gently and moaned.
Slowly she stroked her pussy lips as she massaged her breasts and then slipped her finger into her long neglected hole.
Faster she stroked, first with one finger and then two, all the while thinking of Eric.

Eric was sitting on the banks of the American River fishing on Sunday afternoon when his cell phone rang.
He dreaded answering it. He had started carrying the cell phone and a pager with him after the First Sergeant had left in case of emergencies at the squadron.
Both the phone and the pager belonged to the Squadron, so he knew this was an official call. Pushing the receive button, he said, "Hello," expecting the worst.
"Eric?" the voice said. He recognized it was Jackie.
"Jackie? How did you get this number?" he asked, puzzled.
"I found a memo on my desk with this number and a pager number."
"Is something wrong?" Eric asked.
"No. I just wanted to talk to you. Am I interrupting anything?"
Eric smiled. "No. I'm just sitting on the bank of the river wondering why I'm holding a fishing pole, because I haven't had a bite for two hours. Where are you?"
"I'm in my new home. You've got to see it, Eric. It's wonderful!"
Eric smiled again. "Pleasant Valley?"
Jackie was bubbling. "Yes and it's beautiful and wonderful and I want you to see it. Are you coming back this afternoon?"
Eric was excited and wanted to see her again. "I can be there by five, but I don't know where it is."
"I'll meet you at the McDonalds on East Monte Vista, right there by the exit to the Nut Tree. We'll get something to eat, a Happy Meal, or something and then we'll drive to my new home."
Eric laughed. "A Happy Meal? Are you alright?"
"Of course! I just missed you and I want to see you." "Alright. I'll meet you at five and Jackie. . . I missed you too and thought about you."
There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds and then she said, "Drive carefully and I'll see you at five."
"Okay, I'll see you at five."
When Eric pulled off the freeway at four, forty-five and into the McDonalds parking lot, Jackie was waiting for him.
He pulled up next to her car and she quickly jumped out her car and into his.
Without saying a word, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him the way they had kissed at Land's End.
All weekend he was confused, now he was stunned.
She took ten dollars out of her pocket and put it in his hand. "Get me a Big Mac, fries and a medium root beer and get whatever you want."

Eric smiled and said nothing and went inside and got the order. When he came back, Jackie was anxious and smiling. "Let's go. You can follow me."
Jackie got back into her car and pulled out with Eric following her.
They drove down Monte Vista and eventually reached the Pleasant Vally Road and headed north.
After they had driven about two miles, Eric saw Jackie's tail lights come on and she slowed down and turned left onto a gravel road along a blossoming apple orchard.
At the end of the orchard, at the base of the mountains, they pulled up in front of a small house with a green lawn and a garden that was also blossoming with pink, red, and blue flowers. Eric looked around and thought, "It is beautiful, a paradise."
Jackie quickly jumped from her car and took his hand and led him around.
"Duck down and you can see my landlord's house on the other side of the trees." she said.
Eric squatted and he could see a white house about a quarter of a mile away.

Jackie pulled Eric's hand and led him inside. "Isn't this perfect?" she asked with a grin. Eric just smiled and enjoyed her enthusiasm as she led him from room to room. "Jackie, it's perfect," Eric said as they stood on the back porch and looked up at the mountains of the Inner Coast Range and Mount Vaca.
Eric pointed up at the peak and said, "Would you like to go up there? It's an incredible view."
Jackie was grinning and eagerly said, "Yeah, let's go."
They took their bag of food and ate on the way up the mountain on Mix Canyon Road. Jackie was amazed to see that people actually had houses built into the sides of the mountain, back amongst the trees.
When they reached the top, Eric pulled the car next to one of the signal stations that had been built there.
When they got out of the car, Eric took Jackie's hand and stood there looking over the Sacramento Valley.
They were on top of the world and Eric and Jackie stood over it and gazed with wonder.

Jackie hugged him and said, "You keep amazing me, are there any more secrets like this?"
Eric stroked her hair and said, "Plenty more like these if you want to see them." They hugged and kissed and Jackie said, "I want to see them all."
After the sun set twenty minutes later, they started back down the mountain.
On the way, Jackie said, "i want to talk to you when we get back."
Eric looked over at her and asked, "Why can't we talk now?"
Jackie smiled and said, "Because I'm enjoying the view and I want to wait."
Eric smiled and shrugged and said, "Okay, you're the boss."
After they got back to Jackie's house, they went inside and Jackie got Eric a bottle of beer and poured herself a glass of wine.
Eric knew she had something on her mind, but didn't say anything. Based on his previous experiences with her, she usually became candid after a couple of glasses of wine and so he drank his beer while she drank her wine and then re-filled her glass and drank another while talking about her weekend and how nice Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, her landlords had been to her.
She was on her third glass of wine as they sat together on the couch.
She had her arm around his neck when he put a finger to her lips and she stopped talking.
"What were you going to tell me up on the mountain?" he asked.
"You know the fraternization cases?"
Eric smiled and replied, "Yes?"
Jackie continued, "In every case, they've been warned to stop and then just created the problem by lying after they continued."
Eric smiled again. "I know," he said.

Jackie looked at him. "What would the Major do if he knew?" Eric smiled, "If he knew and it was a problem, he'd say, 'Don't get caught and I don't anything about it.'"
Jackie just stared at him with no expression. "You knew that all along?" she asked. "Why didn't you tell me?"
"You understand the problem with you and me.
I just wanted to be sure I was falling in love with you and now I know I have and I'm willing to take the risk and deal with the whole secrecy thing."
Jackie smiled at him and stroked his cheek.
Finally she said, "I've fallen in love with you too and I'm willing to take the risk to see you." She hesitated and the finally said, 'The answer to the question you asked the other night is yes I want to sleep with you."

Eric blushed, uncertain of what to say. "Are you sure? Maybe we should wait."
"Fuck the rules!" Jackie said defiantly.
"They're stupid rules. Let's do what we want to do."
Jackie saw that his bottle was empty and she quickly finished her glass of wine and got up to get another and took his empty bottle.
Eric went and pissed while she was in the kitchen.
When he returned she had turned out the lights and lit a couple of candles.
On the stereo she was playing an old Miles Davis album and Eric recognized the song as "My Funny Valentine." She was sitting on the couch with her legs curled up under her, sipping her wine. On the coffee table was the bottle was replaced with a beer glass filled to the top with cold beer.
Eric didn't usually drink and already he was feeling the effects of the first one. He sat down and Jackie reached across and stroked his cheek.
He smiled and asked, "Are you trying to get me drunk?"
She just smiled and her eyes twinkled. "No, I was just trying to loosen you up. You seem hesitant."

Eric nodded his head slightly and said, "I was thinking that I could get the Major to approve an 'early out' for school in about a month and then this wouldn't be a problem anymore.
I wouldn't be on active duty and then there wouldn't be a problem."
Jackie leaned over and kissed him and said, "I don't want to wait a month. I could get out and go into the reserves and there'd be no problem. But as long as we're careful it'll never be a problem.
Nobody knows you're here right now and they don't ever have to know."
She smiled. "It'll just be hard to keep my hands off of you at work, that's all."

Now Jackie got up and used the bathroom and he could hear her urine hitting the water in the bowl and he pictured her naked thighs as she spread them to relieve herself.
She was gone for five minutes and Eric reached and drank his beer all at once until the glass was finished.
When she returned, she sat back down next to him and took her glass and drank the rest of her wine. When she had finished and put the glass down on the table, she stood up and took him by the hand and led him into the dark bedroom.
Lighting a candle on the nightstand, she walked back and stood in front of him at the foot of the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt as Eric stroked her hair with his right hand.
She rubbed her hands over his chest and he felt himself harden and could feel the bulge in his shorts.
Jackie's hands worked their way down and unbuttoned the shorts and they fell to the floor.
Stepping out of them, he unbuttoned her blouse and undid the buttons on her shorts and she pushed them down until she was just standing with her black panties on below her waist.
She dropped the blouse too and then reached behind her and undid her bra.
As she slipped the straps off her shoulders and removed the bra, Eric got his first glimpse at the breasts he had only dreamed of up to that time.
They weren't too big and they weren't too small and Eric loved them. He brought his hands up and started caressing the already erect nipples and then bent down and started to suck them and tease them with his tongue.
Jackie brought his head up and they kissed passionately as Eric let his shirt slide off so that he could feel her breasts against his chest.
They kissed each other deeply for a long time and then Eric started to kiss her neck again and she moaned.
He gently took her by the hips and pushed her down on the edge of the bed and removed her panties.
Kneeling in front of her, he slid both arms under her legs and spread them apart.
The musky odor from the juices that were moistening her pussy lips smelled like perfume.
He ran his moist lips and tongue slowly up and down her inner thighs as she moaned.
Her legs were spread wide now and she grasped one breast with her hand while the other reached for him and she ran her fingers through his hair and across his cheek.
Eric took his fingers and spread her wet pussy lips and with the tip of his tongue stroked each one of them as her juices flowed even faster now.
His tongue went to her inner lips and Jackie started to moan loudly and he was glad that they were where no one would hear them.
As he worked his tongue and lips over her lips and stroked her thighs, a river of delicious fluid flowed from her.
Now he wanted her clit and he took his middle finger and slowly slid it into her willing hole and pressed it to the top of her vagina and found her g-spot.
Slowly, the ball of the tip of his finger stroked the spot and then pulled outward to expose her clit.
After three strokes, Eric felt the clit with his tongue and ran the tip of his tongue around it as Jackie started humping his mouth. He continued stroking her g-spot with his finger and sucked and gently licked her clit as her moans grew louder and she reached down and pulled his head into her pussy and moaned even more loudly, "Oh god! You're making me cum. Oh, fuck!
Ohhh! This feels so good!"

Jackie came once and then she came again and then she came a third time.
Eric enjoyed pleasing her and her response was bringing him close to coming.
She pulled his head up from her pussy and whispered, "I want you in me."

As Eric stood and let his boxers slip to his ankles and stepped out of them, Jackie scooted up the bed and laid her head on the pillow waiting for him.
He wiped her juices from his face and walked around the bed and crawled in next to her and started stroking her pussy and fingering her again.
They kissed deeply and Eric slid his body over her left leg and held himself off of her slightly with his elbows and his knees as Jackie reached between their bodies and stroked his rigid cock.
She took her fingers and ran them through the pre-cum dribbling from the head of his cock and brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them.
Reaching back down she took his cock and guided it to her pussy lips and held it as he humped with small strokes and slowly worked it into her tight pussy.
His finger hadn't been nearly as thick as his cock and he felt her pussy contract tightly around his cock while he stroked.
Now that he pushed further into her, her moist soft flesh surrounded his hot cock.
Slowly he stroked as he kissed her neck over and over and she moaned.
He wanted her to cum again and her moans grew louder and louder as she mumbled, lost in some paradise and enjoying the sensations that were running through her body.

Slowly he stroked his cock in and out of her hole as she brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist and pushed her heals into his buttocks to make him stroke deeper.
He stroked so deeply he could feel his cockhead touch her cervix and so he raised himself up to go beneath it.
Her hands were wildly caressing his back and he felt her pussy contract tightly around his cock and he stroked fasted and her hips bucked up to meet his thrusts.
Jackie came again with a loud moan and Eric felt his cum rushing into her as he moaned loudly himself and hugged her tightly.
As he came, Jackie cried out in pleasure again.
"Oh, baby, fuck me! Fill me with all of your cum! God you feel so good in me!"

Eric stroked until they were both spent and then he gently laid atop of her sweating and kissing sweat covered face, neck and breasts.
Feeling his cock softening and withdrawing on its own from her pussy, he moved off of her and laid next to her and pulled her to him so that she was resting on his shoulder as they both caught their breath. Jackie stroked his chest as Eric held her with his eyes closed.
"Aren't we supposed to have a cigarette now?" Jackie asked with a giggle.
Eric laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess we are, but I left them on the table in the front room."
Eric started to get up and Jackie pushed him down.
"I'll get them. Your cum is starting to leak out of me and I don't want to sleep in a big wet spot tonight.
She got up holding her hand to her pussy and went to the bathroom to clean up as Eric laid back and closed his eyes again.
A couple of minutes later he felt her climb in the bed and started when she laid the cold ashtray on his stomach.

"Couldn't you have warmed it up before you did that?" he asked with a smile.
Jackie grinned. "I just wanted to make sure you weren't asleep."
"Well, you woke me up!" he said smiling as Jackie lit two cigarettes and handed one to him.
They laid together smoking and talking and when the cigarettes were done, Eric put the ashtray on the table next to the bed and kissed her again.
He felt himself getting hard and he stroked her pussy and slipped a finger inside of her to find her g- spot again as he sucked on her nipples.
Jackie fell back into ecstasy as her lover found the spot and massaged both it and her clit with his fingers.
She was very wet again and Eric moved over and entered her and began gentle stroking in and out with his rigid cock in her warm hole.
He had let his weight down with his knees and she felt his cock gently slide over her clit and his cockhead stroking her g-spot.
She moaned loudly and grabbed him tightly as she felt waves of pleasure roll through her body and she came again with a fury and moaned loudly with pleasure.
Eric exploded again and held her tightly and moaned himself and whispered her name over and over as he filled her with his seed.
When they were done, they were both spent and ready to sleep and Jackie set the alarm clock for six o'clock so that Eric would have time to go to the barracks to dress for work.
She rolled over on her side and Eric cuddled behind her and hugged her as they both fell asleep side by side like a couple of spoons.
When six came, the alarm buzzed loudly and Eric muttered, "Shit!" as he began to wake.
Jackie reached out and shut it off and then turned over and began rubbing his chest. "You've got to get up. We have to work today."

Eric laid back and closed his eyes and said, "Can't we call in sick?"
Jackie sat up and laughed. "Sure! That wouldn't be suspicious, would it? I'll go start the shower and you join me. I want to give you a surprise."
Eric lay with his eyes closed and muttered, "Okay. I'll be there in a minute."
He felt her get out of the bed and when she reached the door she turned and said, "Sixty seconds, Eric, and then I'll come back and pour cold water on you if you're not up!"
He reluctantly moved his legs to the side of the bed and let his feet hit the floor while he still laid in the bed with his eyes closed. "See? I'm getting up."
Jackie smiled and said, "Sixty seconds. I'm counting."

He heard her go into the bathroom and listened as the shower started up and Eric raised himself and sat on the edge of the bed trying to wake up.
He heard the toilet flush and then the rings of the shower curtain rasp across the rod as Jackie got into the shower.
He pictured Jackie's nude slender body getting into the flowing droplets and he grew hard.
He had a problem.
He had to piss, but there was only one bathroom.
He walked quietly into the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat and held his cock down and pissed.
Jackie stuck her head out of the curtain as Eric was holding his cock and forcing his bladder to finish as quickly as it could by squeezing his stomach muscles.
When Eric saw her, he blushed.

Jackie smiled and said, "No reason to be embarrassed, you could have come in and watched me."

Still Eric blushed and then he finished and flushed the toilet and pushed the curtain aside as Jackie stood in the warm water washing her hair.
She turned and leaned back as Eric put his hands on her hips as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair, running her fingers over and over through her scalp.
Her breasts stood out and Eric leaned forward and sucked each of the nipples in turn until they were erect.
When her hair was clean, Jackie took her hands and put them on his hips and pulled him towards her until his cock rested against her stomach.
She turned him and pushed his head under the water until his hair was soaked.
Taking the shampoo, she squirted some in her hand and rubbed it into his scalp until Eric's head was covered in lather. He leaned back and helped her as he rinsed it all out.
Eric had taken the bar of soap and washed his face and Jackie took it from his hand.
Lathering it up, she ran her soapy hands down his back and between his ass cheeks and Eric felt her fingertips on his tight asshole.
Reaching around him, she lathered her hands again and soaped his neck and his chest and then took the soap and rubbed it vigorously and applied the lather to his cock slowly.
She stroked his cock and his balls with her slender fingers and then she stopped, just when Eric thought he was going to cum.

She turned him around and around under the water until all the soap had rinsed off and then leaned out of the shower and grabbed a thick towel that was sitting next to the sink.
Folding it over and over as Eric watched her, she put it down in front of him and knelt on it as she reached for his cock and ran her tongue around the head.
Eric closed his eyes and leaned his head back into the warm water as Jackie took him in her mouth and slowly moved her lips and her tongue up and down his shaft.
As he moaned in pleasure, she used her fingers to stroke his balls and his cock and everytime her tongue pressed against the area under his head he felt his cock twinge, ready to explode.
She took him as deep as she could and pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at him and said, "Baby, I want you to cum in my mouth."

Eric couldn't hold it any more and when her lips surrounded him again and he felt her tongue on his glans, the cum raced up out his balls and through his grateful cock and into her mouth.
The more he came the more she swallowed and the deeper she sucked.
When he was done, he pulled her up to kiss her and she said, "Wait a minute, sweetheart."
She opened her mouth in the stream of water flowing from the shower head and filled her mouth with water and then rinsed it around and spit it out.

Turning to him, she kissed him. "Baby, you made me cum so much last night, I wanted to do something special for you. Was it good?" Jackie asked.

Eric took her in his arms and said, "The love making is just icing on the cake.
And it's incredible icing. Jackie, I'm just happy being next to you. I love you."
Jackie's eyes glazed over and she kissed him and whispered, "I love you more than anything in the world, Eric. I don't want to ever lose you."

Eric leaned down and kissed her forehead as he held her and said, "I don't ever want to lose you either, ever!."

Eric and Jackie played the game in the Air Force and no one ever knew and after Eric got discharged, the game didn't matter anymore and they continued living in the house in the orchard and looked forward to the flowers blooming every Spring in Pleasant Valley.

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