Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Touch Of Magic

by Dawn (Oct 99)

On my street there were several kids, but in particular, there were two boys.
There was Ronny, who lived across the street from me, and Kenny, who lived four houses down.
Ronny was one year older than me and Kenny was the same age as I was and in my class in elementary school.
The other kids on the block were a lot younger than us and so I used to hang around with Ronny and Kenny when we were growing up.

When he was in fifth grade, Ronny decided to build a clubhouse in his backyard and Kenny and I helped him round up old lumber from the mill that closed down about two years earlier.
Other pieces we found down by the railroad tracks and from some houses that were being built nearby.
Ronny was pretty clever. After we had deposited all the scrap lumber in his backyard, Ronny went to work building the clubhouse with Kenny.
I had to leave because I was going somewhere with my parents, but the next day when I saw them, they said it was done and wanted to show me.
Ronny had built the clubhouse in the corner of his backyard along the side of the house that led to the street.
He and Kenny led me down the side of the house and I wondered where we were going. I soon found out.
They led me around the bushes growing along the fence and Ronny pushed on one of the fence planks and it opened inward into the clubhouse.
Ronny hadn't put a door on the clubhouse, only a hatch on the roof that he could climb through, and this secret entrance.
Inside they had built two wide benches on either side of the small room and a table or shelf that was attached to the wall.
I was impressed. I'm not sure it was rainproof, but it was cozy.
I sat down on one of the benches and Kenny and Ronny sat across from me and I pronounced my approval.
"This is cool," I said.

As they sat across from me, I could see that both Kenny and Ronny had something on their minds by the silly way they were looking at me.
Ronny finally spoke up, "Anna, we've never seen a girl's pussy. Can we see yours?"
We always talked dirty before, but they had never asked that! Still, I was intrigued. I'd never seen a boy's dick.
"No," I said, "unless I can see your dicks first."
Ronny wanted to dicker (no pun intended!), "Show us your pussy first and we'll show you our dicks."
I smiled at them. "No deal! Dicks first or no pussy."

Ronny stood up and unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled his dick out. He had a hard on and I couldn't believe how big his dick was.
It must have been eight inches at least!
I stared at it and smiled.
"Now you," I said to Kenny.
He pulled his out and it was only half the size as Ronny's.
He quickly put it back inside his pants as Ronny sat down and left his out.
I wanted to touch it, but I was afraid to ask.
Ronny smiled and said, "Now you."

I was embarrassed, but a deal was a deal.
I was wearing a skirt and I stood up and let my panties drop to my ankles.
I sat back down and pulled my skirt up with my legs together.
I was a bit embarrassed.
I was only in fourth grade and all I had was some dark fuzz growing around my pussy lips.
Ronny reached across and put his hands on my knees and pushed my legs apart, explaining, "We can't see anything."
I let him do it and I sat there with my legs spread apart as they both stared at my pussy.
I was getting aroused, just like when I fingered myself when I was alone.

Seeing my wide open pussy was apparently arousing Ronny too.
His dick had started to soften, but now it was fully erect again.
"Let me touch your dick, Ronny," I asked.
He slid forward and I put my hand around it and stroked it.
A drop of clear fluid appeared on the top of his dick and I let go, afraid he would ejaculate.
"My turn now," he said.

I sat still as he put his head between my legs and ran his tongue between my pussy lips.
I didn't know whether to stop him or let him go, it felt so good.
Our little discovery session came to an end quickly when we heard his father shout Ronny's name from the front porch.
We quickly dressed and the three of us left the clubhouse and I didn't see Ronny's dick again for a long time.

School started up again and Kenny and I didn't see much of Ronny because he was hanging out with his school buddies.
Kenny and I continued to hangout and a lot of people thought of us as girlfriend and boyfriend, but I never forgot about Ronny.
When I was fifteen, Ronny and I started going to the same high school.
Kenny had moved away with his family six months earlier and I quickly forgot about him.
The school was half a mile away and often I would walk with Ronny in the mornings or catch up with him in the afternoons.
He seemed shyer than he used to be, but he was always funny and friendly.

One day as we were walking home after school, I decided to bring up the past.
"Remember when I showed you my pussy and you showed me your dick?"
Ronny blushed and muttered, "That was a long time ago and we were kids."
I said nothing for a few seconds and then said, "I'm not a kid anymore. My tits are growing and I have hair around my pussy now."
Ronny's eyes widened. "What do you know about sex," he asked brusquely.
I felt brave. "Not a whole lot. I know I liked it when you licked my pussy."
Ronny blushed again and when he recovered he asked, "Have you ever done it with a guy?"
"Not exactly," I replied.
He looked at me quizzically and asked, "Not exactly?"
I sighed and decided to reveal my sexual history.
"I used to make out with Kenny and let him feel my tits and rub my pussy.
One time when I was over at my friend Paula's, her mother was gone and we played with her mother's vibrator and she stuck it up my pussy and broke my cherry. I guess I'm not a virgin anymore."
"But you've never had a guy's dick in you?" he asked with curiosity.
"No. But I've jacked Kenny off and sucked his dick."
"Did he cum in your mouth?"
I shrugged, "He started to and I pulled him out and jacked him off."

I definitely had Ronny interested now and I could see that he had a bulge in his jeans from thinking of what I had told him.
I asked him if he had ever fucked a girl and he hesitated and said, "Yeah, of course!"
I knew he was lying, but he was so cute trying to convince me that he had. He probably hadn't seen a real pussy since he saw mine.
I really wanted to see his dick again.

What he did next surprised me.
We were walking past the park and he took me by the hand and we started walking through the park.
I asked, "Where are we going?" and he just smiled and said, "A place where we can be alone."

Pulling me and me following willingly, we slipped under a tall evergreen that had branches growing all the way to the ground.
Inside it was dimly lit and nobody could see us from the outside.
He put his arms around me and put his lips on mine and I responded.
Both our mouths opened and our tongues met, dancing and caressing each other.
I felt his hand move up to my breast and I tingled inside at his touch.
He started kissing my neck and I leaned my neck back, feeling the sensations run down my neck to my legs.
My pussy started to moisten and I wanted to be fingered.
I took his hand and guided it under my skirt and he obliged me.
Slowly he rubbed my moisture on my pussy lips and then slipped a finger inside my wet pussy.
As he stroked, I enjoyed the feel of his finger inside me as he unbuttoned my blouse with his other hand and slid my bra up over my teenage tits.
He bent and sucked each one slowly and I came, moaning loudly. I was finally with Ronny and he was making me cum.

I reached down and pulled his finger from me and then knelt in front of him and undid his pants and pulled his dick out.
It was even bigger than I remembered. Putting my hand around it, I stroked as Ronny stood moaning softly and gently caressing my face and hair with his hands.
I licked his long shaft and gently stroked and licked the pre-cum from the tip of his dick.
When I took him in my mouth, he moaned loudly and I was afraid someone would hear us. But there was nobody around and so I continued sucking and stroking him until I felt his dick throb rhythmically and I knew he was going to cum.
I wanted to make him cum and so I took him deeper into my mouth and felt him explode.
I could feel the cum squirting into my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as I could.
It was warm and I wanted to swallow all it, but I felt a bit trickle down my chin.
When he was done and I had licked him clean, he stood there breathing heavily and stroking my hair.
"My God, Anna! I never had any idea you were that good."

I blushed. "I've never done that before. I liked making you cum."
He kissed me and said, "You could have surprised me! That was incredible."
As we walked home holding hands and hugging each other, we stopped and Ronny took me by the hips with his hands and held me.
Looking into my eyes, he said, "Anna, let's fuck sometime. I lied to you. I haven't ever fucked a girl. I've only jacked off thinking of that time you showed me your pussy."

He was blushing and I blushed too. God, I wanted him to fill me with that big dick of his!
"Another week," I said. "I started taking the pill three weeks ago and I should wait a month."

For the next week, we would stop on the way home from school and go to our place and I would suck him off and then lean against the tree and spread my legs as he fingered me and licked my clit.
We both came everytime. Three days before I started my period, I decided it was time.
I wanted Ronny's cock in me.
We both decided to sneak out of our houses at midnight and meet in his old clubhouse. I was right originally, it wasn't rainproof and it smelled musty.
As I waited inside I heard Ronny climb out his window and climb onto the roof of the clubhouse and open the roof door.
He looked in and smiled and whispered, "Hi."
He let down a blanket as I waited for him.
After he climbed in, he said, "Let's go somewhere else. We'll make too much noise.
You know that shack over near the railroad yards, we'll go there."
I knew the place and asked, "Will it be safe?"
Ronny smiled. "Yeah, I filed down a key to unlock it and went and cleaned it up tonight after dinner."

When we got there, he turned on a flashlight that he had brought with him and handed it to me.
He fished the key from his pocket and unlocked the door and we went in.
The shack was there for the railroad workers wait in while the train waited to get into the yard.
It hadn't been used for years but there was still an old couch inside that hadn't been removed yet.
Ronny reached down and pulled the bottom of the couch and a bed popped out of the couch, it was a hide-a-bed.
Taking a candle out of his pocket, he lit it and put it on a shelf that was on the wall.
Taking the blanket he spread it over the bed and then turned and kissed me.
A full moon was shining through the window of the shack and we kissed passionately as Ronny led me down onto the bed. This was going to be my first time and I wanted it to be magical and I wanted it to be magical for Ronny too.

"Be gentle with me. This is my first time," Ronny whispered with a smile.
I laughed. "Okay, as long as you're gentle with me."
He smiled and unbuttoned my blouse.
I hadn't worn a bra or panties because I figured I didn't wouldn't be wearing them long anyway.
Ronny massaged my breasts running the ball of his thumbs back and forth over my nipples as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling that was building in my body.
Suddenly he stopped and stood up and took his shirt and pants off and crawled back on the blanket.
While he was undressing, I kicked off my shoes and slid my pants off and just laid there with my open blouse hanging by my side.
Deciding I didn't need it either, I sat up and tossed it aside. He laid down beside me and slid one of his legs between mine.
I knew that he could feel my wetness on his thigh and I could feel that beautiful cock of his stroking against my stomach as we kissed passionately and slowly humped each other.
I was getting hot and my pussy was getting wetter as I took his hand and brought it down to my moist bush.
As he suckled my breasts, he stroked my pussy slowly and then worked a finger into my tight lovehole.
I arched my back and moaned and he stroked more quickly.
I felt the pleasurable pressure building in me and I moaned louder until I felt wave after wave of release run through my body as I came all over his hand.
He released his lips from my hard nipples and started down to give me head and I stopped him.
"Let's skip the rest of the foreplay," I said. "I want your dick in me now."

I knew he was almost ready because he had been dribbling pre-cum on my legs and stomach almost from the beginning.
Ronny just smiled and spread my legs as he positioned himself between them.
I reached down and took his cock and put the head against my open pussy lips.
"Go slow, Ronny. I don't want it to hurt."

He did go slow and after his head got inside my opening, I let go and put my arms around his neck and caressed his back.
Inch by inch he worked his way into me. His dick felt so good and every stroke was causing my tight pussy to contract and tingle.
Ronny had his arms under me and cradled my head as he kissed my neck.
My breasts were right against his smooth chest and I thought I was in heaven. He went very slowly and deliberately.
His dick going all the way in me and then slowly retreating. He moaned and whispered, "Anna, this feels so good."
I was meeting his thrusts with my own and I felt a large orgasm coming on.
My pussy was soaking wet and I urged him to stroke faster, I wanted us to both cum at the same time. He started stroking even faster and we were both moaning loudly and I felt his hot sperm fill me as he called my name.
I went over the edge and my pussy contracted into the biggest orgasm that I had ever experienced.
Our thrusts met each other as I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his waist as he filled my pussy and I felt it leaking out and running down to my ass.
After ten strokes, he slowed down and I laid back as he kissed me and then looked in my eyes.
"Anna. . . I don't know what other girls are like, but I can't imagine that it gets any better than that."

I smiled. I had always heard that the first time wasn't that good. I couldn't imagine it getting any better either.
Having that huge dick in me and feeling him fill me with his cum sent me to a place I'd never been before.

We stayed together for another three years and then he joined the service.
Everytime we made love during that three years was as good as the first time.
When he left, we used to write and occasionally talk on the phone, but while he was gone, his family moved out of the neighborhood and the calls and letters came less frequently and then stopped altogether.
I was sad for a long time and thought about him constantly.
But that was the past and we were just kids.
There is one thing I'll never forget and that was that first time!

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