Monday, January 08, 2007



I checked the video tape of last weeks incident with Mr. Bailey, the Principal.
All was perfect, the tapes showed him jumping out of the whirlpool holding his erection and forcing me down onto the bed.
He lifted my shirt and jammed his hardon deep inside.
The expression on his face revealed pure animal lust and contempt, it was beautiful.
When the time is right, this will nail his ass.

Jane thought about the other tape she had.
It showed her and Bill, the coach, while he licked her pussy and drank her fluids.
God, he's wonderful.
She never had a man make love to her like he did.
He spent as much time licking her toes as he did fucking her.
He licked every inch of her body.
She especially liked the way he wriggled his tongue inside her pussy.
This tape and thoughts of Bill's tongue got her going again.

Jane walked to the door and locked it.
This wouldn't be a concern to anyone. Because of the medical supplies and equipment, the door is always locked if she's not in the Nurses Station.
Only she and Mr. Bailey had a key to that door.
Jane then went into her office and locked that door also.
She was the only person with a key to her office.

Once secured behind the locked door, Jane removed her white uniform.
All part of her plan, she never wore panties, only the white nylons with a garter belt.
Jane then removed the vibrating dildo she kept locked in her office for occasions like this.
She removed the tape showing Bailey in his pathetic attempt to rape and impress her, and inserted the copy she made of Bill licking her pussy.
The whole section had been erased from the original tape, this was for her viewing pleasure only.

Oh yes, this is the part. Bill laid her on the examination bed and started kissing her lips, he kissed her eyes and nose.
His hot tongue probed her ears and licked her neck.
All the while he was softly caressing her breast. Bill licked her whole body, leaving traces of wetness around her breasts down to her stomach.
Viewing Bills tongue licking around her pussy made Jane wet again.
She rubbed the dildo against her open dripping pussy, waiting to time the insertion when Bill stuck his tongue deep inside her pussy.

Bill continued licking down her legs to her toes.
Oh God, she was really wet now.
He licked and sucked each toe, one a time.
Jane placed the dildo against her pussy, wetting the end in anticipation of slamming it in as deep as it would go.

Bill retraced his wetness back to her thighs, where he spread her pussy lips with his fingers.
Bill licked the outer lips surrounding Jane's love hole.
She rubbed the dildo all around her wet opening, the juices were really flowing now She continued to watch the tape and stroked her wet pussy.
When Bill inserted his tongue in Jane's pussy, she pushed the dildo deep inside, immediately having a powerful orgasm.
She threw her legs out and screamed in silence as the overwhelming convulsions gripped her body.

The juices gushed from deep within and flooded over her hand.
The dildo filled her with pleasure as the image of Bill's tongue buried in her pussy rolled on. Slowly her breathing returned to normal while she continued watching the tape.

Bill's head was bobbing up and down as she remembered his tongue and lips assaulting her engorged pussy.
Jane reached the button and activated the vibrator while it was buried deep inside, and the images of Bill's head between her legs played on.
The taped images and vibrator was all she could take.
She screamed loudly and clenched her breasts as the tremendous orgasm racked her body.
She shivered and trembled with passion.
Her pussy gripped the vibrator and held it fast and firm.
Jane let her muscles squeeze the plastic facsimile, as she was thinking of Bill's tongue wriggling around inside her.
Goose bumps popped out all over her body while her heart raced headlong into a dizzy spell.

Soon Jane's head cleared and her heart slowed.
Her pussy relaxed and this allowed her to stroke the inside with the vibrator. Oh My! God this was great.

She continued watching the tape as she kept a steady pumping action with the vibrator.
She saw Bill lick and drink the juices that flowed from her pussy.
Soon Bill climbed on top of her and inserted his large granite cock.
Jane was so wet he had no trouble burying his 9" love tool deep inside. The 3" diameter cock filled her to capacity and satisfaction.
As Bill slowly pumped her pussy, Jane stroked the dildo in and out.
Bill's hips showed the urgency and need, as he fucked her faster and faster.
Each stroke was harder then the last and soon she was slamming back against him with all her strength.
The dildo became the hot fleshy meat assaulting the deepest lining in her pussy while the small ridges gripped her very soul.

Jane almost lost consciousness as another uncontrollable orgasm slammed her body from head to toe. She thought her insides might explode from the near convulsive state she was in.
Her body trembled with agonizing pleasure and delight while her pussy gushed the fragrant juices of sex.
The aroma filled the room assaulting her nostrils and prolonged the spasms, she loved the aromatic scent of her juices.

After several minutes Jane calmed down.
Her pussy released the dildo and she reluctantly pulled it out.
The room was filled with her sex odour, and the hot sticky fluid covered her hands.
Slowly she got up and walked on shaky legs to the shower.

She washed herself while her mind pictured Bill and his magic tongue.
Once she was clean and dressed she removed the tape sheâd been watching and replaced the tape of Mr. Bailey.
She wanted it ready if anything happened in the examination room.
Her daily inspection of the cameras, motion detectors and microphones insured everything was set, should suddenly there be a need for recording.

She finished cleaning up the office and used a scented air cleaner to mask the aroma of her sex.
When everything was back to normal, she made sure the door to Nurses Station was locked before leaving.
She then went to lunch in the school cafeteria.

The cafeteria wasn't as crowded as usual.
The weather had been great the last few days, so most of the kids ate their lunch outside.
They were allowed to take the trays out, as long as they brought them back in.
I decided what I wanted and took a seat along the windows.
I had a good tan from laying around my pool, and didn't need any more sun, so I opted to stay in the air conditioned room.

I ate alone by the windows, thinking of Bill.
The meal was quite good and the conversation around me was quiet.
Just as I was getting ready to leave, Mr. Cross walked up to my table.
'Good afternoon Jane. How's the nursing business coming along?'
'Fine Mr. Cross, how's your English class this year?'
'Jane, please call me Ralph. It makes everything much more pleasant, don't you think?'
'If you say so,Ralph.'
'Jane I was wondering if I could use the whirlpool after class today. Mr. Bailey says it's worked great for his arthritis'

Oh boy, here we go again. Cross doesn't remember when he felt up my pussy a few years ago after class.
I'd gotten an A on a very difficult test he gave and he wanted to make sure I really knew the answers, so he 'invited' me to see him after class.
I really thought this lecherous bastard would have been fired by now.
What the hell did he ever see in a 13 year old hairless pussy anyway.

'You've already cleared this through Mr. Bailey? You know that's school property for the students use.
'Oh yes, I talked to him the other day about it. He said it would be OK, as long as it wasn't in use.'
'Well Mr. Bailey is the boss, if he said it was all right who am I to disagree'
'Good, what would be a good time for you?'
'I think 3:00 PM would be fine.'
'Great, I'll see you then'

As we talked, I noticed Cross kept his hands in his pockets.
His right hand was rubbing his cock throughout our whole conversation.
This shit head is ripe for anything.
I'm not sure just how, but I'll get this old man and his wrinkly cock on tape before the days out.

After lunch I returned to the Nurses Station only to find the outer door unlocked.
I know it was locked when I left.
Well lets check the tape and see who was in here and what went on.
I unlocked my office and looked at the counter on the VCR, sure enough about 45 minutes had been recorded.
I hit the rewind button and waited for the correct numbers to appear.
Grabbing the remote, I sat down to view what had happened while I was at lunch.

The motion detector picked up a male student as he crawled in through the window.
Damn, I'll have to remember to make sure they're all locked too.
In a few seconds he reached out and helped a female student climb through.
Now the sound was picking up their conversation.
'David are you sure she won't return right away?'
'Come on Jessie, I told you I saw her going to lunch. She'll be gone at least one hour'
'OK, if you say so'
'Bailey's out of town and he's the only other person with a key to this room, the nurse told me so'
David then kissed Jessie long and hard.
While they were kissing, David undressed Jessie until she wore nothing except her panties.
He then started kissing and sucking her large firm breasts.
Jessie held his head and mashed his face into the twin pillows on her chest.
The moaning and groaning sounds were exciting.
After a few minutes David stepped back and removed all of his clothes.
As he pulled down his shorts, his youthful hard cock jumped out into view.
Jessie looked wide eyed and smiled.
She dropped to her knees and immediately swallowed his whole cock right to the base.
Her head bobbed up and down while her hands played with David's balls.
I would guess David's cock was about 7" long and she devoured all of it.
This girl had some experience in sucking cock.

Jessie continued to suck and jerk Davidâs cock while his hands fondled her tits.
All the moaning and slurping was making me hot and wet again, I opened my legs and started to rub my wet pussy.

Jessie sucked David until his hips started pumping and he was about to cum.
She released his wet reddened cock and watch the precum drip out.
Jessie licked up the juice and smile at David.
I guess this was his cue, he motioned her back against a table and slid her panties off.

Wow, what a bush, it was beautiful.
How the hell does a girl of her age learn to trim a pussy like that?
David must have been thinking the same thing, because it didn't take him long and his face was buried deep in her snatch.
He made loud slurping and swallowing sounds as his head moved all around her mound.
Jessie wriggled and moaned as her cunt was assaulted by David's tongue.
After several minutes of pushing, hair pulling and hip grinding, Jessie blew her load all over David's face.
He pulled back a little and licked her whole crotch swallowing every drop.
He even licked her legs where some of her juice had escaped.

Damn, my pussy was so wet now I could wring the juice out with my fingers.
I stroked my clit with the palm of my hand as my fingers dug deep inside.
He stood in front of her and kissed her again, hard and long.
She must have liked tasting her pussy juice all over his lips, because it looked like she was eating his face.
Finally Jessie pushed David away slightly and gave him a big smile.
'David you know I'm real afraid of getting pregnant'
'Yea I've heard that before'
'Well, instead of just sucking or jerking you off, how about you fuck my asshole?'
'Damn Jessie you mean it?'
'Sure, no babies there and it might feel good.'
'OK, I'll have to find some lubricant for you.'
David then walked around and looked in some of the cabinets.
Sure enough he found the K Y jelly I use for some exams.

'OK Jessie bend over'.
She leaned against one of the examining tables and spread her ass cheeks.
David got behind her and just looked at her asshole.
Jessie looked back and said, 'Well what are you waiting for, we don't have all day.'
' God Jessie, your asshole is so beautiful. It's all pink and wrinkled like a small button. Just stand there for a few minutes.'
David then got on his knees and started licking Jesse's ass.

He licked everywhere. He went after her asshole with the same gusto he used on her pussy.
David licked and slurped, he ran his tongue into her pussy and back out onto her ass.
He was going to town, he looked like a starved puppy dog eating a steak dinner.
Jessie moaned and groaned while she pushed her ass into David's face.
He grabbed her hips and pulled as he buried his tongue inside her asshole.
He kept tongue fucking her ass until she let out a scream and grabbed the bed for support.
Jessie banged her ass against David's face almost knocking him over, but he held on tight.
She jumped around the floor while her pussy gushed it's hot juice down her legs.
That's all my mind could take.
I slammed my hand deep inside my overly wet cunt and squeezed my clit.
My orgasm was so strong I doubled over in the chair as my juice exploded onto my hand. Oh God it was sooo good !!

Jessie finally stopped pushing and David pulled away.
Her whole ass was covered with saliva and pussy juice.
David grabbed his granite precum dripping cock and rubbed it over Jesse's ass.
There was no need for the KY now.

David slid his juice covered cock up and down Jesseâs crack.
He centered on her asshole and push ever so slightly.
Jessie let out a small whimper, but pushed her ass back.
David was very gentle as he forced a little more of his cock inside her asshole.
I could almost hear the little pop as the head of his cock got past her ring of muscle.
She told him to stop a minute so she could relax.
David held his cock in the same spot.
Soon Jessie told him to go ahead and David pushed in a little more.
He kept up a slow in and out motion going deeper each time.
Eventually all of his cock was buried in Jesse's asshole.
Again he held still and waited for a signal from her.
Jessie pulled away a little then pushed back against David's stomach.
Looking around at David she said, 'OK your in, now fuck my ass good.'
David pulled out a little and slammed his cock in deep, Jessie pushed back to meet every stroke.
Very soon they had a good rhythm going, both were slamming like it was the end of the world.
Jessie was moaning loudly and digging her buried fingers deep inside her cunt.
David was grunting with satisfaction as he called her name.
They banged and slammed each other for several minutes, then David suddenly bellowed, 'GOD JESSIEÉÉ OH GOD. I'M CUMMINGÉÉÉ. I'M CUMMING.'
'Oh yes, oh, oh, fill my ass David, I want to feel your hot cum burn my insides. NOW DAVID NOW!!'
David made one final push and held her tight.
He screamed and grunted as his hot load detonated far inside Jesse's dark tunnel of love.
His balls pumped and squirted the liquid fire searing her tunnel walls.

That triggered a reaction in Jessie as she exploded in another great orgasm, with her fingers busy ripping at her inflated cunt.
The camera actually picked up her gushing flow of juice running down her legs.
David's balls were covered with hot steamy pussy juice.
They stayed glued together for several minutes as their hearts calmed down and heads cleared.

Soon David pulled his flaccid cock from Jesse's asshole, his cum dripped out and ran down her legs.
She stood still, paralysed with gratification and joy.
David got some Kleenex and wiped her ass.
The gentle touch on her ravaged asshole made her shudder and shake.
He cleaned her legs and wiped the floor.
He didn't want to leave any evidence they had been there.

Jessie turned and faced David, smiling as she said, 'David, that was wonderful. I never knew it would be so good. When I came it was like my whole body was flowing out of my pussy. Sweetheart we can do that any time you want, and never worry about getting pregnant.'
They kissed each other for a long time, then got dressed.
When they had everything cleaned up and put away, Jessie and David unlocked the door and left.
That was their mistake.
That door can't be locked from the outside without a key.

God that was some show. I'll have to keep this tape just to view once in a while.
I'll record this onto the tape of Bill and I doing our thing together, and erase this copy.
Maybe Bill would like to see it too?
Damn, it's almost 3:00 PM, Cross will be here soon.
Hell, he can wait, I can nail his to the wall another day.
I have get to Bill's house.
I've got a warm wet cavity that needs to be filled.
Maybe I'll take the new video in case Bill would like to try something different.

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