Monday, January 22, 2007

Hiking trip (Part 2)

by Kimwell (Oct 99)

Morning poked through the parting in the tent.
We were under the sleeping bag and the panes of light warmed me up enough to wake me up.
I was still laying on Tom, though mostly too his side.
He was asleep, and I looked at his finely chiseled features.
He could have been a movie star, he was so handsome.
I slipped my hand between my legs.
His come had gotten knotted up in my pussy hair and flaked up along my leg.
Gross, huh?
Well I got up and grabbed his t-shirt and put on some sandals.
I couldn't find the towel so I found a rag in a corner.
Grabbing that I skipped outside. It was cool outside but sunny and beautiful.
I wanted to wash all that stuff off in the river.
When I got there I saw Luis stretched out on a rock, asleep.
I had forgotten about him.
He was wearing shorts and no shirt. I stopped to look at him for a bit, his muscles shifting with his deep sleep breathing.
I crept down the rocks to the river, and stepped in.
I made a bow tie out of the t-shirt right under my breasts, so it wouldn't get wet. But it did anyway after I washed off the come and splashed water on my chest and abdomen.
I undid the tie and turned around and nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw Luis standing in the water next to me, naked as the day he was born.

He was at least a full foot taller than me.
He had beautiful brown skin and his penis was fully erect.
I put my cold wet hands on it and stroked it a little.
He threw his head back, smiling and said oh thatâs so cold.
His eyes were closed and I leaned closer to him and said, what do you want to do with this thing, senor?

The contrast in color between my pale white hand and his dark organ helped to excite me even further.
I want to put it in your pink pussy, he said. Did you bring protection?
No, my girlfriend is on the pill.
Okay, but just don't come in me. I know I am a crazy woman when I'm horny but I just couldn't stand missing this opportunity.

It was so beautiful there in the stream, a naked woman and a naked man, a Latin hunk and a half-Irish lass together in this Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, and the snake in the garden he was holding in his hand, the apple was the blush in my cheeks and I let him pick me in his two strong arms.
Spreading my ass cheeks, he eased me onto his pole and by getting my hips just so he slid into me effortlessly.
It took some more adjustment but soon he was slapping his balls against my but, legs locked around his back, and fucking me right there in the stream, standing up.

He kissed me and I meowed into his ear.
God, you are so beautiful, he said. I sighed, and threw my head back.
His thrusts made my breasts jiggle, and the slapping of his balls against my ass were soon followed by the slapping noises coming from the suction of my sopping wet pussy trying to keep old on his roving cock, poking inside me this way and that.
I looked around, the birds were sitting in the trees and the river rushing by quietly.
Time was passing so slowly.
I looked down between my bouncing breasts, my nipples reaching into the morning air, down to my little belly and the stump where Luisâ massive dick was plunging in and out of me.
His face had a worshipful look on it, he was so angelic.
There we were, the First Man and the First Woman, and then I really did it:
I said come in me
Are you sure?
Yeah, just do it.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh He shouted and his cock started to rock back and forth really quickly, slamming into me as he emptied his load into me.

I did my best to empty myself of his sperm, but there was a lot of it, and it was getting late.
8 in the morning according to his watch.
I put the t-shirt back on and we ran back to camp.
Luckily nobody was awake yet. I had done my best to clean myself out but there was still some good in there.
It didn't really matter to me, except if Tom wanted to fuck again.
I got back in the tent, and guess what? He was just waking up and he pulled down, I was already leaning over him, and slipped his hard-on into me.
Ah god, Kim, he said, you know what I love about your pussy?
His hands were rocking my ass cheeks up and down, I could tell he was going to come again

What's that I asked.

You're always so wet!

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