Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fill me up!

by Kimwell (Sept 99)

I was out with my girlfriends one Saturday.
We were on the way to the mall to do some shopping when we realized it was time to get some gas first.
There was a really cute guy working the cash register at the gas station, and when he smiled at me when I went up to pay, I blushed.
He had frothy blond hair and piercing blue eyes.
He was really built but also kind of lean. Athletic. He took my money and asked me if I wanted anything else.
He had one of those faces that drives me to flirt immediately and I said, winking, 'well what else do you have to offer.'
He stood up from the chair and towered over me from behind the glass.
He must have been well over six foot and in his mid-twenties.
I watched how his blond mustache moved as he spoke.
' I have a lot of things that might interest a beautiful lady like yourself.'
Flattered but embarrassed I paid and ran out to Karen's jeep outside.
I was wearing short-shorts and I could feel the guy's eyes pinned on my ass as I left the store.
I told my friends about it and we laughed all the way to the mall.
I bought a dark blue blouse with spaghetti straps at the mall and in the dressing room I reenacted what happened for my friends.
We laughed and laughed until the store clerk came to see what was so funny.
' Oh, nothing,' I told her and we went off for an early dinner and Karen bought us a pitcher of margaritas.
A few drinks later, and in between talking about boyfriends, I started going off about that guy again.
He had the most beautiful eyes, blah blah blah.
My friends exchanged some knowing glances and must have discussed what to do while I was in the ladiesâ room because when I got back they told me we were going back to the gas station for a 'refill.'
I was pretty drunk and all that guy-talk was making me horny too.

I went back to the ladiesâ room and put on some lipstick.
My shorts were on so tight that they look like they had been poured onto my ass in liquid form and solidified there.
I also have kind of puffy labia so the shorts rode up there too.
The shorts were white but really old and the part over my clit was wearing a bit thin from previous hot and heavy experiences.
In fact there was a little tear there in the fabric revealing my pink skin underneath.
Sounds perfect, no?
I dabbed on a little eye shadow and ran out.

So we went back to the gas station after having a few more drinks.
I got out of the car to make sure that guy was there.
He was and when he saw me he waved and came out.
There were no other customers around so he didnât seem to mind coming out to talk.
Nervously I popped open the hood to check the oil.
He said, ' is there anything I can help you with, miss?'
He had come from behind me, and I could feel those baby blues caressing my ass.
I finished 'checking' the oil and went over to the pump, he came around too, following me closely.
I leaned with my back against the jeep to look at him.

He was so beautiful. His eyebrows were delicate, his chin finely split in two parts, a thin layer of shadow fell across his cheekbones.
He was wearing jeans and my heart skipped a beat when I noticed the round bulge in his pants.
He smiled.
' Sir, would you fill my tank?' I said.
Smiling, he pressed his body into mine.
The car shifted with my girlfriends leaning forward to get a better look.
Leaning into me that round and soft mass under his belt slowly turned hard and narrowed too.
He ran his legs up and down my baby soft legs and squeezed my ass.
He pushed his dick-hardened pants into mine even more, I tried to yield but I couldn't: my ass and back were pressed as far as they would go.
His cock had congealed into this light-saber of heat and passion rubbing up and down on me.
He rammed his tongue down my throat and I put my left hand around his neck and with other hand unzipped his zipper.
I started to give him a hand job.
His shaft was burning hot in my little hand.
My hands are really soft and so his moaning only grew louder when I squeezed as hard as I could.
He had unbuttoned my shorts and had them on my knees when I took his dick and placed it on my belly, with his head, sweating come, rubbing into my navel.

He was kissing me all over, his hands slipped under my blouse and flipped over my bra-cups and he massaged my breasts.
I was incredibly wet and thought about letting him penetrate me.
I tickled his balls and smiled again before he kissed me some more.
I wanted him to come on my belly or maybe in my mouth but he was breathing really hard and I knew I had to make up my mind soon.
Suddenly he picked me up and put me on the hood of the car.
He spread me lengthwise across it so my friends could get a better view and pressed into me from a different angle.

The little hinge of his belt buckle was pressing against my clit and he lay still as I started to buck my hips against it.
He let me do what I wanted to do and just kissed me.
His dick was still on my belly, his come dribble having formed a pool in my belly button.
I couldn't have cared at all.
My face was flushed red, my whole body seemed to flutter, especially my lower abdomen and I felt this exquisite gushing sensation within where my vagina seemed to be holding its breath and suddenly exhaling and I was suddenly overcome with this need to be taken by him, pressing myself into his buckle one last time I let out a howl of a sigh and whispered ' put it in me' to him.

He undid his buckle and slid into me.
I held my breath as he pushed my labia apart and smiled deeply as he plunged into me.
He thrust and withdrew very slowly at first.
My eyes were closed, and I was drifting away in a featherbed sensation of feeling complete, whole.
He shifted tempos and he started to fuck me, pounding my pussy, leaving my womb to gasp for air, splayed apart in the cool air and suddenly plugged again by his cock.
He started to rattle inside of me and started to grunt and groan, I looked up, suddenly afraid that he was going to come in me, realizing that he had just started to ejaculate when he pulled out and shot the rest of his wad in three great big spurts on my belly, on my tits, and the last squirt on my thighs.
He lay on top and said he was sorry since he did squirt in me a little.
I laughed and hugged him.
' I don't even know your name,' I said.
' Rick. And yours?'
' Kim.'
' Hey can I get some service too?'
Some old lady was asking. Everybody was laughing except for me. I was just embarrassed.

We exchanged phone numbers and the girls got me into the back seat.
They had a towel in the back and Cara wiped the come off of me.
We drove off to Karen's place, completely forgetting the shorts on the ground at the station.
When we got Karen's place I got out the jeep with the towel wrapped around my hips like a skirt.
Karen lives in an apartment complex so once we got inside Karen took the 'skirt' and with some other dirty clothes went to put it in the wash.
Karen is a big woman so none of her clothes fit me.
We sat around for an hour drinking and talking about that experience and some other weird things we've all done.
I took off my bra and sat around with just my blouse on.
And instead of having me sit around for the rest of the night as the only whose bottom was exposed to the worlds we all stripped and lolled around in Kim's King size bed chattering away and watching movies.


Suck Me said...

Wonderful story! It's amazing what a little imagination can do ;)

Camilla said...

and if I were not married, I would want to "suck you."

Suck Me said...

Well I wont tell your husband ;)

ATL LG said...

so this is why my buddies kept their low paying job at the gas station......I see now

(but my job paid three times as much at the grocery store and all the women did the grocery shopping a few years back )