Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pastors daughter strikes again

by Lara (Oct 99)

Though I loved my home and my family, I couldn't wait to go to college.
After my mother had taught me the secrets of pleasing men, and of taking pleasure in my own body, my boyfriend Patrick and I were having the most wonderful sex.
I compared notes with my friends (though I never told them about my Mom's involvement-- I'm sure they wouldn't understand, and she had a reputation to protect, after all) and discovered that Patrick and I were light years ahead of them in the sexual exploration department.
But Patrick and I were headed off to different colleges on different coasts, and we had come to a mutual agreement that we were ready to see other people.
I knew that Patrick couldn't wait to show off his cunnilingus technique on the coeds back east, but I didn't blame him.
I couldn't wait to explore my skills with the college men I would be meeting.

So Patrick and I parted and I was ready for the real fun to begin.
I moved into the dorms where I had a single room, which was unusual for a freshman, but my Mom had spent the extra cash for it, explaining that she knew the importance of privacy.

The school year started at such a furious pace I wondered if I could keep up.
Things gradually slowed down and I started making new friends.
But I discovered that I was shyer than I thought, as I hadn't brought up the subject of sex with anyone yet.
In fact, not a single one of the guys I met could match Patrick for looks, brains, or humor.
At night I would finger myself, and gently pet my clit as I tried to picture any of the guys I had met-- Jake, Darren, Eddie, Mark-- but it never worked, even though they were all pretty good looking, none of them did it for me.

Then one night a strange thing happened.
I was alone in my room, working on my English homework, when I started thinking about this girl, Sami, who was in my class.
She had caught my eye on the first day as being far and away the most beautiful girl in class, and since I wasn't sure whether to hate her right away or try to be her best friend, I decided simply to ignore her.
But as I was re-reading a poem she had commented on in class that day, I couldn't help but recall her long, heavy black hair, so soft I could feel it with my eyes, and her Pacific sun bronzed skin in contrast to her white sleeveless blouse, and how her shining emerald eyes looked incredibly thoughtful but a little bit playful, too.
I wondered why I was even thinking about this girl and tried to concentrate on my homework, but I started to remember how full her lips were and I wondered if she was a very good kisser

I slammed the book shut and decided it was time for bed.
I put on my slippers and padded down the hall to our communal bathroom to brush my teeth.
From my position at the sink I could see steam coming from the shower area behind me.
When I turned on the faucet, a girl in the shower yelled at me, "Katie, is that you?"
My toothbrush was in my mouth, so I couldn't respond right away.
The girl then popped her head out of the shower (my back was to her, but I saw the reflection clearly in the mirror), and leaned out far enough that I saw her naked breasts.
It was Jane, this redheaded girl who lived down the hall from me.
Katie was her roommate. I must've been staring, because Jane blushed.
"Sorry," she said. "Thought you were someone else."
I finally spit the toothpaste out and mumbled an apology.
Jane disappeared again behind the shower wall, and I heard her singing over the sound of the shower.
I was rinsing my toothbrush when Katie, a petite platinum blonde who wore too much eye makeup, walked in.
Actually, she kind of staggered in. I got the impression she'd been drinking. Then she spoke, and confirmed my suspision.

"Hi Lara . . ." she slurred.

"Hey Katie. How you doin' tonight?"

"Pre' good," she responded, doing her best impression of a sober girl saying hello.
"Welp, gotta go get clean." And with that, she took off her shirt, exposing her bare breasts as she walked past me.
I watched her in the mirror as she removed her pants and I saw she hadn't been wearing any panties.
She dropped her clothes outside the shower wall, right next to Jane's things, and got into the shower-- presumably, right next to Jane.
I turned on the faucet again to wash my face and started to wonder why Katie and Jane showered at the same time, when I heard muffled voices over the sound of running water.
It sounded like Jane was saying "But someone's out there," and Katie saying "So what?"
Then they were silent for a second and I turned off the water in the sink so I could hear better.
That's when one of them started moaning.
It turned me on intensely. Then I thought about how long it had been since anyone had made me moan, and I got depressed.
Then I heard another, louder moan, and this time I knew it was Katie, as she had a distinctive voice.
I crept toward the shower to see if I could hear any better, but all I heard was moans.
My hand went to the crotch of my flannel pajama bottoms and I rubbed the soft material against my bare skin and felt a wetness forming there.
I was incredibly horny, and burned with a desire to see these two women naked and caressing each others bodies under the hot, streaming water.

Katie's moans had stopped and now Jane's were intensifying and the pitch of her voice got higher.

"Oh god, Katie, Ohhh, yess . . . yes, Katie, oh, oh! Yes! Ohhh, ohhh, OH! YES!"
Now she was fairly sqealing, and I could tell by the way that the water was hitting the shower floor in staccato waves that Jane was gyrating vigorously beneath it.
I figured now was the best time to take a peek, since Katie's head would be (I assumed) buried in Jane's pussy and Jane would be in too much ecstacy to notice anything.
I poked my head around the corner and beheld the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

Jane was standing beneath the showerhead with water cascading down her long, red hair as it spilled across her shoulders and tumbled down her back and slid over her round, white bottom.
Her legs were spread wide enough to remind me that she was a cheerleader and her hands were planted firmly on Katie's head, which was damp from the water that flowed down the front of Jane's body, across her ample breasts with nipples the size of half-dollars.
Katie was on her knees before Jane, her nose buried in the thick red patch above Jane's pussy which she licked at sucked with audible delight.
I brought my head back out of view before they noticed me and let the image burn in my mind.
Then I hurried back to my room and hopped into bed immediately, letting my hands wander with my imagination.
I fingered myself to a wonderful orgasm that night, and fell asleep tot he sweetest of dreams.

I was at this party where everyone was dressed formally and drinking champagne.
Someone was playing a baby grand piano in the back and there was this huge spiraling staircase that led to a loft.
I noticed Patrick across the room and went to say hello.
He introduced me to the girl he was talking to, but I recognized her-- it was Sami, from class, in this short, sleveless red gown that exaggerated her pert breasts, narrow waist and curvy hips.
She asked Patrick if he would get her more champagne, and he offered to fill my glass as well, but my eyes were riveted to Sami's lips, which were the same vibrant red as her dress and contrasted with the pink of her tongue as she ran it over her lips.
Then she extended a well-manicured hand to me and led me up the staircase, all Patrick and champagne forgotten.
She took me to a room that was lit by dozens of candles and perfumed with incense, and once inside she unzipped her dress and stood naked before me, exposing every inch of her suntanned flesh and beckoning me to touch it.
Suddenly, my own black evening gown had disappeared and we groped one another in mutual task of giving, and receiving pleasure.

That's when the alarm broke into my wonderful dream-- at six am.
I like to get in the shower before anyone else so I can shave my bush without quizzical stares from the other girls-- I noticed the first week in the dorms, when I was showering at seven am with the rest of the girls, that none of them shaved their pubic hair.
I think I also saw a few of them look at my naked snatch and smirk, so I started showering alone.
But after what I had seen the night before with Katie and Jane, I was starting to think about showering at night.

But the added bonus of getting up so early is that I'm always alert and looking my best during my eight am class, which is English.
That particular day, I wore my most provocative outfit to class, and wondered if Sami would notice me.

But fate had it in for me that day.
Our professor decided that day that we were going to begin an assignment that we would be working on in pairs.
He would assign the pairs, at random.
I hoped against hope and wished against wish, and that's when he said it.

"Lara, you'll be working with Sami."

I couldn't believe my luck. The professor told us to get together after class to arrange a time we could work on the project outside of class. I grinned at Sami and she smiled confidently back at me.
I settled in my seat and waited impatiently for class to end.
I couldn't wait to talk to her.
(To Be Continued)


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