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Hiking trip (Part 1)

by Kimwell (Oct 99)

This summer I went hiking with some friends into the Smokies.
I took my boyfriend, Tom, and two girls from the house I live in, Karen, and Jenny.
Jenny was bringing along a friend of hers from high school who was going to college in Tennessee.
His name was Luis, a really cute Hispanic guy who brought up his van to visit Jenny and then to take us down again to go hiking.

We hiked uphill for about 12 miles, and then turned off the well worn paths into the deep woods.
We were all in really good shape so we easily passed the other campers.
It was early evening, about 6 or so, when we stopped to make camp.
We were hot and tired and went to bathe in a nearby stream. We made the boys go wash in an another pond a little ways away.
I slipped out of my shorts and tank top and put them by my shoes on the shore.
Karen and Jenny got in first, and squealed about cold the water was, but I loved the cold rushing water stream rushing between my legs.
I crouched in the water and let the current push my breasts to my sides.
My nipples were getting erect and I splashed my face with water.
Karen had a small tube of soap in her hand and waved me over with the other.

Karen is really tall and the water rushed by her knees.
Her breasts hung low on her chest, and her black pubic hair glistened in the dying light. Jenny, who was a redhead, also had red pubic hair.
I had never seen that before and I couldn't help but stare.
I must have made her feel self conscious because she crossed her legs, and said, 'Kim, what are you doing?'

I looked at her hourglass shaped body, her pert breasts, her figure so much like mine.
She had a slender and long throat, and her bright red hair fell in curly locks all over her brilliantly blue eyes.
'I was just admiring a beautiful woman,' I said.

'Oh, Kim, you are SO sweet!' She came over and gave me a hug.
Karen took the soap and started to lather my body with it.
She turned my little hairy patch into a small pool of wavy white strands, and she rubbed my thighs, my ass and caressed my tits with her soft hands.
The soap was a very sweet smelling honeysuckle that drifted into my nose and I leaned my head back onto Karen's shoulder.
The evening air whipped around my body, causing me to shiver a bit. Jenny used a sponge to wipe off the suds.
She was so gentle I could have fainted there in their arms.
We took turns washing each other and sponging each other.
It was a very warm moment for us, each smelling of honeysuckle, and rosy-cheeked too.
We had forgotten about the men until we smelt the crackle of wood burning in a fire, and we got dressed and headed towards it.

It became cool out.
My nipples stood out underneath my pink tank-top, lit up as it was by the light of the fire.
I cuddled against Tom after we ate but I couldnât help but notice Luis staring at me from across the fire.
Jenny sat next to him, watching the fire.
I wondered if they were really close or not.
Tom ran his hands down my legs to smooth out my goosebumps.
He smeared his hands up and down my legs, going slower as he touched my thighs.
He slipped his hand into my inner thighs, pulling up really close to my panting cunt.
I leaned back just enough to feel his rock hard cock poking my back.
I looked around the fire, little conversations had broken out among my friends so no one noticed when I reached back and stroked him through his shorts.
He leaned forward, and whispered in my ear: I am going to fuck your brains out tonight.

'Yeah, that's what you think,' I said to him.
He nipped my earlobe and pinched my ass.
My nipples were screaming for attention.
I stood up to go for a walk. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Luis standing up too, but I pretended not to notice.
Instead I went straight to the stream and sat on a rock overlooking the stream.
The moonlight was shining brightly that night and I could just make out the churning of the waters rushing beneath me.
The moonlight cast a blue pale onto my legs, making them looking like tinted ivory columns stretching out from my v-shaped crotch.

Luis came up to me and sat down, his hairy legs touching mine.
I was at that point in my cycle where I am so horny, so even though Tom and I have a more or less open relationship, I'm really not that slutty.
I guess I was thinking that when Luis put his hand on my thigh and started to stroke it.
I ignored him (I know I can be a real bitch!).
He moved his hand closer in.
His finger, slithering into my short-shorts, touched my labia and, a little scared, I picked up his hand and started to suck on his big finger.
He turned over and started to rub my tits.
He lay me down on the stone and leaned over and pulled up my tank top and started to suck my nipples.
I gasped with relief, and then I noticed his organ was out and pressing against my vulva.

He was huge, and determined if his hardness was a measure.
But I took his delicious looking cock in my hand and sat up.
He looked like Antonio Banderas.
He looked startled, disappointed.
Nervously, I stroked him and I said, 'maybe some other time, for now, that (I pointed to my half-exposed pussy with my other hand) is only for Tom, ok?'
He smiled, and said ok.
I then put him in my mouth and started to suck him furiously.

He had been so good about not taking me, I wanted to both reward him and put him in my pocket.
I told him to come in my mouth.
He stroked my hair and pulled my head up and down on his cock.
He started to moan when I heard Tom's voice calling for me.
I pulled off of him and told him to meet me at 3 in the morning. We kissed deeply and then I ran off.

I got back to the tent and Tom was already in the sleeping bag.
In the darkness I shimmied out of my clothes and as he called out, Kim, I slipped into the sleeping bag and grabbed Tom's dick.
It was already a hot and stiff torch and began to suck on it immediately.
I didn't want him to suspect that I had another man's penis in my mouth just a few minutes before.
After a little while he rolled me over and spread my legs.
He perched them on his shoulders and spread my pussy lips.
He began to suck on my clitoris and tongued my labia.
I began to breathe hard.
He was really getting into it (and me!), and the combination of his enthusiasm and the delicious warm feeling spreading in my abdomen initiated my first orgasm.

The spasms racked my tummy and I could feel my womb opening up in the cool night air.
It was a delicious feeling, after the first wave of orgasm, feeling so womanly, so ready to yield to the soft and hard shaft of my man.

'I want to be on top, okay?' I said.
His abdomen was smooth, not muscular like Luis.
I straddled his legs and watched his dick grow in the direction of his belly button.
He reached over to the side and propped a flashlight up so it would illuminate the tent.
Now everybody could watch our shadows making love.
I took his meat and took it inside, gasping a little bit when he wiggled at the moment when he penetrated me in full.
He stroked my breasts and I started to ooh and ah as I rode him.
He parted my labia to expose the shaft of his cock buried in me, and coated with my moisture.
I moved my tummy around, grinding on his dick.

'Ahh,' he said, 'it feels like hot butter.'

'Yeah, I want you pour your milk into me, part my butter with your milk.' I said, arching my back so I could have him fully within.
His dick was pressed against my cervix when he began to come, rattling around deep within my womb.
I tried to clench my vaginal muscles but he was big at that moment that he had me completely stretched out.
He went bug-eyed and pushed his hips up against me, and I spread my arms and moaned aloud, wishing Luis could hear me.
Touching my breasts with his trembling hands he suddenly lapsed.
I knew he was drained.
I lay on top of him, his half-limp dick still occupying my cunt.
I gently figured myself until I came.
My face peach red I fell asleep on top of Tom as soon as I climaxed.
But even though I felt so full of his love, my last conscious thoughts were of Luis.

(To be continued)

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