Saturday, January 13, 2007

One Summer Night

by Veronica (Sept 99)

Our friends Matt and Amanda invited us to spend the weekend with them in Napa.
It had been a long time since Ben and I had been to the wine country and we both thought that it sounded like the perfect getaway.
It was nearly 8 o'clock on a warm June night.
We had spent the day wine tasting.
I love wine, and I think that I may have sampled a little too much.
I was tired and delightfully lightheaded.
The sun had just begun to set as we left the final stop on our tour.

Amanda and I slid into the back seat, hoping to rest before we got to the Inn.
As the car pulled away form the vineyard, I glanced over at Amanda.
The sun was setting and was casting its sultry light upon her.
My face blushed at the sight of her beauty and I turned my head away.
"What was I thinking," I asked myself.
My husband is in the front seat of the car and I was thinking impure thoughts about our best friend's fiancŽ.
I had to control myself.
I glanced back at her.
This time she caught my gaze and gave me a mischievous smile.
What was happening?

I had always secretly longed to be with a woman.
Every since I found out that Amanda had had the same thoughts; I couldn't stop thinking about kissing her.
I longed to wrap my arms around her and feel her breasts against mine.
I decided to get a little daring.
Ben and Matt were engrossed in conversation in the front seat and it was rather dark in the car. I pretended that I was sleepy and I laid my head on Amanda's shoulder.
I could smell her perfume.
It was driving me mad.
I let my hand brush against her bare thigh. Amanda let out a sigh.
I was beginning to sweat.
The temptation was too much.
Slowly, I turned my face towards her and I kissed her bare shoulder.
Amanda closed her eyes, she didn't move. Gradually, I kissed her shoulder and her neck.
I brushed my lips against her ear. Amanda turned her face towards mine and our lips met for the first time.
Her lips were hot and as needy as mine own.
Her tongue slipped between my lips and playfully darted at my tongue.

I was overcome by passion.
I let my hand brush against her breast.
That seemed to excite her and she reached out her hand to massage my breast.
My skin was alive and hot to the touch.
Amanda unhooked her seat belt and took off her tank top.
Her satin bra was enticing.
She climbed on top of me, straddling my body. She bent down to kiss me.
My hands wrapped around her back and slid down to her bottom.
While she kissed me, she began to unbutton the front of my dress.
She slid her hand inside to feel my bare flesh.
Oh how I dreamed about that moment.
I couldn't stand to be restricted by my seat belt.
I unhooked it and I slipped my dress over my head.

Amanda's eyes lingered over my body.
She seemed to like my black demi bra and lace panties.
She bent over and kissed my breasts.
My hard nipples were protruding out of the delicate fabric.
Her tongue found my nipples and lapped at them eagerly.
Them she bit my nipples, causing me to moan. I pushed her back gently and began to unbutton her shorts.
I slid them off of her, kissing her bare stomach and thighs along the way.
I undid the clasp on her green satin bra and kissed her breasts.
I laid on top of her in the backseat. I did not care if Ben and Matt were watching.
All I knew is that I wanted her.
My hands roamed over her body as hungrily as my mouth did.
I could feel the warmth between her legs.
She was as wet as I was.

We were both so sweaty our naked bodies were sticking to the leather seat.
Just then we noticed that the car had stopped moving. We looked toward the front seat and Ben and Matt were sitting there looking at us with stunned looks on their faces.
Amanda and I looked at each other and laughed.
We kissed one last time and put our clothes back on.
The car had arrived at the Inn.

I think that we all knew that this would be a weekend that we would never forget.

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