Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Night on the Town

Written by NIGHTHAWK (Nov 99)

It was a special Saturday night.
He had planned a night on the town he hoped she would never forget.
It was his turn to plan everything and she would go long.
His goal was to meet her fantasies and drive her to passion that would blow her mind.
Her pleasure was his only goal for the night.

They were staying in a nice Hotel in downtown Manhattan, not far from Central Park, and the night life in New York could be unbelievable.
He was dressed in a dark black suit with thin burgundy stripes, barely visible.
The tie was burgundy with small black patterns and his shoes were shinny and black with small tassels .
His light hint of Polo cologne could be detected as she drew close to him

She was dressed to kill in an elegant mid thigh black dress.
She had on a thin pearl necklace, small pearl earrings a dash of some perfume that nearly made him pant.
She also wore dark sheer thigh high panty hose. Beyond that he could not tell.

He had planned a long limousine ride to a Broadway play then a romantic dinner afterwards. He also had a small present wrapped in gold wrapping paper.
She wondered what it was since his presents, at a minimum, surprise her and often shock her.

They walked hand to the elevator where he kissed her lightly and told her how beautiful she was and how we wanted to please her tonight in every way imaginable. His eyes looked deep into hers and she could see the passion in them and knew this was going to be an interesting night.
The elevator door opened and he took her hand and escorted her to the outside where a long stretch limousine awaited them.

The limo was huge and could hold 8 to 10 people. The driver opened the door as he helped her in. The limousine was gorgeous.
The moon roof was open to the clear evening sky. There were small scented candles burning, creating a romantic setting, and champagne cooling in an ice bucket with a small tray of fresh fruit nearby. “Appetizers before the Play.
It is a long time till dinner”, he said with a smile.
The driver moved behind the wheel, looked into the rear view mirror, smiled, and quietly raised the privacy barrier isolating him from his passengers.
Romantic classical music began to play.
The ride through the busy Manhattan area would take 45 minutes before they reached the Theatre District.

The sat in the back side by side as he looked into her eyes and told her how he loved her and wanted to give her a night she would never forget.
He opened the champagne and poured a small glass and made a toast as they both sipped the champagne, the bubbles tickling as it slid down their throats. He reached over and took a very large strawberry and placed one-half in her mouth and them moved into to kiss her as he took the other half into his.
The both bit into the strawberry and into a very hot, passionate kiss.
He lightly touched her neck, his fingers touching her as they kissed.
She pulled him closer as the passionate began to increase. She layed back slightly in the huge back seat as his finger traced over her dress and down to her knee as he gently caressed her leg.
He could feel himself becoming aroused and she could feel a dampness between her legs.

The continued to drive slowly through the heavy traffic, often stopped by mobs of people crossing the streets.
The windows were dark, so they could see out but no one could see in.

Their breathing increased as she reached to his pants and felt that he was hard as his hand slid under her dress only to discover that above her thigh high panty hose, she was wearing no panties.
He cock hardened at his discovery as he also felt a soft, slightly damp, shaved pussy.
She began to massage him through his pants and he rubbed his fingers between the lips of her pussy causing a low moan from them both.
Suddenly he stopped and pulled away and looked at her. 'I think we should open your present first. We may want to use it later', he said.
She wanted him to continue and slip his finger inside her but she knew the night was young and that would happen soon.

He sipped his champagne as he handed her the present. She sat up and slowly began to unwrap it.
As she opened it, she saw a small gold shaped orb, and what looked like a remote control.
She was not sure what it was at first.
He handed her the orb and took the remote, pressing a button as she felt the orb vibrate gently in her hand.
'Oh MY GOD' she said, 'Is that for what I think it is for'
He smiled slyly and said 'Yes, it is and now it is my time to place it in you. You are to wear it during the Broadway Play and I will have the remote.'
Her heart jumped as she also got wet thinking of him causing her to orgasm in public with the little orb.
At the same time, although she trusted him completely, she was scared.

Gently, he dropped to his knees on the floor of the limo and took a small sip of Champagne and taking the small orb into his hand.
He moved between her legs and lifted her dress up placing her legs over his shoulders as he slowly kissed her thighs.
She could feel her pussy getting wet knowing that soon his hot, wet tongue would be driving her over the edge and he would control her once the orb was in place.

He kissed slowly at her knee as his tongue licked up her thigh, near the crease where her thigh and hips meet and the back down again.
He made small kisses back up again this time nipping on her inner thigh then licking there lightly.
He took another cold drink of Champagne and with the bubbly still in his mouth, she felt his cold tongue lick long and slow up the entire length of her pussy.
She grasped the leather seat as he did.
His tongue glided slowly back down, then up.
He made the tip of his tongue pointed and stiff as he licked slowly side to side and up 'side to side' and up.
His tongue touched every inch of her now steaming pussy.
Her juices were flowing freely.
He moved up near her clit, licking it around the edges and back down again.
Then time gently sucking on her labia as his tongue gently massaged it inside his mouth.
His tongue moved down. His tongue now broad and flat licked her pussy up and down, again, and again, and again.
Near the top he stopped - slowly he flicked the tip of his tongue, like a hot candle flame at the edge of her now swollen clit.
His tongue flicked at the left edge..the top..the right edge..the bottom, then circled around her clit one, two, three, four, five times.
She bucked up and moaned wanting more.
He made a small tight circle with his lips, placed it over her clit, and gently sucked it in.
At the same time she felt a finger slide inside, hooking onto the walls of her pussy and rubbing gently.
The combination sent her into a wild orgasm.

She moaned loudly as she looked up she could see they were stopped with hundreds of people walking around the limo at a cross walk some trying to see inside. The scene made her feel like she was cumming in public.
She bit her lip as the came hard as he sucked her clit - his tongue rubbing over it as he sucked.
He pumped his finger in and out make her pussy feel like it was on fire.
Suddenly he pulled his finger out and placed a small cold strawberry inside her.
She jumped as his tongue darted in licking under it to suck it out.
She felt another wave coming as his hot wet tongue flicked in and out of her wildly.
As she started to orgasm again he quickly sucked the strawberry out and moved up quickly to kiss her.
The kiss was hot, wild, and erotic as he shared the strawberry with her.
She could taste herself on it as they both bit into it, her pussy on fire from his tongue.

He looked into her eyes, his eyes wild with passion, as he dropped down again.
This time he took the small orb and placed it into her.
A small thong like cloth made sure it held into place.
He pussy was on fire but her heart jumped thinking OMG, I cannot handle this all night.
He took the remote and pushed the button. The orb vibrated slightly inside her causing her to moan and jump.
He moved down and sucked her clit in again as he pressed the remote. Her whole body shook.
The feel of his mouth on her sensitive clit and the vibration in her pussy caused her to moan loudly and cum again.
Wave after wave hit her body and she begged him to stop as her knees beginning to shake.
Suddenly they had arrived at the Theatre Distinct.
He smiled at her and said, “We are here my love and your pleasure has just begun. Let me escort you up to our private balcony to watch the play”
As he put the remote into his pocket, the orb still inside her pussy, she walked her knees weak and, her hand in his, up the stars to the balcony to watch a Broadway Play.
She wondered if she could survive the play, let alone dinner.


They walked hand in hand into the theatre.
The event was packed with people as they wondered to the back of the building and up a small private winding staircase to a small balcony in the back.
He stopped her and pulled her close as he gave her a slow sensuous kiss pinning her against the stairwell wall.
He pushed against her and she could feel the bulge in his suit pants as he rubbed his body up and down against her leg.
She was turned on and knew he was too.
Their kisses parted and they finished the walk up the stairs only to be seated in the back of a balcony containing three rows with 5 seats per row .
They moved into the back row by themselves with 3 other couples in the two rows in front of them.
The curtain opened and the play began.

At first they both watched the play intently. She was thankful for his wonderful tongue and the little orb inside her hot pussy had weakened her.
Only now was she beginning to recover.

About 20 minutes into the play the stage darkened and the music began to move to a slow rhythmic beat.
She placed her hand on his leg, still staring intently at the stage, and begin to slowly rub up his leg.
The balcony was very dark as she slowly and quietly slid her hand higher up his leg.
She could sense his breathing increasing and knew that if her hand went any higher she would encounter a bulge in his pants.
She slowly slid her hand up and smoothly slid her palm over his erect cock, tracing the outline in his suit pants, causing him to quietly gasp.
The couples in front of them were quietly and intently watching the play, and she traced the outline of his cock and slowly traced around the rim, causing him to bite his lip and arch his hips up into her hand.
Her deft fingers moved up and quietly pulled his zipper down and unbuttoned his pants as she placed her shawl over his lap.
She reached inside and down the waistband of his boxers and released his throbbing cock.

She could tell he was going wild.
Normally, he would moan loudly when she took a finger sucked it in her mouth, looking at him as if she were sucking his cock, and circled her wet finger below the rim.
However, this time he had to be quiet and it was driving him crazy. She looked at him, smiling wickedly, and with one hand pumping his cock and the other hand moved a finger into her mouth.
She softly and deeply sucked it in and out making him imagine what her lips would feel like sucking his cock.
She stroked harder and faster with one hand and could feel how hard he had become and knew she could make him cum anytime she wanted.

Quietly she continued to pump his cock as she slide out of the chair onto her knees.
She settled between his legs and sucked only the head of his hard cock into her mouth.
Her hand continued to pump him as the head of his cock was engulfed in her lips as she circled her soft succulent lips around the rim followed by her soft wet tongue.
He wanted to scream out and knew he needed to cum bad.
She removed her hand and began to suck his cock in and out quickly, her tongue tracing on the underside in fast rhythmic strokes.
His balls were tight and she knew he was ready to cum as his hand gripped the back of her head as she sucked faster on his cock.
She stopped and licked the underside of the rim, flicking her tongue quickly on the spot he loved her to touch, making him arch up.
She sucked short little sucks five more times and he arched - his body stiffened .. and she felt his cum shoot into her mouth. She eagerly took him in and gently sucked him while his cock continued to throb as he fell limp into the chair.
She moved up, tucked him back into his boxers, and kissed him in a erotic passionate kiss letting him taste himself on her lips.

The first part of the play had just finished as they set back into their seats.
He had not expected this since and had temporarily, but only temporarily, forgotten his plans for her.
Quickly he remembered when he reached into his pocket and felt the remote.

The second part of the play was starting. Her pussy was wet from watching him go wild and erotic thoughts continued to fly through her head.
He moved over and kissed her lightly, his arm brushing over her breasts under her elegant black dress, as he caressed her thigh.
The music again began to play as he reached up her thigh and to his pleasure felt a wet pussy brush under his finger.
Suddenly, the music hit a high note that came every 30 seconds or so as she felt the first vibration of the orb inside her. At first the feeling startled her.
She felt the orb send vibrations throughout her pussy causing her to become wetter as his tongue, wildly and erotically, probed her mouth in a sensuous kiss.

The note came again and he pressed the button.
Her pussy felt low vibrations again as he kissed her neck.
She now knew the pattern that when the note sounded he would send that feeling shooting through her body by pushing the button on the remote..
The note came as she clutched the arms of the chair and it came again.
All she could do was concentrate on the music and the vibration on her pussy as it took her closer and closer to the edge.
One part of her wanted to attack him and get that device away, the other part, the part that was winning, wanted to release the pressure building in her.

Now it was his turn.
He dropped to his knees, his head under her dress, the people in front staring straight ahead , when the note came again.
The instant the note hit, his lips circled her clit, sucking it in and the vibration of the orb inside her began.
She lost control, biting her lip hard to keep from screaming as she bucked up to move his mouth off her clit as he hung on sucking it gently.
The vibrating continuing inside her as she came hard and strong.
Her body would not stop as his tongue rubbed over her clit as he sucked it in.
The orb vibrated gently inside her as her whole body exploded into a mind blowing orgasm.
She was afraid she would scream as she bit down onto her shawl.
No one turned around as she slumped into the chair.
He remained down and she felt his tongue dart inside her under the orb.
She was too weak to move as he flicked his tongue quickly under the orb and sucked it up and gently removed it.
Her pussy was flowing with juices as he quietly licked them up. He moved up and kissed her, letting her taste herself on his lips as she had done him.
Again, the timing was perfect as Act II ended.

She laid her head against his chest unable to moved during the intermission.
She sighed as her breathing became more normal.
She looked up and he looked down at her beautiful content face and smiled.

The intermission ended and everyone returned to their seats as the play began again.
They both sat relaxed, satisfied, as the watched the play.
Near the end of the play , he took her hand and suggested they get a drink since the lobby would be mostly empty with everyone leaving during intermission.
She was quite thirsty and agreed.
They walked down into the lobby and toward the restrooms.
She was heading toward hers when he grabbed her hand and pulled him into a small dark room between the two and closed the door.

The room was small and completely dark as he pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately.
She felt herself pushed against the wall and felt his cock released from his pants pushing against her thigh.
The room was completely dark.
She was suddenly wet again and wanted him inside her badly. She took his cock in her hand and slid it between her legs as he thrusted up into her.
His cock slide in gently as her legs wrapped around his body as he began to slowly push into her hot, tight pussy.
He whispered into her ear, how much he wanted her and how wonderful it felt to be inside her.
His voice was low in tone and labored due to the feelings her tight pussy was sending pulsing through his body.

He loved how her pussy stroked his cock as it slid in and out and how she pulled him tight inside her.
Be placed both hand under her ass and rocked her onto his cock as he bucked into her faster and faster.
He kissed her lips, sucking gently on the bottom lips as her tongue went into his mouth as she could feel herself ready to cum again.
Quickly her body shook in a small orgasm as he pulled out of her.

She wanted him to continue and pleaded him not to stop until he came inside her.
Suddenly, he moved behind her, pulling her dress up as she grasped a counter in the dark she felt him slide into her pussy from behind as he grabbed her hips.
He bucked into her as she arched back feeling his cock throbbing inside her.
Soon she was back to the edge again as she felt his finger reach around and make small soft circles over her clit as he pumped his cock into her from behind.
She wanted to be quiet since the were in a small closet like room near a busy lobby area, but she could not.
She felt her body start to shake and she panted loudly that she was going to cum!
At her urging he pounded harder, and harder, and harder into her. His balls slapping on her ass as he knew soon he too would cum.
She arched back into him as her legs began to shake as she came again.
As she did, she moaned loudly.
The feeling of her orgasm on his cock caused him to pump hard and fast as he exploded inside her.
She could feel his hot cum shooting into her as her as he loudly moaned her name and began to moan and pant loudly as he continued to explode inside her.
As he regain his breathing, he pulled out, and turned her around, her body limp, as he kissed her and told her he loved her as they lay against each others arms.

Now they had to freshen up, see the end of the play and moved to a romantic dinner at an elegant Italian restaurant.

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