Wednesday, July 04, 2007


By Paul Wilson (Oct 99)

It was a long day for the both of us.
You spent extra time at school, and I pulled some overtime out on the job site.
This summer has been a real bitch, and when you got home, I had already showered. You came in, set your books down, kissed me and started stripping before you even got to the bathroom.
I guess I dosed off or something, because the next thing I remember was that I didnt hear the shower running.

We were there in my chair, both of us as naked as the day we were born, your arms around my neck and mine around your waist.
I was getting excited and I think that feeling that under you kinda did something to you because you started grinding on me slowly, almost like you were afraid or something.
But when I didnt break our kiss, you started going faster and harder.
It was neat, because I gould feel your tits on my chest.
They'd pull back just far enough to tickle the hair on my chest, then mash against me hard.
It was an interesting feeling, and it excited me even more. You moaned softly against my mouth, when the tip of my hardon rubbed past your lips and hit something.
Then you started going really hard and fast against me.
All of a sudden, you stopped and bit my lip. Your whole body tensed for a second, then you relaxed, opened your eyes and looked into mine and smiled.
I looked at you with a silly lop sided grin and cocked me head, you just slowly got up and took my hand, turned away and started toward the bedroom. We never got past the couch.

When we were going past the picture window, I turned you to it, pushed past the hanging plants that are there and bent you over slightly, placed my hands on your hips and started stroking you with the length of my cock.
Against your pussy and tickling your ass with it, but never putting it in.
Just sliding the length past your pussy lips.
You reach back and between your legs and softly begin to tickle my balls with your nails.
Almost as if that were a que, I draw my hips back and let my cock dip down to your opening. You curl your fingers one more time and I slide into you.
Slowly, only maybe an inch at a time before pulling back and sliding back into you.
When I'm in as far as I can get at this angle, I lean back a little bit and slide the last little bit into you.
Then in one long slow stroke, I pull almost completely out.
Letting just the tip hang in you.
You feel me sliding out and draw a breath. You put your arms on the window with your elbows out to the side and rest your face on your hands.

I pull one hand away from your hips and lick my finger, then I put it against my cock and tracea thin, wet line from your pussy, up your ass and into the small of your back.
Then in one sudden move, I slam forward into you.
Pressing your tits against the window.
Again, I pull out almost all the way in one long slow stroke, this time tho, I begin to stroke you with short fast strokes.
Nothing more than the very tip sliding in and out of you.
You can feel the head as it passes your lips.
You try to push back onto me, to get all of me into you, but I push you away and whisper "No"
We settle into the short fast rhythm like that, and you start to go with it. Getting into it.
Without any warning at all, I slam everything I have deep into you, again, pressing your tits into the window.
This time though, I move my hands up and one begins softly massaging your right tit.
The other is massaging your clit.
You feel my chest and stomach against your back as I lean forward to lick, kiss, suck and bite you face, your neck, your shoulders and back as I grind deep in you.
You whimper a little when I slide all the way out of you and guide you back to the bedroom.
We have a low dresser in there, and I sit you up on top of it, pressing your back against the mirror, setting your knees on my shoulders and teasing you very briefly with the tip of my cock before slipping it into you again.
I move my hands from your legs to your ass and pick you up off the dresser.
Just far enough to get even deeper in you. You sit there and begin to go with the motions of our sex, pushing your body up off of the dresser to keep me going deep into you.
This time, a strange look comes to our faces...almost at the same time.
I see your eyes glaze over and a thin layer of sweat covers our bodies and you tense up.
I can feel the muscles in your pussy contracting on my sensitive skin and it almost makes me lose my mind.
You slam your hands onto my back and dig your nails deep into the skin there.
My hands on your ass dig deep into your skin.

Together, our breathing quickens, and my vision fades at the edges.
The waves of passion wash over us and take us ut to sea.
Sweat beading off of my foreheaad, and between your breasts, to trail down your belly.

After a moment, I gather up what remains of my strength and carry you over to the bed.
Laying you there as gently as I can, I climb into bed beside you and softly kiss you good night.

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