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Sandy's Ordeal

Written by Alison (Dec 99)

Sandy had been sitting talking to Anne, an employee in Le Restaurant, when the Manageress came in and told her that it was time she told her how and why she had ended up at Le Restaurant in the state she had.

"Why? I'm safe and have recovered - more or less. I don't want to talk about it."

"Nonetheless, you must. Otherwise it will haunt you for years," the Manageress insisted, "believe me, I know,"

Reluctantly Sandy started her tale.

It was the day after my visit to the Salon. I was feeling very horny, probably because my sex had been woken up but not totally satisfied, at the Salon.
I saw this notice that said something like "Feeling Horny? Feeling Adventurous? Want Sex with a Capital 'S'? Then contact Greg's Playground for a night you'll remember."
I thought that it'd settle me down, so I called the number and spoke with Greg, presumably. He told me to call in on the Saturday afternoon for a chat before being introduced to my - so-called - playmates for the evening.

I spent the next two days waiting keenly for Saturday afternoon, by which time my hair was just starting to grow back and was making me itch like crazy.
The rubbing was making me even hornier, and I just couldn't wait for Saturday evening.

Finally Saturday at four o'clock came and I was at the address Greg had given me. I knocked and was shown into an office and introduced to Greg. He outlined his perception of the set-up; I was to be 'playmate' to three men for the evening up till 3 a.m., then I could go home, I was to go along with whatever they wanted to do.

Like an idiot, I agreed, and was shown into what looked like a converted cellar where three men were waiting. They wore half masks - over their eyes and cheeks - and were introduced as 'George', 'Terry' and 'Dave'.
It was only then that it dawned on me that they were all going to be fucking me at the same time! I'd thought it'd be one at a time, in private. I began to get scared.

Sandy paused and Anne stroked her hand. The Manageress said,

"Go on, tell me everything. It will help in the end,"

I stood there, not sure what to do until 'Dave' told me to undress.
For 'inspection' he said. I took off my outer clothes but 'George' yanked my bra and panties off before I'd finished stepping out of my skirt.

Then all three of them took it in turns to 'inspect' me.
I hadn't registered that they were just wearing swim trunks till then.
They felt my tits, belly and backside, and then spread my legs for a detailed 'examination' of my cunt.
Despite my terror, I was turned on and I was damp. I remember 'Dave' commenting to the other two that I'd recently shaved down there as his finger explored me.
I responded to his rough-and-ready foreplay by nearly coming on his finger.
That was when I realised that I was their plaything - when 'Dave' swiped at me and told me I was a whore.
As punishment, he said, they'd strap me up to a frame and take turns in fucking me.

They dragged me to a frame and strapped me so my arms were at right angles to my shoulders and my feet apart enough to get at my cunt from back or front.
Then 'Terry' came up to me and, pulling his trunks down, jammed his prick into me.
It hurt and I yelled. He just rammed himself into me harder while 'George' lashed my back with a cane.

I realised the more noise I made, the more they'd hurt me, so I tried to keep quiet while 'Terry' tried to come in me.
He couldn't do it and in the end gave up and let 'George' have me.

'George' took a different approach, eating my red-raw pussy till I squirmed and then, pulling my bum back, came at me from the rear.
I was cumming over and over again but still 'George' hadn't had his fill of me. His hands stretched my buttocks apart so he could see himself and suddenly I felt a finger circling my back hole, pressing down.

I couldn't help it, I screamed,

"No! Don't! Not that! Please, not that. Anything else, but not that." 'Dave', who'd been stroking himself, watching, said, "Anything?"

I nodded. They took me out of the frame and 'George' carried me, his prick still inside me, to a bed.

I was pushed onto my knees and 'George' finally came in me.
Instead of leaving me, he motioned to 'Dave' to join him in finger-fucking me.
'Terry' thrust his cock into my mouth and I had to suck him.
They changed places at least twice and I lost count of how many times I'd come.
I was hurting, I'd been fucked that hard, but still they expected me to come when they stuck their cocks in me.

Then they got the whips out and tickled my tits with them. Then my belly. Then my cunt. Then my bum. They called me "whore" and took it in turns to hold me and whip whichever part of me turned them on; 'Terry' went for my bum, 'George' and 'Dave' my cunt mainly, though they lashed my tits too.

The men grew big again and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was being fucked all over again. Sure enough, they got tired of the whips and went back to fucking me.

'Dave' took me first, lying on his side. As I came close to getting him to come, I felt the other two grab me and I was pinned down on top of 'Dave' while 'George' pushed a finger up my back passage. Screaming, I protested that they had promised not to. 'Terry' said calmly,

"Oh no we didn't. We just asked you if you'd do anything. This is anything. Tough titties."

"She's all yours, 'Terry'," 'George' said when he was satisfied my hole would open.

At this point, Sandy couldn't help it, she cried. Retelling the ordeal was awakening all the terror she'd experienced at the hands of the three men. Anne cuddled her and even the Manageress relaxed enough to pat her hand.

"It's all right. You're safe here." Eventually, Sandy calmed down enough to continue.

I had to get out before I was truly raped. Up to that point, though it was far rougher than I'd expected, it was nothing that I hadn't wanted to do - well, maybe not the whips, but definitely all the fuck was OK.
I like fucking. That was why I'd gone to Greg's Playground in the first place.

But I am not into bum fucking. I don't want to know about it. So I had to get out.
'Terry' had to let go of me to change position and so did 'George'.
In that split second, somehow I wriggled free of all of them, off 'Dave''s prick and dashed for the door.

I didn't quite make it but, because the men had been tangled up with each other, I was able to snatch my coat before 'Terry' got to me. I bit him where it'd hurt the longest - on his balls - and he let go of me.

I dashed for the door and got through it before either of the others caught me. I shut it so hard that I think it locked. Anyway I was able to get out, and I ran.

I don't know how long I ran, but somehow I found myself hammering at the Salon door.
Finally the door opened and I was let in. Jeannette and Paul were there, but I wouldn't let Paul near me, so he went for you while Jeannette held me.

The Manageress said,
"Now you need to finish the healing, and have sex again."

"No," Sandy said, "I can't. Not yet. Its too soon."

"You will have to go home tonight, go to work tomorrow. It will be easier if you have pleasant memories." The older woman insisted gently.

Sandy's Healing

Anne held her lightly and traced Sandy's eyes and her mouth with her fingertips.
She gently slid down to Sandy's shoulders and kissed her full on the mouth.
As she did this, Paul quietly came into the room and the Manageress left.
Anne slid her hands over Sandy's loose-fitting top, feeling the bare breasts beneath. Sandy whimpered,

"Mm, nice."

Anne eased the top off the bruised woman, then her skirt, exposing all the marks left by the men to Paul who was standing behind Sandy. He winced at the rawness of the whip marks but did not move closer yet. He knew it would take time.
Anne kissed the nipples and gently kneaded them till they stood proud.
Sucking on each breast in turn was turning her on, but she was a server now, intent on giving pleasure first and foremost. She let her hand drift to Sandy's lap, and tickled the top of her mound. Feeling safe, Sandy relaxed her thighs enough for Anne's hand to slide down to tickle the top of her slit.

Sandy felt her bud start to open, felt the wetness start to come, and let the feelings wash over her. She allowed Anne's hand to slide freely down and up her slit, teasing her outer lips, darting in between them only to withdraw again.
She enjoyed the feelings that were being created in her, and was quite happy to let them continue forever. Suddenly Anne dropped to her knees and nuzzled her face into Sandy's thighs.
Anne's lips covered Sandy's mound and her tongue darted out to touch the opening bud of Sandy's clit.

Sandy jumped, then relaxed again.
It was safe. She was safe. Anne caressed Sandy and felt the thigh muscles relaxing, so she eased the woman forward to the edge of the chair so she could reach her better. Head buried in pussy, Anne didn't see Sandy's eyes widen as she saw Paul for the first time since the previous night. He smiled at her and whispered,

"I see you are enjoying yourself. May I join in?"
Taking her silence as a 'yes', he lightly covered Sandy's face and neck with kisses.
The double assault tipped her into orgasm and she bucked against Anne's face as she came.

Paul carried on kissing her as she subsided, and gradually his hands strayed where Anne's had done earlier.
Sandy didn't stop him, even when she saw his bulge getting bigger.
Anne came and sat on the arm of the chair and kissed and fondled her breasts as Paul meandered down to Sandy's hot cunt.
His hands were gentle as he parted her outer lips to plant a long kiss on the inside.

"More!" Sandy whispered.
So he planted more kisses, each one deeper until he was actually sucking her. Lifting his mouth off her eventually, Paul slid a finger around and across her wetness and then into her. Again she bucked, but Paul waited. She relaxed and he moved his finger slowly in and out.

In and out.

In and out.

In and out.

Faster and faster.

Faster and faster.

In and out.

Faster and faster.

Sandy moaned,

"Fuck me! Fuck me please! I need you! PLEEEEASE, FUCK ME "

"I will, but first some more cum for you." Paul replied quietly as he manipulated her bud till it blossomed again.
She came violently against his hand, and he held her cunt while the tremors went down.
Then, very gently, he slid his cock into her already-overheated hole.
He fingered her clit - tormenting her sensitive skin till she came again without him thrusting once into her.

Anne leant over and suckled Sandy's breasts deeply as Paul began to move. Sandy's hand strayed to Anne's cunt and found it hot and wet. She knew what she wanted to do; suck Anne as Paul fucked her.
Somehow she had to tell her without stopping Paul's cock.

"I want you on my face. How?" she murmured to Anne.

Anne thought, and then told Paul to pull Sandy onto the thick carpet. He did and Sandy found Anne hovering over her face.
She pulled Anne's buttocks down so that her pussy was on Sandy's mouth and began exploring it as Paul lifted her legs to thrust deep into her.

As Paul thrust into her, Sandy's tongue darted into the sweetness of Anne.
All three were getting fantastic pleasure from this fuck-session, but Sandy knew she wanted to have Paul take her from the rear, to erase completely the ordeal of the previous night, so she pushed Anne over, wriggled free of Paul - only to kneel across Anne's pussy, legs parted and cunt inviting.

Bending her face to Anne raised her bottom higher and Paul re-entered her wetness.
His cock touched the hard trigger within her and she was soon panting, trying to suck Anne without stopping to savour her pleasure.

"Fuck me, damn you. Fuck me. I need you to - ohhhhh, oh my Goooood, yes, yessss, more. More, ohh yes, yes, YESSSSSS, YESSSSSSSSSS!"

Sandy was screaming into Anne as she felt her climax arrive and she just had to break free of Anne's hands to call her pleasure.
Paul added to it by pressing her clit hard against his moving cock and Sandy was soon calling out,

"Oh yes, Paul! I need you. I want you. Fuck me hard.
Harder - faster. Faster. Yesss. Yesss. FUCK ME now. Right now. Oh yeeesssssss. Now. Oh-oh-oh-oh-ohh!"

Sandy bucked hard against Paul as she came. She felt him cum too, deep in her. It was so satisfying.

All she had to do was to satisfy Anne, whose hands had strayed to her pussy while Sandy had been enjoying the last bit of fuck with Paul. Pushing those fingers away, she delved deep into the other woman and soon had her writhing in ecstasy.
Sandy enjoyed the feel of the woman beneath her, and slid a finger into the cunt hole to add to the stimulation.
Suddenly Anne clenched her muscles around that finger as she bathed Sandy's face in cum.

A long while afterwards, Sandy realised that the Manageress was right. It had helped to fuck in kindness.

She'd never forget Greg and his infernal Playground, but she wasn't quite as terrified now.
She could go home, but she would return to Le Restaurant. Soon.
Very soon.


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