Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Adventure with Bobbie and Cece

Written by Brendan (Nov 99)

THE LATE afternoon weary glow was restful and energizing at the same time.
The hazy light streaming in the west windows fell in bars and blocks of warm yellow gold across Cece and Bobbie lying on the matress couch across the room.
Their bare bodies were a study in contrasts: Cece was dusky tan with dark brunette hair, Bobbie was pale pink with coppery red hair.
The cozy sunlight contoured their voluptuous curves with golden highlights and deep purple shadows.
Cece was stretched out on her side, her right leg pulled up a bit.
Her wide hips made a lovely smooth arch from narrow waist to full hard thighs.
Beside her Bobbie was a smooth round shape, glowing in the golden light, large breasts flopping apart above her round belly.
Her hand was between her legs, moving slowly.

I shifted a little, feeling my cock tingle as I looked at my two sweet and sexy friends.
The green mist that filled our senses, the electric chemicals that enlivened our minds, that energized our nerves, drifted in the gathering twilight air, got me thinking about sex.
I was suddenly horny. I moved my hand to my cock and encouraged my erection.
I remembered many hot fucks with our bed, in the shower, here on the living room matresses.
I fantasized about fucking Bobbie's plump body...pumping into her from behind, having her suck me off.

Cece saw what I was doing, smiled and rose from the bed.
"I know what you want! I'll be right back."
I got even harder watching the bounce of her big butt as she left the room.
At the bedroom door she looked back over her shoulder, wiggled her hips saucely and smiled.

My hand involunarily moved quicker, harded on my cock.
Bobbie moved around so she could watch me while she continued her slow pussy fondling.
"I know what you are thinking. You want to fuck Cece. Your cock got hard looking at her. And you'd like to watch me fuck myself with my fingers. And I want to watch you jack-off."

The chubby red-head spread her ample thighs so I could see her fingers do their magic on her clit.
"You get real hard thinking about fucking Cece, don't you? She is really sexy and beautiful. I get a little turned on imagining her licking my pussy."

I crossed over to the other couch-bed and knelt next to Bobbie.
The golden light was fading, the late afternoon breezes were stirring the lacy curtains.
A fanciful pattern of shadow lace drifted over Bobbie's smooth round body.
The electric chemicals rippled through me; I tingled all over, erotic energy surging.
My dick stood straight and hard.

"I get hard thinking about almost anything sexy.
I love it when you talk dirty. My cock gets real hard and I love to jack off slowly.
Your pussy is all hot pink and shiny with juice. It's almost glowing.
You look so sexy. I want to fuck you, too!"

Bobbie's large tits and belly quivered as her stroking bacame stronger.
She held her swollen lips open with one hand and strummed her clit with the other. Her little clit puffed up, sparkling juice leaked from within.
"Oh...mmmmm...oh! I'm so hot. I wanna cum! I wanna fuck! I want you to fuck me! I want Cece to eat my cunt...oh, god, yes...!"
She dug her heels into the materess, her fleshy legs wide; she bounced her hips in time with her stroking and panting, responding to the pulses of her first cum of the evening.
"Oh, goddess! Yes, I needed that!" she laughed.

I nestled down beside her, kissing the persperation from her cute face; fondling her huge breats, gently tweaking her stiff, dark pink nipples, pushing my hard cock against the softness of her thigh.
"You sure came quickly. I bet you've been thinking about sexy things for quite awhile," I said between wet kisses.
"Yes, I've been horny all day. I knew we we were going to do something sexy like this," she said, her gentle fingers dancing on my dick.
"I want you to eat me and fuck me until the sun comes up!"

My cock throbbed with desire to be inside her juicy pink cunt, but we just lay there sensually writhing against each other, fondling, touching, kissing, stroking.
That peculiar state of alchemical high enfolded us: tingling skin, aroused senses, wide, sparkling eyes, engorged sex, yet totally relaxed, melting into each other's flesh and spirit, hands flowing gently over soft and hard intimate places.

CECE RETURNED wearing a translucent black nylon outfit: skimpy bra, bikini briefs and thigh-length belted robe.
She smiled seductivly, knowing of my fetish for lingerie, and for removing lingerie, and began a slow, sexy dance around the living room, her broad hips swaying, her hands caressing her flanks, her breasts.
I reluctantly slipped away from Bobbie's damp erotic embrac, knelt up on the edge of the bed, embraced my cock and increased my pumping.
Bobbie resumed panting as she started stroking and squeezing her hard clity again.
Her big tits flopped, her great smooth belly rippled, her thick thighs quivered as she moaned toward another cum.

Cece openned her robe and smothered my face with her heavy, firm young breasts. The smooth scratchiness of the nylon bra was a delight. She kissed me deeply, our tongues dancing.
She stood next to me, legs spread a little, thrusting her full, fleshy hips at me.
I fondled her pussy thru her scanty panties, delicately tracing the outline of her bush, the swell of her lips. She pushed my hand away, grabbed my head and pulled it against her panties. She slowly rotated her pubes against my mouth.
Her musky sex scent filled me with desire.
I held her hips and lapped the shiny, damp crotch of her thin black panties.

The plump redhead paused in her pleasure to roll over and take my cock in her hands.
She skillful had me moaning into Cece's damp crotch with a few well-timed strokes.
Her grip felt backwards, of course, her thumb below the fingers, but the novelity only stiffened me more.
Slow deliberate squeezing near the root and firm, quick strokes upward, finished with a brush of fingers on the purple cock head: her hands coaxed pulses of hot energy from my loins, but she didn't rush to make me cum.
There was a very practiced pause, an unfinished stroke that kept me hard but not near to squirting.

I COULDN'T take the waves of pleasure, the musky sex scent of the two horny girls, the brunette's slutry moans as I nuzzled her cunt, the redhead's joyous laughter at the throbbing hardness of my prick.
I fell over backwards on the materess, stretching out flat.
Bobbie moved around next to me to continue her manipulation of my cock.

"I love jacking guys off but I like to suck them off even more!" she stage whispered to me.
I groaned deeply as her lips closed over my dick head. Her lips slide firmly, wetly, over the head and down the stiff shaft.
Her tongue wiggled from side to side, licking the underside of my cock as she took half of it into her mouth.
She swallowed and I quivered. Then she let my cock slowly slip out as she pulled back. When her tongue returned to the underside of my thick cock head, it flutter there, driving me crazy.
I could feel my nuts clench.

"I want you to eat me!" exclaimed Cece.
She turned a bit and slowly slipped her thin panties down over her big, round butt, her strong shapely legs. She straddled my head and knelt down, hands braced against the wall.
Her pussy, all juice-matted dark hair, puffy pink lips, wet slit, decended over my mouth.

I wanted to say that I loved being sucked off, that I loved to lick pussies, but my mouth was full and my cock was pounding with lust.
I licked, nibbled, sucked, teased Cece's juicy pussy. My tongue danced over the folds of her lips, probed to hot wetness of her cunt, teased the stiffness of her clitty. Her folds were moist with warm, spicy juice.
I licked into her slippery hole; her flow was hot and tangy with lust.

My wonderful friend, lover, playmate slowly pumped her mouth up and down my dick, milking waves of pleasure thru me. My toes clenched; I felt hot rushes all through my body.
They intensified when her hands joined her lips on my pulsing cock.
Her tongue caused erotic sparks in my dickhead, her fingers sent hot pulses through my loins.

"Oh, god! oh, oh, oh, yes! oh, god! eat me! fuck! oh, god!" Cece panted above me. Her pussy pushed against my slurping lips, lapping tongue.
Her hot cunt leaked continuously.
I drank as much as I could, licking her excellent nectar, vibrating her hard clitty, suckling on it.
I swatted her butt cheeks, grabbing rich, firm handfuls of prime young ass.
She cried out, inarticulate moans and gasps of pleasure, her muscular thighs quivered, they crushed in and down, filling my face with dark, hairy, pussy; deep pink lips, wet white thighs.
Her body quivered above me, her pussy squirting her thick, rich sex juice into my mouth.

When her shuddering subsided, Cece rolled off of my face and snuggled up next to me. We were both gasping for breath and I was still moaning from Bobbie's sucking and stroking.
The redhead let up on the sucking, smiled at us and moved up to my other side.
Thankfully, her skilled hand never left the stiff shaft of my cock. "Let's trade places..."

Three sets of lips met, lingered, kissed, brushed over warm, sexy damp skin. We kissed each other sweetly, sexily, slowly.
Cece squirmed up over me, her heavy breasts rubbing my chest and tummy, her pussy slowly humping my thigh. Bobbie gave my tongue a head job.
Cece's warm body slid down until my dick bobbed against her cheeks; she gently took my tingling length into her mouth. Bobbie got up on her knees and straddled my face, her swollen, wet pussy lips wiggling down on my mouth.

"Eat me, please, Brendan. Make me cum in your mouth. I'll let you do anything you like if you do."

Her thick thighs blocked out everything, only the heat of her skin and the warm juicy tunnel of her cunt remained.
I licked and licked in a haze of hot sex juice, wet red pussy hair, slick swollen lips, warm pink flesh.

LATER, IN THE BEDROOM, we got around to that "anything": I asked them to kneel on all fours next to each other so I could take turns fucking them from behind.
It was a fantasy image right out oh, so many sex magazines: a Rear View shoot come to life. Four round cheeks flushed with passion, damp with sweat and sex juice; one set firm, young, round and bouncy; the other fleshy, a few years older, wide and full.
Two inviting cunts, wet, swollen, ready to be fucked.
One with thick matted dark hair, a small purple bud of a clit showing; the other with thin reddish fur, open puffy lips and a large pink clit.

Bobbie's cunt was very wet and slippery.
I kept slipping out, my prick rubbing between her lips, along her swollen clit, making her squeal with pleasure. Her nimble fingers fondled me as she held my cock against her slit to feel my ribbed stiff length rub on her clitty.
Then she guided me back into her wet cunt.
I pumped, at first, slow and steady, then in quick, short strokes, then one hard hard deep thrust, pushing inward, slowly cirlcing my hips to rub all around in her depths.
I could feel her cervix pulsing against my swollen cockhead.

I pulled out slowly, making her moan with frustration, but used my hand to guide my dick between her wet lips, to stroke against her erect clitty. Her moans turned to ones of grateful pleasure as I gently rocked back and forth.
They became groans of re-aroused passion when I entered her to repeat the pattern again and again.

My hard shaft tingled, almost burned, with each thrust into her juicy slit. When the urge to cum became too much I withdrew slowly. I bent to hug her aound the hips, kiss the small of her back.
"Time to switch! I'll be right back!"

Cece's dark haired pussy was still very moist, too, but I still tried to ease my cock into it slowly, savoring the tightness and firmness of her inner muscles.
She groaned deep in her chest when I finally pushed fully in, letting my pulsing cock fill her cunt, holding it in deep and firm. Her hips began a slow, relentless circular motion, grinding my cock all around on the inside of her pussy.
I could feel the warm squirts of her pussy bathing me, leaking down her thighs, my balls and legs.
She dropped forward on the bed so her shoulders held her weight and pushed her tight round ass upward.
I could feel my dick rubbing along the front of her pussy, carressing her spot.
I held back the powerful urge to shoot as her tunnel clenched me.
Her hands clawed the bed spread as she shuddered through cum after cum.

Three times I switched from one lovely, willing, stoned, sexy lover to the other hot, wet, cock-fucking slut.
Finally, on the sharp edge of climax I flopped down on the bed between them.
We three cuddled and curled into a tangle of legs, bellies, kisses, groping hands, pumping thighs, fondling fingers.

CECE AND I fucked long and slow. I plunged into her warm depths, savoring the clutch of her cunt walls, the wet heat of her pussy.
I throbbed in her, barely moving, then slowly pulled out until only my dickhead was enfolded. I moved in small, firm circles, rubbing my shaft against her clit, bringing shuddering moans from her.
Her legs hugged my hips, her hands pulled on my hips trying to get me to pump faster.
But I didn't. Ten long strokes in, ten deliciously torturous withdrawls...she was whimpering, gasping, begging me to fuck her.

Then ten hard, fast strokes, pushing deep and firm, slamming my hips against her cunt.
Her big brown-nipples tits bounced; she screamed with relief.
Then cried with frustration when I paused again.
And I started the gentle, erotic rythm again: ten slow, ten fast, ten real slow, ten real fast.
The smooth taned skin of her breasts and chest and neck blushed red, glowing with arousal...

....And I pulled out and slithered down to plunge my tongue into her needy pussy. Her juices flooded out over my mouth, I slurped and swallowed her wonder nectar.
I flickered my tongue over her swollen purple clit; her hips bucked under me as she moaned and squirted me with her hot flow. Her powerful thighs cruched my head.
I slid my fingers into her, swirling and probing for her spot.

Her moans turned to whimpers and gasps. I gripped her hips to keep her from writhing out from under me, to keep my lips suctioning her clit in and out of my mouth...
....And I drew back, dragging my lips across her yummy, her sweaty breasts, her flushed cheeks, thrusting my cock quickly and smoothly into her gushing cunt.

Cece shrieked as I filled her.
Her arms clutched me, holding me; her leg locked around my back keeping me pumping cock deep into her. Her cries were inarticulate groans and gasps as she rose into her orgasm. Thighs gripping, fingers clawing my back, cunt muscles clenching my throbbing cock, her whole body, hot and sweaty, quivering as she came.

BOBBIE was too hot and bothered for slow, skillful sex.
"I need to get fucked! Hard! Right now!"
She settled her large soft body over me, Her wet thighs straddling my hips.
A quick carress with her hand had my stiff but weary cock sliding into her earger cunt.
She started pumping as soon as I was settled deep in her firm pussy.
She rode me quick and firm, short strokes of her squeezing tunnel stiffening my dick.
Her big tits bounced, her round belly flopped against my lean one, her muscular cunt held me as she rode me. All too quickly she started gasping and groaning, her hot flow mingling with Cece's juices on my cock and thigh.

Her weight on me when she slumped down was heavy, but warm and damp. My cock slithered out of her pussy, raw, hot, almost burning from need and friction.

WE SLEPT THEN, a warm, weary pile of stoned, fucked-out flesh as the cool evening breeze ghosted through the dark bedroom.

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