Friday, July 06, 2007

Two's company, three's a party

Written by Minton (Nov 99)

I can still recall the first time I meet Ian.
It was at a wedding reception and I was in a small group indulging in some light conversation when he came over and joined us.
I was struck straightaway by his easy going manner and boyish charm.
On that first evening I never got to talk to Janet, his wife, but I did observe them together.
She was very attractive with a sexy smile.

Subsequent to that first meeting, I struck up a friendship with them and over the years I became a frequent visitor to their home.
Although Janet was usually around, most of my conversation was with Ian.
As the wife of a close friend, I did not view Janet in a sexual way;
or, at least, I tried not to.

I found her very attractive and she possessed a certain free spirit that I guessed could transform her in to a wild sexual animal.
I occasionally wondered what went on behind their bedroom door.
The years passed by and our relationship stayed pretty much the same -- until last week.

It was Friday evening.
I'd gone round to watch some football on the T.V. and, after that, the three of us watched a so-called erotic movie.
We , also, had a lot to drink and by the time the film had ended, Janet was out cold.
Ian asked me to help get her upstairs.
She was like a dead weight but the two of us managed to get her safely upstairs and in to their bedroom. We placed her gently on the bed.
Ian smiled at me and said, " Can I show you something that might interest you? " I nodded, not knowing quite what to expect.

He proceeded to slowly, very slowly, lift up his wife's dress.
My pulse started to race.
The anticipation was heart stopping; at any moment I would feast my eyes on Janet's knickers.
But it wasn't her panties that were revealed but her naked cunt.
My head began to spin.
"What do you think ? " asked Ian.
I couldn't respond.

I was transfixed.
Ian leaned over a planted a kiss on his wife's pussy.
Suddenly, Janet began to stir.
I was in a state of panic, imagining a terrible scene.
She opened her eyes and looked straight at the two of us.
She smiled a very strange smile and said, " What are you two dirty devils up to? "
Then, she spread her legs and, in a very commanding voice, said to Ian, "You get your tongue down here and start licking."
" And you," she said, looking at me, "sit down, get your cock out and start wanking."
I did as I was commanded and slowly wanked myself while Ian began licking her pussy.
Janet gave a series of delightfully sexy moans.
After a few minutes they changed position.
Janet got on all fours facing me. Ian got behind her and started to fuck her slowly.
Janet looked directly at me, watching the movement of my hand. " Bring that cock over here, " she said.
And, supporting herself on one arm, she took hold of my cock and began to wank me.
Suddenly, Janet let go of my cock and stared frantically touching herself.
Ian responded by ploughing in to her with a powerful jerking action.
Within seconds the pair of them climaxed; he with deep masculine grunts, she, more noisily, with a beautiful moaning sound.
I watched in amazement.
The whole thing was unreal, surreal and totally mind-blowing.

A minute or two went by, and then Janet looked at me and said, " You and I have got some unfinished business.
Pop up on the bed and let me relieve that stiffness for you."
I lay on the bed and she began to wank me slowly.
" Play with my tits, " she said.
I suddenly became a bit assertive and replied, " I'd rather stroke and kiss your bum."
" That's sounds nice," giggled Janet.
She positioned herself so that her lovely bottom was inches from my face.
I ran my hands over her beautiful curves and kissed her smooth, sexy skin.
" Mmmm, " she whispered, and added, " you can keep doing that."
Then, deep within me, I felt it beginning and I knew this would be a special, very powerful come.
And, just before I was overwhelmed by that unique sensation, I was conscious of Ian sitting watching us .
He looked very excited at sight of his wife wanking off another man. Then it hit me, and, it was very, very special.

I don't know if the events I've just described will alter things between the three of us, but there's a big game on T.V.this Friday night and they've invited me over. Joseph

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