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Angie's adventures

Written by Dave (Nov 99)

Firstly let me say that I have never written anything like this before, and I hope whoever reads this gets as much of a kick out of reading it as I have from remembering it and recording it on the keyboard.
I am going to say from the outset that I am not a writer, a fact that will probably be obvious to whoever reads this, but I hope that this will be compensated for by the fact that it is true in every detail.
I am a normal happily married guy and have been married to the same fantastic woman for 20 years. We have always had a very open minded attitude about sex, and a healthy sexual appetite.
Angie is a very good-looking 39-year-old woman with very Latin type looks.
She is never short of admirers when we go out anywhere.
A lot of men would feel jealous by the type of attention she gets but to be honest it just makes me proud to be her husband. Angie was a virgin when I met her, and until recently she had never experienced lovemaking with any one else.
That is not to say she was sexually naive, over her teen years she had had lots of boy friends and had had hot relationships with most of them but had never actually had penetrative sex.

This has been a point of discussion for most of our married life, with me saying that she seemed to have got the worst of the deal by giving lots of guys good oral sex but never actually getting fucked by any of them.

I confess at this stage that I have always been incredibly turned on by the thought of Angie bringing all those guys off orally and she has taken full advantage of this by describing the events in detail getting me really turned on before lovemaking.

I could not help feeling frustrated though that she had never actually experienced full sex with anyone else. I could tell from the way she regularly brought the subject up that she was interested in some variety but I could also tell that she was cautious about breaking this cycle of monogamy.

Over the years this sense of frustration developed into a real fantasy of mine, and was something I brought up quite often in conversation.
From time to time I broached the subject of swinging with Angie and she showed some interest, but not enough to follow it through. It turns out that her main problems were that she felt swinging was too planned and she wasn't sure if she could deal with me having sex with another woman in her presence. This sort of thing is very personal and it is not a good idea to push it.

About 3 months ago we were sat in the living room late one night sipping a glass of wine. I was watching something on TV while Angie was paging through the local free newspaper.
All of a sudden Angie said something that really made me perk up in more than one way!
She had been browsing the matchmaker ads and she said "Here's an interesting advert: 45 year old good looking male, would like to find an adventurous woman friend for nights out and to share common interests.
The emphasis being friendship, but could be more. Do you dare?"

I was surprised to say the least. I was also really interested.
"I thought you weren't interested in meeting anyone through an advert" I said.

" I don't have a problem with meeting via an advert but not for pre ordained sex. If I meet some one this way and they know that sex is a possibility but not the bottom line it is exciting without being threatening. How would you feel if I had a few dates with someone for the fun of it? You are always encouraging me to have a bit of fun, would you put your money where your mouth is if it came to the crunch?"

I first thought that she was winding me up but then I realised she was serious. I told her I would love it, but deep down I believed it was the wine talking and that she would feel different in the morning.
"You're welcome to" I said. "Why don't you draft a reply?"

To cut a long story short I helped Angie write a reply where she told him that she was happily married but she wouldn't mind having a male friend.
She told him about our open attitude to relationships and that this would not be a problem or cause any restrictions if circumstances were right. We went to bed soon afterwards and had an even better than usual lovemaking session.
Angie had obviously been having some very naughty thoughts while we were writing the reply, as was I!

The following day when I got home from the office, I jokingly said I had posted the reply fully expecting her to show some distress and regret.
All she said was " How long do you reckon it will take to get a reply?"
I got a real kick from that it meant the game was on. I posted the reply the following morning. About ten days later a hand written letter arrived with a photo.
We read it together and in it Tony described himself and his interests.
He seemed like a nice enough guy and we both thought we should meet. I gave him a ring, introduced myself and passed the phone to Angie who had a long conversation with him. We arranged to meet the following night at a local pub where Angie and Tony got on quite well.

The following few months were very exciting Angie went out on three dates with Tony.
I would always wait up for her and we would discuss her dates.
She liked Tony and they had obviously got pretty hot together because she was usually pretty disheveled when she got in. The third time she came in with her bra in her handbag, her lipstick smeared and a damp streak in her shoulder length brown hair.
It didn't take Sherlock to deduce that she had been naughty.
It turned out that she had just given Tony a blow job in the car outside when he dropped her at home.
Tony's first spurt had taken her by surprise and had landed in her hair, the rest had gone in her mouth and I could still smell it on her breath. Angie was really on a high.
We made love on the living room couch right there, and she was as wet and aroused as I have ever seen her.
She had a violent orgasm in minutes and I filled her pussy up with my contribution soon afterwards.

The following morning Angie was a little subdued.
She was concerned that things were getting a little out of hand too quickly. So far she had only been involved with heavy petting and fellatio, but Tony was pushing for more and Angie was feeling a bit uncomfortable.
Angie had still never had full sex with any one else and I think the thought of changing that pattern still worried her.
I asked what she wanted to do and she said she would feel better if we called off any more meetings with Tony. I was disappointed but did not want
Angie to felt pressurised by me on this matter so I agreed.
We agreed to meet with Tony at the Pub that Friday night to tell him in person rather than on the phone.

Friday night came and we went to the pub at about 8:00. Tony was only due at about 8:30 so I bought a couple of beers and we sat down.
Angie was quiet, I think because she was dreading what was to come and she felt bad. Tony arrived on time, got himself a beer and sat down. We started talking and before we knew it, it was getting towards pub closing time and we hadn't said our piece! By this time we had all had quite a bit to drink and were starting to loosen up.
Tony got up and went to the toilet and I said to Angie "I'll tell Tony when he comes back".

Angie looked at me and said: "No don't, we have had a nice night lets not spoil it. Nothing will happen tonight; let's tell him another time."

I thought I detected a softening in her tone which made my prick do just the opposite, but I wasn't holding out any hopes.
We had another beer and then it was pub closing time.
Tony went to the phone to call a cab but came back a few minutes later to say that the phone was out of order and did we mind if he called one from our house, which was a few hundred yards down the road.
Of course we agreed. When we got home we went into the living room and Angie sat on the couch next to Tony.
I offered Tony another beer which he declined but asked if we minded if he lit up a joint.
To be honest we were shocked.
Marijuana is not something we come into contact with everyday in our lives, but we were also curious.
We agreed and watched as he lit up. We started chatting in general and the joint started to do its rounds.
I doubt we had enough for the marijuana to have any real effect but the psychological effect of smoking dope with someone who seriously wanted to make love to my wife actually had me shaking with excitement.
Angie was very relaxed and she had a naughty smile on her face.
The conversation gradually turned to sex. And Angie told Tony how we had had sex on the same couch they were now sat on minutes after he had come in her mouth a few days earlier.

By this time Tony had his hand on Angie's leg, and was gently rubbing it.
I also glanced at Tony's crotch to notice a definite growing bulge.
I made an excuse that I needed to take a pee to let the atmosphere between Angie and Tony take hold, and left the room.
I stayed out the room for a few minutes wondering what the goings on in the living room were leading to.

I kept straining my ears but could only hear a little shuffling and murmuring.
When I came back Angie and Tony were having a deep passionate kiss.
Tony had his left hand under Angie's blouse at the back and had undone her bra His right hand was cupping her left tit and pinching her nipple.
Angie was stroking the massive bulge in Tony's groin through his trousers.
As I walked past Angie winked at me over Tony's shoulder so I felt at ease with what was happening. I sat down opposite where I could get a good view, and tried to relax and watch the show.

They stopped briefly and Tony asked if I was OK with what was happening and I told him I was. Angie then leaned over, undid his zip and set free his straining prick.
I was pleased to see that Tony was not significantly better endowed than my own 7 inches, but he was uncircumcised, and I am. Angie gripped his rock hard prick with both hands and pulled down on his shaft fully exposing a large glistening plum shaped helmet and gently licked off the pre cum from his hole.
She then took the head in her mouth and sucked in a good 4 inches of the shaft.

If there is one thing Angie does well its giving oral sex.
While Angie's lips were going up and down on Tony's shaft and he was gently moaning, I also noticed that Angie was gyrating her hips.
I then noticed that Tony's left hand had found its way behind Angie's bum and up between her legs under her skirt while she was leaned over sucking his cock. By the looks of it he was giving her a good finger fucking.

They carried on for a few minutes like this and Angie was looking really flushed. Tony then stopped Angie and said that he didn't want to come yet.
Tony then undressed Angie and then himself until they were both totally naked. I took the opportunity to do the same I must add! It was such an erotic experience to see my wife as horny as hell for another guy.
This first time is an experience that I will remember forever.

Tony went down on his knees in front of Angie on the couch and gently spread her legs. Her pussy was visibly damp and engorged and her clit was sticking out like a little bullet. He went down between her legs and began alternately licking her pussy and sucking her clit.
By now Angie was really flushed and breathing really heavily. Angie has very sensitive tits and right now the nipples were standing out like pencil ends, I know she loves to have them sucked while she is masturbating and seeing as Tony was busy in that department I walked over and started kissing her boobs. I had only just started and she stiffened and a violent shudder ran through her body she grabbed my head and Tony's head and squeezed them to her body, mine to her ample tits and Tony onto her cunt while she ground her pussy onto his face.

When she released us Tony guided his rock hard prick towards Angie's sopping cunt which was still throbbing from her recent orgasm.
He rubbed the helmet between the well lubricated pussy lips and slowly sank his prick in to the hilt.
He fucked Angie like this for a few minutes while I watched transfixed at the shaft sliding in and out of my wife's stretched cunt, and stroked my own hard on. He then pushed her on her back on the couch and lifted her legs over his shoulders.

Angie really loves this position during our lovemaking because my prick goes in so deep that it stimulates her womb. I could see the same was happening with Tony.
She had another orgasm building very quickly. She grabbed my dick and pulled me over and started to suck me off. I was so hot I knew I wouldn't last long and when Angie came that did it.
I shot a huge load in Angie's mouth while she was coming and nearly choked her.

My cock came out of her mouth while I was still coming and shot the rest of my load on her face.
That set Tony off and I saw him stiffen and shout, "I'm coming". and let out a long deep-throated groan. From where I was I could see his scrotum contract and shaft pulse five or six times while he kept thrusting into Angie.
He finally collapsed on top of Angie for a few minutes before he climbed off and withdrew his now semi-hard cock with a globule of white glutinous cum still dripping from the hole on the end.
I looked over between Angie's legs to see Angie's cunt oozing Tony's semen out which was running down between her bum cheeks onto the couch.
Angie got up to go to the loo to clean up cupping her hands over her pussy to stop Tony's semen from dripping on the carpet. She told me later that she had a real hand full by the time she got to the loo!

When Angie came back she sat between us both on the couch. We were all a little shattered by what had just happened and probably a little speechless as well. Nothing however could take away the sexually charged atmosphere.
Angie then reached over and grabbed one cock in each hand and started comparing the feel of each while she slowly wanked them.
It didn't take long before we were both rock hard again and all eager for a repeat performance.
This time I slid between Angie's legs and slipped my prick into her over lubricated pussy.
I fucked her for a few minutes while she wanked Tony and he kissed her breasts.
I couldn't hold back and shot another load into Angie's cunt before she reached her climax. I withdrew and Tony took my place and fucked her long and hard bringing her to a final violent climax before he added his second contribution to my wife's cunt.

Tony lay collapsed on top of Angie for a good two minutes while they enjoyed the post orgasmic afterglow before he withdrew and stood up.
The whole area between Angie's legs and pubic hair was absolutely saturated with Tony's and my own semen as well as Angie's love juices.
The smell of sex was overpowering.
There seemed to be a new bond between Angie and myself now. A bond brought about by enjoying each other's right to express our own sexuality without jealousy or criticism. I think Tony also recognised he had been a catalyst to a change in our relationship.

Angie has seen Tony on a number of occasions since then sometimes on her own and sometimes with me. Either way I still get to hear all the details and still get a kick out of hearing them.
Angie and I have also had other lovers since then and our sex life has never been better.
If there is any interest I will write about these exploits another time.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about Angie's awakening as much as I have enjoyed telling it.

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