Monday, July 30, 2007

Lets Go

Written by Crispii (Jan 2000)

I go to a small place where the lights are dim.
Only men sit at the bar, telling stories, shooting darts. No other women are there.
I take a seat at the bar and have a few drinks, flirt with these older gentlemen, attract some attention with my short clingy dress and long, tan legs.

After awhile you come in and sit by me like we have never met.
You buy me a drink and after talking a little while you run your hand up my silky leg, edging your way up under my dress, along my thigh, feeling my soft, bare leg above the top of my stocking.
I pretend that nothing is happening but I am loving it. I feel my temperature rise.

John comes in and sits on the other side of me. He starts up a conversation, flirting with me, telling me what he'd like to do to me.
While your hand is sliding my dress up my thigh (all the old guys get a peek) John leans over and starts whispering in my ear and softly kissing me on my throat.
My whole body gets goose bumps and my pussy gets so wet.
You reach over and push my legs apart, slip your hand between my thighs.
You feel how wet my panties are.

John starts to work on the buttons on my dress and runs his hand in the top of my dress and caresses my nipples so they stand out like erasers.
He leans over and bites my nipple through my dress.
It shoots pleasurable pain directly to my crotch.
The poor old guys sitting across the bar are having a "hard" time with it.

I reach into your laps to feel both of your beautiful hard dicks that I can't wait to lick, suck, and feel both of them deep inside of me. . .
I can't take it any more.
I want to get fucked so badly that I would do it right there on the bar.
You grab me by the hand and lead me down the hall towards the men's room.
You unzip your pants and push me to my knees as you pull out your engorged dick.
I can't wait to get my lips around it.

I lick it slow and tease a little sweet juice out of it.
You are so hard I can hardly get my hot, wet mouth around it.
I stroke it, tasting it, teasing, not yet though. . .

I feel hands pulling me up to my feet.
John is behind me. He turns me around and kisses me while slipping my dress up in the back.
You tear off my panties and let them fall. You slip your hard dick between my legs.
My wet lips lubricate your hard cock, bumping my clit as John rubs me from the front. I gush with my first orgasm of the evening.

We all go get in the car, John drives and I sit on your lap.
You spread my legs apart, outside of your legs.
You pull my dress up and run your hands up my legs burying your fingers deep inside of me, teasing me and tasting your fingers.
You use your thick fingers to slowly fuck me; going down the road anyone can look in and see my glistening cunt.
John reachs over and unbuttons my dress and squeezes my nipples hard which makes me come once again.

Can't wait to feel what happens next. . .

We go to a friend's place where there is a pool and a hot tub. We all settle down on the patio couch for a drink or two.
John begins to kiss me and you run your hands up under my dress pressing my legs apart, tenderly teasing my soft wet lips, slipping a finger down my slit until I can't take it anymore.
John is kissing my throat, my breasts ache for attention. He unbuttons my dress and twists my nipples till they tingle. You sink to your knees, pushing my knees apart so you can attack my juicy slit.
You pull me to your mouth and slip your tongue up and down my wet lips, lightly tickling my clit with your tongue
squirm and beg you to stop, . . . don't stop.
I squirm with desire. I want to feel your hard dick inside of me.

You ask me if I want to get fucked and I beg you both to do it. "All you want to do is have a hard dick up your ass, don't you? You are a bad girl. Bad girls need to be spanked, don't they John?"
You pull me across your knee, holding my hands so I can't get away.
You lift my dress up, my tanned ass is exposed.

You ask me what I would do to get off. I'd do anything I say. You smack my ass and tell me that naughty girls aren't allowed to get off so easy. John spanks me with his open hand while you run your fingers in and out of my cunt, wetting your fingers to slip them in my ass.
You dare me to come, that you will spank me harder.
I can't stop, screaming and squirming with pleasure.

John stands up and removes his pants.
His hard glistening dick sticks straight up. You tell me to suck his dick good or you'll spank me again.
He sits on the couch and I kneel between his legs take his hard cock in my mouth. You sit in a nearby chair watching, unzip your pants and pull your hard dick out and begin stroking it.
You love watching me take him in my mouth giving him a blowjob like only I can. You can't wait to feel that tight pussy.

You drop your pants and get behind me. Slamming that hard dick deep inside me, fucking me so hard I can hardly concentrate. I love the way it fills me up, rubbing on my clit, hitting bottom, making me so wet that my juices flow down my legs.
I feel like I am coming all the while.
You begin to pump it harder while I grip it with my tight cunt.
Moving faster and I slam myself on your hard cock and you fill my hot pussy up with your sweet juice. mmm we're not finished yet.

We move out to the pool and immerse our hot bodies in the cool water.
My friend Susie comes homes and wanders out to the pool side.
She sees our naked bodies and she asks if she can join us.
I am willing to share.
She slips off her shirt and drops her pants. She is naked underneath.
Her body is beautiful in the moonlight.
She slowly walks into the water.
I move over to her and lead her onto the step.
I caress her breasts, kneading her nipples, lightly kissing them, biting them. They are erect like buttons.

I push her back and spread her legs. Rubbing her lightly between her blonde downy lips. I sit her up on the side of the pool, she leans back and spreads her legs apart and touches herself, inviting me to slip my tongue on her ready clit.

I tease her, sucking gently and she gasps with pleasure. She grabs my head and pulls my hot mouth to her wet slit.
I move my fingers to her wet pussy, dipping my thumb in her molten liquid. She sighs, squirms and comes all over my face.

Susie and I take you both into the bedroom and we stretch you out on her bed.
We spread warm oil on your back and knead it into your muscles. She starts on your shoulders and I work my way up from your feet. Stroking your leg muscles, taking all the kinks out.
I get to your sweet ass and give it special attention, spread your cheeks, and pour oil down your crack and onto your balls.
You roll over with your hard dick standing at attention. I slide over and sit on your face.
You lap my hot pussy, teasing it like you do and I lean over and deep throat your hot prick. You taste so good.

John takes on Susie ramming his hard thick dick into her waiting pussy while she leans over you and helps me tease your cock. I lean over and kiss her pretty mouth.
Moving my tongue, gliding it over her lips and tongue.
You guys are loving watching us.
John rolls onto his back and turns me around and slides me onto his hard dick.
You need a tight place to slam that hard cock, a really tight place.
You push me over, laying me on top of him. You move up behind me and spread my ass cheeks and lick your way from top to the bottom while he slowly moves me on his dick.

You are so close to my pussy and his dick. He reaches and twists my nipples.
Susie is watching and moaning softly. She finds her dildo and rams it into her juicing pussy.
She can't wait for her turn.
Lubricating my ass with oil you ease your dick into my asshole.
It is so tight and it feels so good with both of you inside me.
You feel his hard dick rubbing on yours and I can feel you both me inside.
Boy am I ready and it only takes us a few short strokes before I'm screaming and loving it.

Ohhh we all come together.

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