Monday, July 02, 2007

Wife Rules

Written by Merlin (Oct 99)

It happened when our daughter went off to college, leaving my wife and me in the empty nest.

A couple days after she had gone off, my wife announced to me, with very little forewarning, "Things are gonna be a little different now with you and me."
I asked her in what way would they be different.
She replied, "Well, for one thing, you are gonna clean the house, do all the ironing, cook and do all the shopping.
And I am going to take a couple of nights off each week and do what I want, how I want and when I want."

"Hmm, that's some difference." I said to her, a bit shocked but somehow pleased that she had the confidence to tell me that.
I sensed a resoluteness about her, and I liked it.
Her announcement was not entirely a surprise; for years I had geared my sexual needs to accommodate hers.
I usually ate her pussy until she came, then played with myself until I came.
She rarely allowed me inside her... too messy she had said.

On special occasions, if she wanted it, she let me fuck her, but she always got on top and milked me down.
I was always left feeling used and unsatisfied, to which she always told me, "Well if you don't like it that way, we can stop doing it and you can keep eating me."
"And what do I get in return for this new arrangement?" I asked, half suspecting the answer to that even as I asked.
"You get to eat my pussy when you are a good boy and when I get horny. You always like to eat me anyway.
You can no longer fuck me. You can only eat me. After you eat me you can jack off like you usually do."

She stood there, confident and tall, all 5' 8" of her, long lovely legs, narrow waist and flaming red hair, her hands on her hips.
She was not glaring, but her demeanor left no doubt as to her intent and her resolve.
Suddenly I felt weak kneed and very soft and warm inside, feeling that this new change was going to suit us both very well.
I knew she longed for new excitement in her life, and that I could never give her that.
I knew she loved me but wanted more than I could give her.
I felt certain that whatever she did, it would not result in her leaving me.
But if there was a danger of that, it was up to me to make sure that did not happen.
I decided to go along with her newfound liberation and see where it took us.
Truth to tell, I was almost looking forward to it.

I sensed my cock growing hard with the thought of her with another man, fucking his brains out, sucking his cock, letting him eat her snatch.
I could be content to eat her pussy after she fucked some man and I could jack off to relieve my own needs.
Barely two nights later she came home from work and said, "I have plans tonight and so hurry up and cook supper so I can get started."
I complied, cooking some low-fat concoction which I had learned to prepare for our diet.
After we ate and I cleaned up the kitchen, she said, " I'm going to use the downstairs bedroom tonight.
I have a friend coming over and don't want to be disturbed."
I knew that the downstairs had a separate entry, a phone on a separate phone line and was completely isolated from the rest of the house, the ground level.
My cock firmed up as I thought about what her plans were.
Instead of being jealous or upset, I was almost relieved that she had found another outlet for her energy.
That meant I didn't have to entertain her, well maybe I would later after her company left.

"Don't bother us or come downstairs. I don't want to be disturbed tonight. In fact I will probably sleep downstairs so you can go to bed when you want to. ok? We will be up until late, I imagine."

"Yes, dear," I responded. What else could I say?
She was not asking me; she had issued her orders and expected me to comply.

And I liked it. I liked her new attitude and could see it wore well on her.
She was becoming more confident with each passing day since her ultimatum to me.
She said nothing about who was coming over or what their plans were and I did not have the courage to ask her.
Suddenly I realized that we had almost reversed roles. I had become shy and reticent and she had become bold and sure of herself.
Within a few minutes she retired to the downstairs and closed the door leading to the upstairs.
In just a few minutes I could hear a car pulling into the lower level parking and the door slam.
My curiosity was killing me so I peeked out the window to see who it was.

My heart sank when I saw a tall, black man get out of the car and enter the downstairs area.
"Damn, I never thought about that happening! A black guy! Shit! A cock on a black guy is twice as big as mine. Damn!"
My mind was a whirlpool of thoughts, some fearful and some, most in fact, were erotic and satisfying.

After the initial shock of seeing the black guy wore off, I was relaxed in the conviction that she would get a good fucking, and that would satisfy her.
And maybe, just maybe, I would get to eat her out after he left.
I couldn't sleep, even though midnight passed and I could tell the car was still there, just where he had parked it.

Would they spend all night there, screwing, eating each other?
Finally at 1:30 I heard the car start and drive away. My heart was racing.

My thoughts a blur. What now? Will she sleep there as she threatened?
Suddenly the upstairs phone rang. It was my wife.

"Come on down here. I want you to do something for me. Hurry."
I hurried. I ran down the stairs two at a time.
I couldn't wait to comply with her orders. I passed through the doorway of the bedroom.

I saw my wife in dim light lying on the bed with her legs spread slightly apart.
She was entirely naked and I could see that wet, creamy cum was oozing out of her pussy.
"Eat me," she ordered without emotion or hesitation. "Hurry up and eat me. Make me cum."

I was on my knees and spreading her legs before she uttered the last syllable.
I could see now that the cum was dripping down into the crack of her lovely ass and it covered her entire pussy.
I buried my face in her crotch and stuck my tongue far into her hole, my hands running up and down her long, lithe legs.
I was in rapture.
My thoughts were only to please her, to make her happy, to make sure she stayed with me.

The fact that I was sucking another man's cum from her snatch meant nothing to me.
I wanted her to talk to me now and tell me how that black stud had fucked her, but she only moaned and rolled her hips as I sucked her pussy, filling my mouth with hot cum.
I swallowed it and went back for more.

"Hmmm, you're doing a good job. He left more cum in me than you do," she finally said as I continued to eat her.
With those words my cock, already bone hard, twitched and I nearly came.
The effect of having my wife tell me how some man had fucked her and left his cum in her was like an aphrodisiac.

"Keep eating me until you clean out all his cum and then I want to cum again. Aaahhhh that's good."

In seconds her hips heaved as she climaxed again, her hands grabbing me around the head and scratching me with her fingernails.
Her legs squeezed my face and I could barely breath, but I was in ecstasy, paradise. I loved it.
I loved her snatch and the cum I had swallowed.
I loved it all. She finally relaxed and rolled over on her stomach, revealing her perfect, shapely, white ass.

Those loaves stuck up in the air, making me even more horny than before, if that was possible.
"Now kiss my ass, lick it and jack off," she said to me, calmly, evenly.
I buried my face between the loaves of her ass and licked wildly and furiously.
I pushed my tongue inside her asshole while jacking myself off into my hand, using a cloth on the floor, which I suspected she left there, to shoot my load in.

I loved it.
She only allowed me to eat her ass when I had given her a really good tongue job on her pussy.
My tongue tasted her musky ass as I shot wave after wave of my hot cum into the cloth.
Finally, I dropped to the floor exhausted, panting, the taste of her ass, pussy, and his cum on my mouth and nose.
My face was covered now in dried cum, hers and his.

"Go upstairs and leave me now," she announced simply.
"I'll see you for breakfast. In fact I think I will probably sleep down here from now on.
I want you to move my chest and dresser down here tomorrow.
After tonight, the thought of you sleeping with me just doesn't seem right. You know what I mean?"

She turned on her side and covered herself with the sheet.
I left, my mind in a daze while reviewing the night.
What would next week bring?
What would tomorrow bring? Whatever it was, I was ready for it, and my reward.

"Yes, dear, I know exactly what you mean," I said to her, in response to her remarks.

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This is too fucking hot. I want my wife to feed me strange cum too. Thanks for the story.