Friday, July 20, 2007

Day of Discovery

Written by Anon (USA)(Nov 99)

It was around 11:30 pm, and Julia was lying in bed, trying to stay awake.
When they had gotten home from school that afternoon, her sister, Nikki, had asked to talk to her about something really important and private, as she had put it.
Nikki said she would wait until their parents were sleeping and then come to talk to her.
Julia didn't know exactly what it was about, but she imagined it had something to do with Nikki's new boyfriend, Aaron.

Nikki was only 16, and Julia was 19, so she frequently found herself being the confidant of her younger sister.
She had only met Aaron once before, but she had been impressed with his looks; a handsome face and great body.
As she started to think about Nikki and Aaron and this question that needed to be asked her mind started to wander.
She began to envision them together, Aaron slowly taking off Nikki's clothes while Nikki, being so young and unknowing, simply lay back and discovered it all.

Julia smiled. She got up out of bed and went to look at herself in the mirror, as she always did when she started to get aroused.
She was drop dead gorgeous and she knew it, and she loved watching herself in the mirror.
Short, layered brown hair that fell lightly around her face, piercing green eyes and a fantastic smile met her gaze in the glass.
She had thrown on her favourite nighttime apparel, a silver silk chemise that clung to her taught breasts and fell just to the tops of her thighs, and she followed the image down her tight, tanned legs to the floor.

As always happened at this point, she kept her gaze pinned on herself in the mirror, and, ever so slowly, ran her hand lightly down her body between her breasts and underneath her nightie.
She gently rubbed her smooth, shaved pussy, feeling her juices start to flow.
Her clit was hard, and she gently played her fingers around the area.
As the juice started to drip down her leg, she brought her hand to her mouth and rolled her tongue around her fingers, licking them clean.
She loved the taste of her pussy, and she longed for the day when she would taste another.
She heard footsteps in the hall.
She agonizingly pulled herself out of her daze as the door opened and Nikki came creeping into the room.

Julia was still in front of the mirror, trying to control her breathing.

'Hey, sorry for wating this late, I wanted to make sure they were asleep'

' That's okay sweetie. I was waiting. -' She smiled 'What do you nead to talk to me about?'

' Well, it 's about Aaron '

' That 's what I figured. Have a seat.'

Julia walked over and sat down on her bed, pulling the covers up to her waist, while Nikki followed but started pacing back and force in front of her.
Nikki had been to get ready for bed too, and she must have been distracted, because without realizing, she had come down to Julia's room wearing only a short, tight, white tank top, and black bikini underwear.
Julia had never realized she slept so scandalously.
But what an effect it produced.

Nikki was constantly being mistaken for 19 or 20 because of her full, alluring figure.
Her breasts strained against the tight cotton top, her pink nipples just visible through the cloth.
She was slightly taller than Julia, with slimmer hips and long, long, legs that reached up into her underwear, where a tiny, almost imperceptible mound of pubic hair was noticeable.
Her beautiful body was capped off by a striking face and blue eyes, with long, wavy blonde hair that fell past her shoulders and curled at the ends around her neck. Julia found herself captivated as she listened to Nikki's tale

Well, it started this morning. Aaron was different, somehow. When we first saw each other in the hall, he grabbed me with more force than usual, and pressed me to him.
He said he was 'very glad' to see me, and that he had a surprise for me at lunch.
Well, I could barely concentrate all morning, thinking I was getting something special, like roses, or something.
We met and he led me over to the student council office, which he had the key for.
Before I knew it we were inside, the door was locked, and we were kissing passionately. I was kind of uncomfortable, but after a few moments I couldn't control myself, you know?'

She paused, looking imploringly at Julia.

' Oh yes, I know. '

Julia was starting to get very warm.
Her nipples jumped up, and she could feel the soft, cool silk clinging everywhere on her body.
As she breathed the silk would gently fall up and down between her legs, every so lightly brushing her clit. Underneath the covers, she folded her legs and began rubbing them back and forth. Nikki didn't notice.

'Please, - said Julia, 'go on.'

Nikki took a deep breath and continued. Julia could see that her nipples were hard too, and her face was flushed.

Well, after we were kissing for a while, I could feel him undoing his jeans, and before I realized what was happening, he was moving me to my knees and guiding me to his pants.
He pulled them down, and there, right in front of my face, was his cock, very hard, and well, you know . . . '

Nikki let out a chuckle. 'Well, I had never done anything like that before, and I was feeling uncomfortable again. I said ' I don' t know' and he said ' C'mon, it 's okay. I want you to. Please.'

Well, in the state he was in I couldn't turn him down, so I thought back to all the gossip I'd ever heard around school as to what to do, and I slowly took it in my mouth.
I couldn 't believe how big he got after that, and his head filled my whole mouth. At first I just rubbed my lips around his head, but after he was wet from my mouth, I found myself moving faster and faster.
Soon, oh God . . . - Nikki paused and looked at the floor, and Julia waited expectantly, 'well, I guess if I want your help, I'm going to have to tell you everything.'
'Yes. Please.' Julia was trying to keep the wavering out of her voice.
She could feel her cunt dripping all over the sheets, but she didn't care.

Okay, well, soon I was totally loving it.
I stroked his cock with my tongue from top to bottom. I could feel it pulsing in my mouth, and I took the whole thing down my throat.
I could hear him moaning, which was an even bigger turn on. I ate his head while I pumped with my hand.
Then he said ' oh my God', and I knew it was almost time. I had never tasted cum before, and there was no way at that point I was going to stop anyway, I was liking it so much, so I thought, what the hell, and I swallowed his cock as he came.
I licked and rolled his dick around my mouth, and I could taste everything.

In his haste he moved and he slipped out of my mouth, and he starting pumping cum on my lips and face.
I simply jerked him with my hand as fast as I could, and let him explode on my lips as I licked it all up.
By the time he was finished I had cum all over my face, as well as a huge smile. I was feeling so hot right then, and I stood up and started to unbutton my pants, wanting him to do the same for me.
I didn't care where we were.
But, then, to my surpise, he simply pulled up his pants, said ' you better clean yourself off ' , and left. I was dumbfounded. I felt horrible; completely used. I sat for a few mins like that before I snapped out of it, cleaned myself up and left. -

At this point Nikki finally stopped her pacing, dropped down beside Julia on the bed, and turned to her with a look of confusion.

Why would he do that? Just use me like that? Doesn't he want me? -Julia had sat through the whole tale watching Nikki pace back and forth, watching her breasts bouce ever so slightly as she walked, listening to her beautiful baby sister tell her of loving a cock in her mouth.
She couldn't sit still any longer.
She moved over to Nikki, brushed a lock of blonde hair from her face, and tilted her chin to see into her eyes.

It 's okay Nik. It has nothing to do with you. Guys are like that sometimes. They don 't care that they treat you bad. I mean, sure, he's cute, but there are lot's of guys out there who know how to treat you better. You just have to find one.'

Now she gently stroked Nikki 's arm, moving her hand lightly up and down her skin. She couldn 't believe how soft and smooth it was.
Nikki seemed to be comforted.

' And the worst part was' continued Nikki, ' that whole afternoon I was so worked up, I couldn't concentrate. I kept sitting in class thinking about it and daydreaming, and I felt like jumping on half the guys I saw.
Even when I walked I feel my jeans rubbing against my leg, and I could barely stand it.'

'I know, I know. ' Julia threw out any thoughts she had had of caution, and moved her hand from the arm she was caressing, across Nikki 's collarbone, and down the other arm. 'I know, it 's okay. It 's not you. You 're a beautiful, sexy young girl. You'll be okay. You'll find a good guy. -'

Nikki looked into her eyes again. ' Really? You think I 'm beautiful?'

' Oh yeah. Of course' Julia smiled.

They sat like that for a few seconds, with Julia rubbing Nikki 's arm.

Then Nikki laughed. ' That tickles.'

In that instant Julia moved her other hand to Nikki 's face, down her cheek, and rubbed her thumb across Nikki 's lips.

Her reaction surprised her. Nikki immediately lunged forward, taking it in her mouth and sucking hard.
But then, almost as immediately as she had done that, she recoiled and stared at Julia, who was now visably shaking and breathing very heavily. One of the straps on her chemise had fallen down.

'Oh my God. I . . . I . . . That was wrong . . . ' Julia could see that Nikki was nervous, but that now, after the events of the day, there was no way she was going to leave. Julia 's piercing eyes looked right into Nikki 's, and saw a lust there that needed to be satisfied.

She moved closer, slowly placing one hand now on Nikki 's bare leg, and staring directly into her eyes.

' Nothing 's wrong. Let me help you. You 've had a hard day.'

Julia gently rubbed Nikki 's leg, moving slowly up her thigh, towards her panties, and then back down towards her knees.
Nikki 's glance went from Julia 's face, to her leg, and then she stared strait ahead and closed her eyes, letting out a long breath. Julia now moved her whole hand up to Nikki 's mouth, and soon Nikki 's tongue was sucking and coaxing Julia 's fingers in memory of earlier that day.
Julia watched in fascination as Nikki alternated between slowly letting her fingers dribble out of her mouth, and then grabbing her whole hand and sucking fiercely.

Julia pictured Nikki with Aaron 's cock, doing do it as she was to her hand, cum spilling from her glossy pink lips. Involuntarily she clenched her other hand and ran her nails down Nikki 's leg.
Nikki made a sharp noise, opened her eyes, and smiled a wicked smile at Julia, this time looking straight at her as she bit the tips of her fingers.

Julia picked up Nikki 's hand and guided it to her mouth. It had been a while since she had sucked cock, and she wanted a bit of practice.
The two girls sat there for a while, massaging other 's hands with their mouths, until Julia had Nikki 's hand good and wet, and got a better idea.
She took Nikki 's hand ran it down the silk between her breats and slipped it underneath.
She had been sitting there for so long, the bed was completely soaked with her juices.
She guided Nikki 's hand towards her slit and watched as Nikki 's face lit up in wonder.

'Jesus, you 're so wet!' Nikki 's mouth burst into a smile as she could feel Julia 's shaved, smooth, and sopping wet pussy grinding against her hand.

'Oh God, oh God . . . -' Julia forced Nikki 's hand palm upwards, then spread her legs and lowered herself as close to the bed as possible, and pressed and pushed herself against Nikki 's fingers.
At first Nikki just sat and smiled as she watched, amused at how overcome with passion Julia was at the moment. As Julia shifted to get a better feel, Nikki stood two of her fingers up, so that when Julia came down they slid right into her cunt.
Julia couldn 't control herself any longer.

As soon as the fingers had penetrated, she began to cum. She rode Nikki 's fingers just like a big cock, swaying and turning, all the while her pussy exploding with pleasure, and convulsing around the fingers.
She moaned and groaned and sighed, and Nikki just kept smiling

When Julia finally pulled away, Nikki brought her hand up in front of her face, and stared at it for a second, turning it around and watching the light glisten off her sister 's juices.

'You know, I 've always wondered what women must taste like.'
Then she licked and sucked the lubricant off her fingers, making sure to get it all.

'Hmm, not bad. ' Julia was fascinated. All this time her and her sister had been curious and fantasizing about the same thing. At that moment she felt more than just a sexual attraction, and her orgasm had not diminished it, as it would have if she had just banged some boy from school.
She felt a deep attraction to Nikki right now, and real need to be close to her and love her

Julia tore off her silk nightie and threw it across the room. Now she was fully exposed; her dark skin rimming her hard pink nipples, which were lightly bouncing around from her breathing; her hard thighs, quivering from the orgasm and wet from her pussy.

'I 'm gonna fuck you till you cry. ''Ooo,' answered Nikki, 'sounds good.' -

Julia lunged towards her and Nikki fell back against the pillows, Julia 's naked body collapsing against her own. They began kissing passionately, exploring each other 's mouths and lips and faces with their tongues.
Julia moved down and slipped Niki 's shirt off, and let Nikki guide her breasts into her awaiting mouth; licking and sucking on her nipples, gently rubbing her teeth along the sensitive skin, listening to Nikki sigh with pleasure.

' You are so beautiful Nik. My God you 're beautiful. ' Again Julia kissed her with a previously unknown passion. Nikki 's mouth was as inviting as hers was needing, and this just turned Julia on even more.
The whole time she had had her crotch pressed against Nikki 's stomach, but now she began to move and press against her body, spreading her juices around Nikki 's torso.
Soon she sat up, and rode Nikki like a mechanical bull, rubbing and pulling her pussy right from Nikki 's neck all the way over her breasts and down to her hips.

By the time Julia came again, Nikki was wet from her waist up, and loving it. As Julia started to cum and convulse again, she placed her cunt over Nikki 's mouth, and massaged her clit, so that all her juice seeped down onto Nikki 's eagerly awaiting lips.
She lapped up the juice like mother 's milk and ran her tongue up and down Julia 's soft pussy lips while Julia let out a scream. By the time Julia had finished, she was slightly tired and she rolled off Nikki and onto her back onto the bed

'Oh my God. That was incredible.'

'Well, we 're not done yet.
Now it 's my turn. ' Nikki stood up and turned around. While Julia watched she slowly drew her panties down to her ankles and kicked them across the room. Then she turned back around, and Julia, for the first time, beheld her tiny little clit, lightly brushed with blonde pubic hair, already starting to swell in anticipation of it 's first sexual experience

'Be gentle. ' said Nikki, as she crouched down to Julia 's awaiting mouth and closed her eyes. Julia took a deep breath, finding it hard to believe that her wish was coming true, and then began to eat.
At first Nikki was uncomfortable with Julia 's probing tongue, but, as it continued and she was spread open for the first time, the pleasure started to build and build.
As the pressure from Julia 's tongue got stronger, Nikki felt her legs giving way, and so she turned her self around, and lay down 69 on Julia

They stayed that way for almost an hour, cumming again and again, soaking their faces with juice and sweat, until finally, out of sheer exhaustion, they had to stop. Nikki climbed off and nestled her head to Julia 's neck, and Julia stroked her hair.

'Well, at least we've found something else we can do together'

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