Friday, November 02, 2007

New Horizons

Having a marriage of 8 years, full of very satisfying sexual life both for me and for my wife, we had a very exiting experience in our holiday in Rome.
My wife who is at her 34, did not even see a real cock except mine until that vacation and was really very curious about it.
I thought she was right because living in a conservative environment in Istanbul, she had a social life limited to her college only, forbidding any kind of advanced friendship with boys. In her environment keeping virginity to the wedding night was a must.
Under these circumstances, I must confess that it was my greatest pleasure to have her untouched and unseen beauties for the first time.

Having several sexual experiences before marriage for myself, I could never let her continue with her biggest curiosity. So it was a matter of finding the opportunity at the right time at the right place to please my love, and it was in Rome.
To see a strange man totally naked, and playing with his tools which was much bigger than mine, was a very satisfying and unforgettable occasion for her. So, we decided to organize such occasions for introducing new tastes to our life. Together, we had planned two different scenarios to play.

My wife has a close friend in her office. She is a 28 year old brunette, a little shorter than my wife (approximately 158-160 cm), her breasts are of normal size (but much smaller than my wife's huge DD size), and her hips are much bigger (like an average Turkish lady).
She always talks intimate matters with my wife, so we knew that she was still a virgin waiting for her husband. I asked my wife to convince her for a threesome, and tell her that she could stay a virgin if she wants.

She was very excited when she heard the proposal, but said that she had to think again and will reply when she thinks she is ready.
So, while waiting for her we decided to play the second alternative : we thought that to take the virginity of a young boy would be a great idea, but we had to find the right boy and safety conditions for ourselves. The place was chosen as a room of one of the biggest five star hotels in the city.

One afternoon I left my office early and went to one of the best level high schools in the best neighbourhood.
After the school was over the boys were on their way home, and I followed two boys until they were separated from each other.
I approached the more baby faced one, stopped him and told him that I was conducting a survey on young people.
The first question was whether he was a virgin and he said yes, he was just fourteen and dying to try.
Then I told him that I could give him a chance, a very safe one, and nothing to be afraid of. It was easy to convince him especially after telling him it was free.
The only condition was to keep it as a secret for good, and he accepted. I asked him to come to the hotel next Saturday and call me from the lobby telling the receptionist he was my nephew.

We checked in the hotel in the morning to spend our weekend. We were both very excited for the experience waiting for us.
To describe my wife, I can say that she has a really very beautiful baby face, 166 cm tall, and 37-54-35 body.
Her very big DD size breasts are not as firm as they were, but I also love them this way especially when they swing and bounce with her moves, she has big brown areolas and big nipples when sucked, and she has a little celluloid on her hips but the size and shape is really perfect.

In the afternoon, at about ten minutes earlier than we agreed the boy called the room and said that he wanted to come upstairs, but had a big problem.
Being a fourteen year old boy, he could not hold his mouth and told our secret to three of his friends at his age. The next question was whether he could also bring them upstairs.
Our excitement suddenly multiplied and we agreed simultaneously with my wife.

She was wearing one of her mini skirts, without stockings and her open high heels (I forgot to tell about her perfect feet in red pedicure). She had her black small g-string only with a thin stripe on each side.
Her bra was also black which supported her big swinging breasts from the bottom but left the upper part open. She was wearing a white shirt with three buttons open to reveal her excellent deep cleavage to the boys.

I took all of them in the room and we introduced ourselves (with fake names of course). All four boys were at their fourteen, they did not even have hair on their face, and were hardly breathing.
All were impressed by my beautiful wife but had difficulty to look at her due to their embarrassment.
All of them were virgin and jerking off by watching porno pictures, was their only sexual activity so far.

My wife asked if they had cleaned themselves before coming, and when they said yes, she asked them to sit down on the floor after they took off their clothes except their panties.
With red faces they obeyed her without any objection.
Their bodies were also as hairless as a lady. I understood that, seeing them so fresh and untouched turned my 34 year old lady on immediately and incredibly.

Then she said that the show of their lives was starting and they would never forget it.
She first stood in front of them to show her beautiful feet and suntan legs under the mini skirt for a while, and it was enough to create a bulge in their panties that all were trying to hide with embarrassment.

She pulled her skirt up with slow movements and asked them to touch and hold a woman leg for the first time, now there were 8 hands that were touching, caressing and holding her both legs and feet.

Boys were paralyzed by this first experiment, they all played with her feet and legs and also kissed them maybe a hundred times.
She asked one of them to stand up and open one of her shirt buttons.
After three of them opened one button each, the shirt was open and the fourth one took the shirt off her beautiful shoulders.
Now they were all looking at her bust, bra and cleavage.
She turned around herself several times also to show her back to them.

Then she knelt down in front of them and asked them to touch her belly and back but not her breasts yet. They obeyed and gathered around her on the floor. Now all of them were on their knees and my wife was in the middle of four boys.

Again there were eight hands around her waist, on her back and on her belly. Her belly was still smooth but a little soft after one birth, with a small and very sexy belly button.
They played on this allowed area for about ten minutes also kissing her every centimeter square and licking her belly button.
Some of them attempted to touch her big tits in the meanwhile but she stopped them. She then stood up and asked one of them to open the clips of her mini skirt.
Then the boy next to him was asked to open the zipper.
The other two boys were luckier because they had to take off the very tight skirt off her hips.

Now they saw the real flesh of a woman ass for the first time in their lives and just in a few inches distance, under her g-string. The skin of her ass was white compared to her bronze legs and body, because of the small bikini she was wearing on the beach.

This time pussy was forbidden to touch and boys were asked to play with everything under her bra level.
Not difficult to imagine, all of them were focused on her soft inner thighs, her attractive ass, and her celluloid hips.
They caressed, hold, squeezed and kissed the lovely parts of my wife for minutes. I was also hardly breathing by watching these in the meanwhile.
The boys were thoroughly lost and concentrated in their activity only. There were eight hands and four mouths on my wife's body and all for the first time on a woman anatomy.

After my wife thought it was enough for this section, she asked them all to sit down on the floor again but selected one to stand, she turned her back to all of them and raised her arms up in the air to the highest position. She then told the boy to open the clips of her black bra. He did and sat down beside his friends.
She asked me to take out her bra, and I also obeyed her order. Now four boys and I was watching her body from behind while she only had a black g-string on her. Her very big breasts were partly seen from behind because her thin body is not able to hide her DD cups. She started to turn back slowly when the heartbeats of the boys were heard in the silence of the room.

When she completed her turn her arms were still up in the air, to show her big and soft tits in an upper and more attractive position.
This was another first in their lives to see real woman breasts and in such a close distance.
She sat on the bed and assigned two boys for each tit, and told them that it was free to play with them.
Boys were so crazy that one of them squeezed her left breast too hard and made her scream by the pain.
She said that who does it again would be out of the game without mercy.
The boy apologized and all of them started again.

On her right tit, one was holding it by two hands and the other was licking and sucking her areola and nipple. On her left tit, which is slightly bigger than the other, one boy was playing with the nipple by pulling and caressing it and the other was kissing the huge breast all the way round. This section continued for about fifteen minutes with all possible combinations also exchanging the tits by the two teams.

When my wife announced the end of this section, What I saw was her big breasts now lying down, their skin in red because of being played by 8 hands and four mouths, and her nipples erected incredibly in the middle of their big areolas.
Then she said it was forbidden to touch her tits for a while because they were very tired of being squeezed, and she hold them with her hands to keep them in straight position, knelt down and asked two of the boys to suck and lick her nipples only. Each boy took one nipple in his mouth and sucked like crazy. This continued with the other two boys also.

Then she sat on the bed again and gave one of her legs to each team of two. This time they were ordered to kiss, lick, and suck her pretty and pedicured feet. One boy was kissing and licking her foot when the other was licking her fingers, for both feet.

When this was over, she wanted the boys to stand up and stay in line. She always loves to suck my nipples and now it was the boys' turn for that. She sucked the fresh and small nipples of all the boys one by one. It was a great feeling for them, and just a start.
Their white panties were in tent shape and all wet.

She sat down on the bed again and all the boys turned their back to her in the standing position, by her order.
She asked them to take off their panties. In seconds my wife and I were able to see four young asses, all very smooth, without any hair and very attractive. They not only attracted and turned on my wife, but also me.
I sat beside my wife and we started to caress their cute asses together. The boys did not realize whose ass was touched by whom, but it also contributed to their pleasure.
My wife also kissed them and squeezed them hard. She then started to lick between their ass cheeks, close to their holes.

Then she told them to turn slowly. We saw four young, fresh, and untouched cocks which were exposed to a woman for the first time. I knew that this thought was driving my wife crazy.

Surprisingly, one of them had a tool bigger than my 5 inch cock (he was just fourteen and I thought in a couple of years his cock would be a monster).
One had something around my size, and two of them had shorter and thinner cocks than mine. All of them had very few pubic hair around their cocks and completely bald balls.

My wife told me that she ordered all the men in the room to undress and I was no exception. When I was naked, the three boys started to make compliments to their big sized friend after comparing his member with mine and seeing he was bigger, the boy was in red face soon.
My wife took all of us in the bathroom and put the boys in the bathtub.
Knowing that they were ready to explode, ordered them to jerk off.
Looking at my wife who had just a black g-string, and her big breasts swinging, they exploded one by one in seconds.

My wife asked them to take a shower and comeback to the room. We waited in the room for some minutes and they came back with limp dicks. Two of them who were smallest were hiding their cocks, and when my wife told that nothing should be hidden, they removed their hands with embarrassment.
What we saw was two small button sized cocks with no more than half inch length.

My wife started with them first, by pulling them out and putting both in her mouth together.
She had to try for approximately five minutes to erect them again, in the meanwhile the others were also rock hard.
She showed all of her expertise on blow job on all of the boys one by one.
She could not get all of the biggest one completely in her mouth although she managed the other three. The boys were really mad by having this unbelievable treatment by a 34 year old married woman in front of her husband.

Then she stopped and told them that the next step was to see the first real pussy in their lives and that they can be sure it was one of the most beautiful pussies they would ever see in the rest of their lives (and I believe in every single word she said).

She stood up and turned her back to the boys, opened her legs wide while she was still wearing her high heels, and started to pull her g-string slowly down her hips. What they saw was really magnificent :
Two big breasts swinging on the top, a thin waist, perfectly shaped hips, long legs open wide, beautiful feet in high heels, and her small panties just above her knees. She asked me to help her g-string out, and I took it off.

As she loves to tease the boys, she turned back very slowly and when completed her move, four young boys could see the most secret part of body that was saved for me and supposed to be used by me only.
It was a great pleasure to see the young boys shocked.
Her sweet pussy was totally shaved as always (this is also a tradition of Turkish women always to be shaved, hairy pussy is a feeling of dirtiness for the women. - I like this tradition very much).

Then she said that she was going to give a lesson on woman anatomy.
She opened her legs as wide as possible and put one of them on the chair, keeping the other on the floor.
All 4 boys came close to her and sat down on the floor.
Then the lesson started and she showed the clitoris, inner lips, outer lips, the inside by opening as much as possible, and even her asshole which still was a virgin.

She also told them how a cunnilingus must be made without hurting a lady's most important and sensitive part.
She was unbelievably self confident and as authoritative as a school teacher, and this was driving me crazy.

Then before they start the application, she asked me (as an assistant) to show them a perfect cunnilingus.
She was laid on the bed, her ass to be on the edge, and I asked two of the boys to hold, separate and lift her legs.
I took a 69 position over her so that the boys had the best view very close to her crotch.
I showed them how to suck the clit, lick the lips and shove the tongue to the most joyful hole that is created for men, and without hurting this beauty.
Since my wife's pussy is very sensitive to pleasure, it is also sensitive to pain, and that is what she hates. So I asked the boys to be very careful.

In the meanwhile she was wet like a fountain.
The boys started oral sex in order.
Then I decided to multiply her pleasure and placed one of them in my previous 69 position to play with the pussy, another one to stay under her to lick her asshole, and two for sucking the tits that were lying on both sides of her body.
I was holding her legs and she had her biggest orgasm ever, with repeated shocks several times that never happened before. She asked for five minutes without touching her pussy, and the group continued on her tits and her asshole in a rotating order.
She then wanted all the boys to take doggy position with their cute fresh asses up.

She started to lick the first boy's asshole and balls while shoving her finger to the next one's ass hole with slow moves.
It was another great view to see her red fingernails and long fingers in and out of the bright ass of a young boy.
This section continued until each boy tasted everything. Then the next anatomy lesson was the real thing, the greatest pleasure on earth for men and women.

Being the assistant, I was chosen to show them everything.
To reveal the maximum view, I was at the bottom and she was on top of me, but her back facing me so that the boys could see her shaved pussy completely while taking my 5 inch completely inside her. She slowly sat on me and first the head of my cock disappeared.
She was also telling the boys what happened to the head and what is next. There was a deadly silence and their eyes were wide open.
She moved slowly down my small shaft until it was totally disappeared in her cave.
After repeating up and down few more times, I had the earliest come of our marriage, without satisfying her.

She immediately asked the boy with the biggest cock to take my position, and he did. Now I was also watching together with the other 3 boys.
Thinking that in our Rome experience she did not have the intercourse, it was the first time for my wife to take a different cock in her lovely pussy. It was also the first time for the cock to enter the pleasure hole of a lady, so it was great to watch it.

She did the same thing and slowly sat on his cock, the head was covered immediately.
When it was time for the rest, her pussy showed a little resistance, I think because her size was modified by my small cock for 8 years and when a larger one was penetrating it needed a period of warm up.
As her hole was the wettest I ever saw, the resistance was overcome easily and she could also made a longer and thicker cock disappear in herself.

She stopped for a while when she took it completely, we could see her bald pussy touching his bald balls-another great view.
I asked herself how it was to feel something deeper in herself with a full pressure inside, and she could just say "great" with her eyes shut.
Then I asked two of the boys to hold her big breasts that were now lying to the sides of her body since her position was like an arch to the back.
She started to move along the big shaft up and down and her big breasts were bouncing in harmony although two boys were trying to hold and suck them.

She stopped after some moves because she was tired, and came to a missionarie position, one of the boys and I lifted her legs and the big shaft entered my lady's beautiful love hole again, after a few moves her hips started shaking which was the sign for her upcoming second orgasm, she completely lifted her hips up with very fast circles and the celluloids on her hips were trembling like jelly. Her orgasm started again and continued with smaller aftershocks.
When she stopped, the boy started faster and he came inside the hole that once belonged to me. After he was out I saw somebody else's semen inside her for the first time, which was mixed with mine.

After letting her recover for a while she called the second boy whose cock was at my size. This time I asked her to make it doggy style and she accepted.
The boy hesitated for a moment and asked me if it was possible to clean the semen inside her before he enters, and I said no.

He could not find the way at first and my wife asked to have the missionarie position again because it was her easiest and widest open up.
But I wanted to see her in that position and told her that I would help him.
I took the boy's cock in my hand and shoved it into my wife's hole slowly, than hold his ass cheeks and pushed them back and forth.
This is always my favorite position to watch the big breasted women and my wife's big and soft tits started to move very fast, drawing circles in the air and spanking on her body.
I asked two of the boys again to hold her breasts and they started to squeeze those two big and soft tits with great care this time.
Then the boy came and he also sent his hot semen inside her the third time.

Then she asked me to come to the bathroom with her.
When we left the boys in the room, she asked my permission to try another first thing that she never let me do during our marriage.
That was to get the benefit of the smallest cock to enter her still virgin asshole. She said she cannot find that size again so she wanted to try it without hurting herself, but wanted my approval for something I was not and would never be allowed to do. My answer was yes as long as she was sure of what she wanted.

When we turned back she asked one of the two boys left to lie and she got on him and took his small cock immediately inside her and asked my help to get the smallest cock in the room in her virgin hole. It was about 4 inches and very thin, so I believed in the feasibility.
I hold his small cock in my hand, made a massage with some semen coming out of her pussy, then licked my wife's asshole and even shoved my tongue as deep as possible.
Then I put it slowly in the virginity of her very tight asshole.
The boy's 4 inch was absorbed by my wife's ass surprisingly easier than I thought. Now there were two cocks in her, simultaneously in a sandwich position.

First the boy in her ass was asked to stay inside without moving and she fucked the other one, he came very fast in her and when he got out I saw my wife's small pussy wide open and then the boy in her ass started slowly until he came just in seconds.

All four boys were done twice including the masturbation they had in the bathroom. So she wanted to make the final with me and told me to lie down.
She got on me and placed herself on my cock to the end.
Her pussy was full of juice and very slippery for my cock this time.
She stopped on me keeping my 5 inch in herself and selected two boys to play with her big tits, one for each.
Asked the one with the biggest cock to stand in front of her over me and asked the last one to lick her asshole and my balls.
The last one was shocked to hear that last order, but convinced when she said that they would rotate.

I was watching my wife sucking the big fresh cock, and I hold and squeezed the boy's hairless ass.
Two of them were holding her big soft breasts and sucking her big nipples.
And the fourth boy was licking her ass and my balls.

Suddenly she understood that the big one was coming and took him out of her mouth (she tried my explosion in her mouth once and didn't like it).
When he came she was holding his cock towards her breasts and her soft tits received all of the hot come.

By rotating them all, her big and soft breasts were all in white.
Then she started to fuck me like hell. She was going up and down my cock like crazy, her hips were hitting my upper legs, and her big tits in white cream were bouncing on her body.
When I realized that she was coming, it was too difficult for me to keep myself and we had a simultaneous orgasm.

I asked the boys to hold her and carry to the bathtub, because by her incredible performance she deserved to have a bath by the boys.

She was standing in the bathtub and eight hands were cleaning all parts of her body with shampoo.
They were lifting her big breasts and cleaning her skin under the breasts, cleaning her hairless pussy and even inside her hole with their fingers, massaging her ass and her celluloids softly.

Then they took her out and wrapped her with a towel, carried back to the bed, kissed her good bye, thanked for being their unforgettable first woman and left the room after dressing, by leaving their virginity back.


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