Monday, November 12, 2007

Two Peepers (Part 3 of 4): Fun in the Bathroom

Drifting slowly through infinite layers of consciousness, Karen became aware of a need.
It niggled at her, insisting that she answer its call.
She woke, knowing that she needed to pee.
She opened her eyes, and there before her was a limp cock! Memory flooded back, dreams now forgotten. She smiled, Dave wasn't awake yet, but she knew just how to wake him. Ignoring her need she slowly moved her head toward his cock.
Slowly and gently she took the whole of what she could see into her open mouth, cock and balls. It felt kind of nice, and she closed her lips around it and gently started to lick blindly at whatever her tongue touched.
She could feel it becoming aroused, it was a wonderful feeling - she wouldn't be able to keep it all inside her mouth for much longer.
Slowly his cock uncurled and grew, leaping to fill her mouth. She had to open her mouth and let the balls out, sucking now just on the extending shaft.

Dave murmured, and Karen reached over and untied one of his feet.

"I feel stiff." He commented.

"You are stiff." Karen mumbled from a mouth full of hard cock. Moving, she untied his other foot. Releasing his cock to stand free and erect, she untied both hands too.

"Good morning you wonderful man." Her lips closed on his. Dave rolled over, trapping Karen beneath him. Karen could now feel his cock hard against her thigh.
She could also feel his weight pressing on her stomach, making her full bladder register its disapproval.

Before Karen knew what was happening, Dave had tied her hands to the bed with the ties she'd just released him from. As she thrashed about, trying to free herself, Dave calmly grabbed each leg in turn and tied that too. Dave stood back, looking and grinning. Nodding to himself, he took hold of a pillow and pushed it under Karen's bottom - elevating her. " Now the dog can see the rabbit." He said.

Dave knelt at the base of the bed, leaning forward until his lips came into contact with Karen's cunt lips.
He extended his tongue and licked slowly from the bottom to the top, then wiggled his tongue over the tip of her clitoris.

"Dave, I need to pee, I'm bursting."

"Then you'll just have to wait. As the man said - I've started , so I'll finish!"

Dave pushed his tongue into Karen's cunt, inserting it as far as he was able. At the same time he slid his hands beneath her, cupping one of her ass cheeks with either hand. He pulled Karen towards him as he thrust his tongue into her, moving his head from side to side in an effort to open her lips and let his tongue delve deeper.
Karen writhed uncontrollably above his head, sensation flooding through her. It was like being fucked with a cock that went from side to side - as well as in and out. Dave slid his hands back a little, and used his thumbs to part her lips even more.
Once his tongue was as deep as he could make it, his thumbs trapped Karen's clit between them - stretching, pulling, and rubbing her to orgasm.

As she came, Karen felt the slightest dribble of pee break loose and roll down to where Dave was now sitting.
He straddled her, edging up her body so that his knees were in her armpits. Taking hold of his cock, he gently wanked it in front of her face. "I know what this stuff tastes like, isn't it about time you tasted some?"

Karen shook her head. "Not right now Dave, I really do need to pee!"

"In a minute."

Dave lowered his hips, allowing his cock to fall between Karen's breasts. He sat back, flattening her stomach with his buttocks - while using his hands to squeeze her breasts around his cock.
Slowly he thrust, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, sometimes squeezing tighter - sometimes releasing the pressure. It wasn't getting him where he wanted to go, and was difficult to manage - so he released her breasts and sat back. the merest glimmer of pre-cum was glistening at the tip of his cock.

Carefully he wiped it on the nipple of her right breast. He bent forward, sucking the nipple of the other breast, then lifting the breast - he licked the skin underneath, where previously flesh had only been kissed by flesh.
He massaged, he rolled, he squeezed and manipulated. Finally, he took Karen's right breast and lifted it to her lips.
"Open wide." Karen complied, opening her mouth while Dave fed her own nipple into it. her mouth closed, her eyes closed and she licked and sucked at her own breast.

"Good Girl, now we're even."

Dave untied her hands, then her feet. "Race you to the bathroom, I'm bursting too!"

"Let me go first Dave, Please!"

"Come on then." He held out his hand and led her to the bathroom, watching while she sat and peed seemingly without end. At last she let out a contented sigh of relief, and sat there looking at Dave.
"Come on then, I need to go too!"

"Only if you'll let me drive." She insisted.

"Let you drive?"

"Stand here. No, face the loo. That's it. Now let me drive!"
With that she reached around from behind him and took hold of his cock, pointing it at the bowl. A flood appeared to come from Dave's cock, then it slowed as he became aware of her breasts thrusting into his back and her other hand cupping his balls. "Can't you do it?"

"Not with those things making a hole in my back."

"OK then finish by yourself while I take a shower."

Dave took hold of his own cock as she turned away. Finishing, he shook the drops from his cock. He could see Karen's figure through the shower cubicle, distorted by running water. She bent, and her buttocks pressed against the glass. Dave felt himself grow again, and started to wank gently while watching.

The cubicle door opened. "Aren't you going to join me?" Karen asked, then seeing what he was doing, "Stop that, don't waste it. Get in here."

Dave obeyed, immediately feeling the warm water cascade down his body. He closed his eyes, head tilted back - shaking his head as the needles of water hit his face. Karen knelt, wanking his cock.
He looked down to see her smiling at him
. "Fancy wanting to get even for me making you taste one drop of your own come, I like the taste - I'll show you." She increased the speed of her hand, but relaxed the pressure of her grip.
Dave put his arms out wide, hands pressed against the sides of the cubicle - keeping his balance as his knees wobbled.

Karen put a hand through between Dave's legs, stroking the cheeks of his ass - running a finger down the valley between his buttocks. Dave was swaying, he was almost there. Karen could sense this and increased he speed once more. Deep down Dave could feel the familiar volcano begin its explosion process, there was no turning back now!

Karen could feel Dave's buttocks begin to clench, her mouth enclosed his cock, her hand cupped his balls.
As he pumped his semen from his cock, Karen massaged his balls, milking him of every last drop of fluid. Then she stood up and smiled, taking his face between her hands and planting her lips on his.
Dave felt her tongue against his lips, and opened his own to receive it. Karen's tongue ran along his teeth, and Dave felt his mouth flooding with saliva.
He broke contact, breathed deeply, swallowed, and returned to Karen's lips. His mouth was filled with a salty sensation, unusual, but not unpleasant.

Karen broke the kiss and smiled at him. "Remember one thing Dave, I never get mad - but I always get even!"

Realisation flooded through him, anger crossed his face - then he laughed aloud.

"You bitch!"

"Yes, I know - I deserve a good fucking, and I hope I'm going to get it!"

"You are indeed, my dear, you are indeed.!"

Dave kissed her, his hands roaming over Karen's soapy breasts. Her nipples erected, he bent to lick one - then continued done her body, tracing a trail with his tongue. He paused at her belly button, worming his tongue into it, his hands grasping her ass as her hands tangled in his hair.
He moved on, bending his knees until he was eye to eye with the dripping pubic hair of her pussy.
He licked upward, savouring the water flavoured with her juices.
He massaged her buttocks roughly, grasping each in turn. She bent her knees to descend to his level, but only succeeded in causing them both to fall to the floor. they sat laughing, water cascading over their heads.

Dave sat back, his legs splayed before him. Karen parted his legs, shuffling her bottom forward until her pussy almost touched his cock. She lifted her legs over his to lay outside them, then shuffled forward another few inches. She gripped his cock hard, seeing the head bulge - then steered it into her eager cunt.
They rocked to and fro, enjoying the sensation as his cock gently penetrated the opening of her cunt. Deep sensation just wasn't possible, but they kissed and rocked for ages. It was Karen who grew more insistent, trying to get an extra inch inside her - lifting her legs, trying to get them over his shoulder - and keep upright.

It didn't work, so Karen stood and ran to the bedroom - throwing herself backwards onto the bud. "For god's sake Dave, come here and screw me properly."

Dave followed Karen, and stood looking. "You really want it? Want it badly? Want it deep inside you?"

"YESSSS" Shouted Karen.

"Okay." Dave picked up her legs, folding them so that her breasts were squashed by her knees. He leaned forward, trapping her legs - Karen held herself with a hand behind each knee, to make it easier.
Dave leant forward, taking his weight on his hands - probing with his cock, trying to find the entrance to Karen's cunt. He moved, an inch at a time prodding with his cock. Without warning he found what he was seeking, and slipped into her.

"Oh, that's so deep, so good." She responded.

Dave agreed, he was all the way in alright - he could feel his balls banging against her with every stroke. Strangely, the position seemed to loosen her up, it wasn't so tight in there - so he could keep this up for a while. He increased his speed, ensuring that every stroke was made almost to the point of withdrawal - before slamming the whole length home again.
Karen was chewing her lips and making little noises, shaking uncontrollably.
Her hands let go of her legs and gripped the bedclothes, she was coming.
Dave realised that Karen had come, there were squelching noises abounding. He determined to keep going, to see if he could make her come again. He drove onward, as Karen just gripped the bed and looked amazed.
She was dribbling now, from the corner of her mouth - but she didn't care, this was building to a major orgasm. Dave was slowing, but he now considered this to be a matter of honour. he could see Karen's breast flushing red, as though her tits were blushing. He could also feel his own orgasm approaching now.

It was as though she'd been struck by lightning, Karen jerked and writhed - gasping and repeating over and over "Oh God." Barely seconds behind, Dave also exploded, his load feeling as though it had come from his toes.
On and on, waves of come seemed to keep pulsing from his cock.
He rolled sideways, pulling out of Karen and off her legs. Karen's legs remained in the air, still shaking as though made of jelly. Slowly she lowered them, rolled onto her side and threw her arms around Dave. "That was the best, the best EVER! I've never had an orgasm like that in my entire life."

They kissed, and curled up fitting the curve of each body together - at peace with the world and totally sated.

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