Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh She Like Banana

As usual she was inappropriately dressed. She was supposed to go to the market and do a little shopping but from her garb an observer would have thought she knew of a night-club open at three in the afternoon.
K stood about Five foot three inches and was wearing a green dress cut to one third thigh length with a low neck line which showed her slight cleavage, large breasts not being a feature.
Under her dress she wore nothing but a plain pair of white cotton knickers, on her feet high heel shoes guaranteed to be comfortable for less than fifteen yards and painful after fifty.
Her hair was very short and could be either jet black or snow white, today it was white.

'What do you want me to get?' She asked as I shooed her out of the front door of my East London flat.
'I've told you twice already.'
'I know that you're out of beer but we've got plenty of bananas, they are in the cupboard.'
'They are too hard.'
'Too hard? What are you talking about?'
'Nether you mind, just do as you're told. I want a large bunch of ripe bananas.'
'How big?'
'Three or four pounds.'
'But why? the bananas we have are good. I only got them yesterday.'
'GO.' I commanded pushing though the door.
'I'll worry about what I want then for, you just do as your told.' I shut the door after her and returning to my living room awaited her return.

She was back in less than twenty minutes, predictably complaining about both the cold and the pain in her feet.
'Take your shoes off.'
'I'm not walking around barefoot all day, my feet will get dirty.'
'Show me what you've got.' I said pointing at the cheap plastic bag she was carrying.
She produced from the bag a bunch of large bananas, six in all and a four pack of carling lager.
'Is that what you wanted?'
'Excellent, now take off your shoes.'
'But my feet' She began.
'your not walking anywhere for a while. Now take your shoes off and sit on this towel.'
She pulled her shoes off and sat primly on the towel that I had used to cover one end of my two seat settee.
'What are you going to do? Why the towel?'

I sat beside her and gently pushed her back, then using both hands eased her legs apart her dress slipping up her legs as I did so. I started to tease her clit with my thumb though the cotton of her knickers.
She responded pushing her legs further apart and smiling.
'What are you going to do to me?'
'We're going to play a little game.' I replied continuing to stroke her.
'Will it hurt?'
'A little.'
'Good .'
'Lay right back ' I told her 'and put your legs together.'
She laid back, just her head against the back of the settee and I pushed her legs up until her knickers lifted off of the seat.
'Bend your legs' I instructed.
She bent her legs at the knee and I pulled her knickers half way up her thigh, starting to play with her pussy with the tip of one finger.
Her feet swung apart but her thighs stayed close together held by her tight knickers.
Her pussy was slippery and its lips parting. I removed my finger.

'Play with yourself'
She forced her right hand between her thighs and hooking one finger up inside her started to rock her hand from side to side.
'Don't make yourself come.'
'Oh.' She complained, slowing the beat of her hand 'What are you going to do with me?'
I did not reply but reached under the settee for a tube of KY.
I squeezed a fair amount onto my crossed first and second fingers and then started to work them slowly into her tight arse.
'Are you going to bugger me?'
'Not yet.'

I reached for the bananas and using a small pen knife cut the top so that I could peel it without damaging the fruit.
I pulled the skin of the banana back about three inches and smeared the exposed fruit with more KY. Working the lubricant down the full length. I then presented the banana to the ring of her arse.
'Relax.' I told her.
She smiled and shifting her position slightly continued to slowly rock her finger in her wet pussy. I eased the banana into her, up to the peeled back skin.
Her hand slowed even more.
'Oh god, that feels very strange.'

I pulled the skin of the banana back another couple of inches and with greater speed , pushed another two inches of banana into her body.
Her hand started to move faster again and she started to groan.
Again I carefully pulled back the separated parts of the banana skin and pushed the fruit deeper into her.
After another three to four inches had slid into her I met resistance as the end of the banana reached the top of her anus. Her hand stopped moving.
'That's enough' She gasped.
I removed the skin of the banana, leaving a length of about four inches protruding from her arse. Using my fingers I pushed into the soft fruit breaking it off so as the exposed end of the banana was level with her ring, then using my thumb I gently eased it into her, the muscles of her arse closing around the knuckle of my thumb.
I slowly drew back my thumb as she shuddered at the sensation of the banana being forced further into her by the muscles of her ring.

'Bring your legs down.'
She slowly lowered her legs, the rhythm of her hand starting again.
'Oh. Now that it's in I can hardly feel it.' She sounded disappointed.
'I just feel like I need the toilet.'
'I'm not done with you yet. Put your legs back up.'

She again raised her knees. Her arse was covered with KY. and pulped banana from the sides of the fruit as I had pushed it into her, I needed no further lubrication as I slipped the remaining part of the soft fruit into her.
It slid in easily slotting above the first part, her are closing up after it.
'This feels good.'
She lazily stirred her pussy as I peeled another banana, this time removing the skin completely and breaking it up into Three lengths of about three inches each.
I held the cheeks of her arse apart as I inserted the first piece, working it bellow the banana already filling her arse, again it went in easily and I used my finger to push it in as far as possible.
The second part was not so easy, only half of it length sliding in before meeting with resistance, I Broke it off before using my fingers to push what was already in her further.
She writhed around my fingers as I slowly pushed into her arse.
She now had both hands strait down by her sides, clutching at the towel.
'OK bring your legs down again.'
'Don't know if I can' She gasped.
'Slowly' I told her taking her legs and gently straitening them and easing them down.
She gasped and writhed back in the seat.
As her legs came down I withdrew my fingers.
She lay flat on her back shaking as she struggled to keep the contents of her rectum in.
'I think I'm going to shit myself' She panted.

I took her right hand and placed it back on her pussy.
She turned her head to face me and started to roll her clit between fore finger and thumb.

'Right. Legs back up' I said putting my hand under her legs and lifting them up.
The remaining banana I broke up into smaller pieces and one by one pushed them into her.
Her arse was now covered with mashed banana, reaching under the settee again I produced a roll of toilet paper and keeping a thumb firmly inserted into her ring I cleaned her.
When I was satisfied with the result I removed my thumb and worked her knickers back to there original position, trapping her right hand still stirring her enlarged clit and dripping pussy.

'Fuck' she gasped as her legs came down again 'I am going to shit myself'
' Try not to.' I instructed, helping her into a sitting position.
She found it impossible to sit with her arse pushing into the cushion of the settee and supported herself by pushing her hands into the cushion on either side of her.

'Let yourself down' It took time but in a short while she managed to lower herself into a sitting position. She was now sat, one hand clasping the arm of the settee, the other screwing up the towel where it protruded from under her. I popped open a can of beer, handed it to her.
She started to sip the larger.
'No. Gulp it down'
She tipped back her head and emptied the can with impressive speed, handing it back to me when she had finished.
'Now we just sit back and await results' I said standing and removing my clothes
'My dress' She got out starting to pant 'Take off my dress. I don't want it messed up.'
I helped her to her feet and stepping behind her unzipped her dress allowing it to fall to the floor.
'I don't think that I can sit down again.'
I could see that this was true, apart from the panting she was starting to shake as the gas from the beer forced the contents of her anus against the resistance of her straining ring.
I slipped my hand into the front of her knickers and began to rub her soaking and hard clit, I was no longer being gentle, just tossing her off as fast and as hard as I could.
Her legs started to give out ,I would not let her fall, but wrapping my left arm around her supported her as she started to orgasm.

'Oh FUCK I'm coming, I'm shitting, I'm coming. FUCK FUCK FUCK YaaRah.'

As she orgasmed her legs gave way under her and I lowered her into a kneeling position.
She lent forward supporting herself with her left hand whilst clutching her stomach with the other as her gut spasmed, forcing out more of the banana, the back of her knickers bulging out with the mess.
I knelt behind her and pulling down her banana filled knickers with one hand used the other to guide my cock into her twitching, goo covered arse.
She let out a wail and pushed back onto me, rocking back and forth, working me, the mussels of her ring clamped around me and it was too much I yelled out as my own orgasm sent my seed deep into her to mingle with the mess of banana in her arse.

P.S. If anyone should know what this particular little perversion is called ( apart from sick and or twisted of course. ) please let me know.

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anna louise said...

Wow quite a story.It got me very aroused even though its not somrthing ive ever thought of doing