Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wife Rules Chapter Three

Written by Merlin

After that last episode with Lisa and Karl I went up to my room, subdued but fulfilled.
I had finally had my fantasy.... I sucked Karl's big black cock and I loved it.
I loved the taste, the feel, the fullness in my mouth.
I lay in bed thinking about Karl fucking Lisa, the two of them in a complete fit of passion, oblivious of me, thinking only of their own needs.
I slept soundly that night, not caring what they did.
In fact, the idea that Lisa was getting fucked didn't even bother me.
I knew now what I wanted and I intended to get it. I wanted Karl.

The next day, while taking a break in mid-afternoon at a cafe near where I worked, Karl walked in.
My heart sank a little bit, first from guilt but then from just seeing him. He as dressed in a dark blue suit, white shirt and tie. He looked handsome, tall and strong. He walked straight to my table. "Hey, buddy, how goes it?"

I stammered out some kind of greeting in response but did not feel terribly at ease with him in public.
What we had done was done in the privacy of my home and the setting determined my actions.
Here in public, I wasn't at all sure of the outcome of our talk.
Karl sat in one of the empty chairs and started talking. "Well, how do you feel about last night?"

"I... feel fine about it. It was great. But this is not a good place to talk about it, is it?"

"We can talk, and be careful and discrete. The thing is, your consent to give me head last night kind of surprized both me and Lisa.
I don't think I was ready for that. To tell the truth, I'm not real comfy with that kind of activity, if you get my drift. I like pussy."
Karl's voice was low, almost whispering. "Not that I didn't like what you did, understand. You give a helluva blowjob, man!"

I nearly fainted when he said that. What if someone heard him, and he or Karl blackmailed me?
I was mortified, not sure if Karl was doing this on purpose to embarrass me.
But when the waitress walked by, and Karl stopped talking, I realized that he was trying to preserve my privacy.
Karl continued, "If you're really into that, you will have to find someone besides me to do it with. You understand what I'm, saying? But I think I can help you anyway. I have a friend who is definitely into that. He loves to have white guys go down on him. He is into the power thing."

"You told him about us, you and me?" I stammered.
"Had to to set up what I'm gonna do for you. You want to meet him? You and him could work things out."
"Well... yeah, maybe I would," I said.
"Ok, then he is setting right over there in the corner. I'll tell him to come over and you can get acquainted. OK?"
"All right. Damn! Send him over. Is he as big as you are, if you know what I mean?" I couldn't beleive I had said that. My own boldness startled me.
Here I was talking to the guy who was fucking my wife about setting me up with a friend who was going to mouth fuck me.

"Bigger," Karl was smiling at me. "I'll send him over now." True to his word, Karl went to the table, leaned over and talked to the man and left.
The man got up, and it was then I realized I was attracted to him. He was much heftier than Karl, bulkier. A bit shorter, but chesty and thick legged. My cock was getting hard in my pants. I was obviously aroused at the sight of him.

"Hey, man. How you doing? Karl said you and I might want to talk about a situation. I'm Louie. What's your name?" He stuck out his hand in the traditional black handshake and I held his hand.

"I'm Dave. Yeah, but can we go somewhere else and talk?" I really wanted to get out of the public place. "Out in my car. It's in the back... black Lincoln. Meet me there." It was not a suggestion but an order. I stammered my consent and left.

In the parking lot I found the Lincoln and Louie already in it. I was now very aroused and I was also impressed with Louie's appearance and demeanor, his self assurance. I couldn't wait to see what he had for me. I got in on the passenger side. Louie wasted no time. "So you like to suck black cock, eh? You like 'em big I hear."
"Damn, did Karl tell you everything? I didn't think he would broadcast this."

"Don't worry. Karl wants to fuck your little white wife. He's not gonna screw up and get you pissed off.
And I'm not gonna tell anybody, not if I get what I want. You wanta see my goods, man?"
With that he reeled out the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life, fully ten inches long and as thick as baseball bat.
My eyes betrayed me. I couldnt take my eyes off that massive cock.
It wasn't even hard yet and it filled his hand and then some. "You want a little taste?" He motioned for me to take the black meat in my mouth.
I was mesmerized... I wanted it bad. I leaned over and started sucking on his cock, feeling it harden as I sucked it.
I had thrown caution to the wind... here I was sucking a black cock in a parking lot in broad daylight. I didn't care. I wanted him to shoot his load in my mouth, to face fuck me.

"Yeah, man, suck my cock. Oh ,yeah. You are one great cock sucker." He leaned back and let me do his giant cock, savoring the delight that I was giving him. He grabbed my head and started hunching into my face.
My cock was stiff, all five inches of it. I marveled at the size of his cock compared to mine. Was it any wonder my wife wanted Karl's cock instead of mine? I felt like I would cum just from the sheer pleasure of sucking his thick hard cock. He beat me to it.
His cock unloaded in my mouth as he clutched my head and rammed his cock far down into my throat. I had no choice but to swallow his hot, tangy load of cum.
It went down easily. I took it all without letting any of it spill on his slacks. Just as he finished cumming my own cock exploded inside my slacks, making a hell of a mess. His cock was still buried deep in my mouth as he came, filling me with delight as I too came. I stayed in that position for a long time until he released the grip on my head and allowed me to sit upright.

"Whew, you helluva a cocksucker, boy..... you can suck my black cock any time you want to. In fact, I think you and I are gonna make a good combo. What do you think, you up for it?"

"Damn right I do. I tell you what... when Karl is fucking Lisa, let's you and I have a little fling up in my room. You up for that?"
"Oh, yeah. In fact I think I'll come over tonight. I might even come over with Karl. He's gonna bust your wife tonight, you know."
"Let 'em fuck. I found what I wanted. See you tonight." I got out of the car and found my own, content that my life had taken the turn I needed. On the drive back to work I fantasized about Louie and what we could do with each other, or rather what I would do for him.
I thought of his gigantic cock and how it filled my mouth when I blew him. That night, true to his word, Louie and Karl arrived together and came directly downstairs.
When Lisa saw Louie she was a bit startled then, thinking it might be the two of them together for her, a threesome, she smiled.
But when Louie went up the stairs from the basement where I was waiting for him, she turned a little pale. "What's going on here?" she asked Karl. "I thought you brought a friend for a threesome, a surprise."

"Oh no, didn't your hubby tell you? Your hubby is gonna suck Louie tonight. I introduced them this afternoon. I think your hubby really likes sucking black cock."

With that Karl threw back his head and laughed, then took Lisa by the hand and walked into the bedroom.
Louie came into my bedroom where I was already prepared for him.
I wore only a housecoat. Louis took one look at me and grinned and started undressing.
As he took off his briefs I marveled at the size of his sem-hard cock. About ten inches long and thick, it was cut and sleek, shining. My heart raced in anticipation of sucking it. I was on my knees in a flash and had it in my mouth. But Louie had other plans for me that night.
"Tonight I am gonna teach a white boy how to take a big cock in his ass and fuck me like a girl. You ready, punk?"

Was I ready? I almost came with his words. I wanted him to fuck me in every way it was possible to fuck. Then I wanted to lick his cock clean. I wanted to lose myself for a night and not worry about job, wife, marriage. I just wanted to get fucked. Louie turned my around and motioned for me to stick my ass in the air for him. He took out some lotion and rubbed it into the area of my asshole. He had come prepared. Without much ceremony he placed his giant cockhead against my ass and shoved, piercing my cheeks with his pole.
I shoved back into his trust, feeling his massive cock enter my ass. "Hey, man, if I didn't know better, I would say you done this before. You a cherry?"

"Hell yes, I'm a cherry," I blurted out, now savoring his cock inside me, cherishing his movements, the wonderful feel of being filled with cock. "But I had a lifetime fantasizing about this, so fuck me, Louie. Fuck me hard." His cock was stretching my asshole to its limit. Never had a cock, nothing but a doctor's finger ever entered my ass. I loved it. I loved the pain/pleasure as he stroked me.
"Oh Louie," I cried, almost like a woman who was losing her virginity. In fact I felt very femme suddenly, imagining that I was Louie's girl friend, his whore, his slut.
"Fuck me, Louie, fuck me!" I was completely oblivious to everything except his massive cock and my asshole. I shut out the rest of the universe just to swim in this sea of delight. The he came.
He grabbed my shoulders by the top as he shot his load inside my hot ass. He used the leverage to shove his cock all the way inside, all ten inches of thick meat. I nearly passed out from the sheer pleasure of it. Louie was filling my ass with his cum. He was fucking me. Then the door opened and in walked Lisa and Karl.
I turned to look at my wife. She had this most incredulous look on her face.
"What the hell are you doing?" she demanded of me. "Why are letting this man fuck your ass?" Then she did something that absolutely blew me out of the water.
She asked Louie if he wanted to come down and do a threesome with Karl and her. "Dave has had enough now. I dont want him to get spoiled with a nice cock like yours. Come on down and you and Karl can two-time me in the ass and cunt."

Louie looked at her standing there in the nude, her large boobs jiggling as she talked, her red cunt hair revealing the smoothest belly curves.
"Hell, yes, why not," said Louie. "Let's do it. Sorry, man but I gotta get me some that poon. Karl, you sure you don't mind?"
"Mind? Hell I think it's a great idea. Let's make Dave watch as we double fuck her," Karl said to humiliate me.
"Maybe he can learn a few things. Although with his little cock, it won't do much good."

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