Monday, November 26, 2007

Wife Rules Chapter Two

Chapter One can be found here.

Written by Merlin

I didn't sleep that night, or at most an hour.
All I could think of was the creamy white cum oozing out of my wife's hairy cunt, the cum from a tall, handsome black man.
All night I could see the details of her lovely slit, wet and hot, and I could feel my tongue inside, licking her out, servicing her needs.
I wished that she would call me from her room, but she was sound asleep.

The next morning over breakfast, we didn't say much to each other. She kept looking at me and smiling, waiting for me to react.
Finally I said to her, "Last night was the most incredible night of my life. I enjoyed it. I didnt realize how much until after it was over."
She replied, "Good, I plan to have him over tonight too. I didn't get enough of his lovemaking. He is sooo incredible. His cock is so big, not like yours at all. I have a little something extra planned for tonight. I want your to watch him when he screws me."

I looked at her in disbelief and at the same time my cock involuntarily began to stiffen. "You want me to watch him fuck you? Are you sure?"

"oh yes, I'm positive. You might learn something from him, his technique, the way he can hold back for hours.
That way if I ever let you fuck me again, you will know how to do it. I gotta go now. I'll explain what we will do after I get home after work."

With that she left me to clean up the breakfast table and she left for work.

That evening, when we both got home from work, she told me that her lover would be here in two hours and I should hurry and fix some supper.
After supper, I waited for her call from her bedroom.
I was in suspense, already sexually aroused.
I would watch him stick his big, black cock in her lovely pussy!
With luck.... no, I couldn't think about that, the prospect of licking his cock off after he came in her. That was too much to hope for. The thought of it made my heart speed up and my cock even harder.

The phone rang. It was my wife telling me to come down to her room and to hurry.
When I got there, she was already dressed in a very sultry black matching bra, panty and stocking outfit.
My eyes were glued on her crotch, thinking in a few minutes I would see that massive black tube ramming into her cunt.
I sucked in my breath and awaited her instructions.

"Get in that closet. Shut up and enjoy the show. If he knows you're in there, I don't know what he will do. He may get mad and leave. I just don't know. If you have any second thoughts about this, now is the time to tell me."

"I'm ok with it. Last night was too much to resist again. I wanta lick you out after he fills you."

She said nothing but gave me a knowing smile.
Just then the car pulled up in the back. It was him.
"Karl is here. Get in the closet." So he had a name.. Karl. My cock was bursting.

Karl came through the back door without knocking. He came straight to the bedroom.
From the closet I got a much better look at him. He was tall, handsome, cleancut.
He had a big smile on his face when he saw Lisa, my wife.
They threw themselves in each others' arms and began deep kissing and feeling, rubbing each other.
It was obvious they were in lust, hot and sexually aroused.
I had never seen my wife react to anything like this, her arousal was blatant and obvious.
She made no effort to hide her slutty attitude and her interest in Karl.

They went quickly to the bed and he tore his clothes off as they rolled on the bed.
Soon I could see his huge, beautiful cock, long, black and thick.
Lisa grabbed it and stroked it with her hand then moved down and took it in her round red-lipped mouth. In all the years of our marriage she had never even kissed my cock, let alone suck me off.

I could see her ass perfectly.
She was on her knees sucking Karl's cock with her ass toward me, a move she had obviously planned. She knew I was addicted to her perfectly shaped ass and only occasionly let me lick it and jack off.
She would tease me with it knowing I wanted to lick and kiss it.
Karl moaned as her mouth worked magic on his huge meat pole. But he wanted something else, her wet, hot cunt. Karl rolled her over and stripped off her now-wet panties.
She cooperated completely.
The look on her face was of total submission to this magnificent black lover.
She had a contented smile knowing what was to come.

He lay on his back and pulled her on top of her, his cock like a flag pole waiting to invade her snatch.
Her ass strode his cock and she allowed his great cock to enter her wet cunt. She arched her back as he filled her. She was in ecstasy.

In my haste to get a better view of his cock sliding in her cunt, I tripped and opened the closet sliding door. Karl looked up at me across Lisa's shoulder.

"Well, well, well What we got here? Wimpy-ass hubby wants to see his wife fucked. Well, come on over her, wimp and let me show you how it's done. And take off your clothes. I might have a surprise for you!" Lisa turned and smiled. I think she knew what was about to happen.

I was petrified. I did NOT know what to expect.
I was in my own house but suddenly Karl was in command, totally in charge now. The scene was so hot.. my wife on top of Karl, getting the fucking of her life.
Karl just smiling at me as he continued to stroke my wife's pussy. Me standing there with no clothes on with a giant hardon.

"Come on over here and lick her ass while I fuck her, wimp. You might get your little cock to shoot a load if you do. Whatya say to that, Lisa? Is that ok with you?"

"Sure a tongue in my ass and your cock in my slit. What else could I hope for? Come here and lick me."
Her tone was even and calm.
She loved this. She loved being in control of my life and making me endure this humiliation.
I had to admit I was beginning to enjoy it far more than I thought.
I positioned myself between Karl's muscular legs and leaned forward to lick Lisa's lovely ass.
I stuck my tongue up into her asshole and breathed the fragrance of her ass. I tongue fucked her in rhythm with Karl's stroking, but occasionally his movements were so sudden and strong that I found myself licking his cock as he fucked her.
I was finding that a very pleasant thing and allowed myself to make that mistake over and over.

Karl noticed that himself and said, "hey wimp if you want to suck my cock I sure will let you. Do you mind, Lisa?"
"Heavens no. Let him suck you if he wants. He likes to lick and suck."

They talked about me as though I was not even there, adding to the humiliation. "In fact, why not make him give you a total blowjob?"

Karl liked that. He moved Lisa off him and pulled me down to his cock, shoving it into my mouth with a strength that left me helpless and submissive.
I was completely under the spell of the moment, and I sucked his cock with abandon, filling my mouth with his gigantic tool.
He humped my face until he moved over me, on top and stroked his cock down into my mouth like a cunt. He was using me, fucking my face, and I loved it.
I grabbed his ass and pulled him down into me, shoving his cock deep into my mouth. Soon he came, filling me with his cockjuice.
At first I gagged but I soon understood I had to swallow it as quick as I could so I wouldnt choke on it.
His sperm was hot and thick and not unpleasant to taste as I feared.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lisa, cheering Karl on and smiling at me.

"Fuck the little wimp, Karl Fuck his mouth! Teach him a lesson he won't forget!"

I came, shooting my load all over myself, the most gigantic orgasm I had ever experienced. It was too much, Lisa yelling at Karl, Karl's cock in my mouth shooting me full of his juice. I was in ecstasy. Total abandon.

We lay on the bed together for a few brief moments, savoring the thrill of the wondrous play we had just scripted.
Lisa however had not had her pleasure yet.
So she told me to leave them alone so Karl could recover and they could fuck all night. She dismissed me like a servant.

"Karl and I want breakfast down here tomorrow. I'll call you when we are up. Take my panties and jack off tonight if you get horny. Seeya."

I left, a bit bewildered, dizzy, in total ecstasy. My wife would spend the night fucking the man I had just sucked off.

I went to my room and jacked off three times that night.


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