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Two Peepers (Part 2 of 4): Peeping Pays Off

Dave stood panting at the edge of the undergrowth, hurriedly trying to sort out the zip on his trousers.
The instant he'd seen Martin and Amanda panic had set in and he'd run. He looked back over his shoulder, checking for any signs of pursuit.
Once he realised all was quiet he slowly started to regain his composure, only then did his mind turn to the events of the evening.

He picked up the previously hidden golf clubs and started to step from the undergrowth, to make his way to the car-park. A figure appeared on his right, and he hesitated - staying in the shadows.

"I can see you."
Dave's heart bounced, he shuffled his feet - but said nothing.
"I know I'm not much to look at, but you didn't have to run away quite so fast."
It was Ôher'. Relief flooded through Dave, he'd thought it to be Amanda - and with Martin not far behind her.
"I wasn't running from you, I just got scared, frightened out of my life!"
" Oh well, at least that's something. So, what happens now? Do we each go our own way and never see each other again, or will we bump into each other here again?"
Dave was recovering fast, sliding the golf bag onto his shoulder, he walked the short distance that separated them.
"Let's walk. Have you a car nearby?"
"No, I don't drive."
"Can I give you a lift anywhere? We could go for a drink!"
Dave was desperate to find out more about this mystery woman, he wanted to see her in better light.
"That would be nice, but only if you're sure?"
"Why wouldn't I be sure?"
"Most men don't like to be seen out with me."
Sensing the question through the silence, she went on.
"You can't see me properly in this light can you? Otherwise you wouldn't have asked, but don't worry - I'm used to it."

Dave stopped, looking at the ground - investigating his shoes while he sorted his thoughts.
"You're pretty quick to judge aren't you? You've made my mind up before I've had a chance to make it up myself.
Think about it for a moment, how do you know what I think?
How do you know that whatever your problem is, I haven't got something worse wrong with me? I honestly don't have an opinion at the moment.
How can I have? Once I know all the facts I can make a decision, but don't try and put words in my mouth because of men you've known before - they weren't me."

Dave finished speaking with an emphatic nod of his head, like a punctuation mark. He took hold of her hand and they continued walking.

"First things first I always say," He spoke as they walked. "I don't even know your name."
"Its Karen."
"Karen, that's a nice name - sort of friendly sounding, safe and secure. Mine is David, Dave."
Dave stopped, turning to face Karen.
"I don't mind telling you, you almost gave me a heart attack tonight.
You must have thought I was a real sad case, standing in the bushes wanking and watching that young couple screwing?"
"I was there too remember! I didn't think to myself ÔOh there's a sad bloke having a wank I'll go and give him a shag!', I was doing what you were doing - so we're both sad cases."

"But why? I can understand why I do it, but not a woman with a body like yours.
I'm a middle-aged man who lost his wife, and who knows he hasn't got a chance in hell of ever finding another woman interested in a man past his prime like me. So I watch and wank, until tonight"
"You'll understand when you can see me better. Oh, I used to be good looking enough - I've had my share of men running after me - but all that changed some years back. I'm not good looking any more, and the only way I can get a man is in the dark. Mostly I don't get a man at all, so I also watch and wank - just like you."

"Come on then, let's see what this is all about."
Dave strode off, Karen's hand still in his - pulling her towards the car-park and the lighting she seemed to fear so much.
The nearer the car-park came the lower Karen's face dropped, until her chin was almost on her chest.
As the light began to have an effect upon the darkness, Dave sneaked sideways glances from the corner of his eye.

Eventually, with light pooling around their feet, they stopped beside Dave's car. He turned, took her chin in his hand and lifted her face to meet the light.
One side of her face showed a normal, quite pretty, woman - maybe a few years younger than Dave's 44.
The other side was an angry assortment of blotchy red and purple hues from just underneath the eye, to her chin.

ÔNo wonder she was worried' Dave thought to himself, calmly looking her straight in the eyes. ÔI can understand why men have been put off.
Luckily, or unluckily for her, I've seen it all before and it doesn't bother me.'

Dave slowly and deliberately let his gaze travel down her form and back up again. "Okay," he said, "I've looked. Where's the problem?"
Karen was silent for a moment. "My face doesn't bother you? You're making it up - you're just being kind."
Dave fumbled in his pocket, removing his keys and unlocking his car. Walking round to the rear, he opened the boot and put his golf clubs inside. He opened the passenger door.
"Get in the car." He ordered.
Meekly Karen obeyed, and once she was seated Dave closed the door ,before moving round the other side and getting in himself. "Don't say anything, not a word!" His tone was one that didn't allow for argument.
A short drive later they pulled up outside a house in the middle of a terraced row, Dave turned off the engine and walked round to open the door for Karen.
He locked the car, then unlocked the door to the house. Holding the door open, he gestured that she should precede him into the house.
He closed the door, switched on the lights and led the way into a small sitting room.

"Would you like a drink my dear lady?" He enquired.
"Please sit down." He indicated the sofa.
With the drinks Dave brought a book, and sat beside Karen. Handing her a glass, he opened the book.

"I suppose you'd describe this as the family album." He turned the pages one by one. " This one's of Sally - my wife."

"She's very pretty."

"She was indeed, and some said that I was quite handsome when I stood beside her." He turned another page. "This was our wedding day."

"What a lovely dress."
"Yes it was." Dave flipped through more pages, then turned the final page. "This is Sally too."
"Oh!............ Oh!" The page showed Sally's face and it bore an almost exact pattern to Karen's.
"Car crash." Said Dave, "She got burned too, and eventually died - so don't ever dare tell me what I will or won't be able to accept."
Karen stood up, "I'm very sorry Dave. I can see I was wrong about you, You're different to other men I've met."
With that, Karen held out her hands, took Dave's in hers and pulled him to his feet. She put her arms around his neck, and smiled.
"Well, we've had a shag - isn't it about time we had a kiss?" They kissed long and soft, finally stopping for breath.

Karen stepped away from Dave, and pulled her jumper over her head. She wore no bra, and her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath she took. She placed her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt and wriggled off her hips, allowing it fall in a pool at her feet. She reached out, grasping the buckle of Dave's belt and undoing it. She unbuttoned his trousers and allowed them to fall, then freed his cock from his underpants. Dave took his own shirt off, and almost tore Karen's panties from her hips.
"Have you got any baby oil?" Karen enquired.
"No, sorry." Replied Dave
"Show me your kitchen then."
Karen followed as Dave led the way into the kitchen, then she searched until she found a bottle of olive oil.
"This will do nicely, even if I'm not extra virgin!" She smiled. "Now, take me to your bedroom."
Dave led the way upstairs.
In the bedroom, Karen pushed him back so that he lay full length, and told him to remain where he was.
She searched the cupboards until she found some neckties. She then tied Dave to the bed, so that he was spread-eagled from corner to corner. Next, she poured some of the oil onto his belly and straddled him. "I'll bet you've never had this kind of massage before!" She proceeded to straddle him, rubbing the oil all over his body with her pussy. Long, slow, sliding motions caressed Dave's whole body until he was erect, and felt about to burst.
Pinching the tip of his foreskin carefully, Karen extended it and poured a little oil into the pouch she'd made.
She then pinched it closed with one hand, while squeezing the air pocket she'd created with her other hand. As she released his cock, olive oil spilled out. Karen pulled his foreskin back, gently tracing the outline of his tip with a fingernail. Leaning over she poked out her tongue and eased it into the hole in the tip, gently wiggling it for greater effect. Dave writhed, helpless. Karen smeared her oil covered hands across her breasts, pinching and squeezing her own nipples so that they erected, glistening with the oil. Her hands continued, down across her flat stomach, reaching between her legs and parting her lips - raising her body so that Dave could see the shining entrance. Holding her lips apart, she shuffled backwards - until she was poised above the tip of Dave's cock.
Gently she lowered herself, until just the very tip of his cock touched her outer lips.
She held herself in that position, feeling Dave's cock twitch and move.
She moved her hips forward, feeling the oil covered cock slide backwards moving between the cheeks of her ass.
She rose and fell, enjoying the sensation of feeling the slippery beast between her buttocks - then returned it to her cunt lips and sat down on it sharply.

Dave exhaled, his eyes wide. Karen rocked gently backwards and forwards.
"Tell me, when you were watching that couple. Did you imagine that it was you screwing her?"
"Yes, my hand was her fanny."
"Your cock was in her fanny then??"
Dave looked puzzled, then realised. "Oh, yes - metaphorically speaking."
"How long has it been since you had your cock inside a real woman?"
"Before tonight?"
"Before tonight!"
"Almost three years, just over two and a half."
"So long, and then just a hurried shag in the bushes. We'll soon put that right!"

With that, Karen rose and took hold of Dave's shaft.
She wriggled into position, then lowered herself until the tip of his cock was at the lips of her pussy.
Reaching behind her, she spread apart those lips - with some difficulty due to her oil covered hands.
Squatting, she felt her cunt begin to open - so she slowly increased the downward pressure until the tip of his cock was inside.
Karen puffed out her cheeks and blew, she could feel every centimetre of width he had. She paused, getting used to the feel of it.
Slowly her pussy adapted and spread to make it more comfortable.

"How does that feel?"
"Incredible, its like being inside a fist that's soft and warm."
"You haven't felt anything yet!" So saying, Karen began to move.
The stress on her leg muscles was incredible, and tiring - yet the pleasure was immense, and obviously so for Dave too by the look on his face.
His eyed were closed, his face screwed as if concentrating - his bottom lip trapped firmly between his teeth as his breath game in gasps.
Balancing herself on one hand, Karen brought the other one to her pussy lips and began to manipulate her clitoris. "Open your eyes, I want you to watch!"

Dave did as he was told, seeing Karen before him - riding up and down the cock embedded in her, while she fingered her clit like a demented pianist.
Now it was Karen who had her eyes closed, concentrating one her own pleasure.
One finger changed to two, bumping and rubbing - and suddenly she was there. She collapsed along the length of Dave's body, causing his cock to spring free from her cunt. Gasping for breath she smiled at him.

"That was magical!" Then she looked behind her, seeing his still erect cock. "But I haven't been fair to you have I? We'll soon put that right!"
She took his cock in her hand, rubbing it against her nipples.
"Next time, you can tie me up - and you can fuck my tits.
For now you'll have to do with splashing them with your come."
Karen speeded up her hand, using her other one to alternately fondle his balls and play with the entrance to his anus.
Dave jerked and gasped, guttural noises came from him - he panted, faster and faster.
With a groan he came, releasing his semen to splash across Karen's breasts.
Gently she squeezed the last drops from his wilting cock, making certain they smeared over her nipple.
Releasing his now relaxed member, she massaged his come into her breasts - smiling, and watching his face as she did so.

With a grin on her face, Karen leaned forward - dangling a breast in front of Dave's face.
"Open wide." She instructed. He obeyed, and Karen lowered the come covered nipple into his mouth.
Dave sucked greedily, circling the nipple with his tongue - then alternately flicking it gently with his tongue and gently nibbling it with his teeth.
"That's enough." Karen rose and left the room. Dave heard running water, and moments later Karen reappeared carrying a sponge and a towel.
"Let's get you cleaned up." She gently washed his cock, and rubbed it dry - taking care to get into each crease of skin.

Karen returned to the bed, stretching out - easing her aching legs. Her head lay across Dave's legs, his cock an inch from her lips.
She kissed the tip, wetly slurped the whole length - then it eased from her mouth as she fell into a doze.
Dave too fell asleep, all in all it had been quite a day.

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