Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two Peepers (Part 4 of 4): Fun and Games

Looking back, Dave could see just how lucky he'd been.
He had found Karen, but he could just as easily have been found - by Amanda and Martin, by the police, it could have turned out much differently to how it actually did. But all that was in the past now, yet he found it strange how fate could contrive to bring two lives together.
He'd always visited Martin and Amanda's place on a Sunday, Karen had always gone there on Saturdays - until that fateful day when she'd been a day later than usual.
Sure, they lived together now - but they still made their life adventurous. They still occasionally returned to the place where they'd met, or dreamed up other fantasies to enact.

They had played out so many scenario's since they had first met, Dave now knew Karen's body almost as well as his own - and her capacity for enjoying sex was the equal of his.
When he thought of the wasted years, he realised just how lucky he'd been. Karen was inventive, and her body was amazing. From the tip of her flame coloured head, to her cute little toenails - she was all the woman Dave could ever ask for. The lengths to which she would go to satisfy his, and her own, urges was incredible.

Like today, Dave found today intensely stimulating for some unknown reason. It was something he would never have suggested, he had far too much respect for women, but Karen had insisted. Karen had in fact cajoled, pouted when he'd raised objections, and threatened a sex-strike unless he had agreed. In the end Dave had given in, and now found the prospect something he looked forward to immensely.

It had taken a lot of planning. They had to find somewhere 'safe' to act out the fantasy, then there was the costume and equipment elements to consider, then all the minute details to make certain it all went exactly to order.
All that was now behind them, and right now Karen was in position and waiting for it to unfold. She'd always had this fantasy, ever since she had been a schoolgirl and had felt drawn to her Guidemistress. Now, here she was dressed as one, and her fantasy was about to happen.

The area had taken a lot of finding, sufficiently isolated to allow them free reign without too much likelihood of being discovered or disturbed - yet near enough to home to allow them to arrive separately and add more life to the parts they were playing.

Karen heard the faint sound of a car approach, distant sounds of tyres on stones, then quiet. The breeze carried the familiar 'chunk' as a car door slammed shut, 'here we go' she thought. She dropped to her knees, and crawled head first into the tent - leaving her behind outside the canvas. Her uniform skirt was intentionally short, so that in this position Dave would be able to see that she wore no knickers.
In fact, her knickers swung damply from one of the guy-ropes - a little 'extra' that she'd thought of without telling Dave about it.

"Good afternoon."

That wasn't Dave's voice! Quickly she scurried backwards and stood. A stranger met her eyes, a man.
Karen looked him over, not tall, quite old and fairly chubby - dressed in tweed, with binoculars slung round his neck - and with a thumbstick for support.
Stout boots told that he was obviously a walker, or a birdwatcher.
"G..Good afternoon." She stammered in reply.


"Yes, that's right."

"On your own?"

Karen thought quickly, "For the moment, someone else is due anytime now."

"I'll leave you to it then, have fun - I hope the weather keeps kind for you." With that the stranger wandered away, towards the woods behind her.

Karen breathed a sigh of relief, in all the times she and Dave had checked the area they had never seen anyone else here. She looked, the man had disappeared now.

Again Karen heard a car approach. Looking around her, and seeing no sign of life, she adopted the same position as before.

"Good afternoon."

Relief, Dave's voice!

"Good afternoon." She replied, remaining where she was.

"Lovely view from here, a real beauty spot."

"I like it."

"That's obvious from what I can see, I think I'll take some pictures."

Karen heard the noise of a shutter clicking, and a camera winding film forward.
That wasn't in the script! Still, if she could add some little details, so could Dave. Karen slowly reached back and pulled her skirt an inch higher, why didn't he start?

"Hello old man."

Karen's heart skipped a beat, the stranger was back - she froze.

"Afternoon." She heard Dave reply.

"Admiring the view?"

"And taking some snaps."

"It is a pleasant spot, its surprising what one can see up here sometimes."

"Isn't it just."

"Such sights should be enjoyed don't you think, as well as photographed?"

"My thoughts exactly, I was planning to do just that before you came along."

Karen heard whispered voices, but was unable to discern what was said. This was all going wrong. Without warning she felt her ankles grasped and pulled.
She felt herself being towed backwards, her skirt riding up to her waist. Some sort of covering was thrown over her head, and the world became dark.

"Don't fight, or you'll only hurt yourself."

Dave! Good, it was all back on course.
She allowed herself to be pulled to her feet and led away.
She heard and felt branches brushing against her, and knew where she was being taken. One hand was pulled upwards, and she felt rope encircle her wrist. Her arm was held in place. The other hand received similar treatment, then her ankles - this was great.

She was stretched out, in a cross - arms held above her head, legs spread wide apart. Karen felt her uniform being unbuttoned, hands roughly fondled her breasts before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. She felt the bra pulled forward, but it wouldn't come off. She heard a snick, then her bra was gone.
Tearing sounds, and her uniform was loosening - one side was free, Dave was cutting it off with a knife. The other side received similar treatment, then she was naked from the waist up. Hands fumbled at her waist, button - zip, and her skirt fell around her knees, held up only by the spread of her legs.
More tearing, then the only clothing she wore were shoes and white ankle socks - apart from those - and the covering over her head she was naked.

Karen felt something nudge the cheeks of her bum, she wiggled it and felt something warm bobble about - Dave's cock! It slipped between her legs, he must be bending his knees - he was too tall to do that standing upright.
She felt the cock slide backwards and forward, barely touching her cunt lips - then it was gone. Now it reappeared, this time from the front, rubbing full and beautifully against her cunt. Hands groped her breasts, kneading and pulling at her nipples. OH! The cock slipped inside her, just for a moment, then withdrew. She heard the camera click again, wind, then another click.
That hadn't been part of the plan, but she didn't mind - it would be fun looking at them later. The cock returned, slipped inside her again - then she heard the camera shutter fire off another shot. The cock disappeared, then she felt it probing her anus - the camera clicked and wound once more!

Karen felt a release of pressure as her right arm was untied, it was a relief - it had started to become tiring, Dave must have guessed. Her other arm was freed, then she was bent forward to kneel . A stick was placed under her arms and across her breasts and tied in place - inventive! Then she felt the rope tightening, trapping her in that position. The covering over her face was adjusted, pulled away from her face - then that tearing sound once more.

He'd cut a hole in it, and Karen hoped it wasn't just so that she could breathe better! Her wished were answered when a stiff cock was placed through the opening, nuzzling against her lips. She gladly opened her mouth to allow it entrance, sucking it greedily inside. There was that camera noise again! She sucked happily on the cock, then it withdrew.

Once again Karen felt her cunt lips parted from behind, only this time the cock went wonderfully all the way in! She wriggled back onto it, making certain that was as deeply embedded as possible.
Another photo! Karen wiggled her ass, she wanted fucking!
It seemed funny to her, but Dave's cock didn't seem to be as far in as usual - maybe it was the position she was in.
Not that it mattered, the cock was sliding in and out as smooth as a piston. Karen felt her knees tremble, and in the throes of an orgasm - a trickle of fluid seeping down her thigh. The cock withdrew.

She sensed movement before her, and felt her arms brushed by flesh - her head tilted, trying to see through the mouth hole to find out what was going on.
It seemed that legs were being pushed through the gap between her hands, yes - she could feel them alongside her own legs now. Hands on the back of her head, pulling down! She got the idea, and opened her mouth ready to envelop the cock she knew would be there.
She took it deep into her mouth, fully to the back of her throat - then gripping it with her lips, she slid to the tip. With her lips she pushed back the foreskin, rolling her tongue over the exposed head - hands gripped her dangling breasts, then gripped the nipples and pulled downwards.

Without any warning, Karen felt the cheeks of her bum parted - and a cock slid into her pussy. WHAT! How the hell? Then she forgot as the cock began pumping. The cock paused, slowed - as did the cock in her mouth.
Then the two cocks began moving as if in unison, as the one in her mouth pulled out - the one in her cunt pushed in, and vice-versa. It was wonderful, like being fucked the length of her body by one huge prick! Karen clenched her muscles around the cock in her cunt, and lightened the grip of her lips around the one in her mouth. God, this was amazing! Her mouth was full, her pussy was full, her nipples were being tweaked - if only....

As if in answer to her unspoken prayer, both cocks slowed, she felt a hand on her back - then fingers at her clit. Now every part of her was being used and pleasured.
She almost gagged on the cock in her mouth as an orgasm shook her and her body fell forward. the hand on her back disappeared. Now she was being ridden from behind at a ferocious pace, she gobbled at the cock in her mouth. Another orgasm shook her, then another - and she collapsed sideways onto the ground, her right arm held uncomfortable straight out.
Both cocks had disappeared as she had slipped. It had never been this good before! Hands lifted her, brushing debris from her body. She felt her hands untied. God, but that had been magic - it was a shame it had to end.

But it wasn't over! A cock entered her pussy from the front, and fucked her hard, with no attempt at timing on this occasion. Her body shook as it slammed in and out, she felt her knees go again as yet another orgasm shook her, but hands held her upright.
As soon as she had her balance, the cock in her pussy went at it. Soon Karen felt the tell-tale final thrust and wetness running down her legs.

Gently she was lowered to the ground, laid flat on her back and kissed, two hands on her breasts and two at her clit. Then her feet were untied and the sack covering her face was removed.
Before her eyes, two limp cocks and two red faces became clear. It was the guy she'd seen earlier, the birdwatcher - who was with Dave! Both looked embarrassed and guilty. Karen rose to her knees and grabbed both cocks, squeezing them hard and pulling them towards her.
Briefly she took both cocks into her mouth together, then let them slurp out.

"Just so that you both know - there's no hard feelings!"

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