Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wife rules chapter four

Written by Merlin

I followed meekly down the stairs to Lisa's bedroom, not at all sure I wanted to do this.
Louie and Karl were going to double fuck my wife and make me watch.
I really had no choice in the matter, two of them, three if you counted my wife, against one.

I could only moan and submit to their control. When we reached the bedroom, Karl directed me to sit in the chair in corner and watch as they combined to pleasure my wife.
I got comfortable and waited.
Soon Karl laid Lisa on the bed and he lay beside her.
Then he asked Louie if he wanted backdoor or frontdoor.
Louie told Karl that he wanted the front door.
"Hell, if I'm gonna fuck this bitch, I want pussy. I can get Dave's ass any time I want it," he smiled at me when he said that, knowing full well that I would give him my ass or mouth if he asked me.

Karl then lay beneath Lisa and had her lie on top, belly up so her cunt was visible to Louie.
She quickly took Karl's cock and placed it against her ass.
She looked directly at me with a broad smile on her face. then she asked, "Are you enjoying the view, honey?"
I half-heartedly smiled back.
The truth was I enjoyed the view of Karl's big cock rubbing against her ass.
It was thick, long, and hard as stone. I wanted to go over and suck it, but I knew that was out of the question now.
Then Louie got himself into position so he could thrust his big cock into her pussy, waiting until Karl made his move into Lisa's well lubed ass.

They both made their move simultaneously.
I heard a gasp come from Lisa as the two giant cocks made their way into her ass and cunt.
She shuddered, then moaned as the two men buried their meat inside her.
Her eyes were closed and there was the faintest smile on her face as the pain/pleasure swept over her.
I was entranced watching her as she took them both on. I could barely see her penetrated parts so I moved to the side slightly to get a better view of the penetration.

Louie's cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy and he was thrusting his cock with strong, even movements.
As he stroked her cunt she sighed and moaned while clutching at this neck and back with her hands.
She began kissing him passionately as he fucked her.

It was obvious she was totally out of control. She had now submitted to the two of them and wanted her ass and cunt fucked and fucked hard.
Karl's cock was half buried in her ass and as he stroked her she tried to move down on him but Louie kept her from making the kind of motion she wanted to do. Karl was close to cumming; that was obvious from the look on his face.
He had a pained, contorted expression that revealed his need to release his load inside Lisa's hot ass. Louie was close to cumming himself.

"What if they both cum at once?", I thought to myself. "What if they both explode at the same time and just lift her into a fit of uncontrolled passion?"
There was one other possibility... they all three climaxed as I watched, transfixed.
My God! Karl and Louie unloaded at the exact instant that Lisa orgasmed.

They all three were rolling and thrashing into each others arms and bodies, Lisa squished between them in total ecstasy.
I watched as they came, Lisa, Karl and Louie, then sank down in a heap on the bed. Poor Lisa had no place to go but to remain between them, her ass and cunt filled with cock and hot flowing juices.
Slowly the two men's cocks shriveled to a soft state and slipped out of her holes, allowing a gush of cum to escape as they withdrew.

I knew what I was to do and prepared to do my duty. I needed to suck the cum out of her hot ass and pussy before it all escaped and ran onto the bedsheets.
I gently nudged Louie off her, but not before I licked the length of his still massive cock to get all the juices I could.
He moaned and rolled onto his side.
That left Karl's cock touching her ass, slick and wet from cum.

Lisa did not move. So I got on my knees and began licking her cunt, slurping up the still oozing cum as it spilled out.
As I licked her cunt, I allowed my tongue to slip carelessly to Karl's cock and I licked it as it touched her ass.
I wanted to suck him off but I knew I had to finish Lisa first.
My own cock was now rock hard.
The sight of the two men fucking Lisa was almost too much for me but I had refrained from cumming while it was going on.
Now I needed relief bad.
As I licked her cunt and slurped the cum from it, I jacked myself off until at last I exploded in my hand, spewing a large gob of cum into my hand.
I was exhausted from the ordeal, as were the three of them.

But Louie was hardly finished, and now Karl showed signs of coming to life again. Louie's cock was growing hard and he stirred to his feet.
He wanted more of Lisa.
His brief encounter had left him hungry for more.
He brushed me aside and mounted her again.
She responded to him with a new fire and passion, wrapping her legs and arms around his massive body as he thrust into her.
Again she was enraptured with his cock.
She came quickly, following my licking and Louie's giant cock. As she came she threw back her head and let out a deep gutteral cry, something I had never heard her utter.
It was the cry of an animal, a lustful bitch who needed fucking. She had become a lusty, slut bitch. That much was clear.

Karl stood and watched as Louie pounded her cunt and smiled as Lisa moaned and groaned.
He showed no jealousy at Louie's fucking. In fact he was glad Lisa was responding so well. He barely looked at me.
It was as though I was a mere servant to be tolerated, even in my own house.
I reached over to hold his cock, now growing bigger as he watched.
He looked at me and told me to suck it.

I gladly obliged. He grabbed my head and rammed his now hard cock deep into my mouth, while he watched the sex show between Lisa and Louie.
As I sucked Karl's beautiful cock I once again thought of the impossibility of all this... my wife being balled by a huge black man while I sucked the other black man's cock.
We were sort of competing for cock, Lisa and I.
She had a defininte advantage over me since both men loved pussy so much more than mouth, but I felt I could win my share of cock if I played my cards right.
I had to find an angle which would put me in an advantageous position.
But for now I wanted to continue sucking this lovely black cock.

Karl grabbed my head and pulled me into his groin, hunching as I sucked him. After a few minutes of my constant sucking and playing with his big balls, he tensed, grabbed my head in a death grip and shot a load of hot, sticky cum into my mouth.
I gladly swallowed the whole load even though I could barely breath, his cock was buried in my mouth up to the pubic hair, shoved far down my throat.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lisa cum as Louie fucked her.
Her face was contorted and she clutched at Louie's massive shoulders as he filled her stretched cunt with his big cock.
She cried out, "Oh God, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me, Louie! Fill me up!"
I had never seen her so completely out of control as she was now.
Never, not one time, had she ever shown any inclination to let go with me as she was with Louie and had been with Karl.

She couldn't get enough of their cocks. She was totally insatiable.
Finally, exhausted, we all found a place to collapse and regain our strength, they more than me.
I had only been allowed to cum once where the three of them had almost endless orgasms and were totally devoid of energy.

I waited until Lisa opened her eyes so I could talk to her.
"Lisa, we need to talk," I said to her. "About what?" Her tone was short and curt, unyielding. She was obviously tired and her cunt was swollen from the contstant pounding.

"About where we go from here. Now you have both Louie and Karl. What do I have for my needs? I thought you would be satisfied with Karl."

"I was until I saw Louie. When I saw him and his cock shoved in your ass, I knew I wanted him too. End of disussion. You'll do as you're told."

"Lisa, listen to yourself. I didn't mind when this started, in fact it was exciting, but now.... Damn, I want something out of this."

"You get to lick Louie's cum out of my pussy. What more do you want? You think sucking him will produce any more cum? Besides you get to snuggle your mouth up to my cunt when you eat his cum out, sorta a double pleasure.
I'll let you suck him off from time to time, just to keep you in line. Now get busy and eat me out, you wimp."

She was back in control of me. I couldn't fight it. I got on my knees and began eating the cum out of her cunt.

"Hmmm," I thought to myself, "Damned if she isn't right!"

End of series

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