Monday, November 05, 2007

What are Old Friends For?

After having two very exciting and strange occasions with my wife, we became addicted to our new lifestyle and started to look for new scenarios to involve others in our sex life.
My wife is continuously reminding her friend in her office to join us, but she still couldn't convince her although her friend feels closer to the idea now.

My wife had a boyfriend in college who could not go beyond holding her hand during their dating. I met this guy once in their 10th year reunion. I can say that he was quite handsome and few inches taller than me.
At that time I was very proud of myself (I think against him), having her as my wife who was still very beautiful. He still was not married and had a girlfriend who was not as pretty as my wife.

When we were looking for a new scenario, my wife asked me if we can use him.
She said she heard from a common friend of theirs that he had just separated from his girlfriend, and having a very innocent relationship with him 14 years ago, she knows that he is very reliable in terms of secret keeping and she also wonders how it would feel like to sleep with him what they did not do 14 years ago.

This proposal was supposed to make me feel jealous, but I think our love grew far beyond that level especially after having the last experiences. So I accepted her proposal.
She called him and asked to join us for a dinner next Saturday at our place, and he accepted kindly.

When the next Saturday came she first had a long bath (I knew that she was also shaving her little pussy), then went out by her car first to leave the kid to her mom for the night, and then to a coiffeur to heave a hair dressing as well as pedicure and manicure.
When she came home in the afternoon she was incredibly charming by her sexy make up, hair, and red manicure and pedicure. We had spaghetti for the dinner and had two bottles of nice white wine.

I asked her to wear her black bra, and black small panties (black is my favorite for women's underwear), then her red mini and tight skirt (actually all of her skirts are mini as I always like them to be), and her black shirt which is semi-transparent.
She did not wear stockings, but her high heeled slippers also to reveal her feet. Her look was excellent.

At about 8 p.m. he came and we started dinner. It was apparent that my wife's look attracted him deeply. We warmed up soon also by the help of the wine. The subject was generally their old memories from college time, still very innocent.

After the dinner my wife started playing an old 'slow' CD. That was done on purpose because their song 14 years ago was on that disc. When that song started she asked him to dance. I realized that he hesitated for a moment but when he saw I didn't care and even approved, he accepted my wife's offer.

At the beginning of the dance everything was really friendly, but soon she pushed her big breasts on his chest, and her hips to his hips. I did not how he was but I had a big turn on just by watching them.

I was seated on a single armchair and after they stopped dancing they sat together on the same sofa. My wife told him that her feet were very tired and taking off her sexy high heel slippers, she put her feet on his lap and asked for a massage.

He again hesitated for a while, and I said "her massage is done by me everyday and I am now very happy to have somebody here to give the responsibility, because she never gets enough of these endless massages".
No surprise, he jumped on the lovely responsibility. He first started with her left foot and caressed both with great care for minutes. In the meanwhile I asked him to compare my wife with her 14 year ago since I did not know her by that time but he did. The first question was whether her feet were as pretty as today.
He was also comfortable then, to talk very open about everything.
He said that her feet were always in perfect shape but she was never having pedicure in college time, so he preferred her sexy little feet that he was massaging now to those days.
Then my wife asked him to continue massaging her legs. He said that her legs were always one of the best among the other girls in school, and that after 14 years they are still as perfect as old and moreover were bronze now.

Then he said if I didn't mind he wanted to say what was the greatest thing about my wife in college time, and I told that I wanted to hear everything about her. He said that almost eighty percent of the boys' talks in college were definitely about her big breasts that also had a nickname 'rockets'.
Everybody was dreaming of her rockets but nobody could even see them once.
He was her only boyfriend and the other boys were betting on him whether he would see them or not. He said that he was very upset not to be able to see the legendary rockets, but my wife was very conservative those days that he couldn't even ask for it. In the meanwhile he started to continue his massage over her knees.

My wife said that she was also surprised to hear that her big tits were center of attraction among the boys, and she was not very pleased of her oversize in those days. And she said her ex-boyfriend that after 14 years time and one birth, her big breasts were not rockets anymore, and he wouldn't like them anymore and even be willing to see them now.
As a compliment he said that they still looked like rockets under her shirt and he did not think that they lost their attractiveness.

I started to laugh and told her "honey your ex-boy says that he still wants to see them". He said that he didn't mean that but just to tell her they still looked like rockets.
My wife stood up suddenly and said that she wanted to stop discussion and ask him to promise to make an honest judgment.

After he promised, she said that she thinks her breasts are too big to resist to time, birth, and gravity and are not as firm as they were 14 years ago.
I said that I always preferred big, soft and swinging breasts to those top models who have no curves on their chests, and he also agreed with me.

My wife told him that she wanted honesty, and started to unbutton her shirt in front of us. Both of us kept silence until she undid her shirt and left with her bra. Like always, her black bra was supporting her huge breasts from the bottom and leaving her deep beautiful cleavage open. He was focused on my wife's big ones. She asked what he thought now, and he said they were still wonderful rockets.

My wife said that in college her big breasts were able to stay like this even without the bra, but now they desperately needed the help of it. So it was difficult to make his judgment.
She moved closer to him and asked him to hold her breasts over the bra to test their firmness. I also approved the idea saying that it was a better way to make the comparison. He did not even wait a second and took one breast in each hand. My wife asked him to take his time and not to hurry to make a reliable comment.
He was so happy to have this opportunity and started to hold and squeeze my wife's big breasts in his hands.

After 5 minutes test in complete silence in the room, my wife asked him his opinion. He said that due to natural reasons her breasts are not that firm, but it is normal for this size tits, and he was still admiring me to have these lovely big toys to play whenever I want.
Then he said once he started to evaluate her body after 14 years, he wanted to continue with her abdominal area and hips, if we agree. I told my wife that it was a great idea to exploit his existence and we accepted his offer.

So she slowly took off her mini skirt and left with only her black panties and bra, I was able to see his bulge in front of his trousers.

He started examining her belly and said that it was unbelievable to have a smooth stomach after giving a birth. He was caressing all the abdominal area of my wife.
He then said that her flesh was a little softer but that was acceptable for a woman and mother at 34 year age since it was smooth. Then he confessed that he himself had a little over weight in his belly area.
Then my wife turned back and asked him to assess her hips and ass although she knew she had some celluloid on her hips. He started to hold and caress the outer hips first and came to the ass but always over her panties. He then moved his hands to my wife's inner thighs just under her pussy and also caressed that part slowly.

Then made his comments on her body : there was a little celluloid on the hips and her inner thighs were a little soft, her huge tits were soft and flabby, but her figure was still wonderful without extra weight and I was very lucky.

I told him that I knew all of those and wanted to ask one more question with an expectation of an honest answer again. He said sure, and I asked him if he wanted to take my wife to bed 14 years ago. He said since it was the dream of all the boys, he was no exception of course being her boy friend.

And I told him that there was one more thing that my wife was better now than the past, and that is her fucking performance, but there is no way for him to compare without having past experience. Still we could have an entertainment today if he wants, and he said he was dying for that because my wife was always a goddess for him.
Then my wife told that she would rule the game and asked both of us to undress.

When we were both left with our white panties, first she made an evaluation of our bodies as we did to her. Both of us having a little overweight on our abdomens, she hold and criticized. Then she hold our chests simultaneously by her both hands, and compared them. I had more chest hair than him but he had a larger area. Our backs were rated the same just like our asses. She examined our asses by inserting her hands under the panties.

Then the most important part of a man was in question. She first took off my panties to see my cock which was very familiar to her for the last 8 years. My 5 inch cock was in full erection, she kissed it on the head and started to bring his panties slowly, knowing that it was going to be the real excitement and fun for her tonight.

His panties was hardly taken off due to his full erection. My wife was carried over when she saw her ex boyfriend's huge cock which was maybe twice longer and twice thicker than mine. Actually having just a 5 inch member I was expecting this, but I never had a complex of inferiority due to my size, and I was pleased if and when my wife was pleased. Unlike my smaller cock his huge tool had an absolute conic shape.

My wife was only concentrated on the big cock and she asked her ex boyfriend to sit down on the sofa and she would play with it. He said "it is all yours baby, your beauties deserve this size for a long time, and I want you to compare my penis with your husband's".
My wife said that "for the appearance your penis gets ten out of ten, while my husband's can get five only, but don't forget I'll rate also for the performance at the end of the night". Then she knelt on her knees and took it in her hand, she hold his balls in her hands and started licking and kissing them slowly. In the meanwhile I was opening the clips of her black bra to make her ready for him completely.

Then I saw her giving a blow job to that huge meat. She was not able to get it all but only the head of his cock was enough to fill her small mouth totally. She was also licking the root of the big tree sometimes. I was holding and squeezing her big swinging breasts at the same time. Then my wife asked him to stand up and she sat down at the very edge of the sofa, spreading her legs as wide as she could. It was his time to please my wife by a cunnilingus.

He slowly and hardly took off her black panties because they were too small for her perfectly rounded hips. After he smelled her fragrance on the panties, he said that he loved completely shaved pussies (like me) but his ex girlfriend was very rarely doing it.
He first started to explore my wife's small and hairless pussy with his hands. He opened her lips to see how big her hole was, then squeezed her clitoris between his two fingertips.
Her love juice was flowing down to her ass, and like I never saw before. When he opened her lips wide again I saw her pink inside and thought whether her small hole would be able to get his huge cock totally.

Finally he started to suck her lips, and then shoved his tongue inside, and then licked and sucked her clitoris until she had her first and wild orgasm by pulling his head deep towards her clit and squeezing his head strongly by her legs. When he pulled his head out he was breathless.

Then he took her left breast in his hands while licking her erected nipple, and I started the same on her right breast. This continued some minutes when she started to lick his nipples. Then we stood next to each other in front of my wife upon her request. She hold our cocks simultaneously. She can always cover my cock with one hand but she could not cover even half of his with her left hand now, the difference between the two penises she had was very big indeed. She sucked both of us with great care and patience one by one. He was always playing with one of her flabby big breasts in the meanwhile. Then he showed the signs of his upcoming orgasm and my wife pulled his meat out of her mouth and he emptied his load all over her soft breasts.
She then concentrated on me and it was difficult for me to hold myself for long after seeing her tits in white cream. I also sent my semen on her big tits. Then she took our cocks in her hand and massaged her tits with the soft cocks by spreading the cream all over her big tits and especially the nipples.

After taking our showers we were all back and with re-erected cocks.
My wife brought a bottle of baby oil knowing the difficult fit between her small hole and his ex boyfriend's huge cock, and a meter because she wondered his measures.
She took our measures and we saw that his length was approximately 8 inches against my 5, and his circumference at the head was 5 inches, at the middle 5.8 inches and at the bottom 6.5 inches, while I have a circumference of 5.1 inches all over my penis. His huge size was thus recorded with evidence.

She poured some baby oil in her hand and started to lubricate his big shaft. After it was over he sat down on the sofa and my wife placed herself over him, her back facing him. She said that she wanted this position to have the control. I was holding her legs in the most separated position possible, then she slowly began to shove his huge cock in her hairless small pussy. He loved to hold and squeeze my wife's big soft and flabby tits always that were legends for him once.

His huge conic penis looked magnificent with the oil on it. She easily took his head inside but the deeper he was entering her small hole, the harder it was due to his conic shape. Still she wanted to take it as much as possible. At the middle of his shaft my wife said that it was becoming very difficult but he kindly asked for more and she slipped down a little bit more and said enough because she was afraid of her crack to be torn apart.
My wife's pussy is really narrow and that was also the reason why she gave birth by a cesarean.

Although more than 3 inches of his big cock was out of my wife's pussy, her pussy lips were separated from each other like they had never before, and her pink clitoris also was stretched to its limits. She had a sign of pain on her lovely face. She stopped for a while to get herself adjusted to this new tool in her hole, and I decided to suck her erected clitoris to give her some pleasure. When I was sucking her clit very close to the giant penis, she started her moves up and down the shaft but only down to that limit she reached. He also had her big soft tits in his hands, like always of course. He was burying all his fingers in her soft breasts and moving the flabby tits up and down.

My wife started to draw circles with her ass and her celluloid on her hips started to tremble, and I understood she was coming.
She also had following after shocks and stopped her moves after stopping her screams. She was very tired to be on top and to try to keep herself on top of that pole so she wanted to continue in another position. I asked her to try doggy and she accepted after warning him to be careful and know the limit of how deep to enter her small hole.

After lubricating him again he entered with great care and to the level before. Now he could see my wife's viola shaped perfect body from top and also her asshole that was revealed by her totally separated legs. Before moving in her he licked his finger and played with her asshole for a while.
Then he hold her left flabby breast and started to go in and out of my wife's small hole as much as it allowed his huge meat. With his right hand he was holding her thin waist and my wife's right breast was moving at large like a pendulum in every direction (that is always my favorite scene especially for big natural breasted women).

He asked if he can come in her and I said yes because she was using pills. He was faster and faster when he was coming and he forced her limits a little bit unconsciously. When he came he pulled out his cock and my wife said that she had extra pain on her pussy due to his forcing.

She laid on the floor, her legs open and I saw her small lovely pussy in such position for the first time :
A big hole was still wide open, her pink inside was seen, and there was his white semen inside. I wondered how my 5 inch dick would ever fill that big hole if it stayed that way.
She said "please come and fuck me as wild as you can honey, my pussy is now waiting for its real owner".

I slowly entered her hole which was full of cream. I immediately felt the difference in her size. Before her hole was able to cover my cock tightly but now there was a slack in it.
He then took his limp cock close to my wife's mouth and lifted her head slowly towards it. He definitely wanted a blow job and my wife was also ready for that. So she took all of it in her mouth when it was limp (his limp penis was approximately at my erected size). He grew in her mouth when I was moving in and out of my wife and she continued her mission with his big balls and the head of the giant.

I put her legs on my shoulders and he had his third orgasm on her lovely tits again. She took his penis and massaged the white cream on her soft breasts with it.
Then I came in her filling her hole to full level. After having a rest for all, we went to our bathroom to take our showers. My wife's ex boyfriend asked for a final favor from her if it was possible : he had a special taste and asked my wife to pee on him.
We never thought of this kind of activity before and I wondered how my wife would react.
She said it was OK with one condition. My curiosity was growing bigger now and her condition shocked me as well as it shocked him. She said she would pee on him with great pleasure if he sucked my cock in the meanwhile.

He said it was OK with him since he loved golden shower very much, respected her wish after such a great night, and finally my cock was at acceptable size.

He laid on the bathtub and I was down on his face facing my wife who was over his cock. He started jerking off and licking my balls while my wife was waiting for her urine to come. Then he put my cock in his mouth and started sucking. My wife started peeing on his cock while he was masturbating.
He was unbelievably turned on by her piss and had his fourth orgasm by unloading on himself. Then I came on his body when the last drips of piss from my wife's pussy were dropping on him.

We all took our showers, dressed up and had some more drinks by evaluating our experience. My wife was happy although she had some difficulty and pain.

For me it was a great pleasure and for him it was the greatest sexual pleasure of his life by having my wife (who was once a goddess to him) after 14 years.

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