Monday, December 24, 2007

The Birthday Present

Written by Galahad (Feb 2000)

They had lived together for about a year and enjoyed an active sex life.
He had asked her about anal sex when he first met her and She was emphatically negative about the idea so he had not mentioned it again.
Recently, She had enjoyed him touching her there but had never encouraged any penetration. It was his birthday and She had fixed an elegant meal and teased him about having her afterwards; both of which he thoroughly enjoyed.

She said it was time for him to open his present, told him to be seated on the sofa, and handed him a package. She stood some six feet in front of him. She was wearing a long black silk skirt that had a modest slit along the thigh and a long sleeve red blouse that emphasized her breasts in a very inviting manner. Her stockings were black.
She was tall and well shaped with a mass of black curly hair. "Hold the package and I will tell you when to open it" She said. Smiling, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse exposing a lacy black bra.

Moving slowly enough to increase his ardor, she took the blouse off and then dropped the skirt to the ground. She had a matching garter belt and panties. He was already aroused but She told him to stay seated. Turning around, She bent over and slid her panties down to expose her anus.

She opened the cheeks with her hands saying "Tonight you can have my anus if you would like it." He was about to spring up and take her when she continued "You must be very gentle and I have the right to stop if it hurts."
He could only nod frantically. "But" she said " since you want my anus, I also want yours. Now you may open the package."
He tore the wrapping off and opened the box to find a large dildo, a tube of KY jelly, and two disposable enemas.
He was throbbing with delight at the thought of Her tight virgin arse.
She continued "We will each give the other the enemas. When that is complete, you will take me into the bedroom where I will kneel. You will use your tongue on my anus and touch my clitoris until I am fiery hot and beg you to take me. You will then enter my anus slowly. Once I have taken all off you in, you will withdraw and re-enter me.
I will then tell you if you can fuck my anus until you come."
She was standing close to him now and he could smell the perfume of her lust as she moistened.

She continued "Then, I will lie on my back and you will kneel over me so that you can lick my clit. I will use my tongue on your anus and then I will take your cock in my mouth. You have no choice but to let me penetrate your anus with the dildo while I do this. If you do not agree to this then there will not be any sex tonight." He would have agreed to jump off the roof just for the pleasure of her anus; but to be taken himself this way was almost too exciting and he wondered if he would be able to restrain himself long enough to fully take her.

"Do you agree to this or shall I get dressed?" She knew that this threat would never be implemented for She could see his cock bulging in his jeans in an almost painful manner. "Say 'Yes' " she said. He could hardly get any words out but finally managed to say "Yes please!"
"Good" she replied and gave him a long deep kiss so that her tongue explored his mouth.
He reached for her breasts as she kissed him and felt the nipples to be hard and ready.
"Just think how good my tongue is going to feel on your anus, my love." said She as she pulled away from him. "But" he blurted out and then regretted saying it ". . . what changed your mind?" She laughed and said "Helen and I were talking one noon about this subject and I realized how turned on I was becoming. So . . . I decided I wanted you this way. There is one thing, and you don't have to agree to it, but I would like to tell Helen what it was like.
She doesn't have a lover currently and wants to know if she should try it when she does."

He would have agreed to anything including live video on the six o'clock news just to take her this way so he again stammered "Yes please!" She went into the bathroom and he was undressed before he got there a moment later.
She was facing the mirror with one leg on the stool and looking over her shoulder with a wicked smile. "Give me the enema first." It was in a soft plastic bottle that reminded him of a ketchup container in a restaurant.
He lubricated the point and very carefully inserted it into her. She took a deep breath of pleasure as the liquid filled her saying "I am looking forward to something much bigger than that in there."

She sat on the stool and evacuated herself while stroking his thighs and buttocks but refusing to touch his cock. "Now it's your turn".
He took the same stance and she pushed the tip into him. She reached around fondled one of his nipples in an aggressive manner while she emptied the bottle's contents into him. He sat on the stool and tried to touch her but she wouldn't let him. She left for the bedroom saying "Come and take me. I'm hot already for you."

He hurriedly finished. She was on the bed now kneeling with her lovely buttocks thrust up to him. He knelt down and started to stroke them but not touching her anus or clitoris. It was his turn to proceed slowly and augment her passion with a gentle frustration. His fingers moved closer to her vagina.
He gently touched her clit and she moaned. Then, working her clit very slowly, he began to kiss her buttocks. Slowly he slid closer to her anus and his mouth kissed less and his tongue touched more.

Spreading her buttocks, he finally let his tongue touch the very rosebud itself. "Oh! I like that so much. More! More!" She gasped and demanded he do it harder. He obliged but slowly. He rimmed her again and then pushed the tip of his tongue into her feeling her shudder with delight. Then he stopped and, on his knees, entered her vagina with no resistance and a deep sigh from Her.
He was moving in and out of her vagina when he had a wicked thought and said "If you want to tell Helen what it is like, why don't you call her now and tell her as we do it? "
You are a kinky devil!" She said.
After a moments pause to enjoy the feeling of his motion in Her, She reached for the phone. He continued to fuck her very slowly.
"Helen, you remember what we talked about at lunch the other day? Well, he is in my cunt right now and is going to bugger me. Do you want to hear about it as he does it to me? Hmmm . . . I thought you would."

"He's driving his cock into my cunt. Now he's sliding it on the outside so it goes across my clit. In my cunt; across my clit. I really want to come! He's withdrawn his cock. Now he's putting the KY in my arse. I'm actually going to take his cock up my arse. I can feel the head pressing against the opening. It's in me! Oh, it burns but feels good."

She wondered if she liked the pain more than the penetration. Helen heard him ask if She wanted more of his shaft.
"Yes, but go slowly. Helen, my arse is stretching to take him. Yes, put it all in me. The cock is stretching me so much. Yes! Put it all the way in. Oh Helen, it's in me so deep. It's all the way in me now. I can feel his hair against my arse. He is in me so far . . . I like it .. . . I want to be fucked in the arse. I have cock all the way in my arse. He's taking it out.
He's stopped with head only in me. I can feeling it pulling against me and it stings but I like it. He's out of me now."

"Now he's putting more KY jelly in me. He's going to fuck me until he comes. I don't know if I can take that. He's in my arse again . . . do it slow and deep . . . I want it forced it into me as far as it will go. He's reached around and is playing with my clit. Oh yes! Please fuck me slow and deep . . . I like it! I like it."

As he repeatedly stretched her with each penetration, the excitement of her clit turned the stinging pain into an erotic flush.
Her pleasure of Her clit and the slow, but forceful, motion of his cock suffused into a flame of desire and she gasped with pleasure.
She relaxed and he found could take her even deeper and easier.

"More! More! Oh Helen, he is buggering me. Oh! I feel him coming . . . his cock's pulsing in my arse . . . he's creaming inside me . . . there's cum shooting into my asshole. I have been bum fucked."

Then she said slowly "I have taken cock in all three of my holes". She hung up the phone still panting. He went into the bathroom to wash and she rolled on her back feeling the warm ooze from her tortured anus.
She wiped herself with a tissue and was surprised how tender she was. Her anus still burned but she liked the feeling very much.
He came back in the room smiling and kissed her saying "Thank you. That was wonderful'.

She smiled back and said "I really liked it my love. Now it's my turn. Kneel over me so you can kiss my clit but don't touch it until I tell you because I don't want to come yet." He obeyed.
She pushed the pillows under her head so she could reach him with her mouth. She started to stroke his buttocks.
She pulled them apart flexing his anus. His flaccid penis began to revive slightly.

She dragged her fingernails across his buttocks moving towards his anus and he shuddered in response. There was no kissing; instead her tongue immediately rimmed him and then entered his anus. He was responding with groans and more of an erection. She thrust her tongue in as far as She could while pulling his cheeks apart.
"Now you must yield to me". She reached for the dildo, lubricated it, and put the tip against his anus. She wanted to just ram it in and punish him for her still burning anus. Instead, she moved all nine inches into him in a slow, but continuous motion.
She enjoyed the way he jerked at the penetration and pulled it out.

"Don't you like it or can't you handle it? It's not as big as your cock which I just took pounding in my virgin arse until you came. If you want my arse ever again you had better take this." She withdrew it completely and then
She forced it in again without restraint. This time he moaned with pleasure. She touched the head of his cock and then began to roll the soft skin underneath it. He was close to full erection. With each thrust, She removed the dildo completely and then plunged it in to its full depth.

She was finding herself aroused by the pleasure of her aggressiveness. Sliding down him, she took the head of his cock in her mouth and began to suck. At the same time she pushed on the base of his cock and felt him harden in her mouth. "That feels so good" he gasped. "Please don't stop!"
She angled the dildo to increase the amount she stretched him. "Kiss my clit. I want to come now. You aren't coming until I do."
She matched her thrusts and her sucking to the pace of his tongue. If he slowed, she did. As he moved faster, she thrust him into him harder and harder not caring for him anymore but concentrating on her own consuming pleasure.

"That's it . . . give it to me as hard as you can" he demanded. Suddenly he cried out "I'm coming . . .that's too good". She let go of his cock and felt his hot cum spouting on to her breasts and then she felt the starting ripple of her orgasm.
"Harder . . harder" she demanded and the flood of her released passion swept over her body and she cried out with joy.
They lay in each other's arms.

"Happy birthday darling" she whispered.


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