Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Time With Debbie

Written by SAM

Debbie was always a puzzlement to us all. I had better start at the beginning, we worked in a small factory and Debbie worked in the offices upstairs, her job was to look after the goods inwards and invoicing anything going out.
So we got to see a fair bit of her down in the work area, not I am sad to say the important bits of her incredible body.
She is around five eight in height, has short dark hair and a slim figure apart from her very large tits, which no man can resist looking at or dreaming about.
The puzzle was that no man had managed to get a date with her or no one had ever heard of her dating anyone from the day she started working with us. This caused much talk in the factory as you can imagine we all had our own ides about her and most of us spent some time imagining having her in our bed to find out for ourselves.

One night in a city centre club I noticed a familiar face on the dance floor, it was Debbie and I couldn't believe my eyes.
She was dressed so sexily in a very short white skirt and a low cut white crop top displaying her assets so well as it was as short at the top as it was around her midriff.
She danced like an angel (well I thought so) her tits dominated the view as they appeared to dance on their own, swaying in time to the music as her hips gyrated round and round. I couldn't resist the chance and waited for a slower number before walking up behind her and asked for the dance, her eyes lit up as she recognised me and smiling slid into my arms for a slow dance around the centre of the dance floor.
I could feel her body pressing against mine and my hands felt her naked flesh where her top failed to meet her very short skirt. I knew my cock was growing and that she must have been able to feel it pressing against her as we danced and I knew it would be futile to try to hide it from her.

When the record finished I asked if she wanted a drink and expected her to say no, to my surprise she actually said yes and as quickly as I could I steered her from the dance floor to the bar.
I ordered her white wine and my bottled foreign beer and we stood chatting about anything really, the loud disco music meaning that we had to stand very close just to hear what the other was saying. I couldn't ignore her crop top and her tits straining underneath it, being taller than she is made it easy to see more than I ever imagined would be possible after all those hours spent dreaming of her when I should have been working.

Several dances later we were holding hands and chatting over another drink when she said to me "I see you at work you know, always looking at my legs as I come down the stairs, or looking at my breasts when you think I don't know" I blushed wondering what would happen next.

Surprisingly she changed the subject and led me onto the dance floor for the last dance of the night.
Another slow dance had her in my arms and a short time later I kissed her neck gently several times before looking in her eyes, To my surprise she pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me hard, her tongue invaded my mouth where I felt it running around my own tongue greedily. I was living a dream and didn't realise that the music had finished and still we kissed until someone nudged me in the back and told me to take her home as she was gagging for it.

Laughing to hide my embarrassment I took her hand and asked where to now? We had better do as he said, take me home to your place.

We found a taxi quite quickly and during the ten minute drive to my flat we carried on where we left off on the dance floor, kissing each other like there was no tomorrow.
Once home and inside the flat I asked if she wanted a drink, I had better she replied, entering the kitchen I looked what was available and went back into the sitting room, sat naked on the settee was Debbie.

I decided against the drink she said, you had better get over here instead. She has the most incredible pair of tits I have ever seen, they appear to defy gravity because for their size and there is hardly any sag to go with the biggest nipples that I have ever seen, dark brown and surrounded by dark brown outer nipples. I almost leapt onto the settee

to be at her side. I took her in my arms and kissed her hard and let my hands explore her tits. her lips sought out mine as she grabbed my wrist and pushed my hand downwards and in between her legs, as I touched her clit her mouth opened and she almost sucked me mouth first into her own willing mouth.

She was so wet and already swollen, suddenly she turned and told me to take off my clothes, I almost fell over while rushing to remove my trousers, she laughed and while I took off my shirt she knelt in front of me and engulfed my hard cock deep into her mouth, with her hand squeezing my balls her wet lips slid all the way down my cocks shaft before her tongue started to lash the purple head of my cock. With her tongue lashing and her fingers squeezing my balls I said that I was going to cum, stopping she not yet Babe and squeezed the base of my cock, I felt my erection soften from it's readiness until her hand started to stroke me once more, now you can cum she said as her mouth once more started to suck gently.
The sucking was so gentle yet erotic and as I shot my load into her mouth she sucked harder and swallowed the whole lot down her throat.

My turn she said, and pulled me onto the floor where she rolled me onto my back and immediately sat over my face pushing her wet cunt hard onto my mouth.
Pushing my tongue into her tunnel I could taste her sweet cunt juice, her hips pushed down hard and I almost smothered as she covered my mouth and nose.
Taking deep breaths whenever possible I sucked and licked as I looked upwards to see her tits as she massaged and teased her own nipples . I would like to think that it was because of my tongue that she came so hard, but in reality she was doing the work in pushing her wet cunt onto my mouth as her hips rolled and gyrated onto me. Her back arched and she screamed loudly and my face was covered with her sweet cunt juice for what felt like ten minutes. My whole face was covered and as she relaxed she slid down onto her side and kissed me deeply tasting her own cum in my mouth.

I needed that she said and her fingers idly played with my cock until it started to react when it was hard and my hips were beginning to push it towards her own wet cunt she said simply "fuck me" Not needing asking twice I rolled her onto her back and in one movement buried my cock deep into her wet cunt, her hips left the floor and she pushed hard back against my cock until it had nowhere left to go, pulling backwards and my cock almost out of her, delaying the push back inside made her take charge and her nails dug deeply into my back forcing me back inside of her.

In a sudden move I was on my back and Debbie took charge fucking me wildly, all of the time her tits were bouncing hard almost hitting her and me in the face while doing so.
My back was sore from her nails and this highlighted her desire and mine until I felt her nails digging into my chest, I felt her break the skin and warm blood running down my chest, she was getting wilder and harder her cunt juice was running down my thighs, my balls were soaking and I thought that a wild cat was fucking me.

Don't cum you bastard she said I want more of you yet, every time that I thought that she was finishing her climax started all over again and her nails once more dug into my chest.
I had never been so hard for so long in my life, eventually she slowed down and her movement was slower and more gentle, for once I could keep up with her and soon I was feeling that feeling deep inside that told me that I was starting to cum, Debbie realised this and kept up a slow steady fuck until she felt my cock pulsing deep inside her, with a sudden move she leapt off me and took my cock deep into her mouth swallowing the lot as it pumped out of my cock.

My whole body was sore, blood hardened on my back and chest, my cock was sore and abused, but contented was the only way of describing how I felt.

We fell asleep in each others arm still on the floor, I awoke some hours later and I was alone, looking down at my body I knew that I hadn't dreamed it at all, her nail marks were vivid reminders to me.

The next morning at work I couldn't wear my usual T shirt I needed something to cover my marked chest and back, at about eleven Debbie wandered into the work area, "Sam" she said "have you a minute", while showing me a clip board she hissed into my ear "if you tell a single person about last night I will kill you, you bastard" and then slowly walked back to her office as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

Many times later as my work mates said exactly what they would do to Debbie given the chance I said nothing but thought to myself "she would kill you"

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