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Eileen's First Affair

Written by Bill (Feb 2000)

After dropping Mark off at his grand parents she spent the rest of the morning sorting out what she was going to wear.
She realised she hadn't been so excited about going out for years. She had the butterflies in her tummy which she had got as a teenager when she was going out on a first date with someone she had really fancied. As she discarded outfits from her wardrobe deep down she knew she was not going to dress for dinner with a friend but dinner with a date. She was looking for something to make him really fancy her.

She discarded longer skirts because they made her hips look lumpy - I must really lose a few more pounds she thought as she looked at her shorter skirts. Thank goodness my legs are all right, she thought, as she selected a tight short black lycra skirt which Tom had always said made her hips and backside 'absolutely fantastic' - certainly he had always been very keen to get her out of it!.

She teamed it up with a red fitted jacket but couldn't find the right blouse or body to go with it . She knew she would have to go into town to find just the right top. She was despairing that she wasn't going to get anything because they were either too ' frumpy' or a bit over the top. She realised that she didn't want to look too easy but she didn't want to look unavailable either!

Then she saw ' the top' in a small boutique' . It was a black blouse with a little military collar and was rather like a basque in that it was fitted to under the bust. It was daringly transparent except for lace beading up the front, and round the collar. In the privacy of the changing room she knew this was it.

It lifted her heavy breasts and her thick dark nipples could be clearly seen through the diaphanous material. It could be buttoned up to the neck to look demure with her jacket closed over it or she could open it to reveal a bit of the cleavage of her pushed up breasts. If she wanted to take her jacket off it was positively indecent.

She was still on a high from completing her outfit when she called at Carol's her hair dresser. Carol sensed her excitement especially when she asked her for new highlights and a shaggier younger style. To Carol's enquiry 'hot date?' she replied no not really only a friend of Tom's - but she couldn't resist telling Carol how gorgeous he was. She was really thrilled with her hair - it made her look about ten years younger and when she gave Carol an unusually large tip Carol said ' he must be special'. Conspiratorially she showed Carol her blouse who smiled knowingly and said 'he won't know what hit him'.

As she luxuriated in a hot bath she couldn't help thinking about what she was doing - however she found her hand straying to her blonde curls and before she really knew what she was doing she was having a sensational climax. She knew that her body had made her decision for her and that she really wanted Richard.

As she dressed she felt dangerously provocative and discarded the tights she usually wore with her short skirts for stockings and suspenders . She discarded her pants as they showed up through the tight material of the skirt - she almost discarded the suspenders in favour of hold ups because she knew they showed slightly through the tight skirt but she thought what the hell - suspenders always turn on Tom more..

Her outfit looked spectacular - the skirt and fitted blouse made her look much slimmer and yet curvier and she felt her boobs had never looked better. She decided to leave a few buttons undone and show a little bit of cleavage.

Richard drove into the driveway at 7.25 precisely and she remembered how with girlish enthusiasm she thought he must be keen. He looked absolutely gorgeous with his blonde collar length hair carefully groomed and he looked immaculate in a crisp white shirt and expensive blazer and flannels. He had brought her some roses and as she took them from him she got an intoxicating waft of expensive aftershave as he bent to kiss her cheek. He whispered you look absolutely brilliant as she turned to put the flowers in water and she could feel his eyes on her.

She was glad that she had worn stockings as she noticed with quiet pleasure his eyes take in the glimpse of creamy thigh and stocking top as her skirt rode up her thighs as she got into the low seat of the Porsche.

As he drove she noticed he drove fast and confidently and she had admired his handsome tanned profile and how his strong hands covered in soft blonde down changed gear and handled the wheel. With a quiver in her groin she couldn't help imagining what they would be like running over the curves of her body. She abruptly stopped the drifts of her thoughts as she thought if I continue like this he really is going to think I'm easy. So she turned the conversation to lighter things.

As they drove along the coast to the inn at Portrobert they were soon chatting like old friends and she was looking forward to a really enjoyable evening with this most handsome of escorts. His manners were impeccable and when he parked the car in the inn car park he came round to open the door for her. Once again she was flattered both by the unspoken interest in his eyes as he took in first her cleavage and then her thighs and when he whispered ' you really look fantastic' as he took her hand to lead her to the inn.

She felt all sorts of emotions as his warm hand took hers - slight guilt because she hadn't walked hand in hand with anyone other than tom since she was married but also a massive charge of sexual energy and a feeling of being young and free again.

it was just near approaching sunset when they went into the lounge overlooking the seas for a pre dinner drink. They took a seat in two low arm chairs beside the window so they could look at the sun setting over the bay. As she sank back in the chair she felt his eyes going to her thighs and they exchanged a smile as she tugged her skirt down to cover her stocking tops.

While he went to the bar she careful crossed her legs and arranged the short skirt, as best she could to cover her thighs. As he went to the bar she noticed a group of girls in their early twenties take an obvious interest in him and she noticed on his way back he met their glances with a smile. As he sat down with a low alcohol beer for him and a large gin and tonic for her she noted that he ran his eye appreciatively over their thighs and pert rears in their micro mini skirts. For a second she felt a flash of jealousy but then she realised that if he wasn't so attractive she wouldn't be here with him tonight and that she was the one with him in spite of being the 42 year old mother of a teenage boy.

A couple of gins and cigarettes later she had relaxed enough to divert his attention on the way back from the bar by uncrossing and recrossing her legs. This time she didn't worry about tugging her skirt down nor whether he got a glimpse of thigh or even her pubes. Certainly between then and them going into the candle lit restaurant she totally kept his attention.

They had a fantastic meal and while he drank sparingly she polished off most of a bottle of Chablis and nearly a half bottle of claret . They told each other about their childhood and had just got round to their love lives when the waiter suggest they move into the lounge for their coffee and brandies.

The lounge wasn't too busy with just a couple of groups of young people at the bar so they were able to regain their seats at the window and admire the moon playing on the waves. As Richard went to the bar for another brandy for her she went to the loo. As she freshened up she felt really daring and before going back opened her jacket and opened her blouse to between her breasts. She was really disappointed when what she thought would be a grand entrance for her was ruined when she saw that Richard had his back to her and was chatting to some of the girls whom he had given the once over to earlier on.

When he saw her he brought her brandy over to the window. Once again she felt a pang of jealousy and the sense of uncertainty which older women feel when threatened by younger. She thought what the hell I'll give him something to look at and started to take her jacket off. As he helped her off with it she couldn't help noticing a group of young guys do a double take as her unfettered breasts nearly popped out and as they could obviously see her nipples through the net material. She thought sauce for the goose and gander.

However when she turned round and saw Richard's expression as he took in her breasts and erect nipples she knew she had absolutely nothing to worry about. He whispered hoarsely ' I have never seen such beautiful breasts on any woman- you have it all you're gorgeous , you have great breasts , great legs , great thighs and a great ass - Tom really is a very lucky man'. When she chided him about did he not prefer younger women he said with a rakish grin 'normally yes - but you really are special'.

As they drank the conversation returned to their love lives and she was surprised to hear how jealous she was when Richard admitted that he played the field a bit but he had been seeing quite a bit of Lucy Bellows. When she asked him was he serious he smiled and said no more serious than Tom.

She had recounted her own sexual experiences and he seemed rather surprised at her relative lack of experience saying - I really am flattered I had assumed that you would have had quite a few affairs.

He suggested they go for a drive to the next bay and she knew what was likely to happen

When they stopped overlooking the sea as he kissed her he deftly dropped her seat back. She melted into his arms totally and her mouth and tongue responded as eagerly as his own. He met no resistance when he eased her jacket off to see her two heavy breasts thrust up to him by the restrictions of the taut material. Cupping one he teased the nipple erect while admiring the large brown aureole. By the time he opened up the blouse further to release two very heavy pendulous breasts her nipples were totally erect and he could feel the excitement rising in him as it was in her.

As he felt the weight of her huge heavy breast his other hand slid up over her stocking top and after gently caressing the cool creamy thighs closed over the moist heat of her big pubic mound . He felt her move under him and a little moan escaped her throat as he inserted two fingers in her. As he gently rode her with these he felt her hands at his belt and soon felt her long cool fingers close over his throbbing erection. As her other hand cupped his balls he stopped being the seducer as lust overtook him and he tried to push her back to mount her.

No she moaned you lie back first. Still groping one of her big soft breasts he lay back as she bent over and took his shaft in her mouth. Still holding and gently squeezing his balls with one hand she worked his shaft gently into her mouth with the other, her tongue tracing tantalising circles round the top of his bulb as she took it in and out.

He had never had head like it. Her mouth was so soft, warm and inviting he felt he was floating on air. As he drifted she bent over him even further and with darting head movements took his whole length into her throat. This was something he had never experienced before and as he thrust in time to her bobbing head he noticed that her skirt had ridden up at the back to expose the bottom of her creamy buttocks. A haze of lust hit him at what this big willing mature married woman was doing and rucking her skirt right up to uncover two luscious jutting round orbs he thrust his hand between them to find her rosebud.

Initially she wiggled her rear to free it from his intruding finger but as his thrusts into her throat became more insistent she relaxed to allow him to enter her in unison at the two ends. With a shudder of excitement such as he had never felt before he climaxed into her throat. As he lay sated she greedily sucked his rod dry before also falling back in her seat. She smiled as he said ' that was wonderful - I've never had head as good' as traced the outline of her tiny mouth with his thumb.

As she started to nibble his thumb he noticed that her skirt was rucked up over her belly to expose her plump creamy thighs and the largest hairiest and plumpest pubic mound he had ever seen. She caught his glance and started to tug down her skirt saying 'don't look at my belly' . He gently kissed her and as he caressed her prominent belly he said that like the rest of you is fantastically curvaceous and ripe. He could feel her excitement rising as he played with her clit and in response he felt himself hardening again.

Still kissing her he laid her back and with his chest resting on her big soft mammaries he went between her thighs. He felt her shudder as he eased his length into her and she moaned with pleasure as he thrust it deep into the cavernous warmth of her pussy. He gently stroked in and out of her pelvic movements became more and more urgent until he had to roughly grab her big soft cool buttocks to prevent himself being thrown as she bucked wildly under him. One again his finger claimed her rosebud - this time she seemed to enjoy the twin intrusions and soon his finger and rod were thrusting into her side by side.

He felt her climax wildly once and she cried out ' Oh how I love you' before grabbing his buttocks to pull him deeper into her. As his excitement rose he felt her finger slip into his bottom and this shared intimacy of them tied in front and back made him realise he was reaching the point of no return. She seemed to realise this and increased her own urgent thrusts with groin and fingers as he thrust wildly into her with his cock and delved into her ample rear with his fingers. They exploded together tied closely in front and impaled on each others fingers at the rear and they remained tied like this as he felt her muscles pump him dry.

They must have lain like this for fifteen minutes before he rolled off her as his cock shrivelled. As he fell back into his seat and she lay in a post coital reverie he couldn't help thinking as he looked at her ripe body - how much he had enjoyed having her and how willing she had been. As he pulled up his trousers and she her skirt down she lit up a cigarette. They sat for few minutes in an awkward silence before he said ' you really were fantastic - I've never had a woman like you'. She looked a little sad and said ' I've never let myself go with anyone like that before except for Tom. ' He whispered Tom's a very lucky man to be able to have that every night'.

She said ' you're all the same - you soon look for something new and younger'. He reassured her by saying no one younger could ever give him as good a ride as she had.

As they listened to the radio and she smoked he asked could he see her again - 'for sex?' she asked. 'no he whispered I really fancy you. She smiled and said ' well I really fancy you but we will have to be careful'. He suggested that they go for a walk on the beach.

As they walked in the moonlight he opened her jacket and allowed the big creamy breasts to dangle free and unfettered. He suddenly wanted to see them her naked and pulled her jacket off. She lit up a cigarette. As she walked slightly behind and slightly to the side of her he couldn't help admire the profile of her big dangling jugs with their nipples sitting out like pencils, the ripeness of her thighs and the roll of her jutting buttocks in the skin tight skirt.

As they approached a wall to step up to the path he grabbed her from behind grabbing two overflowing handfuls of cool creamy tit while he ground his erection against her big soft buttocks. As he teased her nipples and nuzzled her neck she said That feels really good and reaching back grabbed his cock and balls. He rucked up her skirt right over her hips delved between her hips to claim her rosebud. Releasing his by now swollen rod he moistened the tip with saliva before nosing it between her big ripe hips to replace his finger He felt her stiffen and she said ' no Richard I don't really like that it can hurt'.

By now his desire for her big ass was so strong that he would not take no for an answer and tried to thrust his rod into her - she moaned please don't but he persisted saying 'I've wanted to ride that big ass since I first saw you'. She angrily retorted you guys are never satisfied with anything you always want more and more. OK you can have it but use some Vaseline.

She handed him a small jar from her bag and with an air of resignation bent over the wall with her big rear raised up. Initially he felt guilty. He had genuinely enjoyed his night and did like her, but the sight of the big creamy ripe thighs and the big jutting creamy buttocks framed by the black stockings and suspenders put lust foremost in his mind as the thought of putting his shaft into the deep crevice of her ass overruled every other thought.
He liberally smeared his rod with Vaseline and parting her upturned buttock eased the tip of his rod into her rosebud.

She gave a little moan at this intrusion and as he gently eased it in . When he had it fully home he bent over her and taking the weight of her breasts whispered 'its not too bad is it '? She moaned no its all right but please take it slow.
Whispering assent he gently rode it in and out until he felt her starting to unfreeze and to start to push her buttocks up to meet his thrusts . As he quickened up he asked her is this all right now and was delighted to hear her moan ' its good its really good'. This plus the sway and wobble of her big hips really turned him on and grabbing two handfuls of soft cool buttocks he really started to stallion her.

His animal thrusts were met by her heaving buttocks as he separated them to go deeper into her rear . As he splayed her buttocks to get his shaft fully into her he felt the delightful sensation of his balls slapping on the cool flesh of the crevice between them and he totally lost control as he exploded into her. Mouthing obscenities he pumped himself dry as she also caught up in animal lust thrust greedily against him exhorting him to really give it to her.

They collapsed to the sand him still embedded in her and still groping her breasts and buttocks in some sort of post coital lust. Before he disengaged and turning kissed her gratefully. He found himself saying over and over again 'you are really beautiful , you are really beautiful'. She started to cry and said I don't normally do that - I hope you don't think I'm easy. I really fancy you.' He reassured her that he fancied her and she came round well enough to wash him from a pool with her handkerchief.

He felt a mix of emotion from a deep sense of tenderness when after she had cleaned him she trailed her tongue the length of his rod before kissing the tip and saying - I've been a silly girl tonight but I really do want more of you.
To a sense of guilt about having taken advantage of her to a sense of satisfaction in having turned on this big married woman so that she would have done virtually everything for him on the first night, to a sense of that he would use this big woman's body well in the future.

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