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Nancy's Adventures - Modeling for Fun

Written by Anon (Feb 2000)

On Friday March 19, 1965, my sexy young wife came home from a busy night out. By the time she came home at 2:30 AM, six men had fucked my sexy young wife during the course of another of her exciting nights out.

When Nancy got home she began, like she always did, telling me about her exciting night out.
After every night out Nancy always told me where she had been, whom she had been with and what they had sexually done to her during her night out.
Nancy said like always that the men were very excited by her gorgeous figure but that one of the men that she had gone out with had been extremely excited by her sexy figure, which was an eye popping 36FFF-20-35.
Nancy told me that his name was Paul and he told her that he put on fashion shows and did other promotions. He told Nancy that with her fantastic body he wanted her to model for him at fashion and trade shows and to help with his other promotions.
Nancy said that it was something that she hadnÕt tried so she told him that she was very interested in doing some modeling.

Nancy was fairly drunk and had already been out with several men so she was very turned on and horny. She said that she had quickly agreed to go with him to his motel room and when they got there she eagerly stripped for him, letting him see and sample every inch of her gorgeous body.
She said that he was very turned on by her gorgeous big breasts and the rest of her very sexy body.
As he talked with her he was also interested in the fact that she was willing to entertain other men.
He told Nancy that most fashion models were much smaller busted than she was but that she was so pretty and sexy that if she wanted to work at some of his shows he would be sure to find some things for her to wear.
He told her that with her looks and great body she would be in big demand to work at some of the conventions or trade shows when they came to town.

The next Friday, March 26, 1965, Nancy was out again, getting her horny little pussy fucked by as many different men as she could, when she happened to run into Paul again.
Nancy was just coming back into the club from a trip out to the parking lot, where she had just let a young man fuck her hot horny little pussy, when she ran into Paul as he was just coming into the club.
Paul had a middle aged oriental man with him that he introduced to Nancy as one of his best buyers from his fashion shows.
Nancy and the two men went to a table where they bought her several drinks, as they gave her a pep talk, trying to make sure she was interested in working some of their fashion and trade shows for them.
By the time Nancy agreed to go with Paul and his oriental friend to PaulÕs motel room she was getting very drunk, which always tended to make her very very horny.
When they got to PaulÕs motel room Paul asked Nancy if she would strip for them and help make sure his friend had a good time.

As horny as she was Nancy happily stripped for Paul and his friend.
As she was stripping, Nancy came over very close to PaulÕs friend so he could see every part of her sexy body and get a good look at her beautiful big tits as she rubbed them in his face, letting him suck on her hard erect nipples.
Nancy loved the excitement of being naked for a group of men and to have them admire her beautiful body. Usually when she got the chance Nancy very eagerly stripped for them letting them see everything.

After she had stripped for them and she was completely naked Paul came over to her with a wine bottle and smiled as he told her how beautiful she was and how turned on she made him.
He handed Nancy the wine bottle and asked if she would please entertain his friend and give him a personal show by masturbating herself with the wine bottle for them.
Nancy eagerly agreed and as she lay back in the big easy chair and spread her legs wide for them she began to tease the lips of her horny little cunt with the tip of the wine bottle.
As she worked on her horny little pussy and gradually inserted the bottle deeper and deeper into her cunt she began to get hotter and hotter.
In a short time she was so hot and her pussy was so wet that she had almost the entire wine bottle shoved up inside of her horny hole.
As she began to convulse in a wave of orgasms she quickly pulled the wine bottle out and turning it around she inserted the large end into her slippery wet pussy.
As she continued to have one orgasm after another she shoved the entire bottle inside of her cunt until only the very tip was still sticking out of her pussy.

When her series of orgasms began to subside, Nancy opened her eyes and smiled up at the two men. Looking up at them she realized that they had taken out a camera and had been taking pictures of her while she masturbated for them.
It always excited her when she had men looking at her sexy body so when she realized that they were taking pictures she became even hornier.
Smiling up at Paul and his friend Nancy asked them if they could see enough as she spread her legs as wide as she could and continued working the bottle in and out of her horny heaving cunt.
With PaulÕs friend taking picture after picture she shoved the bottle completely inside of her cunt
With the bottle completely up inside of her she spread her legs very wide so they could get a good picture of her pussy with the bottle inside of it. As they continued to take pictures of her Nancy felt the hot wetness returning to her cunt.

Sticking her fingers inside of her pussy to get hold of the bottle Nancy began to masturbate herself again as she worked the bottle in and out of her swollen abused little pussy.
Nancy said that having Paul and his friend watch and take pictures of her had really turned her on. So much so that she couldnÕt control herself as she went wild have orgasm after orgasm as she feverishly worked the bottle in and out of her hot wet hole.
Nancy said that this series of orgasms were so strong that she actually passed out from the excitement for a short time.
As she came to she was still very horny and decided that she was going to use Paul and his friend to help take care of this problem.

Nancy said that when she was coming down from the excitement of masturbating for Paul and his friend, she quietly asked PaulÕs friend if he would please fuck her because she needed someone to fuck her very very bad. PaulÕs friend quickly consented to NancyÕs demand and in seconds he had buried his hard cock into her sloppy wet stretched little pussy.
Nancy said that was sure what she needed because she began to have another orgasm shortly after he slammed his cock into her gaping hold. After he had hammered her sweet pussy for a few minutes he groaned as he slammed into her as deep as he could get and shot a load of hot cum deep inside of her heaving belly.

As soon as PaulÕs friend had shot his load into my sexy wife she looked over at Paul and said that she also needed him to fuck her.
As he had already fucked this sexy little woman the previous week he knew exactly what an exciting and wild ride she was so he didnÕt waste any time at all coming over and mounting her. Like the many men before him it was only a matter of minutes before he too shot his load of cum inside of her hot pussy.

By now it was almost five oÕclock in the morning and Nancy told them that she had to be getting home. By the time that Nancy finally came walking into the house it was almost six oÕclock in the morning.
Although she was very tired she was also very excited because it had really turned her on to know that they were photographing her as she masturbated for them.
She was also excited because as she left PaulÕs motel room he told her that he had a fashion show the next week that he wanted her to model in.

On Thursday April 1, 1965, Nancy modeled in her first fashion show, which she said was very exciting and she loved doing it. Because she was so big busted she couldnÕt model the dresses that most of the girls modeled so Paul had her model some sexy nightgowns and lingerie.
When Nancy came home from her first fashion she was so excited that she could hardly calm down enough to tell me about it. Nancy said that when she came out the first time in a very revealing babydoll nightgown and watched the reaction of the men to seeing her big tits and sexy body she almost climaxed right there on the stage. As she mingled in the crowd she said that it was very exciting to listen to the comments of the men as they talked about her body.
She heard several of them say, "Oh, my god, look at that body!" Others said, "Look at the size of those tits, boy would I like to play with those!"
Several others whispered to her that they would like to see her after she was off of work.
All this attention really made her very happy and Nancy said that it also was a great turnon.

About two weeks later on Thursday April 15, 1965, Nancy worked in a trade show that Paul was handling for three days. All she had to do was wear a very short micro-mini skirt and a very low blouse showing a lot of cleavage and look very sexy as she handed out information packets to the people entering the show.

On Saturday April 18, 1965 when the show was over, Paul invited Nancy to go out with him, the oriental friend that she had already met and another man named George that Paul introduced her to. Paul told Nancy that George had seen the pictures that they had taken of her a couple of weeks earlier.
George told Paul that Nancy was a very gorgeous woman and that he would like to meet her and talk her into letting him take some test pictures of her. Nancy agreed to go out with them to a restaurant for dinner. While they were having dinner George explained to Nancy that if it was all right with her he would like to take some pictures of her that night. He told her that if she passed the test, which he was sure that she would, that he wanted to make some small movies with her in them.

Nancy became very excited at the thought of getting into the movies, even though she misunderstood the type of movies that he wanted to put her into.
As they talked, Paul made sure that Nancy was getting more than enough to drink so that she was soon very drunk. They talked to the headwaiter and he moved them to a private dining room.
George sat on one side of Nancy and Paul sat on the other as they began to kiss and caress her, feeling up every part of her sexy body.
They kept helping Nancy get drunker as they slowly began to remove her clothes.

PaulÕs oriental friend had taken out a movie camera as they started to undress her and continued to take pictures of her the rest of the activities.
When they had her completely naked they asked the young waiter who was waiting on their table; they had made arrangements for him ahead of time, to play with her.

Paul had showed him the pictures of Nancy masturbating for them, but when he saw how beautiful and sexy Nancy was in person he instantly became very excited and in a few minutes he was slipping his hard cock into her wet waiting little pussy.
Nancy didnÕt know it at the time but she was starring in her first short porno film.
After filming the waiter eating her pussy, and fucking her they continued to photograph her as the rest of them took their turns fucking my drunk wifeÕs horny little cunt, and she loved every minute of it.
Nancy was so drunk when they finished with her that she couldnÕt walk so they had to bring her home.
When they brought her home Paul explained to me that they had been photographing Nancy. He was really surprised and became very nervous when I asked him if he was going to make some porno films with her.
He immediately relaxed when I told him that Nancy had been going out and letting other men fuck her since the day that we were married.

He answered me very honestly and told me that because Nancy was so beautiful and sexy and because she photographed so well that they wanted to use her in some films that they wanted to make. Paul said that it also helped that Nancy was completely uninhibited and such a wildly responsive sexual partner. Paul said that it was impossible to realistically fake an orgasm on film and with Nancy having one orgasm after another while she was getting played with they didnÕt have to worry about making it look like it was real.
As Paul left he told me that he wanted to take Nancy to Hawaii and make some films there if it was ok with me.
I told Paul that Nancy had my approval to go to Hawaii to make the films or anywhere else that she wanted to go.

On Friday May 14, 1965, Nancy came home from a night out and told me that she had run into Paul and some of his friends again. Paul asked her if she would like to go to Hawaii the following week to make some movies. Nancy was very excited and told him that she would love to go if it was ok with me. She told Paul that she would ask me that night when she got home.
Of course when she asked me I gave her my approval to go and make the movies.
Although they told her that they were going over to make movies Nancy was somewhat mistaken thinking about being in the movies. I told her that the only movies that they were going to make were xxx rated porno movies.
She still thought that she was going to have a chance to get into the legitimate movies.

Paul picked up Nancy on Tuesday May 18, 1965, taking her to catch their flight over to Hawaii. They told me that they were going to be gone for about two weeks. Nancy called me when they landed in Hawaii to let me know that they arrived ok.
She said that they were going to go out for the night to have some fun and to introduce her to the men that were going to appear in the movies with her.
Nancy called me the next morning just before they went out to shoot the first movie.
She said that Paul, George and his oriental friend were all there and that they had introduced her to five good-looking young men that were going to be in the flicks with her.
Nancy said that Paul got her fairly drunk and suggested that she and the five guys get it on so that they would all be more relaxed the next day when they started filming.
Nancy said that it sure was going to be fun making the movies with these guys because if they performed like they did the night before she was going to be having so many orgasms that she wouldnÕt be able to count them.
Nancy giggled and told me that before the night was over the five guys had fucked her and that Paul, George and his oriental friend also took their turn riding her horny body to a wild and wonderful climax.

Nancy continued to call me every day telling me what they had filmed.
The plots were very simple, guy sees girl, guy gets girl and guy fucks girl. In looking back on her making these movies, one of the exciting things was the fact that one of the young men fucking my sexy little wife in these movies would later become one of the leading men in the xxx rated movie business. When he was fucking my gorgeous little wife in 1965 we never gave it a thought that he would become one of the big names in porno movies a few years later.

When Nancy finally came home on Thursday June 3, 1965, she had been filmed in six short, fifteen to twenty minute 8mm porno films.
Some of the movies had her with one guy doing all sorts of things to her willing body.
Some of them had her getting used by several guys at the same time, and boy did they use everything. Several times over the next four or five years Nancy would go with Paul and make several more xxx movies, but usually only one or two at a time.

These movies are no longer available but at one time they were readily available in an 8mm film version. It is to bad that Nancy didnÕt let me keep a copy of all of her movies.
When she became ill she insisted in getting rid of all of them to keep her kids from finding them after she was gone. The only thing I have left of these great sexual activities of my wife is the diary that she so meticulously kept of all of her sexual escapades.

These xxx movies with Nancy were filmed at a small farm in a remote area of Hawaii.
In one of her movies Nancy was introduced to sex with some of the four-legged friends one finds on the farm, but that will be another story about the sexual adventures of my sexy little wife.

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