Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Ex-Student

Written by (Elric the Albino) (Feb 2000)

I was walking along, about ten in the evening, a quiet Sunday.
It was the holiday period and I was pretty happy. Going home after checking the city out, doing a bit of shopping. Mind you I'm no shop-a-holic. I haven't got the money to be some happy-go-lucky yuppie.

I'm a teacher in fact. Used to work in high schools, but now I'm lucky enough to have a relatively cosy job working in an adult college for overseas students. Still, I'm a working guy when all's said and done.
It was a full moon or close to it. I live in in a fairly upmarket suburb within walking distance of the centre of the city. The rent was surprisingly reasonable. The main thing that attracted me was I could work to work, and I could walk to the city.

Anyway, most people who live there are pretty affluent - professional types, and I mean professionals that get paid like professionals; doctors, solicitors, higher ranking public servants. I've always felt somewhat out of place there, but sometimes in life you find yourself in a certain place and a certain situation you weren't at all anticipating.
I came to a set of lights and crossed. Nobody around. Sunday evenings are so quiet. It was late November, and the evening was slightly chill, though pleasant.

Two females appeared up ahead of me. At first I couldn't make anything out about them, but eventually I got close enough to see they were fairly young. They were wearing school blazers of some sort, navy blue.
I recognised them as students of a local girls only school. It is a huge school and very prestigious. It says something about where I livethat a school like that is located there. I have to say that there is something about teenage girls, particularly the prettier ones, that unsettles and excites me at the same time.
And not just any teenage girl.

What I have in mind is the middle class teenage girl. With her invariably dim view of the world, a world of shopping, clothes, parties, and secret giggles behind covered faces. The working class teenage girl on the other hand does many of the same things. But she is thoroughly alienated and does it for that reason, while at the same time holding it almost with contempt, a contempt that is turned back on herself and manifests itself as a form of self loathing.

She is much more a victim of gender expectations than the middle class girl. The middle class girl tends be socially dim witted; she is destined to be a flighty shopper, a party hostess, the appendage of a successful career man. And yet, if she is really "liberated" in spirit, manages to make her own career, and is prepared to take on the world to some degree, she can become the ultimate femme fatale fantasy. Affluent, confident, sexual, and in control. For her sex is power.

She can use it to bring men to their knees. At least in the bedroom, she can totally crush female oppression beneath the heel of her boot. How does a woman factory worker attain this liberation ? She works long hours for poor pay. When she gets home she's tired.

Sex is just another thing to be got through. No, the nineties, liberated middle class woman is the stuff of my fantasies. A woman who wants to fuck me, but doesn't give a shit either way whether I enjoy it or not. A woman who truly believes men like me are there to please her.

So anyway, I came near them and did what I always do when I get near that sort of girl. My heart beat faster, I felt a little self conscious, and I immediately started thinking about them without their clothes on. Because they were lovely looking girls. Both quite tall, about five nine or ten. One had a fairly dark complexion, perhaps part Indian I thought, her long jet black hair tied into a ponytail behind her. The other one was fair of skin, honey blonde, with a short bob-style, shoulder length. I'm not the classic handsome guy, but nevertheless I'm good looking enough.

Fairly lean of build, athletically minded, and very tall. My hair is very short and dark, almost black. I have a fairly dark complexion. When I taught in high school, I got a fair few anonymous letters of a romantic nature. I got a few that were downright obscene. One day, I found a pair of red lace panties in my bag (I am still wondering which girl it was). But I was not by any means universally regarded in this light by that section of the female student body concerned with fantasising about teachers (or is that all of them ?)

One day I was cleaning some graffiti off a desk and I found this : "Mr. Janis is a cutie." Loveheart. Then underneath a couple of other comments to that effect, one which was far more explicit. It seemed there had been some dialogue on the matter, because nearby were other remarks written by other students which begged to differ. "Mr. ? is better" and "No way - he's a jerk." Ouch that hurt. That one sort of hit the nail on the head regarding the female mind when it comes to physical attraction.

For very few is it separable from an assessment of the man as a person. Most women cannot find a man attractive if he fails to meet basic personal qualities - has confidence, a good sense of humour, wit, intelligence, a powerful career. And therein lies my own assessment of the extent of my appeal to the opposite sex. Some women do indeed see only a man without the body of an Adonis, without large biceps, etc. and find me average at best.
But many women who know me undoubtedly find me attractive. One of the reasons is this. I have never felt uncomfortable around women. I love women, all women. I have never been afraid of them. I understand them. Other men, well that's a different story. But women - I have a sharp sense of humour and I invariably make them laugh. I'm politically minded, but I'm not the armchair variety. I'm a socialist actively involved in fighting women's oppression .

Most women of a left-leaning nature respect men like me (there aren't many) because of that. But I never had anything like sexual relations with a student. Maybe if the opportunity had arisen I might have. But I don't think so. I'm too afraid of being found out. And I couldn't take advantage of someone in that way. Nevertheless, I have definite fantasies about young girls, especially the ones from affluent families. I want to shatter their cosy existence. I was about to turn left away from these girls when I caught the eye of the strawberry blonde haired girl and my heart froze.

I knew her. Jesus, fuck, I knew her. She had stopped walking and was smiling hesitantly. Amanda -? Tenth grade. Bright. Quite popular. "Hi ! Mr. Janis ?" I laughed nervously.
"Eh - Amanda is it ?"
"How're you doing anyway ?"
"Good thanks. Are you still teaching ?"
"I am."
"This is Aiesha by the way." I looked at her. She had a very bold look about her. I knew instantly she was trouble.

She stared at me like a grown woman in a bar looking to pick up. "Hi." I managed a weak smile.
"You're class was cool. But I like science anyway."
"You're at Brisbane Grammar I see. Year 12 ?"
"Yeah - was. Hey I did Physics !"
"Find it ok ?"
"Yeah. It was ok. Aiesha did it once before. We helped each other."

An uncomfortable silence. "Is he the teacher you said you had a huge crush on ?" Amanda went bright red. "Aiesha!" I looked down, uncomfortable myself.
"Mmm ... I can see why." I looked up at this strange girl. Well, to hell with going easy I thought. If you're going to play it that way. She looked back at me, meeting my gaze without flinching one bit. Jesus.

This girl had been around for sure. My instincts told me to break away from this situation, but I was so flattered by their attentions and so intrigued by them that I remained fixed to the ground as though nailed there. I looked back at Amanda. "It seems your friend's got experience with more than just Physics." Well, perhaps that was a bit sharp for an opener. But, well, if that's the game that is being played then so be it. Aiesha's defiant gaze wavered just a little at that comment. Amanda blushed even more furiously and broke out into a breathless laugh, looking across at her friend meaningfully.

When she'd recovered, she asked, "Are you still seeing Miss Webster ?"
Bloody hell. I didn't want to think about that now. Rosalind Webster. It had been serious, and I'd not seen anyone since we broke up. Two young teachers engaging in a relationship under intense scrutiny.
Neither of us were the type to make that work.
"No." I knew what the next the question would be so I added, "I'm avoiding women at the moment."
I felt I'd got over Rosalind, so I could say that with an amiable smile. "Oh. Too bad, you two looked really good together."

I should have gone ages ago. I don't know what kept me there, or why I lied to them about not being attached. Well, maybe I did know. There was another pause. I was about to say, "Well I must be off" when the indomitable Aiesha said, "We're going for coffee. Are you doing anything ?"

I saw Amanda look away, stifling a nervous laugh. She'd been too afraid to ask. I looked at Aiesha. She wasn't playing around. I spoke the fateful words.
"Yeah why not." We went for coffee. I found out they'd been to the Valedictory Dinner that evening.We talked about those days at my old school. About the other students. What I thought of them.

"Did you hate Mrs. Godfrey ? Come on be honest." I shrugged. "She was a tyrant for sure." I had no problem with dealing with that sort of question. Mrs. Godfrey had been the Headmistress. I'd hated her guts and she'd hated mine. One reason she'd hated me was she hated unions and I was the delegate for my area. Amanda Riley laughed.

She was getting a little more comfortable now. "You've finished your exams then ?" She rolled her eyes. "Yeah thank god."
"Are you going to uni ?"
"Yeah I want to do Engineering."
"Ah. Lots more Physics in store for you."
"Good. I like Physics. It's English I find hard. You have to actually think." I laughed. I remembered her now. I'd liked her, she'd liked me. Teachers know that sort of student - bright, but socially competent.
Sits near the front, and talks to you like a person while rolling their eyes at the yahoos up the back. A little flirtatious.

"You never listened in class, but you always got A's." She smiled happily. "Tell me about it," spat Aiesha with disgust.
"It's infuriating. She got A's all through this year too."
"Not English. I got Bs. And for the exam I'll get a C I reckon."
"You dad's a lecturer isn't he ?"
"Yeah. He's in the Botany department." "And your mom - where does she work again ?"
"She's a doctor." "That's right." After a pause Aiesha said, "Amanda's only got a month to go before she turns 18. We were going to go see a few clubs tonight."
"Yeah, Mr. Janis, come with us. Aiesha's 19 and nobody will bother about me they always let me in."

I sighed. It was already well past the point of no return. "I don't know."
"Come on. Why not ?" I sighed again.
"You don't have to call me Mr. Janis anymore." She smiled.
"Jeff then. Hey remember how I used to call you that in class, and you'd go : "it's Mr. Janis, Amanda." And now you're here telling me to call you Jeff."
"If we're going to go we should go now. I'm not going in this." Said Aiesha pointedly. And so we went. They stopped off on the way home at Amanda's house. I was worried about parents of course.
There were none in sight. I wasn't unduly concerned. I remember her parents from parent-teacher interviews. They were the bohemian type.

He was your typical unkempt Botany professor. Shoulder length kinky sandy coloured hair and round glasses like John Lennon. Her mother was very attractive, very sexy. I remember the second time I'd seen her for a P-T interview, Eric (her father) hadn't been there, only her.
Not that they'd approve of me fucking their daughter. And let me tell you, my mind was already contemplating the prospect. The other part kept saying, "You're dreaming bud. It won't happen. But then the first part retorted, "Yeah but you know what can happen in these sort of situations."

Amanda set me up with the tv, got me a coke, and told me they would be down in about half an hour. It was early for the nightclubs anyway. "Er, Amanda ..."
She stopped, about to head upstairs. "What ?"
"Where are your parents ?"
Her serious face softened into a smile. I remembered that smile from when she'd been a student of mine. It was, quite simply, beautiful.
"They're not here. Awaaay. For four days. Went up the Sunshine Coast."

I must have been showing my discomfort.
"Hey don't worry about them. You've met them, you know they're pretty cool. They liked you and they'd be ok with it."
Yeah, I thought. But once again the thought presented itself in my mind. Self control is not your forte, Jeff.
Another smile and she floated away up the stairs. I watched tv. It was some stupid film about a guy who clones himself so he can spend more time with his kids. With Michael Keaton. I hate Michael Keaton.

I flipped around, then turned it off. I looked around the lounge. It was a pretty flash place. Still, what would you expect for a doctor and a university professor with one child ? They must have been pulling in over 150 grand a year. I check out the CD collection. Lots of classical, jazz, and some blues. I looked at the books. There were lots of women's issue/feminist books there by people like Susan Faludi, Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer and so on. I had always suspected Ingrid (Amanda's mother) to be a bit of a feminist.

But the power dressing type. I bet she tied Eric up and whipped him. Suddenly the image of Ingrid in a dominatrix outfit presented itself to me. I tried to banish it because it was too arousing. But then, when I tried to banish that image, it was replaced by Aiesha and Amanda in dominatrix outfits. That was even more arousing.
I sat down gingerly, wiping my forehead. What was wrong with me ? I was happy with my life. Why was I unable to stop these stupid fantasies about extremely young women ?
"Well, we're ready !", Amanda called out as she came down the stairs. I turned around and my jaw nearly dropped.

She was wearing a similar dress to the one her mother had worn that day, but red, and shorter. Black silk stockings, black high heels. She'd applied a little make-up and she looked a little older. A silver chain about her neck. As she descended the stairs, she swayed her hips slowly, smiling at me. Behind her came the lovely, exotic Aiesha.

She wore a black miniskirt, skin-tight, with knee high lace up boots. Her jet black hair fell behind her loosely. She stopped behind Amanda and put her hands on her shoulders.
"Isn't she just gorgeous ?" Amanda made an embarrassed smile and snorted slightly.
"Yes. Yes, she is. And so are you."
For the first time, she smiled at me. "Thanks."
"OK, now we have to go to my place so I can make myself worthy of you two beautiful young ladies. I look like a dog."

Just then I realised they might see signs of Jane around the place. But I quickly decided that if they did, I'd just say we'd broken up. "Sure. Let's go." My place was fairly close by as it happened. We went inside. I told them to make themselves at home.
They sat watching Rage on the tv.
"There's a drinks cabinet just over there. Help yourselves. I'll be down soon."
"OK." Called out Amanda happily.

I went into the bedroom and started looking around for something to wear. I heard them laughing in the lounge next door. I finally settled on a good pair of blue jeans, white shirt, and brown leather jacket. Underneath I wore my black g-string briefs. Hell, I thought. If this gets to a point where my pants are off, I'd best be prepared. Before I put my jeans on I stood before the mirror and appraised myself.

I pulled aside the briefs and took out my cock. I have a nice cock, every woman I've been with tells me that. It's a nice 7 inches. I walked over to the door and listened. They were talking too quietly for me to hear. Suddenly they broke out into laughter again. I walked back to the mirror.
I keep my black pubic hair nicely trimmed into a neat triangle. I shave my balls. There's no worse feeling than when a woman jacks you off and your dick gets caught in your pubic hairs.

I stroked my cock slowly, closed my eyes, and imagined those two beautiful girls kneeling before me, waiting to fellate me. I felt myself getting dangerously close to going over the edge so I stopped with some degree of effort. I pulled on my jeans, then finally my black spurred boots.
Then I went outside to join them.
"Have you ever tried it before ?" We were sitting in the lounge while Rage played on in the background. Drinking vodkas and orange. And I'd decided to pass the pipe around. I had a bit of grass left and it was decent enough gear. "A couple of times. Not much happened though.
What about you Aiesha ?" The dark girl smiled. "Oh I've tried it plenty of times before.
My brothers use it all the time and there's always a lot of it around our place."

I finished packing the pipe with weed, lit it, put it to my lips, and inhaled deeply. Then I sat there for a while holding it in.
"See ... that's the secret. You have to hold it in your lungs for as long as you can."
"Hey, Mr. - I mean Jeff, let me have a go."
I passed Amanda the pipe. I was sitting back in the armchair. She was sitting on the couch across from me, her right foot up on the couch.
I could see the little vixen was wearing red panties under her dress.
As the marijuana started to affect me, I got even hornier at the sight. Aiesha noticed me gazing with rapt attention at my former pupil panties. With due aplomb she said, "Look Amanda. Jeff's pretty interested in your panties."
But Amanda was busy concentrating on trying to inhale properly. She let out a stream of smoke after a few seconds, and giggled.

"Mmmm. Yeah I think it's working this time." She glanced over at me and smiled. We'd all had a few drinks and we were starting to pass around the pipe. The tension was relaxing a little. Amanda's shyness was starting to evaporate.
Aiesha took the pipe while we continued gazing at each other. Jesus, she was beautiful.

The girl had most definitely turned into a woman. "Tell me Jeff ... would you say Amanda was a virgin ?"
Amanda blushed a little and giggled.

Thankfully we were all stoned, so I knew this wouldn't embarrass her anywhere as much as if we were all sober and straight. Had I not been so under the weather myself I'd have probably chastised Aiesha for her teasing, but I just laughed myself and said, "Yes."

Aiesha passed the pipe back to me. "You're right.", said Aiesha with a satisfied grin. "At least with men anyway."
Amanda nervously took another sip of her drink. I handed the pipe to Amanda. The stuff was stronger than I'd thought. I was starting to laugh at everything that was said and read multiple meanings into everything as one does when one is stoned.

Amanda took another deep drag and when she'd exhaled I could see her pupils had dilated and she was most definitely stoned. "I think we should stay here.
Fuck going out. The only reason for going is to try and pick up.
And why do we need to bother with that now ?", stated Aiesha, giving me a meaningful smile.
"Shit, this stuff is incredible." said Amanda.
"No I think we should go for a while and then come back. We don't have to go for long", I said.
Eventually we decided that, seeing as though we'd gone to all the trouble to dress up, we may as well head over for a while.

The club was humming when we got there (Amanda had no trouble getting in of course). Amanda was stoned, I was pretty well close to being stoned, and Aiesha was too.
We went right out onto the dancefloor. There were people everywhere. Aiesha and Amanda danced together, ignoring me totally for a while. I just stood there watching them. They looked so good together.
A slower number came on, and Aiesha stood behind Amanda and held her around the waist as they swayed their sweet bodies to the music.

Then Amanda looked at me. It was the look of a woman who marks you out for fucking. Once you get that look you know you're history.
Aiesha's hand slid up her legs and raised the dress, revealing those red silk panties.
Expertly she slid two fingers between her pussy lips, still covered by the panties.
I walked over and we kissed. It was so natural. Amanda's palm cupped my crotch and fondled my raging cock under my jeans.

"I want to fuck you Jeff." Her voice was still a bit nervous, but I could tell she was emboldened by the alcohol and the grass.
I looked around. Nobody was paying us the slightest attention, which was fortunate.
I just stared back at her. Then I laughed.
"Jesus. This is turning out to be one weird night." Then her arms were around my neck, she was pressing herself into me and we were kissing passionately.
So, that was that. My ultimate fantasy had come true. Now that it was possible to experience it, I wasn't so sure I was ready for it.

"You're not my teacher anymore. You're just a cute guy, and I want you to be my first Jeff." "What about your friend Aiesha ?" I whispered.
"Don't you think you can handle her ?" Aiesha poked her head over Amanda's shoulder. We were both embracing her, she from behind, me from the front.
"I can hear everything you guys are saying you know."
"Well ?" I inquired.
"I say lets have a threesome." I laughed, somewhat nervously.
"Wow ... Can't say I've done that before. But then, this is going to be one peculiar evening anyway by the looks of it. Why not ?" Amanda embraced me again, and gave me a ferocious French kiss.

We walked back to Amanda's place, laughing and carrying on. We were all stoned out of our heads. I honestly think if it hadn't been for that I'd have lacked the courage to go through with it. Well, maybe not. Maybe temptation would have got the better of me. I kept trying to get assurances her parents were well and truly away.
And Amanda kept saying, emphatically : "They've goooonnnne okaayy ?".

After a while I relaxed a bit about it. After all, if worst came to worst I could just make a quick exit out the back door or something.
For some reason, they didn't want to go back to my place. I remember getting just inside the front door. I was totally unprepared for what happened next.

Aiesha was behind me, and I heard her shut the door. Amanda embraced me tightly again and French kissed me, rubbing her sweet body against mine. I felt her hands exploring my behind. Then, with surprising strength, from behind me, Aiesha suddenly grasped my hands and wrists, pulled them behind my back, and deftly clicked what I knew instantly was a pair of handcuffs onto them.
Before I could react Aiesha had pushed me roughly to the floor. I fell with a heavy thud, not painfully due to the carpeting. When I glanced up, Amanda was nowhere to be seen.

But Aiesha was astride my back and busy tying a black scarf around my head to cover my eyes. "Aiesha! What are you doing ?", I heard Amanda gasp a little to the side.
She laughed, a deep throaty chuckle. "All men are animals, Amanda. You need to control them if you want to get anything useful from them. Trust me - he'll be much more fun like this."

I must admit the situation scared me. I trusted Amanda, but I didn't know Aiesha at all. I suppose if I had used all my strength I might have been able to throw her off me, but something held me back. In truth I wanted this, I was intrigued, and I'd always harbored fantasies of this sort.
And furthermore, I was so stoned I wasn't at all able to coordinate myself. I knew Amanda was even more stoned, but Aiesha had not smoked anywhere as much nor drunk anywhere near as much and she was a big strong girl.

Furthermore I was on my stomach flat without the use of my hands, and she was sitting right on my back. I wisely gave up. Aiesha slung the scarf around my eyes. Amanda was giggling uncontrollably.

"Oh my God! This is insane !" Aiesha finished blindfolding me and got off me. "Mr. Janis -? I mean, - Jeff! Are you ok ?" For some reason I was laughing myself.
"Yeah ... I'm ok."
"Aiesha I'm not sure this is a good idea. You should take them off him."
"No !", I said emphatically, much to my own surprise. "It's ok. I trust you ok ? Just don't do anything to permanently damage me!" I felt a hand caressing my hair.

"Mmm. He's a good boy. You've got good taste in men my love."
"Shit!", breathed Amanda.
"This is too freaky."
"Look - I'll unlock the cuffs as soon as he says a safeword. Jeff - you know what a safeword is don't you ?"
"Yes, I know. My safeword is 'rainbow'
" Aiesha chuckled. "Wow. He even chooses nice safewords. What a find."
"You're lucky you're not alone with me, little man. There's lots of things I'd love to do to you.", she whispered in my ear. I could imagine.

"Ok, here's what we're going to do. Amanda and I are going to my place for about half an hour or so. ("No way!" I interrupted, but she carried on).
I've got some interesting toys there. When we come back you'll be waiting for us like a good little dog. We'll leave it up to Amanda to decide what she wants to do with you."

"You can't leave me here like this. What if her parents come back ?"

"There's a closet in my bedroom. We'll put him in there huh ?", suggested Amanda excitedly. She was starting to see the possibilities of the situation and she was liking them.
"With this blindfold on ?" I heard Amanda sigh.

There was the rustle of a dress as she stepped in front of me. I felt her stockinged knee press against my cheek.
Jesus I could smell her juices. She reached down and ran her hand through my hair.
"Come on ... do it for me." She said in a little girl voice. Then she giggled at herself. "Fuck, I can't believe this." She added as an afterthought.
I sighed. Presumably these two were already lovers, and Aiesha had an interest in BDSM and had maybe tried to get Amanda into it a few times.

"You'll get a nice reward." She rubbed the area just above her knee against my face.
She was getting into the role without much trouble. I nodded. "Ok. You win." Aiesha snorted.
"See ? Men are all the same. They're so easy to manipulate when you know how."

It seemed like hours I was in that closet. I'm certain it was much more than the half hour Aiesha had said.
Finally I heard steps coming up the stairs toward the bedroom. Slow and measured. Heels. I was incredibly excited. The door opened, and then the closet door. I breathed in the scent of woman.

It was Aiesha, I could tell straight away. They had different smells. Both smelled delicious, but unique.
"Hello slave. Lady Amanda awaits you in her private chambers. You will not speak unless directed to do so. You will obey her every command and whim. As her personal servant you will obey me unquestioningly also. Do you understand ?"

"Yes. Yes ma'am." I added hurriedly.
She said these words with such authenticity and assurance that it did not even occur to me to treat them with anything other than complete seriousness. "Good.", she purred.
She reached down to me and I felt a broad object encircle my neck. Then with a click it shut into place.
I felt her giving the chain a tug to test it. "Come out of there now." She guided me out of the closet. I heard her rummaging around in a bag or something and then the creak of leather as she squatted or knelt before me. Her fingers took hold of my dick gently but firmly.

I froze. "He's asleep. Well, I'm sure that when it sees her Ladyship it'll stand to attention." She giggled.
Something cold and metallic encircled my dick which was now starting to grow, as Aiesha stroked it a little. Images of my ex-student in erotic garb presented themselves to my mind, and they too had their effect. Amanda was a beautiful young woman, and she'd grown considerably in the last two and a half years.

Back then, she'd been pretty, with her short straight blonde hair and flashing blue eyes, but still a girl, albeit developing fast. "Mmmm," purred Aiesha.
"He's a nice size. If I weren't a loyal servant of her ladyship I'd use him for my own pleasure. Still - time enough for that later."

Another click, and the clinking of chains. I felt a strong tension on my cock pulling it directly up and I knew my cock ring was going to be fastened to my dog collar.
I'd seen these sort of toys before and heard them described. Aiesha fitted the end of the chain to my collar and I heard the creaking of leather again as she stood up.

"Follow me." She led me downstairs, removing my blindfold first to my immense relief. But when we got to the bottom she put it on again.
She opened a door and I crawled after her inside. I heard her close the door behind me. My blindfold was left on. But I could feel a nice warmth in the room and the sound of flames and crackling wood. The floor seemed to be polished wood, but I was kneeling on a rug of some sort.

"I have brought your slave m'Lady." "Mmmm ... he looks delicious." I heard Amanda say.
She seemed to be on the other side of the room. There was the creaking of leather again and then approaching high heeled steps. I sensed her near me, and smelled her unmistakable scent. I felt the tendril of a whip fall onto my shoulder. "You would not want me to use this would you ?"

"No ma'am" I heard the rustle of a dress. She was behind me. Her leg went over my shoulder, then the other. She was standing right above me. I cursed the fact I was blindfolded. Her pussy scent was all around me. I have never been that excited in all my life.
"Oh fuck," she breathed to herself. "This is incredible." She giggled.
"You really have some awesome ideas Aiesh."
"Thank you m'lady." My head was spinning. Her cunt was so close I could feel its heat. It was just behind my head. And then I felt the most exquisite sensation.

Two lovely, firm ass cheeks came to rest atop my head, pushing me down a little. And between them, a wet, warm, moist pussy. I was thankful I had very short hair. Her hand covered my face. It was clad in leather. She sat on my head, fingered her snatch, and coated my face in her flowing juices.

Jesus. I was breathing very hard. I was most definitely turned on. The hem of her skirt suggested she wore a leather mini. I could feel garter straps over her ass, and sheer stockings. Her legs were trembling a little. She was highly aroused. I could feel her clitoris, hard as a button, as she slid down to place her sopping cunt against my neck. She got up after a moment, breathing heavily, my face and neck and upper back covered in her essence. Her fingers untied my blindfold.

I blinked in astonishment at the sudden change. I beheld her standing before me, hands on hips. It was as I had pictured. The skirt was black leather, with zips running up each side. It was like a broad belt around her waist, so short that although it hid the front of her pussy, a few of the hairs at the bottom of her mound were visible. Black seamed, lace top stockings ended an inch below the hem of her skirt, held up by a garter belt, black as all the rest. Her feet in elegant black heels.

Her hands and arms were encased in black felt opera gloves. Above her waist, nothing save her silver necklace. Two perfect breasts met my awed gaze. I looked up into her face. She was smiling, radiantly, totally aware of her own desirability. It was the most wonderful image I have ever beheld. "You have permission to speak"

She smiled. I told her she was beautiful. I told her she was gorgeous. I told her she was a Goddess. She accepted it all as like a princess accepting flowers from an adoring crowd. "Lie back." She said.
Aiesha came behind her to steady her as she lifted her foot, placed it squarely into my chest, and pushed back firmly. It was an uncomfortable position and very vulnerable. Reluctantly I lost sight of her as I reclined back with my manacled hands behind me awkwardly. I ended up twisting to the side slightly so I could keep her in sight.

Amanda reached down and took hold of the chain keeping my raging erection tied to my collar, gave it a playful tug, and giggled. I just stared up at her ass and pussy under her leather skirt. "Are you looking at my ass ?", she inquired softly. "Yes ... Yes ma'am." "How rude of you." She suddenly brought the leather flogger in her hand down and struck me firmly but not violently right on the head of my dick.
It stung and I cried out. "Naughty boy." She yanked my cock chain firmly, and I gasped. "I was going to fuck this dick. But now, with that sort of ungentlemanly attitude, I'm not so sure."

I looked up at her mournfully. "Beg for her ladyship's pardon you worthless piece of shit!", spat Aiesha from behind her Mistress, pausing from kissing her shoulder.
"Please, ma'am, forgive me." Amanda pursed her lips at me.
"Oh come on ... you can do better than that." She was pulling tightly on my cock chain.
There were tears in my eyes from the agony of it. And then, she put a heel on the shaft on my tormented manhood. I couldn't help whimpering softly.

"Your Ladyship ... please forgive my unseemly behaviour." I breathed, searching desperately for the right words.
"I am a lowly commoner who does not deserve to so much as clean your shoes with my tongue. Please deliver me just punishment for my actions."
Aiesha was grinning approvingly over Amanda's shoulder at me.
"Hmmm, nice groveling Your Ladyship. Perhaps you should reconsider his worthiness."
Amanda raised an eyebrow. "He certainly has a way with words."

I was about ready to faint because she was teasing the most sensitive area of my dick with her sharp heel. And all this while I looked up at a body to die for.

"Listen, humble knave. I am in need of a good fucking. Are you man enough to satisfy my requirements ?"
"Oh yes ma'am. I'm your man"
"Don't be a smart arse" warned Aiesha ominously.

Amanda sighed, turned around, and looked over her shoulder at me as Aiesha pulled down the zips at the side of her skirt. The skirt fell to the floor and there she stood in a black lace garter belt, heels, stockings, and gloves. And what an ass.
"I am a chaste and pure virgin. There shall be no word said to anyone of this."
"Yes your ladyship." She and Aiesha kissed.

"Prepare him for me Aiesha." Aiesha went and knelt at my side, took hold of my dick, and held it squarely upward.
Then she slid a condom over my cock. Amanda turned around, knelt down, and smoothly planted her tight cunt on my cock head.
"Do not come." She ordered coldly.

Jesus. It was an amazing feat I hadn't come already. After steadying herself briefly, she settled her weight onto me and I was surprised to find I slid into her easily.
Maybe she was only a virgin in the sense of never having had a cock inside of her. She stopped and sat still. Aiesha knelt behind her and held her breasts.
"Oh fuck." She breathed to herself.
I could tell her roleplaying of the dominant Lady was crumbling. She liked the feel of me inside her. She liked it a lot.
She was beautiful, humping my dick. The trouble was I was very near shooting.

"Ma'am ... I'm losing my, er, self control here..."
Aiesha, who had been patting my head, reached down and gave the head of my cock a squeeze while I was still embedded in Amanda's tight box.
My urge to come subsided. "Unlock his hands, Aiesha."

To my relief, Aiesha crawled behind me and unlocked my cuffs. "Touch me Jeff." She whispered, her eyes fluttering open and closed.

She ran her hands over my chest and stomach, down to where our pubic hairs mingled.
"Make love to me." I was feeling inspired, energetic, and horny as hell.
I slid out of her slowly, edged back, and got to my feet. I reached down to take her hand and lift her up.
Then, bending, I scooped her light athletic form into my hands, holding onto the underside of her ass cheeks with my wrists and grasping her buttocks in my hands.
Then I lifted her up and walked over to a bare section of wall near the fire.
Pinning her up against it, I let her down slowly until she was jammed onto the end of my pole.
She just let out a sigh of utter contentment. Now I felt able to control myself a little more.

She rode me with grace, holding onto my shoulders and sliding her hips up so she could bob up and down on me. I sank forward, crushing my chest against her breasts, and kissed her like a man possessed.
She responded in kind. Then I felt an amazing sensation. A warm tongue was sliding around my balls, and two slender hands were exploring my buttocks and the backs of my legs. I thrusted gently but firmly in time with Amanda's strong, purposeful pelvic gyrations.
I licked two fingers and put my hand down between her legs. I could feel the base of my cock and her wet lips around it. I found her peanut sized clitoris at the apex and started encircling it slowly, teasingly.

"Oh shit, Jesus." She arched her back slightly, letting more of her weight sink down while still holding onto my shoulders for support.
"That is sooo fucking nice." She smiled and leaned forward to kiss me.
"I want you to be my boyfriend."
"If I was a bit younger, angel ..." I whispered. She kissed me.
"Put me down for a minute." I lifted her off me and placed her on the floor.
She smiled coyly, turned around and placed her palms against the wall, putting her feet apart a little.
She looked over her shoulder at me impishly, reached out and dragged me toward her by my cock chain. I groaned in pleasurable pain. I bent a little and placed myself at the opening to her heavenly entrance, then thrust up into her.

I sank forward onto her back, putting my hands around her waist and finding the point where my dick met her pussy with my fingers. As I humped her, I gave her clitoris close attention, her gorgeous little ass planted against my abdomen.
"You're so beautiful Amanda." I breathed into her hair.
And a song by The Smiths played in my head : You tug my arm and say : "Give in to lust, Give up to lust, heaven knows we'll soon be dust..."
But I'm not the man you think I am I'm not the man you think I am And sorrow's native son He will not rise for anyone And pretty girls make graves.

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