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The Misadventures of Alice

Written by Bradley (Jan 2000)

Down The Hole

Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister and her sister's boyfriend on the bank, and of having nothing much to do: she watched them as they fucked by her. Clothes were scattered all about.
All her sisters' clothes, all her sisters' boyfriend's clothes and Alice's knickers and shorts.
Once or twice she peeped at her finger actively stroking and fingering her cunt as her sister's boyfriend's prick thrust in and out of her sister, 'and what is the use of that,' thought Alice, 'if you're too young to join in.'

So she was considering, in her own mind (as well as she could, for the hot day made her feel very randy and stupid), whether the pleasure of the feel of her moistening vagina would be worth the trouble of putting her tongue to the moist thrusting member, when suddenly a woman wearing only a dress to just below her waist and no knickers walked by them.

There was nothing so very remarkable in that: nor did Alice think it so very much out of the way to see that the woman was slowly stroking a magnificent penis where her vagina should be, 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' (when she thought about it over afterwards, it occurred to her that she ought to have wondered at this, but at the time it all seemed quite natural); but when the woman actually put a finger up her backside, and pushed it in and out, Alice started to her feet, wearing nothing but a Mickey Mouse tee-shirt, a pair of espadrilles and a moist vagina, for it flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a woman with a penis or one that was so throbbing, and, hot with curiosity, she ran across the field after her, and was just in time to see her walk down a large hole by a hedge.

In another moment down went Alice after her, never considering how in the world she was to retrieve her knickers.

The hole went on like a tunnel for some way, and then opened out to an underground railway station, with the signs reading Alice's Bush.
She was not the only one at the station because there was a young lady in her late teens wearing a dress which only just came below her navel who was sitting on a seat. There was no sign of the woman with the penis nor of a train.

There were many posters on display. One showed an unrealistically long erect penis attached to a crotch at one end and being linked to a woman's tongue at the other end. 'Keep in touch by Telephone', read a slogan beside it. Another poster showed a man with a finger up his back side: 'For those uncomfortable moments take Alka-Seltzer'.

The young lady got up and walked over to Alice. 'Do you know when the next train is due?' she asked.

Alice scanned her companion. Her hair was cut in a bob, and besides her shoes, her dress was the only thing she wore.
The dress definitely did not cover her vagina, which was not usual where Alice came from, and either she was undeveloped for her apparent age or she had shaved her crotch.

'Not only do I not know when the next train is due,' explained Alice, 'I don't know where I am.'

'So you come from up there, do you? Yet you dress like people from down here. On the other hand, you're probably too young to have any pubic hair anyway. I like your trendy dress.'
Alice didn't say anything.
'My name is Mouse. What's yours?'
Mouse put her hand on Alice's tummy and stroked it. 'You're obviously a stranger here, and I don't imagine you've even bought a railway ticket. Come home with me and I'll introduce you to Mummy.'

After a while, an underground train did arrive, and Alice and Mouse entered a carriage. As they travelled, Alice saw many other women on the train dressed like Mouse.
They were all quite young and all had their crotches shaved. Older women had dresses down nearly to their ankles but their breasts were held up and displayed in very low cut dresses. The men were dressed much as they were overground.

When they eventually got to Mouse's home, Alice was introduced to Mouse's mother. She was dressed like most older women with her breasts showing, but as she was at home and relaxed they were allowed to droop.
This made a particular impression on Alice as the breasts were exceptionally large and round with nipples as large as Alice's fists.

'Of course you can stay with us,' said Mouse's mother. 'I'm afraid there's only one bed in Mouse's room and it's only a single bed, but as you are such a very little girl, I'm sure there's plenty of space for the two of you.'
When Alice was taken to Mouse's room, she couldn't but notice that the room was full of Theatre posters showing men and women in various states of undress, and in some cases quite clearly making love.

'This is so smooth!' commented Mouse as she stroked her cool fingers over Alice's vagina. 'You've obviously never had to shave it! I have to shave it every morning and it's such a nuisance when you cut yourself.'

Mouse stroked Alice's vagina very gently and Alice could feel it getting more and more moist from the attention.
'Take off your Mickey Mouse tee-shirt', ordered Mouse pulling off her dress in one pull and showing that underneath she wore a bra designed to pull in her breasts. Alice did so and showed that her own barely existing breasts which didn't need constraint. The nipples were only beginning to be raised on her chest.

Mouse pulled off her bra, showing breasts which clearly did need restraint. They were round and the nipples stood out almost as large as Alice's biggest toe. 'You're so lucky! You're just perfect!' exclaimed Mouse stroking Alice's breast. Mouse leant forward and licked her tongue over Alice's nipples until they were ever so stiff. Then she got up and applied the treatment to Alice's cunt.
Mouse and Alice continued stroking and cuddling all through the night, but only occasionally did Mouse put her fingers in Alice's vagina. Her tongue and Alice's vulva got ever so sore and only the exquisite pleasure prevented her calling out in pain. She did call out in ecstasy on several occasions and it was a wonder to her that Mouse's mother didn't investigate.
Perhaps, Alice thought, if she saw Mouse and Alice were doing, she would want to join in and that would never do.


The Pool Of Semen

Next morning, when Alice woke up she found that she had no clothes to wear as her Mickey Mouse tee-shirt had disappeared into the laundry basket.
'Wear one of my sweaters,' offered Mouse.
'It'll look like a dress on you.' However, in Mouse's home putting clothes on was not the first thing to do in the morning. Mouse was wandering about in nothing but her bra, while her mother was wearing only her shift.

Alice went into the bathroom to wash her face, and watched Mouse sit astride the bidet and shave. She ran warm water into the bidet, applied shaving cream with a brush to her crotch and then scraped off the blue stubble with a safety razor.

'I have to go to college today,' Mouse announced. 'I'm an Arts Student. So I won't be able to keep you company. I don't know what you can do.'
'That's alright dear,' Mouse's mother said. 'I'll give Alice some money and she can go to the Cinema for the day. You'd like that wouldn't you, dear?'

So that was settled. After breakfast, Mouse put on her short dress, her mother put on her very long dress and Alice put on a polo-necked sweater which came to just below her tummy. It didn't seem the right place to ask for knickers, and indeed Mouse didn't appear to have any. Mouse's mother gave Alice a ten shilling note and Alice set off to the cinema.

Ten shillings was more than adequate as Alice discovered, since the stalls cost 6d and the circle cost 9d.
And there was a very wide selection of cinemas, but they were all showing silent films.
Alice went into the Mecca Cinema to see a selection of cinema shorts and it was here she gained an insight into the entertainment enjoyed in Wonderground. There were two types of film on the bill: one was comedy and the other romance.

The romances all featured couples where the girls were dressed like Mouse and seemed otherwise a admixture of the bold and demure. They were very demure at the beginning of the films, when they first met the romantic heroes.
They studiously crossed their legs in their company and, as the subtitles made clear, generally were very coy. They would giggle with their friends and kiss them discreetly on meeting and parting.

The hero at the start of the film would be portrayed as being a good sort led by less chivalrous comrades who would pull up girl's skirts, pinch their bottoms and put their fingers up their vaginas.
There would invariably be a scene where the hero would be fucking a black girl together with friends, egged on to put his penis in her mouth and up her anus. The film would continue with the hero becoming steadily more chivalrous as he fell in love with the romantic heroine and the heroine becoming bolder as she got to know him better.

There would be a minor tiff, but the hero's continuing affection was demonstrated by his inability to fuck a black girl later in the film, despite her encouragement and that of his friends who were so engaged themselves. The climax of the film was of the hero and heroine making love and the heroine allowing the semen of her lover to trickle down her front or over her face. At that point, with a climactic scene of general happiness, the film would end.

The comedies likewise used black women in humiliating ways, but here the thrust of the humour was precisely their humiliation.
Near the beginning of the film a black girl would do something - like refuse to have sex with people, be seen having sex with a friend, behaving in a way that might be considered uppity - which was considered sufficiently opprobrious for her to be considered fair game for a practical joke. The rest of the film would show the male hero conspire to humiliate her, and the final scene would illustrate this humiliation. This might mean she was fooled into eating her own excrement, suck off a donkey's prick, get beaten by her mother or get buggered by a succession of men.

After the film, Alice ventured into the light, blinking as she walked along. Despite the treatment of black women in the films, there seemed little evidence that many of the black people she passed (who represented only a small minority) were anywhere near as grotesque or deserving of disrespect as had been suggested.
They were less well dressed than most, but generally that entailed their clothes being more modest. The black girls did not all have the large breasts and balancingly large buttocks as in the films. Indeed, they were comparatively slim and graceful, and certainly had greater success in keeping on their clothes.

The posters for films outside the cinema had gross depictions of black girls, often smiling or looking foolish, but rarely shown in the foreground. That was reserved for the white stars of the films, who also were shown wearing more clothes than they did in the films.
One particularly large poster showed a white man and women kissing in passion, while black women were shown in the background being raped by soldiers in a town bathed in flames.

When Alice got back to Mouse's home, neither Mouse nor her mother were in. She used the key that Mouse's mother had given her to get in and searched around for something to do.
Mouse's younger brother, Bunny, was sitting in the living room just by the doors into the garden, where there were beds of bright flowers and a water-sprinkler. He was only a year older than Alice but he had his trousers and underpants down to his ankles and was stroking his penis. 'Suck Me', he pleaded on seeing Alice regarding him with curiosity.

It was all very well to say 'Suck me', but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry.
However, the penis looked so very tempting, so Alice ventured to taste it, and, finding it very nice (it had, in fact, a sort of compound flavour of strong smells), she very soon had it all in her mouth.

'Bigger and bigger!' cried Alice. 'Now it's growing like the largest telescope that ever was!' Certainly, Bunny's penis wasn't a little thing any more but long and thick with an even stronger smell than before. It reached right to the back of her little throat: in fact it was now rather more than nine inches long.

Suddenly, it gave a little tremble and out came a warm trickle. 'Uggh!' exclaimed Alice, pulling it out of her mouth. 'Stop this moment, I tell you!' But it went on all the same, shedding semen, until there was a large pool on her dress dripping through the fabric.

After a time she heard a little pattering of feet in the distance, and she hastily lifted her head to see what was coming. It was Mouse with a friend of hers. This friend had very short hair and like Mouse wore clothes that didn't cover her vagina. Unlike Mouse she didn't shave her vulva at all nor did she shave under her armpits. Her clothes resembled less a dress and more a vest, which came just about level with her navel.

'What a mess you've made of my dress!' exclaimed Mouse. 'You better take it off right now!'
Alice promptly did so and put it in the laundry basket. She was led away by Mouse and her friend, who was called Dodie.
'It's gone all the way through!' exclaimed Dodie feeling the semen on Alice's chest with the back of her hand.
She bent over and licked it with her tongue. 'It tastes very nice!'
'Not as nice as down here!' exclaimed Mouse who had pulled off her dress and was licking Alice's vulva. 'You got nicely excited didn't you.'

Dodie and Mouse lay Alice down on her back on Mouse's bed. Mouse sat by Alice's legs while Dodie sat knees astride Alice's waist and pulled off her vest. Her small breasts flopped out from the flimsy protection provided by the vest and it was no surprise to see that they were long nippled.
Dodie and Mouse stroked and licked Alice who gradually became more and more excited from their attention.
Dodie leant forward to run her tongue inside and out of Alice's mouth, while Mouse transferred her attention from Alice's vulva to Dodie's.

'Uuggh! Why don't you ever shave?' gasped Mouse, pulling hairs out of her mouth.
This went on for ever such a long time, until Mouse's mother called the girls down for dinner. It was over dinner, that Alice learnt that Dodie dressed the way that she did because, although she was a theatre-goer like Mouse, she was, unlike Mouse, a modernist and modernists didn't believe in shaving their bodily hairs and sported a more daring hemline.

It was over dinner that Mouse arranged for Alice to come to the theatre with her that evening to a play that she wanted to see. Dodie wasn't interested in going but she suggested taking Alice to see a modern play: 'So that you won't think theatre's necessarily dull.'


The Classical Theatre

As promised, Mouse took Alice to the theatre to see a play called The Truth About Dinah, which was at the New Crucible theatre.
Mouse took great care that Alice was dressed appropriately for the performance. Her long hair was brushed back and kept back by a ribbon. She lent Alice a dress which came to just an inch above the top of her inside leg, and scrubbed her vagina so sparkled and smelt nice.
She carefully extracted a small hair she found growing there.
She put little white ankle socks and nicely polished black shoes on her feet.
Mouse took especial care, with Alice's assistance, to shave off any hair on her body, particularly between her legs. Alice spent a fairly uninspiring time tweaking out the hairs that were caught in Mouse's prised open buttocks.

Most of the audience at the New Crucible was women and most of those had short bobs like Mouse and proudly showed off their shaven vulvas.
Theatre, whatever it might have meant to Alice, was a sexual experience according to Mouse.
The centre piece of a good play was a well-performed fuck scene. There might be several fuck scenes in a play, but only the best actors were truly able to arouse an audience. Mouse had seen plays where a fuck scene in a sub-plot was better performed than the main one but that was rare.

Modern drama (in which Mouse didn't include the avant-garde rubbish Dodie advocated) was always bound by certain agreed standards according to whether it was comedy or tragedy. In a comedy, there would be a series of fuck scenes in which the final scene involved the climaxing of most of the cast. This orgy scene would not be the principal fuck scene.
This would happen earlier to allow the stars the opportunity to perk up for the last act. In a tragedy, then there were less fuck scenes and most of the cast were not involved (except as passive spectators), but each fuck scene required more from the actors to express the complex emotions involved.

Unlike, Mouse sniffed disparagingly, the avant-garde, proper theatre was bound by certain quite sensible limits. No buggery in any circumstance. Where male homosexual sex was required, one of the couple would need be of the other sex dressed to appear as the same sex, so that it would only appear to be homosexual. In those cases, for instance, a woman might play, say, Edward III, and wear a dildo around her waist to exhibit her supposed role. Fucking, even from behind, had to be into the vagina. The Theatre Inspectorate were very strict on that.

The Truth About Dinah was a tragedy concerning Dinah, played by the leading actress, Prudence Smith, who was hiding the dark secret of her love for another woman, Laurel, who was played by Pauline York, an actress of lesser significance. Her husband, Edward, was a disapproving religious man, played by Lionel Johnson, the leading actor.

There were five acts. In the first act, Dinah and Laurel made love in the company of some friends. The friends tried to persuade the couple to leave each other and indulge in the more conventional sex they were having. The scene ended with Laurel agreeing to have rather noisy sex with one of the men.

The second act featured no sex at all, except that it seemed necessary for Edward and Dinah to wear no clothes despite the coming and going of the servants. The third act featured very athletic sex between Dinah and Edward in which Dinah confessed her love to Laurel during an apparently unfeigned orgasm.
The act ended with Edward storming out of the auditorium. Some of the girls in the aisle reached out to touch his still moist prick as he passed by and smear it on their vulvas.

The fourth act featured a conversation between Dinah and Laurel, which, although unclothed, contained no sex. The act ended with Edward discovering them and killing Laurel in his anger. The final act showed Edward in jail about to be hanged for his offence.
Dinah visits him and they cuddle, and she claims that her love for Laurel could never match that for a real man. The play ended with Dinah sucking off Edward just as the hangman is about to enter the prison cell.

'Phew! Powerful stuff!' gasped Mouse after the play. 'That was quite a strong performance from Prudence Smith, wasn't it? How she could do it three times in an evening, I don't know. And there's a matinee on Wednesday as well!'

Mouse and Alice went into the bar after the performance, but Alice could only have fruit juice to drink because of her age. Mouse enthused about the play to Alice and several of her friends.

'That was quite an orgasm in the third act,' commented one. 'I've not seen one like that for ages! It takes real skill to remember your lines when you're in that much ecstasy.'

'Surely, it was just acting,' suggested one of the men in the group. 'You can't have orgasms like that to order.'
'That's what you think!' laughed another friend, who was nonetheless being quite affectionate with him. 'I've had better than that.'
'I got some of his sperm,' announced one of the girls, small and timid with small round glasses. 'When he went by that is. I put it all the way right up me. You never know: I might have his baby!'

'I think it's chemistry,' opined Mouse. 'When you get Prudence Smith and Lionel Johnson together you expect it to work don't you! Every play I've seen either of them in has always been a success on that front.'
'Bit weak that Pauline York though,' commented one of the men. 'It's not as if she had much to do really.'
Mouse made no comment. Nor did any of the other girls.


Rabbit Sends in a Little Willie

'Utterly bourgeois!' was Dodie's assessment of the play Alice and Mouse had seen.
'How can you say that? You've not even seen it!' Mouse objected.
'How can it be anything else given your description of it? It's nothing but an excuse for titillating and athletic sex scenes in a story that reinforces accepted stereotypes, particularly with regards to lesbian love.' Dodie smiled at Alice who was wearing the Mickey Mouse tee-shirt she'd originally wore. 'Don't worry, Alice, I'll show you real theatre. Vibrant living theatre!'

Dodie escorted Alice to a converted warehouse called The Doss House, in a poor part of town that Alice hadn't seen before. Mouse declined to go. 'There's no point,' she explained. 'I either don't understand it or I don't enjoy it. And usually both.'

'Well, this shouldn't strain too many people's cerebral processes!' exclaimed Dodie when they arrived to see The Mushroom Garden, subtitled Mould, Dung and Modern Life. The audience was fairly mixed. Many of the women had their hair shaved and like Dodie wore nothing but military looking boots and a vest to just below their navel.
Many of the men dressed like the women and some wore shapeless jumpers and baggy corduroys with sandals. Dodie seemed to know everyone there, and shared cigarettes with almost everyone she passed by.
'This is Alice,' she'd say, cuddling Alice close to her and nervously pulling her pubic hair. 'I'm introducing her to culture.'
'She'll get it if she's in the front row,' laughed one of the men whose penis dangled just below Alice's line of sight.

Eventually, Alice and Dodie sat at the front on plastic seats that were arranged in concentric circles around an otherwise undistinguished area that represented the stage. Curiously enough, the front seats were not the most popular. 'Audience participation is the rule in modern theatre,' explained Dodie. 'Modern theatre is about breaking barriers. Breaking rules. Getting across to people. Okay, it's still limited by the censorship rules. No buggery. Only simulated sex between two men. But all the main rules are broken.'

'Is there going to be audience participation in this play?'
'I'd be very surprised if there wasn't.' When the play began Alice's confusion only grew more intense.
There may have been some story line in the speechifying and sex scenes but it seemed to occur at almost random moments. The actors and actresses, who also didn't shave off any body hair, never seemed to play very well- defined characters but they did a lot of shouting and made obscene jokes about each other, the present government and the audience. Alice's vocabulary grew by more and more colourful swear words, of whose meanings she wasn't absolutely sure.

There was some audience participation, but to Alice the actors seemed to be simply bullying people in the audience. At one stage, they dragged a girl out of the third row. One of the actors was fucking one of the actresses. They persuaded the girl to take off her vest, and she revealed two very large breasts.
The actress being fucked took the girls' nipples in her teeth and one of the actors slowly caressed her pubic hair. While this was going on, a couple of actors performed a rather tuneless song on the theme of racial equality.

Alice was quite relieved when the break came, but the performance was left in a very unsatisfactory state with one of the actresses leaving stage after giving a monologue to the backing of badly-tuned piano to the effect that she was in despair at the lack of imagination of both of her boyfriends. Alice was rather hoping Dodie might enlighten her how this made any sense with the rest of the action.

'It's fairly obvious really. The way the actors have been disrespectful to the women, including those in the audience, is symptomatic of a very unprogressive attitude. It'll all become obvious in the second half.'

This wasn't true. Alice's mystification merely deepened. She was also very embarrassed when one of the actors proffered his erect penis which had just been dipped in each of the actresses' cunts to the women in the front row to do what they would.
Alice didn't like the smell so she waved it aside. Dodie however threw herself enthusiastically on to it. This seemed to be a general cue for audience participation. Before not very long, there was an orgy on stage where some half of the participants were from the audience. Being art, however, it lasted less than fifteen minutes and members of the audience returned to their seats.
Dodie who had just been fucked by three of the actors wiped her pubic hairs with her vest which had come off in the proceedings. 'That was a scene to remember!' she whispered.

From Alice's perspective the play still never got very far despite several more tuneless songs, some rather clumsy dancing and some monotonous monologues.
There was however quite a lot of applause at the end, particularly for some of the more energetic of the cast. The applause never seemed to end as far as Alice could see, while the sweating, mostly naked, cast wiped semen and other stains from their bodies.

'I loved the improvisation!' exclaimed one of Dodie's friends afterwards as Dodie and Alice bundled out of the theatre. 'I'd say that was about 75% improvisation. Pretty brave!'

'You were great, Dodie!' laughed a woman friend who kissed Dodie very seductively about the lips. 'You really got the thing going. I thought it would never have got beyond that poor girl in the first act wobbling her breasts about.'

'Yes, they weren't very selective there. You could see she'd never done that sort of thing before! You fancy a drink?'
Dodie and her friends took Alice with them to a very basic pub with rather tatty decor and a loud juke-box where they smoked reefers, drank bottles of beer and talked politics. Alice was exceedingly bored by all this, but she couldn't help envying Dodie's stamina. She was already making arrangements to stop off with some of the others, presumably for more love-making.

Alice was then taken along to the house where one of the men, Rabbit, lived in a kind of commune. 'It's totally different to Mouse's bourgeois home,' advised Dodie.
'How surprised she'll be when she finds out where you'll have been!' As she said this, they arrived at a run-down Victorian House, on the door of which was a bright brass plate with the slogan Bailiffs Out scratched on it. They went in without knocking, and bundled into a very large untidy living room.

'How queer it seems,' Alice said to Dodie. The living room was a mess of ethnic junk and ancient scrappy furniture. Cushions and broken-down armchairs were scattered about randomly, as also were cigarette butts and unemptied ash-trays. The centre-piece was a gramophone which was playing some noisy jazz music.

There was a table in the window, and on it a collection of curious pipes and glass bottles. 'Would you like some?' asked Dodie seeing where Alice was looking.

'What is it?'
'Have some!' urged Rabbit, who lit a little pile of charcoals in a receptacle with a petrol cigarette lighter. 'It's best opium,' he explained as he drew some of the smoke in.
Alice wasn't at all sure what to do, but nevertheless she put it to her mouth and took a long breath herself (which left her coughing in violent discomfort). 'I know something interesting is sure to happen,' she said to herself, 'so I'll just see what this stuff does.'

What it did make Alice was very giddy and lethargic, and much sooner than she had expected: before she had smoked very much, she found her head slumping back against the wall and her body slouched undignified across the settee. 'That's quite enough - I hope I won't be sick - As it is, I can't sit up - I do wish I hadn't smoked so much!'

Alas! It was too late to wish that! Her head went on spinning and spinning, and very soon she had to kneel on the floor to keep herself from vomiting: in another minute she could barely do this, and she tried regaining her position on the settee which the other guests made available for her. Still her head went on spinning, and, as a last resource, she put one arm around the shoulders of the girl next to her, and one foot on someone's lap, and said to herself, 'Now I can do no more, whatever happens.
What will become of me?'

Luckily for Alice, the opium had now had its full effect, and she felt no worse: still she was very uncomfortable, and as she didn't know the way back to Mouse's home, no wonder she felt unhappy.

She closed her eyes against the bright light of the room, but she couldn't close her ears against the barrage of jazz music. After a few minutes she heard a voice addressed to her. 'Alice! Alice!' said the voice. 'Don't you want some more love?'
Then a hand gently shook her shoulder. Alice knew it was Rabbit coming to look after her, and she trembled till she disturbed the couple next to her.

'Poor dear! She's not used to it is she!' came Dodie's voice. 'Better leave her.' Alice rested her head on the settee and tried to sleep. She heard a little shriek and a fall, and a crash of broken glass, from which she concluded that the others were enjoying themselves.

After a while the noisy jazz stopped. There was a long silence after this, and Alice could only hear whispers now and then; such as 'Well, I must be going now!' 'It was lovely seeing you again and thanks for the dope!' 'I really must be going to bed.'
Alice opened her eyes in the semi-gloom lit by only one table lamp to see Dodie apparently dozing on the chair opposite. 'I wonder what they'll do with me,' thought Alice. 'I'm sure I don't want to stay here very much longer.'

She waited for some time without hearing anything more: at last came the rumbling of a good many voices all talking together, including Dodie's: she made out the words: 'Won't she stir at all? - Will she mind if we make love? - Perhaps she'd join in? - She's out of it enough. - I'm sure she'd like it if we did - Open her legs, Dodie - She's so pretty!' At this stage she felt several hands stroking her inner thighs and some lips pecking her face. Alice groaned appreciatively.

'Off with her tee-shirt!' exclaimed one girl who pushed Alice forward and slipped it over her head. 'Urggh! She's been sick!'

'Only a little bit,' said another girl. 'She probably wasn't even aware of it!' As indeed, Alice hadn't been.

'She seems to be enjoying it!' said one of the men whom Alice could see through the blear of her half-closed eyes. 'I bet you and Mouse have been training her.'

'What are you trying to say, you bastard!' said a very indignant Dodie.
'Oooh, Rabbit! You've got such a big one!' exclaimed another girl, and Alice could see a large penis rearing up in front of her. 'Are you to go down on her?'

The other voices mixed up in Alice's mind: 'Yes, Rabbit, you've always said you liked them young! - That's because he prefers boys, doesn't like real women - Yes, I'll do it! - I'll come after - if she doesn't mind of course - Go on Rabbit stick it in her!'

'Oh! So Rabbit's going to come inside me, is he?' said Alice to herself. 'I'm not having any of that. I might be weak, but I think I can kick a little!'

She pulled her foot back as far as she could, and waited till she felt a probing finger at her cunt. When the probing object was replaced by one too thick and blunt to be anything but a prick, and she felt a hesitant rearranging of the people trying to stimulate her: then, saying to herself 'This is Rabbit,' she gave one sharp kick, and waited to see what would happen next.

The first thing she heard was a general chorus of 'There goes Rabbit!' then Dodie's voice alone - 'Are you alright Rabbit!' then silence, and then another confusion of voices - 'She got your right in the balls - Serve you right I suppose - Tell us all about it!'

Last came a little feeble, gasping voice. ('That's Rabbit,' thought Alice with a little satisfaction), 'Well, I hardly know - No more, thanks: I'm better now - but I'm a deal too flustered. She's got a strong kick!'
'Poor Alice!' said Dodie sympathetically.
'We must take her to bed,' said another of the girls.
There was the silence of busy activity, and Alice thought to herself, 'I wonder what they will do next!' After a minute or two, Dodie lifted Alice up and gave her a little kiss on the face. 'We're sleeping in Lizard's bed. He's sleeping with Guinea-Pig, so there's space for us. Are you alright love?'

Alice nodded as Dodie led her out of the living room. A couple of people were gathered around Rabbit, who were giving him something out of a bottle. They waved goodnight to Alice and Dodie, as they went upstairs to a very flat mattress in a very untidy bedroom.

'I'm sorry, loveliest,' said Dodie as she comforted the distinctly uncomfortable Alice. 'Too much too soon, I suppose.'

Alice nodded weakly and rested her head on the stained pillow and her arms around Dodie and went straight to sleep.

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