Saturday, December 01, 2007


Guys, thanks for answering my opinion poll. I was curious about who views the site, and you have answered some of my questions.

Okay, in "payment" of such loyal listening to my request, I wanted to share something with you. I used to be a real slut; not any more. Well, the thing that I did the most of was blowjobs: (1) I had a lot of encounters in a store setting at lunch hour, and I was very good at swallowing the evidence, and (2) it was quicker and I enjoyed giving so much joy.

Okay, I was a bit twisted, but there it is. In dishonor of my previous escapades, I have imbedded a video that has a lot of blowjobs. The blowjobs I gave at the store were much cleaner, with most of the cum becoming my light lunch.


josh said...

camilla, thanks for the video. I could not see it, but I liked your accompanying words. Wish I could have made a deposit in your sweet, little mouth. said...

damn...thats one of my favorite unfulfilled fantasies...fellatio in dangerous/public places...of course, reciprocation would be's a sexy, naughty slut when you need one!