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Misadventures of Alice: Part II

Written by Bradley (Jan 2000)


Pig and Poppies

Alice enjoyed visiting toy-shops and sweet-shops, and she was always happy when Mouse or her mother lent her some money to look round them. Alice had just bought some very nice mushroom-shaped sweets from a confectioners in the high street and was eating them from the little paper bag when she saw what looked like a disembodied grin in front of her.

As she looked more closely, she could see the grin belonged to a very dark skinned girl who was sitting in front of a very dark building on a little rug.
She was wearing no clothes whatsoever except for some exotic pendulous ear-rings and she was surrounded by a group of curious onlookers.

Alice herself was very curious so, she joined the group.
The girl was in fact a street performer and she was displaying some very active masturbation to an appreciative audience who threw coins into a little hat the girl had in front of her.
She was standing up with a wide grin on her face, making the occasional little sound of ecstasy while sliding an ivory dildo in and out of her vagina and massaging her clitoris with her fingers.
She nearly doubled up on her knees with apparent delirium as she pressed away at her groin.

Eventually, she released her fingers from her clitoris and rubbed her breasts very suggestively.
She had very round breasts with stiff little nipples that she stimulated to keep as rigid as possible.
She slid the dildo faster and faster while gasping very loudly.
'Uuhh! Uuhh!' she cried. And then a more full-throated 'Aaahh! Aaahh!'

This went on for long enough to attract quite a large audience.
Her performance ended with a few 'Ooohh! Ooohh!'s and 'Aaaargghh! Aaaargghh!!'s as she pulled out the clearly damp dildo from her vagina and smeared over her breasts, nipples and face the clear liquid she'd generated between her legs.
Several of the audience applauded at this stage and more money was thrown into the hat.

Gradually the audience dispersed leaving Alice alone, eating her mushroom-shaped sweets, with the black girl who lay slumped in apparent post-coital bliss.

'Please would you tell me,' said Alice, a little timidly, for she was not quite sure whether it was good manners to say anything, 'if you're alright?'
The black girl opened her eyes and looked up at Alice.
Her grin reappeared and shone across her face like a beacon of good humour
'Of course,' she said in a slightly foreign accent. 'Why ever should I not be?'

'You were making ever such funny noises,' Alice commented.
The black girl laughed. 'That is my job. I sit here. Or I stand here. And I please myself. And if I please myself very much, I make good money. And if I please myself with little noises, I get more money.
Look!' She showed Alice her cap which was full of coins.
'That is nice money. Now I can eat and sleep happy.'

'So you do it only for money?'
'Of course, my dearest,' laughed the black girl. 'Why else would I want to do this with so many people looking?'
She smiled so wide Alice thought the corners of her mouth might reach her ears. 'My name is Kedi. I come from abroad.'

'I'm Alice. I don't come from around here either.'
'No, Alice,' smiled Kedi. 'But you have the look of someone who lives here.'
'Have you always done this?'
'No, of course I have not. I came to this country to work as a maid in a rich person's house. But it is some months now since I was working there, and this is how I make my money now.
But it is better than prostitution, and that is better than not eating enough and I am content.'
'Why don't you wear any clothes?' wondered Alice.
'In my country nobody wears clothes.'
'But you can buy clothes if you wanted?' Alice asked looking at the money in the hat which wouldn't buy very many clothes at all.
'No,' answered Kedi sadly. 'The rich person I worked for did not pay me when I left, and if I wanted I could not buy clothes.'
'That's awful!' Alice exclaimed. 'Why weren't you paid?'
'I am sure I will be paid, but because I am black I am not permitted into the house and I can not ask. The doorman will not allow me to go in.'
'Perhaps I can ask for you,' Alice suggested. 'I may be able to enter.'
'You are right,' grinned Kedi. 'And you are kind. I will show you the rich person's house.'

Kedi picked up her blanket and ivory dildo which seemed to be all that she owned. Alice and she walked through the streets away from the shops and they talked.
Kedi told her that there were many black people living in Wonderground who had come from abroad to find work, but it was thought they were only able to do very menial work and people made fun of them. 'In my own country people do not make fun of me, but in this town I hear many jokes and people say many odd things.'

'What is your country like?'
'It is very poor and nobody has very much to eat or wear. But we are happy. I have come to this country to make more money for my family. I have come with my brother who is younger than you.
I worked for the rich person, Mrs Duchess, for many months and I worked very hard. One day I was told that I was not wanted any longer. I was told to leave but my brother stayed. I have not seen him since that day.'

'That's terrible! Why not?'
'Because I am black I am not permitted to enter the house of Mrs Duchess. But my brother, Pig, he works there and I do not know if he is happy.'
As they walked, the houses became steadily more opulent and they passed many beautiful gardens. They were the loveliest gardens you ever saw. How Alice longed to wander about among those beds of bright flowers and those cool fountains.

They came suddenly upon an open square with a big house four floors high. 'That is the house of Mrs Duchess,' announced Kedi. 'I will wait here.' She indicated a bench that stood in the square.
Alice smiled and put a little sweet into her mouth and approached the big house. For a minute or two she stood looking at the house and wondering what to do next, but she went timidly up to the door, and knocked.

A footman in livery opened the door, and there was a most extraordinary noise going on within - a constant howling and shouting, and every now and then a great crash from the music being played. The footman looked at Alice vacantly, and let her in without a comment.

The door led into a hallway and at the end of it was a living room from which came the sounds.
The room was full of sweet-smelling smoke from one end to the other: Mrs Duchess was lying on the carpet with a small black boy mounted on her and fucking her: her friend, a woman with a large dildo strapped around her waist was leaning over the boy and gently prodding the boy's anus with her finger.

Mrs Duchess was nearly naked except for some black suspenders and tights and a hat on her head. Her friend wore just a bonnet and the dildo.
Mrs Duchess was very fat, but her friend was very thin - her breasts were almost as small as Alice's but crowned by much larger and clearly erect nipples.

'There's certainly too much smoke in this room!' Alice said to herself, looking at a large hookah pipe, as well as she could for coughing. There was certainly too much of it in the air.
Even Mrs Duchess coughed occasionally: and as for the boy, he was coughing and crying alternately without a moment's pause.

'Please would you tell me,' said Alice, a little timidly, for she was not quite sure whether it was good manners for her to speak first, 'what you are doing?'

'Fucking the boy,' said Mrs Duchess, 'and that's why. Pig!'
She said the last word with such sudden violence that Alice quite jumped: but she saw in another moment that it was addressed to the boy, and not to her, so she took courage, and went on again:- 'I am on an errand from the boy's sister, Kedi, who wants to be paid.'

'It's in the hallway,' said Mrs Duchess: 'in an envelope with her name. Take it to her.'
'Thank you,' Alice said very politely, feeling quite pleased to have settled her errand.
'Do you want to join in?' asked Mrs Duchess.

Alice did not at all like the suggestion as the boy really did not seem to enjoy the activity. Mrs Duchess's friend had now positioned herself above the boy and started pushing her groin and the dildo into the boy's arse. Mrs Duchess reacted by gasping as the boy pushed hard into her cunt with the extra thrust from behind.
The boy started howling so much and it was impossible to tell whether the thrusts hurt him or not.

'Oh, please mind what you're doing!' cried Alice, jumping up and down in an agony of terror.
'If everybody minded their own business,' Mrs Duchess said, in a hoarse growl, 'life would be much more pleasant.'

The two women continued playing with the boy who looked at Alice with a very sad expression.
Tears were running down his cheeks and he reacted to each thrust from behind, which pushed the dildo deeper into his bottom, by another little gasp.

'Here! Do you want to come to the garden party?' suddenly asked Mrs Duchess pushing off the boy whose struggles must have become less enjoyable.
She pulled herself out from under him, and Alice saw his little penis shudder and start as it discharged.
Her friend continued buggering him, but standing up so that Alice could see the dildo thrusting in and out from underneath his legs. A thin trickle of semen dripped down his legs.

Mrs Duchess walked over to a closet, her fat breasts, stomach and buttocks wobbling as she walked.
She was a very ugly woman and her fat fell like folds over each other.
It was only the large nipples which differentiated the fold of fat which was her breasts from those which were folds of her stomach.
Her thighs and arms were wobbling folds of fats with the feet and hands at the end appearing rather small in comparison. She picked up a gilt-edged card which was an invitation to a Garden Party and handed it to Alice.
'Everyone will be there,' she announced patting Alice on the head. Alice was more aware of the rich smell of sweat and semen than of being touched.

Alice took the card and left the living room to the hallway to pick up the envelope which did have the word KEDI written on it. Alice poked her head into the living room to say 'Thank you' before leaving, to see Mrs Duchess wrapping her tongue around the small boy's penis while her friend continued buggering him.
The small boy was still crying but more as grunts and sobs.
'If Kedi sees Pig,' she said to herself, 'she would be very upset: but at least Pig doesn't have to masturbate for a living like Kedi.'

She left the house and walked over to Kedi in the middle of the square who was sitting cross-legged on the grass. She only grinned when she saw Alice, looking very good-natured and relaxed.

'Kedi,' Alice began, not knowing if she knew her so well as to be familiar. 'Here's your money. And here is an invitation I was given to go to a garden party. Should I go to it?'

Kedi took the envelope and counted the notes inside it grinning. 'For how many people is the invitation?' she asked.
'Why! It's for two!' said Alice. 'Would you like to come with me?'

'I will,' grinned Kedi. 'Mrs Duchess and her friends are all mad. I am mad, but I will help you at the party. And maybe I will meet my brother Pig.'
'Where will I meet you?'

Kedi looked at the invitation card. 'You'll see me there,' she said and stood up. She bent over and kissed Alice very tenderly on her cheek.
'By-the-bye, what became of my brother?' said Kedi. 'I'd nearly forgotten to ask.'
'He is being buggered by Mrs Duchess and her friend,' Alice answered very quietly.

'I thought he would,' said Kedi, kissing her again, this time on her lips. Kedi walked away carrying her blanket and dildo, her black buttocks moving as stately as her stride. She turned her head back.
'Did you say Ôbuggered' or Ôbothered'?' said Kedi.
'I said Ôbuggered',' replied Alice.
'All right,' said Kedi and she walked on with no apparent disquiet.

She turned back with her broad grin, which remained in Alice's mind some time after she had gone.


A Sex Tea-Party

Mouse invited Alice to a Tea-Party with her friends Henry and Howard. 'It'll be great fun!' she said.
'They're both mad you know!' Their house was fairly ordinary, but when she knocked on the door there was no answer.
The name on the plaque quite clearly read Henry and Howard, and the door was open so she walked in.

She wandered into the living room to see Henry and Howard sitting on the sofa with Mouse sitting between them, smoking a reefer and looking very sleepy and wearing no clothes, and the other two were leaning on her using her as a cushion and wearing only underwear.

The room was a large one, but it was not at all obvious where Alice should sit. 'Oh hello Alice!' smiled Mouse seeing her come in.
'Hello,' said Alice sitting down in a large armchair.
'I'm Howard,' one of the two young men announced. He was wearing a hat and bow-tie Alice noted, which looked very odd with only his underpants and socks.
'Have some wine,' Henry, the other one, said in an encouraging tone. Like Howard he wore a bow-tie but otherwise he was wearing only an open shirt.

Alice looked around and saw that there were wine and alcoholic drinks everywhere. However, she wasn't tempted.
'No thank you,' she said.
The conversation dropped and the party sat silent for a minute, while Alice wondered what it was that made Mouse think Henry and Howard were fun. Howard was the first to break the silence. 'How's your cunt?' he asked. Alice was taken aback by this, but she realised it was in fact addressed to Mouse.

'Itchy', she remarked.
'I told you butter wouldn't suit!' he commented, looking at Henry.
'It was the best butter,' Henry meekly replied.
'Yes, but some crumbs must have got in as well,' Mouse grumbled: 'you shouldn't have put it in with the breadknife.'
Mouse looked at her vagina gloomily: she opened it wide, dripped some wine into it and looked at it again. While she was doing this Henry started pouring some more wine down her front, which also ran down into her wide-open vagina.

'Treacle!' announced Howard. 'Do you want some treacle, Alice?'
'I like treacle,' considered Alice, 'but what is it with?'
'Mouse, of course,' laughed Henry who produced some treacle and started smearing it over Mouse's body.
Howard pulled off his underpants and socks and started licking off the treacle from her nipples.
Henry took a banana out of the fruit dish and unpeeled it. 'What do you think of this?' he asked, holding it against his penis which was beginning to grow to very similar dimensions to the banana. He pushed it into Mouse's vagina and started eating it from inside.

Alice continued to watch this display, and thought it was very curious. While the banana was being eaten by Henry, Howard pushed his erect penis into Mouse's mouth and she started sucking at it while her own groin was being eaten.
When the banana was eaten, Henry pushed his penis right up Mouse's cunt and the dialogue Alice was watching was reduced to a lot of grunting and groaning.
This continued for several minutes until Howard pulled his penis out of Mouse's mouth and his semen dripped out of the corners.

'More! More!' demanded Mouse, so Howard pulled Mouse over into a new position on the sofa, so that both he and Henry could get to Mouse's vagina. For an awkward moment it looked as if the three of them would collapse in their new quite contorted position, but finally Howard pushed his prick into Mouse's vagina and for a moment, Mouse had two penises thrusting in and out of her.

'Why don't you join in, Alice?' asked Mouse between gasps.
She was sandwiched between her two friends supported only by her knees, which were on either side of Henry's chest, and her hands, which held the edge of the sofa.

'Yes, I'm sure there's space for us in your cunt,' Howard considered.
'I'm not sure if I really...' began Alice.
'Oh, don't be silly!' gasped Mouse, but she didn't pursue her argument as the thrusts from her friends put her off any more conversation.

Alice stayed watching a little longer, but she felt rather left out. On the other hand, she didn't think it was quite right to join in. When Henry pushed his penis up Mouse's bottom, Alice started thinking that perhaps she had outstayed her welcome.
Mouse's cries became more guttural and urgent at this stage.
'Piss on me!' she cried to Henry who was drinking a long draught of beer.
'Gladly,' he said and a long torrent of pee gushed out of his prick, and trickled through Mouse's hair and down her face.

This piece of vulgarity was more than Alice could bear: she got up in great disgust and walked off: Mouse continued crying in ecstatic spasms, and neither of the others took the least notice of her going, though she looked back once or twice, half hoping they would call after her: the last time she saw them, they both had their pricks up Mouse's bottom.

'At any rate I'll never go there again!' said Alice, as she left through the door: 'It's the most disgusting tea-party I ever was at in all my life!'


Turtle's Story

Alice was a polite girl and she believed that when you are invited to a party, as she had been by Mrs Duchess, she should go.
This was at the house of Mr and Mrs Hart in a very genteel part of the town. So she put on some very respectable clothes that Mouse had lent her and went to the address.
The house was enormous, and Alice wasn't sure that she was in the right place as she entered the front door, but the footman looked at her invitation card and nodded her through.

Alice saw a beautiful garden through the doors in the living room with bright flower-beds and a cool fountain, and attracted by its beauty she walked in.
A large rose-tree stood near the entrance of the garden, and just by them were three black boys, hardly older than herself, wearing only little silk scarfs around their necks, who were in a very odd position together.

One of them was leaning against the tree holding himself up while another boy was behind him and seemed to be pushing his prick into the first boy's backside.
A third boy was standing behind the two of them and seemed to be trying to do the same thing.
The problem appeared to be that none of the boys appeared to enjoy what they were doing and their pricks were barely erect enough to stay lodged inside the other's bottom. Furthermore, the one who did have a prick inside him was not grunting from pleasure but more from discomfort.

'We should have used soap,' complained the middle boy pulling his penis out of the first boy's bottom. 'Or butter. Cooking oil is clearly not good enough.' 'My arse hurts like hell,' complained the first boy stroking his bottom with his middle finger.

'Would you tell me, please,' said Alice, a little timidly,' why you are doing that?'
The first two boys said nothing, but looked at the third boy, who was in least discomfort, who began, in a low voice, 'Why, the fact is, you see, Miss, we are supposed to be buggering each other in a row for when the guests arrive and if Madam finds that we aren't doing it we should all lose our jobs, you know.
So you see, Miss, we're doing our best before she comes, to - ' At this moment, the first boy, who had been anxiously looking across the garden, called out 'Madam! Madam!' and the three boys instantly threw themselves flat upon their faces with their bums sticking out suggestively into the air.
There was a sound of many footsteps, and Alice looked round, eager to see the other guests.

There were a motley bunch of people dressed in the most peculiar ways.
Some wore leather outfits that covered their faces and most of their body except for their genitals and nipples.
Some wore nothing at all. Many wore only clothes that covered some of their body but seemingly never their genitals.
There were several children - almost all naked - and they came jumping merrily along, hand in hand, in couples. In amongst the guests, Alice last saw the hosts who were Mr and Mrs Hart. Mrs Hart was clearly the most dominant, wearing a striking combination of leather and chains which did little to hide the fact that she was rather old and that her skin and breasts were quite seriously sagging.
Even so, she seemed to have no shame about displaying her drooping nipples which balanced at the top of the creases of her folded stomach and the threadbare patch of her crotch which was just beneath.

When the procession came opposite Alice, they all stopped and looked at her, and Mrs Hart said, severely, 'Who is this?'
She said it to a young gentleman, possibly a butler, who was almost modestly clothed in a jacket without underpants or trousers, who only bowed and smiled in reply.

'Idiot!' said Mrs Hart, smacking him with a cane impatiently; and, turning to Alice, she went on: 'What's your name, child?'
'My name is Alice,' said Alice very politely.
'And who are these?' said Mrs Hart to the butler, pointing to the three black boys who were lying round the rose-tree, 'Stand them up!'
The butler did so, very carefully, with one foot.
'Get up!' said Mrs Hart in a shrill loud voice, and the three boys instantly jumped up, and began bowing to her and the other guests.
'Why weren't you doing what I told you to do?'
'May it please you Madam,' said one of the boys, in a very humble tone, 'we were trying...'

'I see!' said Mrs Hart. 'Fuck off and don't come back!' The procession moved on, and the unfortunate boys scampered away.
Mrs Hart and the others moved on to the lawn where the guests all settled down on the grass.
Alice thought she had never seen such a curious scene in her life as the activity which followed.
The guests started jumping on top of each other and making love.
Some of the men were buggered by some of the women.
Some women started making love to other women and some men to other men.
The whole lawn was a writhing mass of naked and half-naked bodies.
Mrs Hart was wandering around giving instructions to the guests as to how they should be conducting their sexual activities with each other.

Alice began to feel very uneasy: to be sure, she had not expected the garden party to be anything like this and she didn't want to do any of the things that Mrs Hart was instructing the guests to do.
She was sure Mrs Hart would approach her any minute, 'and then,' thought she, 'what would become of me?'

She was looking for some way of escape, and wondering whether she could get away without being seen, when she noticed a grin in the distance and she said to herself, 'It's Kedi: now I shall have somebody to talk to.'

'How are you getting on?' said Kedi, as soon as Alice approached her. Kedi was, as before, wearing no clothes, but she seemed modest in comparison to the additional accoutrements worn by the guests.
Alice began an account of what was going on, feeling very glad she had someone to listen to her.

'How do you like Mrs Hart?' said Kedi in a low voice.
'Not at all,' said Alice.
'Who are you talking to?' said Mr Hart who was dressed in only an open cloak and a hat, coming up to Alice, and looking at Kedi with great curiosity.

'It's a friend of mine - Kedi,' said Alice: 'allow me to introduce her.'
'I don't like the look of her at all,' said Mr Hart: 'however, she may suck my prick, if she likes.'
'I'd rather not,' Kedi remarked.
'Don't be impertinent,' said Mr Hart. 'Well she's a filthy sambo and she must be removed,' he said very decidedly; and he called to his wife, who was passing at the moment, 'My dear! I wish you would have this blackamoor removed.'

Mrs Hart had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small. 'Fuck off!' she said without even looking round.

Alice could think of nothing else to say but 'She's a servant of Mrs Duchess: you'd better ask her about it.'
'Well,' Mrs Hart said to a servant: 'fetch her here.' And the servant, who was wearing leather bondage and a mask which covered all his face but his eyes, went off like an arrow.

Kedi kissed Alice sweetly on the lip and smiled and walked off without a word as soon as he was gone, and, by the time he had come back with Mrs Duchess, she had entirely disappeared. Mrs Duchess was dressed as before in just stockings and with her hair pulled up into a bouffant, so that from top to toe her ugliness was displayed in all its true grossness.

'You can't think how glad I am to see you again, you dear old thing!' said Mrs Duchess, as she tucked her arm affectionately into Alice's, and they walked off together.

Alice was very glad to find her in such a pleasant temper, and thought to herself that perhaps it was only drugs that had made her so brutal when they met before.

'Do you want to make love with me, dearie?' Mrs Duchess asked Alice pleasantly.
'No thank you,' said Alice honestly.
'It'll be fun you know,' smiled Mrs Duchess sticking her ugly face close to Alice's and holding Alice's buttocks with her hands.
Alice wriggled free. 'I'm sure I shouldn't be doing anything like that,' she protested. 'Why! I hardly know you.'

'Come on! You don't know what fun it would be. Just say yes.'
'I've a right to say no,' said Alice sharply, for she was beginning to feel a little alarmed.
'Just about as much right,' said Mrs Duchess, 'as pigs have to fuck people: and - '

But here, to Alice's great surprise, Mrs Duchess's voice died away, and the arm that was linked into hers began to tremble. Alice looked up, and there stood Mrs Hart in front of them, with her arms folded, frowning like a thunderstorm.

'Fuck off,' shouted Mrs Hart, hitting Mrs Duchess with a cane, and in a moment Alice's would-be lover was gone.
'Let's go on with the game,' Mrs Hart said to Alice; and Alice was too much frightened to say a word, but slowly followed her back to the other guests. The other guests had taken advantage of their hostess's absence, and were resting in the shade: however, the moment they saw her, they hurried back to their love-making.

Mrs Hart turned to Alice, 'Have you seen the Mock Woman yet?'
'No,' said Alice, 'I don't even know what a Mock Woman is.'
'It's a woman with a prick,' said Mrs Hart.
'I never saw one, or heard of one,' said Alice, forgetting the woman with the erect penis she saw before she caught the train to this district while her sister was making love.
'Come on, then,' said Mrs Hart, 'and she or he shall tell you his or her history.'

They very soon came upon a naked woman resting in the sun. At least Alice was sure she was a woman, because she had a cunt, but her body was built up and very muscular and seemed to shine with a peculiar kind of oil. Her breasts which might seem normal on a much smaller woman were dwarfed by the muscles of her chest.
'Up, lazy thing!' said Mrs Hart, 'and take this young lady to see Turtle, the Mock Woman, and to hear her history.
I must go back and see after some mock executions I have ordered;' and she walked off, leaving Alice with the naked muscular woman. Alice did not quite like the look of her, but on the whole she thought it would be quite as safe to stay with her as to go after that savage Mrs Hart: so she waited.

The woman sat up. 'My name is Gryphon,' she said in a voice that was almost deep enough to be a man's. 'Come on!'
They had not gone far before they saw Turtle, the Mock Woman in the distance, sitting sad and lonely on a little ledge of rock, and, as they came nearer, Alice could hear him sighing as if his heart would break.
She pitied him deeply. 'What is his sorrow?' she asked Gryphon. And she shrugged and smiled.

So they went up to Turtle, who looked at them with large eyes full of tears, but said nothing. He certainly looked like a woman, and like Gryphon was wearing no clothes.
He had a convincing pair of breasts, and he wore his hair like a woman.
He also wore make-up just as a woman might. But his hips were like a man's and as Mrs Hart had warned Alice, instead of a cunt he had a good sized penis between his legs.

'This here young lady,' said Gryphon, 'she wants for to know your history she do.'
'I'll tell it to her,' said Turtle in a deep, hollow tone. 'Sit down, both of you, and don't speak a word till I've finished. Once,' he said with a deep sigh, 'I was a real man.'

These words were followed by a very long silence, broken only by Turtle's constant heavy sobbing. 'When we were little,' Turtle went on at last, more calmly, though still sobbing a little now and then, 'we went to school and I was a little boy. I wanted to be a little girl and so when I was older and had the money I changed myself to a girl. And, as you see, I couldn't bear to lose my penis. So now I am a woman with a prick. But a prick that can't do anything.'

'It's true,' said Gryphon who leaned over to Turtle's penis and held it in her hands. She started stroking it and then put it into her mouth. She pulled the long flaccid length of it through her lips and pulled it out. It stretched out, but was just as limp.
'Whatever you do, it stays the same.'

'But can't you get it stiff sometimes?' wondered Alice who had seen so many erect penises recently she was sure it was a fairly simple matter.

'When I was younger, the thought of being a woman would make it so stiff that I could balance a book on the end of it,' boasted Turtle.
'I used to be able to fuck women just like all the other boys. But I loved women because I wanted to be one. Now I can only use it for going to the toilet.'

'Why don't you have it taken off and be a real woman?' wondered Alice.
'I can't bear to lose it. That is my tragedy. I can't bear to be a man and I can't face losing my penis.'

'The only sex Turtle has is up his backside - and he's got such a tight little arse-hole,' Gryphon commented.
'It must be so much better when you've got a cunt,' commented Turtle. He looked at Alice. 'What's yours like?'

Alice felt a little embarrassed, but then both Turtle and Gryphon were naked so she felt there was nothing wrong with showing her vagina.
So she pulled up her dress and her knickers down to her ankles and off. She held her dress up so that Gryphon and Turtle could see. Both Turtle and Gryphon stroked the smooth skin with their fingers.

'It's so beautiful!' exclaimed Turtle. 'If only I could stick my prick up inside it.'
Alice was about to say that she wouldn't allow that, when a cry of 'The show's beginning!' was heard in the distance.
'Come on!' cried Gryphon, and taking Alice by the hand, who was holding her knickers in her other hand, she hurried off.
'What show is it?' Alice panted as she ran; but Gryphon only answered 'Come on!' and ran the faster.

Mr and Mrs Hart were seated on garden chairs when they arrived, with a great crowd assembled about them.
One of the guests was standing before them, in chains, with another guest on each side to guard him. Alice was not at all sure what sort of show there was going to be, but she feared that it would have some perverted sexual element. She sat down on the grass next to a girl who looked just a bit like Mouse, but was not in fact. It was a little crowded, so she had to sit between the legs of a naked gentleman just behind her.

'Is everyone here?' asked Mr Hart looking around him. No one disagreed with him, so he announced 'First show!'
The first show was Howard, who Alice hadn't seen since he was with Mouse. He came in wearing nothing on but a pair of shoes and a bottle of wine.
'I beg pardon, madam,' he began, 'for dressing like this, but I hadn't known I would be sent for.' Mr and Mrs Hart examined Howard with apparent disdain, and then Mrs Hart said 'Your penalty is to be fucked by one of my boys.'
Howard didn't look very happy, but a black boy came out of the crowd wearing nothing but a very large erection and came up to Howard and started caressing his backside.
Howard looked quite uncomfortable as the boy started easing his fingers in and out of Howard's anus. Just at this moment Alice felt a very curious sensation, which puzzled her a good deal until she made out what it was: the penis of the gentleman just behind her was beginning to get larger and press against her bottom through the skirt.
She thought at first she would get up and leave; but on second thought she decided to remain where she was as long as he didn't do any more.

'I wish you wouldn't squeeze so,' said Alice.
'I can't help it,' said the gentleman very meekly: 'I'm getting very excited.'
'You've no right to push it into me,' said Alice.
And she got up and crossed over to another patch of grass.

All this time the audience had never left off staring at Howard, who was very nervous as the boy eased his erect penis into Howard's backside.
Here one of the small girls in the audience - younger than Alice, she thought - cheered, and was immediately jumped on by another member of the audience.
He turned her over and started pushing his penis into her own backside, while another member of the audience put his penis in the girl's mouth, which she started to suck with what seemed to Alice a practised air. The audience's attention was divided between the girl who was enjoying what was happening and Howard who clearly wasn't.

'If that's the best you can do,' said Mr Hart to Howard, 'you may stand down.'

At this stage the boy removed his penis from Howard's backside and spread his semen all over Howard's back.
Here another girl cheered, and was similarly attacked by another man in the audience. This girl did not seem to enjoy it at all, but this, if anything, seemed to excite the audience more.

For several minutes, the audience cheered as the girl was fucked from behind and was screaming quite pitifully. Her shoulders were pushed right down onto the ground to prevent her moving and her mouth was facing sideways as each little scream came out.
Fortunately for her, the man who was fucking her got over-excited in less than three minutes and had soon discharged his semen, which splattered quite visibly over the girl's buttocks as he pulled it out together with some darker coloured liquid which could have been either blood or shit.

'Call the next show!' said Mr Hart.
The next on was Mrs Duchess' friend.
She was wearing just stockings and a large hat which covered her hair and a veil which covered her rather ugly face.
She carried a large dildo in her hand and prodded it at people's bottoms or crotches as she made her way to the centre of the forum.

'Bugger her,' said Mr Hart pointing at a girl in the audience whom Alice recognised as being Mouse, who must have come in with Howard and was sitting next to Henry. She was wearing nothing but a little silk smock which came to just above her navel and looking very sweet. She didn't appear very happy about her nomination.
'Please don't,' gasped Mouse in a quite small voice.

'Collar that girl!' Mrs Hart shrieked out. 'She has no choice! Bring her to the centre!'

For some minutes the whole audience was in confusion, dragging her as she struggled to get free to the centre and then pushed her roughly to the ground. In the process Mouse's silk smock was ripped down the front and one of her breasts flopped out. In a trice, Mrs Duchess' friend had immobilised Mouse and had strapped the dildo, which was at least twelve inches long, to her waist.
She then started pushing it into Mouse's anus as Mouse screeched and screamed in pain.
Alice was rather horrified at the show, which really didn't seem any better than an excuse for rape.

Mouse struggled at one point and almost detached herself from the woman at which point another member of the audience came down and held Mouse's hands firmly to the ground.
This was the cue for a man in the audience, who was wearing only a very ugly leather mask over his face, to come down, push Mouse's body up into a new angle and start pushing his erect penis into Mouse's cunt.
This went on for several minutes, during which Alice was very troubled for her friend, but after a while it was finished and Mouse was taken away by a woman in the audience wearing only a little nurse's hat and comforted. Alice couldn't help noticing a little trickle of blood running down the inside of Mouse's thigh.

'Never mind!' said Mr Hart, as Mrs Duchess' friend picked up Mouse's discarded silk smock which was by now in a very torn state. 'Call the next show.'
Alice watched one of the servants fumble over a list, feeling very curious to see what the next show would be like and hoped it would be less like a rape. Imagine her displeasure, when the servant read out, at the top of his shrill little voice, the name 'Alice!'

'Here!' cried Alice, quite forgetting in the flurry of the moment how she could be so badly treated. Mr and Mrs Hart looked at Alice with a look of apparently malevolent glee.

'It's time for a train!' announced Mrs Hart, picking up a strapped dildo.
'Yes, a train,' agreed a male guest.
'Excuse me, what is a train?' wondered Alice, who could only think of steam engines and possibly diesel powered ones.

'It's when everyone takes turns to fuck you,' explained a little girl, about nine, sitting next to her and wearing nothing but a pair of silk stockings. 'Everyone queues up like the carriages of a train and one after another fuck you in turn.'

'You can't do that!' shrieked Alice standing up and getting ready to run.

'Yes, we can,' said another guest holding onto one of her shoulders. Another held onto her foot. And another onto her hand. Alice was dragged to the ground and then she felt the layers of clothes she was wearing being ripped off one by one. Off came her pinafore. Down came her skirt. Off came her vest.
Her knickers were ripped down the centre.
While this was happening Alice was kicking and struggling and yelling.
'Calm down,' said a girl's voice softly from behind her, who was caressing her hair in almost a kindly way. 'It'll only make it worse to struggle.'

Alice took the advice and collapsed into an apparently defeated state. She was now wearing no clothes except a small pair of white socks and her legs were forced open to display the smooth crotch where no hair had ever grown.
She looked up hopelessly at the audience who gradually eased their grip on her as they saw her apparent submission.
She saw through her tear-filled eyes that a line of guests, both men and women, and, it seemed, animals, were forming in front of her, almost certainly to start fucking her.

The first guest approached, whom Alice could see was Mr Hart.
His penis was sticking up and he was supporting it by stroking it with his hand. He came over to Alice and leaned over her. She could see right up his nostrils, which to her eyes looked an evil sight and there appeared to be some slobber coming from the corner of his mouth.

At this stage Alice remembered her encounter with Rabbit and she also reasoned that now was her last time for escape.
So as Mr Hart leaned over, stroking Alice's stomach and guiding his penis towards Alice's cunt, Alice pulled back her knee as far as she could.
'You're a pretty little girl!' commented Mr Hart just before Alice pushed all her strength into a hefty knee movement straight into Mr Hart's testicles.

There was no time to wait as Mr Hart yelled in pain from the sudden impact as Alice struggled loose from the weakened grip of her captors and ran naked as fast as her legs could take her through the audience (who didn't actually make any effort to stop her) and towards the entrance to the garden.
As she ran, she yelled a scream as loud as she could, half of fright and half of anger, and was soon out of Mrs Hart's property and in the street but wearing nothing but the one white sock that hadn't come off in the struggle.


Alice's Homecoming

Alice was pleased to see that Kedi out there as if she had been expecting her. Alice ran into Kedi's arms, who held her tightly and comforted her as Alice gulped out her sobs. 'It was horrible! Horrible!' she sobbed. 'A real nightmare!'

'I think,' said Kedi kindly, 'it's time for you to go home.' And with that she steered Alice away from Mrs Hart's house and towards the nearest bus-stop.

Kedi took Alice to Mouse's house, and after advising Mouse's mother of the situation she took some clothes which both she and Alice could wear. She then escorted Alice to an underground railway station and proceeded to take her back to Alice's own home and her sister.

Dinah, Alice's sister, was very surprised to see her sister after so long, and was almost too surprised at first to evaluate the peculiarity of her being brought home by this stately black woman, Kedi.
She had felt very guilty for the unannounced disappearance of her sister, as it had happened while she had been so very much preoccupied in other affairs. But she thanked Kedi for kindly returning her home and heard from her about Alice's ordeals at the party.

Dinah took Alice into the bedroom and laid her down in her bed. She carefully removed Mouse's clothes, so Alice lay naked.
Dinah took Alice into the bathroom and sat Alice in its hot waters and sat next to her while listening to Alice recounting her adventures after boarding the underground train. For some reason, she found the stories she told quite stimulating, particularly, she thought regarding her sister, that they happened to such a pretty little girl.

After the bath, Alice and Dinah went back into Dinah's bathroom with Alice wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Dinah lay Alice down and stroked Alice's hair and got Alice to once more recount her wonderful Adventures, particularly, she said, the sexy bits.
While Alice chatted, Dinah thought mostly of Alice herself.

She looked lovingly at the tiny hands clasped upon her knee, and the bright eager eyes looking up into hers - and she listened to the very tones of her voice, and she grinned indulgently at that queer little toss of her head to keep back the wandering hair that would always get into her eyes - and still as she listened, her hand wandered down to her crotch.

Dinah was wearing only her slip with her knickers already assigned to the wash, so it was easy for her to stroke her own crotch as she held Alice's hand in hers and looked lovingly into Alice's eyes.

She listened to the attempted rape by Rabbit, which horrified her but only made her the more protective towards Alice, who she supported about the shoulders as she told her distressing tale.
Then she listened to the account of Mouse first making love to her and Dinah moved a hand down to Alice's crotch and brushed the smooth hairlessness of it as Alice recounted how Mouse put her fingers into it and then her tongue.
As Alice told the account of how Howard and Henry indulged in a very peculiar meal with Mouse, Dinah's index finger made its way into Alice's own little vagina and lovingly caressed Alice's clitoris.

She cuddled Alice's frightened little body as she told of the horrid sadistic games Mrs Hart would play.
She rained kisses on Alice's upturned face as her eyes welled with tears of anger and self-pity.
She clasped Alice's buttocks in her hands as she listened to how Pig was sodomised by Mrs Duchess and her friend while very loud music crashed around them. She kissed Alice's clitoris as she heard about Gryphon's peculiarly shaped body. Her tongue was deep inside Alice's cunt as she heard of the rape of the little girls during Mrs Hart's sex show.
She nipped at Alice's clitoris with her teeth as she heard of the plight of Turtle, the Mock Woman.

The two girls were soon rolling about in a frenzy of sexual passion, stimulated by Dinah's reflections of Alice's Adventures. A world of sexual fantasy that made her own sex-life seem so dull. While she had been recovering from sex that day wondering where her sister had gone, only the grass rustling in the wind and the pool rippling to the waving of the reeds seemed to be the sounds around. Alice meanwhile had gone to a land of sex parties, sado-masochism, sodomy, transexualism and bisexuality.

After Alice and she had made love, Dinah pictured to herself how this same little sister would, in the after-time, be herself a grown girl; and how she would have all sorts of new sexual adventures and how wonderful it would be if she could participate in them - perhaps she and Alice together with a man or another girl or even with Kedi who was staying at their house at the time.
And she thought of all the ways that their sex-life could be stimulated in years to come, and with these thoughts she draw Alice close to her for more love-making.

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