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Misadventures of Alice: Part III

Written by Bradley (Jan 2000) CAMILLA's EROTIC WRITING

Alice's House

One thing was certain, that Blanche had had nothing to do with Alice - it was Kedi entirely who made love to her. For Blanche, Dinah's plump friend had been making love to Dinah for the last quarter of an hour (and enjoying it pretty well): so you see only Kedi could have been making love to Alice.

The way Dinah made love to her girlfriends was just as passionate and sensitive as the way she made love to Alice. Kedi had made love to Dinah earlier in the afternoon, and so, while Alice was sitting curled up in a corner of the great sofa, Kedi was having a grand game of romps with her young little body, which was, like that of all the other girls in the living room, free of all encumbrance.

'Oh, you wicked wicked thing!' cried Alice, catching up with Kedi, and giving her a little kiss. 'Really, Dinah ought to have totally worn you out! You ought, Dinah, you know you ought!' she added looking reproachfully at her sister, and speaking in as cross a voice as she could manage - and then she scrambled back into the sofa, pulling Kedi back and showering her breasts with kisses.
Kedi rested very demurely on top of her, watching Alice's love-making, and now and then putting her lips out and gently pressing them against Alice's forehead.

After a while the two girls got quite passionate and then soon wore out their passion for each other on the sofa. Alice looked across the room at her sister and Blanche who seemed similarly sated by their own love-making. Kedi smiled indulgently at Alice and lay down on her back on the sofa.
Alice who had somehow fallen to the floor and knocked over the Chess set that had been set out for a game that Blanche and Kedi had been playing earlier.

Alice stood up and leaned against the mantlepiece looking out at the rest of the room. She smiled indulgently at Blanche and Dinah who were curled up together in one mass of white flesh.
Blanche came from Brook, a district where nudity was the norm rather than the exception, and felt most comfortable naked anyway. Most of the white flesh that Alice could see belonged to Blanche, who was a very plump girl, but one on whom plumpness was actually very attractive, unlike, Alice couldn't help wincing, Mrs Duchess.
Kedi also came from a place where nudity was the norm, but that was another country and not just another district. The two girls were always naked, whatever the occasion - one black and the other white - just like chess pieces.

Alice turned round and looked at the same view of the room through the looking-glass over the mantle-piece. The view was different mostly in that Alice could see herself, a girl who differed most from the others by her tenderer years.
A girl too young for breasts and still a little bit of a tummy above her smooth crotch. She wandered to the window and looked out into the garden next door where she could see an oldish gentleman making love to a much younger woman on the lawn.
He didn't appear to be very expert and indeed he was balancing very badly on top of her. The younger woman didn't seem to mind, but Alice couldn't help thinking that there didn't appear to be a lot of passion in their love-making.

There was a book lying near Alice on the table, and while she was watching the old man she turned over the leaves, to find some part that she could read. It looked at first sight like a normal children's book - the sort of book that perhaps Enid Blyton might write - and, indeed, it was a collection of shortish books gathered together in an omnibus edition.
Curiously however although the protagonists were all children as the pictures made clear and the style was pitched at children of Alice's age the subject matter was what Alice had always been made to understand to be very adult.

The stories seemed to concern the sexual adventures and misadventures of children mostly with other children and very rarely with adults.
The pictures and text didn't, however, leave very much to the imagination.
There were drawings of children with erect penises, close-ups of little girl's vaginas and many pictures of girls and boys doing all sorts of sexual things with each other. The main saving grace that Alice could see was that no adults participated, even though there was often an adult man or woman watching or masturbating.

'That's a book I brought here from Brook,' commented Blanche, who had been watching Alice read the book. 'The authoress, Honore L'Oeuf, is very popular. She's written lots of best-sellers.'

'But childrens' books aren't like that here!' commented Alice.
'And more's the pity,' smiled Blanche. 'People here seem to think children don't have any sexual desires at all until they're older. In Brook nobody thinks it strange for children to have sexual fantasies or even to make love to each other.'
Alice looked at the book more closely. 'Isn't it a little disgusting what all these children are doing?'
'Isn't what you and Kedi do together just as disgusting,' retorted Blanche.
Kedi heard her name and looked up at Alice whose back was now to the window and whose figure now was a silhouette framed by the sunlight. 'It's not at all disgusting,' Kedi said, defending Alice.

Blanche let Alice borrow the book, The Collected Works of Honore L'Oeuf, and Alice took it with her to bed to read that night. In most of the stories, the tales seemed to be just like all the other children's stories Alice had ever read except that whereas in most stories the plot was centred around some mystery or focused towards the solution of particular problems, in these stories the main event was sexual and the plots were concerned in how these sexual events came to take place and what these sexual encounters entailed.

In the world of Honore L'Oeuf, sex was always genial, - never violent nor disturbing, - was always desired and never complicated by after-effects such as pregnancy or venereal disease or worse.
Rape was unheard of, 'No' was always an accepted response to sexual advance and all the children had very attractive bodies and larger-than-life sex-drives.

Alice found the stories very erotic - much more so than all the pornography or erotica she had seen for the attention of older people. Perhaps it was because it was designed to satisfy the desires and fantasies of pre-pubescents rather than of adults who pretended to already know it all.

She also found it arousing that in none of the pictures did anyone wear any clothes. This, as Blanche explained, was because in Brook it was normal not to wear clothes - and indeed not wearing clothes wasn't considered a sexual thing to do at all. Alice liked what she heard about Brook and she was very soon hinting to Blanche and Dinah that what she would like to do very soon would be to go on holiday to Brook.

'But of course sweetest,' said Blanche giving Alice such a sweet little kiss on the mouth. 'But remember - no clothes!'


The Garden of Opportunity

Inspired by Honore L'Oeuf's novels, Alice tried interesting her schoolfriends with sexual adventures and invited a few to her home.
Most of them were little girls like Alice, but one or two were boys. Alice and her friends played in the garden, their clothes discarded, just hidden from sight by the undergrowth. They read aloud chapters from the Honore L'Oeuf omnibus and when properly aroused, they started playing with each other. The boys and girls made very little distinction between whom they chose to play with and indeed the two boys were most interested in each other's little penises.

'O Tiger-Lilly!' gasped Alice, removing her tongue from her friend's bare vagina, 'I wish you had a prick!'
'But I do!' said Tiger-Lilly. 'Put your tongue further up and feel it. Then you'll see.'
Alice did so, and felt Tiger-Lilly's clitoris. 'It's very hard,' she said: 'but it's not the same thing.'
'She's coming!' Said Larkspur talking about Rose whom she was stimulating with her finger. 'Hear her gasps. Aaaahh! Aaaahh! Aaaahh!'
Alice looked round eagerly to see Rose gasping, the smooth skin of her nearly flat chest pouring sweat as her buttocks trembled with excitement, and then saw Kedi looking at the children playing from a distance away. As usual, she was wearing no clothes and had a frown on her face.

'I think I'll go and meet her,' said Alice, for, though her friends were interesting enough, she felt that it would be far more satisfying to spend time with Kedi.
'You can't possibly do that,' said Rose: 'She'd tell you off.'
This sounded nonsense to Alice as she knew Kedi so well, so she walked up to Kedi, who indeed did not seem as happy as usual.

'You really oughtn't encourage your friends like that,' said Kedi firmly.
'What do you think their parents will think?'
Alice wondered a little at this, but she was too much in love with Kedi to argue. 'I hadn't thought,' she apologised.
'In Brook this sort of thing is perfectly all right, but here you must be more sensible,' explained Kedi. 'In different places there are different rules of behaviour. In some countries, it is children who have sex and the adults must not.
In some countries only anal sex is allowed and other forms of sexual intercourse are frowned on. In some countries, people are only allowed to make love with people of the same sex and never with people of other sexes.'
'Why is that?' wondered Alice.
'In every place there may be a good reason,' explained Kedi indulgently, 'but mostly it is just custom. Here it is not the custom for children to make love together. It is thought indecent and if your friends tell their parents of what they have been doing their mothers and fathers will be very cross.'

'What is it like in your country?'
'In my country, clothes are disapproved of. They are considered as merely ways of hiding oneself from others. They are thought of as a kind of deceit. It is also believed that they are an unnecessary luxury in a warm country which merely displays a disreputable ostentatiousness. In my country, people are proud of their bodies and are not ashamed of how they change as they get older.'

'Is it like that in Brook?'
'Brook is different. It is not a foreign country and in many ways its attitudes are like those here. It is just that there are enough enlightened people who think that wearing clothes is a choice and that one should choose oneself how much one wears. Brook is not far from here. You should visit it and then you will know what it is like.'
'Why is it called Brook?'
'Because there are many brooks. But there are also many woods and hedges. It is a pleasant place with a lovely climate. Do you want to go?'
'Yes I do!' said Alice positively. 'I would very much like to.'
'That's easily managed. You can visit Blanche and I will visit you there if you like - ' Just at this moment, somehow or other, they began to make love.
Alice never could quite make out, in thinking it over afterwards, how it was they began: all she remembers is, that they were rolling around together on the grass, and Kedi was exercising Alice's clitoris with her fingers so vigorously that she was helpless with passion: and still Kedi kept gasping encouragement.

The most curious part of the thing was, that Alice's friends, who had bored of sex-games, never seemed to notice the two girls together at all, or if they did, they made no sign of it.
And Kedi opened her legs and pushed Alice's fingers deep inside her vagina motioning her to do the same to her as she was to Alice.
She cried 'Faster! Don't try to talk!' Not that Alice had any idea of doing that.
She felt as if she would never be able to talk again, she was getting so much out of breath in excitement: and still Kedi cried 'Faster! Faster!' and nibbled Alice's clitoris with her teeth. 'Have you nearly come?' Alice managed to pant out at last.

'Nearly there!' Kedi repeated. 'Faster!' And they continued for some time in silence, with the blood rushing to Alice's ears and her body aching with passion and exertion.

'Now! Now!' cried Kedi. 'Faster! Faster!' And her body shivered so violently, till suddenly, just as Alice was getting quite exhausted, they stopped, and she found herself sprawled on her back on the ground, breathless and giddy.
Kedi propped her up against a tree, and said kindly, 'Let's rest a little now.'
Alice sighed. 'I am so hot and thirsty!'
'I know what you'd like!' Kedi said good-naturedly opening a bottle of water which she proffered to Alice. Alice sipped from it and then Kedi took it from her and splashed water over her face and between her legs. She then handed it back to Alice who did the same thing.

'While you're refreshing yourself,' said Kedi, 'I'll tell you the arrangements. You will take a train to Brook, and then walk through the woods to Blanche's house which is just by a river.
There you might meet the writer, Honore L'Oeuf, whose books you enjoy so much.'

Alice nodded as she took in the arrangements, which she assumed had been made between Kedi, Blanche and Dinah. Adults were always running your life! she thought.

'Then you might want to look round the forests of Brook and you might meet people and then I'll meet you and Blanche, and it's all feasting and fun!'
Alice smiled in gratitude. 'I look forward to it,' she said.
'Now run back and play with your friends,' advised Kedi with an indulgent smile. 'But impress on them not to tell their parents of what they've been up to, or there'll be all sorts of trouble!'

Alice said she would and left Kedi to wander around the garden. She joined her friends and in next to no time they were all excitedly stimulating each other and the boys were persuaded to stick their little penises up each other's bottoms.


The Journey to Brook

Of course the first thing to do was to read up as much about Brook as Alice could. It certainly seemed a pleasant place, full of woods, streams and valleys, but the most interesting aspect of the country was its liberal attitude towards sex and nudity. Kedi escorted Alice to the railway station and soon she was on her way.

She shared the compartment of the train with several other people: most of them very much older than her.
In front of her, an elderly man was reading a newspaper, but Alice was not to be outdone. Blanche had lent her a copy of a Brook newspaper, a tabloid which she said would help her get an understanding of the district. It contained many pictures of naked people, but these were mostly just photographs accompanying articles about fairly dull things such as garden fetes, mayoral banquets, goat farming or whatever.
There were however certain pictures that could only have been inserted for titillation, and these featured not just nudity but full sex.
The captions were of a fairly odd nature saying things like
'Geraldine's nipples are even harder now that there's something hard up her cunt', 'John's certainly come to a fortune now!', 'Mummy never told her about using the back entrance' and 'How many pricks can you get inside you?'
This coyness was in curious contrast to the explicit photographs of all sorts of sexual behaviour.

As the train travelled along, the passengers disembarked at the stations on the way, and soon Alice was in the compartment by herself. She occupied her time looking out of the window at the countryside passing by and leafing through her newspaper. All at once she started as a loud sound came from outside at a station where the train had stopped.

'That certainly surprised you!' commented a little voice. Alice looked back at the source of the sound, which was a boy about the same age as Alice.
He actually looked young for his age, but Alice could see that he wasn't too young, by virtue of the fact that he was wearing no clothes.
This shocked Alice a little too: a fact that must have been noticed by the boy as he crossed his legs.

'Are we in Brook already?' Alice asked - as this seemed an appropriate response to the boy's nakedness.

'No, not quite,' the boy answered smiling, 'but there aren't any more stops till we get there.'
'And that's why ...'
'I just hate wearing clothes!' the boy replied. 'But it's so necessary when you're away from home. Clothes are so uncomfortable. Don't you agree?'
'Well ...' responded Alice who didn't really have an opinion on the subject.
'When I'm away from Brook, I only wear clothes when I go out and about. The rest of the time, the most I ever wear are shoes.'
'Is everyone like you in Brook?' wondered Alice.
'No, of course not,' the boy responded. 'Many people wear clothes.'

However, Alice couldn't be at all sure of this as the train continued on its journey and all the people who passed by the compartment seemed equally unclothed. And she could tell that she was in Brook when she saw through the window that everyone outside was also naked.
After a while, Alice gave in to the prevailing custom and shyly took off all her clothes and packed them neatly into her suitcase.
'I'm glad you've seen reason,' commented the boy, smiling at Alice. 'It's so much better without textile constraint, isn't it?'
When Alice finally got off the train at the little station of Tweedle, she at first found it strange to wander around in the company of so many naked people, and indeed the most prominent feature at first was the unaccustomed smell of their bodies.
However, she handed her ticket to the Guard who took it from her and bade her a good day. Alice shyly thanked him for it, being perhaps more aware of his slightly tumescent penis than of his good intentions.

It was early evening and Alice definitely wanted to get to Blanche's house by the river before it got dark, but the route led through a wood which seemed quite threatening in the lengthening shadows.
Although she was pretty sure from the instructions she had written down that she did know the way to her house, Alice felt she needed some confirmation.

She was quite pleased to see a couple of teenage boys lying naked on the grass who looked like they could help. As she came up to them, however, she couldn't help noticing that one boy was sucking the penis of the other one which the other was lazily enjoying.
Although the penis wasn't particularly stiff, it was fairly clear to her that it wouldn't take a great deal more encouragement for it to become so. She looked at it with intense curiosity, and was startled by a voice coming from the one lying on his back.

'If you think we're a porno show,' he said, 'you ought to pay, you know.'
The other boy disengaged his mouth from the penis and looked up at Alice whom he'd just noticed. 'I'm sure I'm very sorry,' was all Alice could say.
The two boys sat up, visibly annoyed by having been interrupted in their play.

'I was thinking,' Alice said very politely, 'which is the best way out of this wood: it's getting so dark. Would you tell me, please?'
The two boys giggled, and the one who had been sucking his friend's penis grasped it firmly in his hand and started pulling it through his fingers.
He pulled his hand up from the base to the tip in a slow and languid way.
'You've begun wrong!' cried one boy. 'The first thing in a visit is to say ÔHow d'ye do' and shake hands!'

Alice did not like shaking hands with either of them, as she really wanted to get on her way and didn't want to prolong it too much.
However, the necessity of further politeness was not necessary as the two boys just as suddenly ignored her and returned to their lovemaking.
Alice hovered around wondering what she ought to do, but as their passion mounted and one of them began inserting his penis into the others' backside, she felt that she'd probably exhausted all the time she could with the pair.

She walked on further and was a little alarmed when she heard something that sounded to her like the puffing of a large steam-engine in the wood near them, though she feared it was more likely to be a wild beast.
However, she was relieved to see that it was only a black gentleman wearing only a night-cap lying crumpled up into a sort of untidy heap and snoring loud.

However, it was still getting progressively darker, so Alice hurried as fast as she could through the wood following the instructions she had been given. She was sure that she'd find Blanche's home fairly soon.

Blanche's home was in fact just above a book shop where she sold all manner of books, but it was quite late when Alice arrived and rang the door bell.
It wasn't at all long till the door was answered by Blanche's naked plump white body. 'Come in! Come in!' said Blanche in a very cheerful way. 'I was so worried you wouldn't find the way here.'

Blanche took Alice in and fussed around her. She cooked her a very nice meal. 'I hope you don't mind sharing my bed,' Blanche wondered, 'but I've only the one.
But there's plenty of space for two - especially for one as petite as you.'

Alice spent most of the evening looking at the books that Blanche sold in her shop.
There were many books besides Honore L'Oeuf's, but almost all seemed much more explicit in their content than the ones Alice was used to reading at home. Some of the children's books concerned nothing else but masturbation, with titles like 101 Things to do with a Willy, Sucking Made Simple, A Little Girl's Guide to Touching Yourself and A Child's Household Sex Tools.

There were also other children's fiction like Honore L'Oeuf's which focused on child sex.
There was a series of books about The Nasty Little Girl, which concentrated on all the games of sexual seduction the Nasty Little Girl of the title would have with other boys and girls, and even, in one very curious story, a dog.
There were some other stories about girls and boys going to toilet on each other called the Pooh Stories.
In a typical story, the main character, a little boy called Pooh would piss on his younger friend Ploplet and then smear shit all over his body. The point of the story was the awful smell it left, which put off all their friends.

It was soon bedtime, but there was no ceremony about taking clothes off. Alice just went to Blanche's bed after cleaning her teeth and having a wash.
Blanche was already lying on the sheets: her plump white body filling much more than half of what was already a very large double bed.
'Oh! I feel so tense!' complained Blanche rolling her plump body round, her breasts moving heavily with her motion. 'Could you rub my back please?'

Alice was always very helpful, so she sat astride Blanche's broad round back, which was so round she had to almost stand so as not to dig her knees into Blanche's flesh.
She put her hands onto Blanche's shoulders and massaged and rubbed them vigorously.
All the fat swallowed up Alice's little hands, and she was sure that Blanche could barely feel any of her caresses, but Blanche was moaning 'That's better. Oh, much better!'

After a while Alice was beginning to get a bit tired of exercising on Blanche's back, and was indeed feeling a bit tense herself from the effort.
Blanche persuaded Alice to not only massage her shoulders, but also her back and her buttocks.
She then rolled over onto her back, and her breasts and stomach were raised majestically up above the sheets.
Her stomach flopped slightly over her cunt, so that it was actually obscured from view.
As if to correct this, Blanche clasped the base of her stomach in her hands and pulled it up, so that Alice could see the pale fair hair, which obscured virtually nothing of the very full and fleshy vagina.

'It's not just my back that feels sore,' explained Blanche, directing Alice's hand to her cunt.
Alice squeezed her hands between the flesh of Blanche's thighs and her little fingers entered the cunt.
'Massage there,' instructed Blanche, which Alice did while Blanche heaved like a monstrous whale under the influence.
Blanche's cunt felt so hot and was so sticky, that soon Alice was applying her tongue to it and licking it.
She took Blanche's clitoris in her teeth and nibbled at it. It was as big as her small toe.

The following morning, Alice awoke to find that Blanche was not beside her, but she saw a note which said 'Having a bath in the river.' Alice got up and looked out of the bedroom window which looked on to the river flowing just outside.
There, in the middle of it, and totally unmistakable was Blanche who was ducking and diving in the cool running water.
Blanche looked up and saw Alice watching her and waved to Alice to join her. Alice smiled and waved back. She ran over the thick woollen pile carpet to the back door, and through that, with barely another thought, right into the water.

Her first thought, after she'd jumped into the river, was just how cold it was. She could see little fish and crabs flicking past her naked young body, as she stood up to her waist in the water. A little fish glanced through her legs and brushed teasingly against her inside thigh.

'It's cold!' gasped Alice.
'You need to jump around a bit,' Blanche advised.
Alice jumped up and down, but all she could feel were the sharp pebbles on her bare feet. 'I don't feel any warmer.'

Blanche waded towards her, curiously graceful for one so large. Then she immersed herself and swam breaststroke a few yards, her breasts bobbing above the water like ballast.
When Blanche reached Alice she wrapped her cold wet body round Alice, and showered her face with kisses.
'You're so sweet!' she exclaimed.
She traced her podgy hands down the contours of Alice's body towards Alice's buttocks which she squeezed gently.
Then she tenderly spun Alice around on her toes in the water and pushed one of her round white fingers to Alice's vagina and tenderly caressed it.
Alice suddenly tensed, but as Blanche lavished more attention on her vagina, she felt it get warmer at the same time as water seeped into the entrance, giving her a peculiar feeling, which only added to its sensuousness.
She knew her own moistness was adding to the moistness of the water, but her passion only rose.
She was soon gasping in ecstasy and holding tight onto Blanche's large round body.

Later, Alice had breakfast with Blanche in her dining room, and she couldn't help noticing all the framed photographs around the wall.
There were pictures of Blanche with several women and men, and several more of Blanche by herself. In one picture Blanche was sitting in a boat with a girl about the same age as Dinah.
In other Blanche was photographed with a fat man with his penis quite firmly up her cunt, and the two of them clearly enjoying it. In another, Blanche was seated nestling with a sheep.

One picture which particularly took Alice's eye was a picture of Blanche intimately embracing a woman, who, though not nearly as plump as Blanche, was quite simply not slim.
But she had one feature, which was considerably more voluptuous than anything that Blanche had, and that was her breasts. They were simply enormous.
They came down to her waist, were very round and had nipples that themselves were at least the size of Alice's fists. Blanche was nestled against her in a pose of adoration, and this woman supported Blanche with an arm around the shoulder.

'Who's this?' wondered Alice, pointing at the woman.
'O! Don't you know?' smiled Blanche.
'No,' said Alice, looking again at the picture.
The very pretty rounded face with the full lips and round smiling eyes did seem familiar. 'I'm sure I've seen her somewhere though. I just can't place it.'

'You've probably seen her face on dust-jackets,' Blanche remarked. 'She's Honore L'Oeuf.'


Honore L'Oeuf

It was a great thrill the following day, for that was the occasion in which Blanche introduced Alice to the famous Honore L'Oeuf.
Blanche had always made a point of making love to as many authors as she could, particularly authors of children's books.
She'd had sex with Cheval, the author of a book about eight children in search of an elusive orgasm.
He'd been very shy, she'd said - and his penis had been actually rather small.
She'd also made love with Christophe Oiseau, the author of the Pooh books, but she'd not actually enjoyed being pissed on.

Honore was a special conquest, Blanche maintained, and they were still very friendly, but, it was evident to her that she much preferred the company of children.

Blanche left Honore and Alice talking in the garden, by a bench, where Honore sat: her breasts in real life if anything more fantastic than seen in a photograph.
She had at least an 80 inch bust, and their weight forced them to hang down and obscure her vagina, which they almost touched when she sat down.

Honore lifted a breast up in her hands and held it out for Alice to see clearly. 'This is the main reason I live in Brook', she explained. 'I didn't always live here, but when I lived where clothes were much more the expected thing, I had enormous problems.
I had to wear men's shirts designed for very fat men, but even then they couldn't hide my enormous breasts.
The nipples would always struggle to escape. And so often, the buttons would pop and my breasts would flop out. It was so embarrassing! Here, I don't have to even try to hide them.'
'Have you always had such titanic tits?' asked Alice.
'Not when I was a very young child, of course,' Honore said smiling.
'But even when I was your age, it was fairly obvious that I had monstrous mammaries.
At first I thought they'd just reached full size much earlier than normal - but they just wouldn't stop growing.
They just grew and grew! It got so that I had to spend days with my blouse fully open, simply because I couldn't button them up. Or I'd do the bottom button and the top button, and the breasts would just hang out between. So, it soon became obvious that I wasn't an ordinary girl.'

'How did you start writing children's books?' wondered Alice, who wanted to move the subject away from breasts, although it was such a prominent and obvious subject.

'I've always loved children. And I've always loved making love to children. I love the feel of a five year old boy's penis.
And I like those of eleven year olds. They're so smooth. And children's bodies are so beautiful. Your body is one of the most beautiful.'

'Thank you,' said Alice, who glanced down at her own very flat chest, and the long hair which fell to her waist and brushed over her slender thighs and buttocks. 'Why do you love children so?'

'Perhaps because girls and boys look so much the same. And I just love the tenderness and innocence of making love with them.
So it seemed natural to write stories about it.
Of course, I invest into them as much of my own experience as possible. I just love having two or three children making love to me at once, and they just love to put my nipples into their mouth, or to rub their little crotches over them. I also watch children making love together or masturbating. And I listen to their stories of their own sexual encounters.'

'Do you enjoy writing stories?'
'Of course. I always masturbate when I'm writing, and I know when my stories are particularly erotic by the amount of moistness they generate.
If they're very erotic, I just have to break off in the middle of writing them, and push a banana up my crotch and feel its squelchy disintegration inside me, or to rub my breasts up and down the wall while I shove something hard and firm up me.
But no masturbation - and I masturbate several times every day - can match the delight of sex with children.'

Alice felt very uncomfortable at Honore's directness. 'Do you want to make love to me?'
'Of course, dearest,' Honore said. 'I want you to put the whole of your mouth over my nipples and bite them with your petite little teeth. I want to push as much of my stiff nipple up your vagina as I can and feel your hot little quim moisten and drip over my breasts.
I want to push my tongue as deep as I can inside you, while you luxuriate in my breasts. I want to make love with you for hours and hours.'
'Do you make love with all the children you meet?'
'Not all, but as many as I can. I love the variety. I love disabled children. I like to put amputee's stumps deep inside me so they feel smooth and wet. I love black, white and red children. I love girls and boys. But don't think I only love children.'
'Yes, you've also made love with Blanche...'
'Well, and still do. She's such a wonderful literary groupie. Anyone write a book, and Blanche's fucked them. Blanche and I make an odd couple.
There's so much flesh between us. We can barely touch each other with our arms when we lie on top of the other. In fact, making love for me is always a bit funny. Either my lover has to squeeze between my tits or they have to fuck from the oddest of angles.'
'I see,' said Alice thoughtfully.
'And I can see that what you want to do is hold my nipple to see if it's real,' Honore commented. Her fingers were slowly circling her nipples. 'Have a feel.'

Alice leaned forward and took the nipple gingerly between her thumb and forefinger.
There was three or four inches of hard nipple between her fingers. Honore put her hands behind Alice's head and eased her face right on to the breast. It wasn't long until her nipple was inside Alice's mouth.
She'd never had anything as large or firm in her mouth as this before.
She could feel the small pimples at the base of her nipple, and she loved running her tongue round the indentation at the tip.

'Don't worry. I won't leak any milk,' laughed Honore. Honore was simply the best lover Alice had yet had, and she came to orgasm again and again and again under Honore's subtle and stimulating caresses.
Her experience with so many children showed, because she knew which parts of a child's body have most erogenous significance, unlike so many others Alice had made love to, who didn't appreciate the differences let alone identify them. Blanche wandered into the garden from time to time to watch the two at play, but except for a little peck on Alice's face and a blown kiss at Honore she respected their privacy. She mostly busied herself in the book shop.

Eventually the two girls were exhausted. Alice found it curious however that someone as good as lovemaking as Honore was nonetheless rather clumsy at other more ordinary activities, like standing up or leaning over.
But this was the fault of her monstrous bust, which always seemed to be in the way of her hands and to pull her off-balance.
Still, despite the occasional heavy crash when Honore fell over, Alice's abiding thoughts were of her grace and facility. And of course, she felt honoured to have made love with such a famous author, even if she were only one of so many so honoured.


Leon and Une

Blanche recommended to Alice that she go to the fuck show that her brother, Roi, was watching.
Alice followed the directions that Blanche gave and soon found Roi seated on the ground, busily writing in his memorandum book while watching the activities of people fucking each other.
He was a rather fat man, a feature he shared with Blanche, and he also had her very fair hair and ivory white skin.

'I love to see them all going!' Roi cried in a tone of delight, on seeing Alice. 'It's such fun!'
At this moment, someone whom Alice had met before arrived - it was in fact Mouse's friend, Harold; he had been running and was far too much out of breath to say a word and could only wave his hands about.
He opened a bag that hung round his neck and handed some cellophane-wrapped sandwiches to Roi, who devoured them greedily.

Harold was much the same as Alice last saw him, except that he was wearing a hood over his head, which with the bag strapped round his shoulder was all that he wore. 'More sandwiches!' said Roi.
'There's nothing left,' Harold said, peeping into the bag. 'However, I have it on good information that Leon and Une are going to be at it again.'
'Leon and Une?' wondered Alice.
'Yes,' said Roi: 'and you'll never have seen a pair to compare with them I'm sure. Let's run and see them.' And they trotted off.
'What are they at?' Alice asked as well as she could, for the run was putting her quite out of breath.
'Fucking, of course!' said Roi. 'Whatever else!'
Alice had no more breath for talking; so they trotted in silence, till they came into sight of a great crowd, in the middle of which two people were indeed fucking. From where she was she wasn't sure what was so special about this fuck show.
Leon must have been the man, and he was a very hairy man with a beard as well as a thick mane of shoulder-length hair. He was a large man with a very powerful frame.
Une had beautiful white skin just like Blanche and Roi's, and long, totally white, hair which came right down to her buttocks and probably beyond. She had one of the most beautiful faces Alice had ever seen, but it was impossible to be sure of her age: she wasn't a young girl, that was sure, but she certainly didn't seem too old.
From what Alice could see her body was perfect in every way - delicate in the limbs, with wide hips and perky apple-shaped breasts.

Alice, Harold and Roi placed themselves close to where Howard was standing watching the fuck with a can of beer in one hand and a shish kebab in the other.
'He's only just out of prison,' Harold whispered to Alice: 'he'd been found committing an act of gross indecency in public.
That's why we're here, where there aren't any silly laws on things like that. How are you, dear child?' he went on, putting his arm affectionately round Howard's neck.

Howard looked round and nodded, and went on with his shish kebab.
'How are they getting on with the fuck?' asked Roi.
Howard made a desperate effort, and swallowed a large chunk of kebab.
'They're getting on very well,' he said in a choking voice: 'each of them has come about eighty-seven times.'

'Then I suppose they'll soon want to rest?' Alice ventured to remark.
There was a pause in the fucking just then, and Leo and Une sat down, panting, while Roi called out 'Ten Minutes for a rest!'
Alice could now see why Leon and Une's fucking had been such an event, for Leon had quite the largest penis that Alice had ever seen.
It must have been over six inches long in its current shrivelled state and when erect must have been over eighteen inches long.
His testicles were also of the same dimensions, the whole weight of his groin embroidered by dark tawny pubic hair and the hair of his upper thighs.
Une must also have been a bit of a freak to contain such an enormous prick, and indeed, Alice could see that Une's vagina was unusually large and appropriately sized for her wide pear-shaped figure.
There was just about enough space, Alice reckoned, for Leon's erect penis to get in, if it was as deep as it was wide.

'I don't think they'll fuck any more today,' Roi said to Howard. For a minute or two Alice stood silent watching Leon and Une's unusually large organs.
It would be nice to see what Leon's prick would look like erect, she thought.
At this moment Une sauntered by them. She smiled at them. 'That was a wonderful fuck,' she said in a satisfied way, her face expressing joy. 'Leon's the only man who can fill me the way I like to be filled.'

Leon walked up and put an arm around Une's waist. 'And Une's the only woman whom I can truly fuck,' he said complimenting her.
'When I get big, most women just cry in pain. And I hate hurting women.'
'Don't they enjoy it?' asked Alice.
'Oh they like it well enough at the time,' Leon commented, 'but it's not nice when they bleed and their cunts are in pain for so long. Usually, women can only suck me.'

'It must be enormous when it's erect!' commented Alice.
'Didn't you see it just now!' exclaimed Une.
'Of course not,' laughed Leon. 'It was deep inside you at the time.'
Une knelt down and took Leon's penis in her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the length of it, and, still being in a generally excited state, it began to swell. And indeed as Une caressed it with her tongue and teased it with her fingers, it grew larger and larger and ever larger.
It was enormous - longer than Alice's forearm with a massive glans which shone magnificently in the sun. Une licked it with her tongue and it glistened the more.

'Shall I put it inside Une again?' Leon asked Alice.

'Say yes,' pleaded Une. Alice could only consent, and was amazed as she saw it slide easily into Une's capacious vagina and, yes, she couldn't believe it as inch by inch by throbbing swelling inch Une's white fringed cunt swallowed the entire eighteen inches of Leon's prick.
Une certainly didn't seem to be finding it at all painful, but got progressively excited as it slid in and out.
'Oh god! Oh god!' she cried while Leon hammered away at her with the precise rhythm of a drum machine.

Alice left Leon, Une and Roi at the fuck show and wandered along to the nearby wood. It was very quiet, and even on a very sunny day like today it was dark and chilly in the shadow of the trees.
As she walked, she wondered about Kedi and Blanche and when the three of them would meet up together.

At this moment her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden appearance of a naked black man who came running down upon her, brandishing nothing but a great erect slightly crimson penis.
It was certainly large, but almost as nothing compared to Leon's. 'I've got you!' the man cried stumbling on top of her.

Startled as she was, Alice was initially more frightened about where they should land as they tumbled to the ground.
She fell back onto the grass path, with prickles in her back and a soft squelch as her bottom landed on some nearly dried horse pat.
The black man put one hand on Alice's mouth to stop her crying out, and with the other he forced open her legs so as to force in his erect member.
As he was fumbling to violate Alice's small entrance, Alice heard another voice breaking in 'Ahoy! Ahoy!' and Alice looked round in some surprise for what she resignedly supposed was another rapist.

This time it was a middle-aged white man, who certainly didn't look like a dangerous rapist. He ran up to Alice's side and pulled the black man off her and pushed him to one side.
The black man didn't put up anything of a fight, and simply ran off with his penis still erect and wobbling from side to side as he ran away. Alice was relieved to see that the white man's penis was quite flaccid, and was perhaps a little smaller than the average size anyway.

'I saved you, didn't I?' announced the gentleman panting. 'My name's Cheval. I saw you were in trouble and I just did what was necessary.'
'Thank you! Thank you!' said a grateful Alice as she brushed off the horse mess from her buttocks with a large leaf.
She wasn't pleased to see that there was still a brown mark where it had been.
'I'll have to take you to a little brook to wash that off,' said Cheval. 'I'll see you safe to the end of the wood - and then I must go home, you know. I've got work to do.'

'What work's that?' asked Alice as the two walked together under the shadows of the trees.
'Oh,' said Cheval picking up a camera he'd left under a tree, and now wearing only a camera slung round his neck and some curious looking sandals.
'I'm a photographer and an author.'
'Really,' said Alice quizzically. 'Author? Are you the writer of The Hunting of the Orgasm?'

'Oh, you've read my children's books,' smiled Cheval. 'Yes, that's the one about the elusive orgasm.
And you know the joke is that children that age don't have proper orgasms anyway.' He chuckled conspiratorially. 'Yes, I write lots of books. They're not all children's books and they're not all fiction. Some are books on photography and systems programming.
I'm an expert in Artificial Intelligence amongst other things you know.'

'What other children's books have you written?' Alice wondered, not really much interested in computers.
'Oh, there's the Fuckland books I wrote,' Cheval continued. 'They're about a little girl, like you, that gets fucked by all sorts of funny characters. You know, she gets fucked by a rabbit, a horse and all sorts of things. And it's all got clever themes running through it, like a computer program that I'd written.'

'Oh yes,' Alice commented who didn't like the idea of making love to funny characters like that at all. 'What other books?'
'Well, there's my book The Water Fuckers, which is about a little boy who meets a little girl and makes love to her. But her parents find out, and they don't like it so they chase him away.
But he meets this girl again in a magical land under the sea and they do whatever they would like to do with each other there. And they also make love with various schoolteachers and so on.
Then there's the Peter Panhandle book which is partly about a little girl's masturbatory fantasies which she indulges with her brothers, but it allows me to have all sorts of sexy things happening to her, including sex with animals, other little girls and boys, and with a disabled pirate. But most of my books are about photography.'
'What are your photographs of?' Alice wondered.
'Well, I mostly take pictures of little girls. Sometimes of little boys, but only if they look appropriately feminine.
Mostly the girls just pose, but sometimes I get permission from their parents for fuck shots.
They're the most difficult to do, because many children don't like sex at all, and they're not very good at posing sometimes. And the best pictures are often those which happen most unexpectedly.'
'Is that the camera you use for taking photographs?'

'This?' commented Cheval holding up the camera round his neck.
'Well, sometimes.
I usually carry this about for those unexpected photographs. Most of my photographs are taken in the studio, with special lights and so on. But ...' he glanced up at the sky, '... if we get to a clearing in this wood, it's just bright enough I think for me to take some pictures of you if you like.'

'Are you sure?' Wondered Alice, who after the attempted rape and the attachment of horse excrement to her rear, really didn't feel very much like having photographs taken of her.

'Of course,' said Cheval. 'I'm sure the light's perfect.'
Eventually, the two of them found a clearing in the wood, just off the main path, where there was a largish rock on which Alice could sit.
Cheval stood apart from her and started clicking furiously with his camera.
He gave her directions to take different poses, including bending over so that her anus could be seen, and parting her vagina with her fingers so that its entrance was fully visible. He took photographs both from a distance and close up, and Alice was a little alarmed to see his little penis was beginning to get quite stiff.

Cheval noticed Alice's alarm, but smiled reassuringly. 'Don't worry, it's the idea of it that excites me.
I won't harm you.' Alice was still less than comforted, and was happiest when the two of them had left the clearing and after walking along a bit, Cheval's penis had shrivelled to its normal size.

At last they came to a road at which the path they'd been walking along emerged. Cheval smiled at her. 'I've got to go back,' he explained.
'You've only a few yards to go to the brook. Just down the hill and then you'll be able to clean yourself up.'

Alice nodded, but wasn't too sad to see Cheval go, waving back at her as he went. 'I won't walk in the woods by myself again,' she mused, as she walked on to the brook which was indeed where Cheval had said.
She placed her bottom in the cold clear water and wiped the now rather dusty muck off, and while she was about it, cleaned around her vagina and anus in case there was any of the smell or detritus of the black man's personal invasion left.

'I must get home to Blanche,' Alice reminded herself. 'I'm sure she said Kedi would be visiting today.'


Alice's Birthday Party

It was Alice's birthday. 'A teenager at last!' said Alice.
'Well, this is grand! I should be a Teenager so soon.'
Kedi and Blanche were organising her birthday party, and she wasn't at all surprised to see the two of them lying next to her, one on each side.

'Yes, it's a great responsibility, child,' said Blanche indulgently stroking Alice's naked body. 'You're so nearly a grown up you know.'
'I'm so looking forward to my birthday party!' Alice continued. 'I wonder who'll be there.'
'Plenty of people dearest,' assured Kedi, entwining her legs around Alice's own. 'Mostly people from Brook, of course. There'll be Honore who's writing a new book ...'
'A new book...?' wondered Alice.
'Yes, it's about a magical country that two brothers and two sisters visit,' enthused Blanche. 'And in this country they meet a transsexual who's very sad because the country has had a change of government where all sex is illegal and anyone found having sex is turned to stone.
And they help to overthrow the evil government and the wicked queen who is the only person allowed to have sex in the whole country.'

'It sounds like a very political book for children to read,' sniffed Kedi.
'Honore tells me it's religious allegory,' commented Blanche. 'Anyway, there'll also be my brother, Howard and Henry, Mouse and so many others. We'll have a lovely time.
Ooh! I can almost feel Leon's prick in my body now. It makes me feel so excited just thinking about it!'

Kedi leaned over Alice's body which was supported on her elbows and stroked Blanche's fat white thighs. Alice felt a sudden pang of lust as she compared Kedi's so black hand to Blanche's marble white skin. Kedi moved her hand up Blanche's thigh and felt her crotch. 'You are hot!' she exclaimed.

'And I'll be even hotter this evening,' Blanche said. 'It'll be such fun, won't it.'
'It will be,' agreed Kedi leaning even more over Alice's body so that she could feel her breasts on her little round knees.
She took one of Blanche's large round breasts in her other hand and idly traced around it.
'It will be.' She glanced at Alice.
'Be a darling, and stroke my pussy will you!'
Alice nodded and with a little shyness she put one of her hands round to the cleavage of Kedi's buttocks and underneath to take Kedi's furry black and slightly moist vagina. And in no time at all the three girls were making love together - a writhing mass of bodies - of which in weight and mass Blanche probably contributed more than half. Alice felt dwarfed by her mass, but it her feelings of passion were no less strong as she took Blanche's nipple into her mouth while Kedi's tongue delved as deeply into her tiny bare vagina as it could.

'Oh! Oh! Oohh!' she gasped. 'How can my birthday party possibly be more fun than this!'
Kedi looked up from between Alice's legs which were just above Blanche's own fair-haired cunt. 'I'm sure it can be.'

There certainly were very many guests at Alice's party, gathered together in the large village hall that Kedi and Blanche had hired for the occasion.
This hall was often used as a girl guides' centre, and there were many pictures around the wall of Brook's girl guides, all naked except for the little scarves and toggles around the neck. They were shown getting up to the sort of games that girl guides do, like hockey, rowing, sailing, camping, fishing and so on.
However, none of the guests were girl guides, and to be honest Alice hardly knew any of them.

She saw Leon chatting to a small woman whose slightly frog-faced features seemed ideally suited to taking his outsize member and take it deep inside her throat. She saw Cheval chatting to two young girls and showing them photographs which perhaps he'd taken of them.
She saw Roi fondling a girl who could hardly be older than Alice, but who seemed to enjoy the caresses of his fat body.

The food was soon served. It was a mixture of the party food that Alice was accustomed to, like crisps, sausages on sticks and ice cream, and the sort of food that grown ups must like, for instance legs of mutton and an enormous rich cake. There was also plenty of drink, which sparkled in a lovely way as she imbibed it, along with a cocktail of other sweet tasting things.
Alice really wasn't very used to so much drink or the curious powders that she was encouraged to sniff, and soon she felt more than a little tipsy. In fact she almost felt as if she were rising into the air.

'Take care of yourself,' advised Blanche seeing how inebriated Alice was becoming, stroking her hair with both her hands. 'Something's bound to happen!'

And then (as Alice afterwards described it) all sorts of things happened in a moment. Some of the guests' penises started growing with lust, so that it seemed like she was in a forest of erect male members.
As for the women, many of them started falling on top of each other and on top of the men.
'This is so strange,' Alice thought to herself, as she was engulfed into a mass of heaving bodies as the orgy began, as well as she could in the dreadful confusion that was beginning. At this moment she heard a hoarse gasp at her side, and turned to see what was the matter with Blanche, but instead of Blanche, there was Honore who had two men fucking her from behind while she was supporting herself on a chair.
'Here I am!' Cried a voice from behind, and Alice turned again just in time to see Blanche's broad good-natured face grinning at her for a moment through several other bodies, before she disappeared into its mass.

Alice didn't know who or what was being done to her body as she seemed to swim through a current of people whose tongues, penises, artificial sex aids and prying fingers were all straining to reach her bare little crotch.
Eventually she found Kedi, and she didn't know how, somehow the two of them separated themselves from the greater body of the party and out into the moonlit grass outside the village hall. Just by a discarded bottle lying in the grass, the two lovers celebrated with all the passion that Alice had in the love she felt.

'Oh Kedi! Kedi!' gasped Alice, grasping Kedi's black body close to her. 'If there's a paradise, or a place of wonder, then it can't match being with you. I love you. I love you so much!'

Kedi turned over to face Alice directly and showered her face with affectionate kisses, grinning so widely that Alice was sure that her face would split in two.
'You're so young, Alice. You have many more years ahead of you.'

'And I want to spend all of them with you!' said Alice firmly and resolutely.


Alice At Home

Although Alice enjoyed her time at Brook, she was nonetheless pleased to return home to Dinah with Kedi and Blanche.
The four girls gathered together while Alice regaled them with an account of her adventures there. Kedi cuddled up close to Alice, and to Alice there was no paradise greater than being held by her black lover. Kedi leaned against her purring as Alice stroked her hair and beautiful ebony skin.
It was impossible for Alice to be sure what Kedi was thinking, but she was sure she had no reason to suspect that she was no less pleased to be with her.

Blanche and Dinah were cuddling each other, Dinah almost engulfed in Blanche's voluminous white flesh, but Dinah stroked and licked her plump lover, seemingly at least as content as Alice felt.

Alice spoke about Honore L'Oeuf and her sexual encounter with her. 'You'd love to meet her,' Alice said. 'She is such a wonderful lover.'
'Doesn't she mostly prefer to make love with children?' asked Dinah looking half at Alice and half at Blanche.
Blanche trailed a plump white finger along the perimeter of Dinah's vulva, and gently squeezed her clitoris.
She made no comment but leaned over to kiss Dinah on the chin in an affectionate way. Alice rolled around with Kedi, settling comfortably down, with one elbow on Kedi's upper thigh and her chin in her hand.

'And I met such strange people!' Alice continued. 'And none of them wore any clothes. And I read such strange books at Blanche's bookshop. Not all of them were very nice though ...'
'Really?' wondered Dinah frowning at Blanche.
'One was about these two older men who seduced all these little girls and boys on the beach and did oh! so many horrible and perverse things with them! It was so disgusting!'

Alice lay back and rested between Kedi's legs, who looked at her with such love. 'Oh! Kedi!' she said. 'Will we always be together like this? Will we always be making love together with Blanche and Dinah?'

Kedi smiled at Alice, with her broad grin, and then gently but sadly shook her head. 'Nothing is certain,' she said. 'But we can dream - and our fantasies might last longer than our disappointments!'

This wasn't the answer that Alice was hoping for, so she frowned crossly.
But in a sense she didn't care.
The present was paradise enough.

What do you think?

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