Monday, August 16, 2010

Awakening / Dream

By Mal.
Written by a man.

She stirred slowly with that old feeling of her hand between her legs, her fingers opening her flaps and gently inserting themselves into her wet pussy.
Suddenly, the realisation that her hands were clasped around her pillow.

Who or what was doing this to her, with knowledge and understanding of how to arouse her clit, in her back she could feel the hard nipples of another person; last night had been good but too much home brew had dulled her memory.
She thought well enjoy this happening or dream, the fingers in her were now moving at just the pace she needed, bringing her slowly to the height of an orgasm.

She let go of the pillow to join the mysterious hand groping her, she let her hand go down her front and then came into contact with a hard prick.
With past experience she moved along its length backwards and forwards, then the owner of the hard prick began to move his hips in rhythm with her wanking.
She went to turn around to see who was giving her this pleasure, a whisper said stay still and enjoy as we did last night.
The hand left her pussy and rolled her onto her back, she now felt that she was being straddled as the warm wet pussy clamped down on her mouth. She loved the taste of pussy and with enthusiasm began to gently lick and suck in exploration as only another woman can.

A voice said 'let me play as well'.
The hard prick was now entering her welcoming pussy and then began that wonderful feeling of being fucked at a gentle but firm thrusting pace.
Her tongue was now entering and darting in and out and around the protruding clit with the woman straddling her moaning gently - 'faster, faster I want to come.'

She did as was requested until she felt that familiar shudder as the woman came.
The pussy was taken from her which disappointed her but was soon replaced by a hard nipple for her to chew and gently bite.
Her pussy was now getting a good seeing to as the man increased his thrusts to bring his orgasm on.
He grunted and she felt his white cum fill her with another kind of warmness.

They all lay quiet without a word spoken at first, then she sat up and looked at her bedfellows.
They were the young boy from next door and his coffee coloured girl.

She remembered now the invite to join them in a drink of the home brew, and the start of a pleasurable evening and night of wonderful full blown sex.

It started with a dare by the young girl to the boy to do a strip which ended with them all in the nude.
She had taken the lead when the boy had sat in the chair and she had crawled across to him and took his hard prick into her waiting mouth.
Whilst giving a blow job the young girl had joined them from behind inserting two fingers into the warm wet waiting pussy, soon to become nearly a hand full.
The boy asked to see the two women have sex together. This was no task as they soon were feeling each others breasts and hard nipples before they joined in a 69 position which they both wanted badly.

The boy soon stopped wanking and inserted his hard prick into his next door neighbours wet pussy.
His thrusts were joined by his girl licking and sucking his balls as they slapped against the womans arse.

This was all the preliminaries before they went to the bedroom to continue the games, whilst she was remembering the hands were now on and in her again.

She felt the boy starting to enter her pussy again.
She thought she could not enjoy it again so quickly but was she wrong.
Her thrusts now matched the young boy. When she sensed he was ready to come she told him to pull out.
She now took his prick into her mouth and wanked him until she was gagging as the hot cum hit the back of her throat.
Then she was aware that the girl was once again sucking her pussy this time with her fingers in as well, she came and finally closed her eyes again in a well fucked sleep.

When she would wake she would wonder - A Dream Or Not ?

Next day she drove to work with a new feeling of being wanted and not left on the shelf as she had thought.
She now had this thought of being sexy and wanted everybody to know.

As she drove in the hot Summer weather she began to sweat both from the heat and the thoughts going through her mind.
The car needed fuel from the next filling station.
She pulled

in and a young boy came to serve her. She was about to get out when he popped his head through the open window. 'What can I get you lady,' he inquired?
Various ideas came to her as she looked at this boy who must have only been about 16.
'Fill me up please.'
He smiled as if he had noticed her exact answer.
She opened the door to get out and spread her legs wide so that he could see her whilst filling the tank.
He was looking up her skirt as she had hoped.
She asked for the washrooms. He said 'I will have to get you the keys. Come with me please.'
She thought yes I would love to come with you, with a different meaning.

He opened the door for her and said 'if you need anything just call me'. She stammered 'come here and pulled him in the room.'
He needed no encouragement and immediately put his hand up her skirt feeling her wet panties which were pulled up into her waiting pussy.
Pulling them to one side his fingers quickly entered her, round and round in and out.
She was sliding down the wall until he picked her up and placed her over the edge of the little make up table.
She watched as he withdrew his hard prick with its angry red head and then pulled down her panties quickly inserting his prick into her wet waiting pussy.
Within a few short and fast thrusts he was shooting his load into her and over her thighs.
Too fast for her but even with her giving him a hand and blow job she could not get him hard.
A mans voice was shouting 'where the hell are you' when the door opened.
He looked to see his son getting head from a beautiful young woman with her panties on the floor and her wet pussy open for the world to see.
'Get out of the way son' he said, and grabbed the woman with force pinning her against the table as she went back her legs were opened wide and she felt a larger prick enter her, only this time the thrusts were deep and slower. He opened her top and grabbed her breasts with the nipples standing hard, to his son he said here suck on one of these that will get you a hard on again.
Her nipples were now being attended to by two males and she felt her pussy beginning to start the first signs of her coming.
Her hips were now in unison with the man who was also making the sounds of coming, as they came together he withdrew and sprayed her with loads of hot white cum on her legs and her breasts.
The son was now at her front and began to insert his prick into her now wide open pussy, she did not feel much but laid there until he had shot his load in and on her.

They did not speak but left the room, she cleaned up and walked back to the car not at the same speed she had left it.
As she drove she thought lets see if I can arouse others as well.
She unbuttoned her top and left it wide open for all to see her breasts with once again the nipples standing out firm and hard.
HGV's were passing and then slowing down for her to catch up, drivers were looking in at her so she thought this is why you did it so give them a show, with difficulty she slid her panties down and opened her legs as far as she could.
Now with one hand on the wheel she started to play with her pussy which soon responded by getting wetter and making it easier for her to get more fingers in.

One driver made signs to her to pull over, should she or not, could she take another prick so early after the last two, why not he at least could give her head in exchange for a blow job, she signalled and they pulled off at the next services.

She left her car and climbed up into large cab.
The driver a mature man was sat with his hand wrapped around one of the fattest pricks she had ever seen.
She smiled and immediately bent over taking this warm hard meat into her mouth.
He had leaned over and was fingering her with what seemed to be the whole of his hand, he told her later that he had actually got all of his closed hand into her pussy.

She stopped and said 'I want sucking in return for this, you agree,' he grunted and pushed her head down.
She was now going faster and his fingers were keeping pace, when all of a sudden she felt his hips push and he let go with the most amazing amount of hot cum. So much that she could not swallow all and it was dripping down her breasts and stomach.
He now pushed her down across the cab seats and began to suck gently upon her open pussy gently flicking his tongue in and out of her; she began the familiar grind of her hips pushing her pussy into his face until she shuddered and came.
A round of applause came from outside and she looked up into faces from the truck parked next to the one she was lying down in with her legs wide open and her pussy with it's flaps wide open for all to see.

She had to go home as she knew she could not go to work like this hardly able to drive let alone walk.
Entering the driveway she saw the young coffee coloured girl from the previous night hanging out washing on the line.

As she left the car the girl shouted want a coffee, her first thoughts were no as she was tired and beginning to feel a bit sore, she did not answer but just shook her head and went into her house.

In the distance the doorbell was ringing, there was the young girl with two mugs of coffee, she let her in and walked slowly to the kitchen. The girl said you look tired why don't you go and run a bath and I will bring your drink up to you, go on then. She obeyed and went to the bathroom. The room was beginning to steam up when the girl entered and said 'come here you look worn out'. She slowly began to undress the woman.
As she finally came to the still wet panties she said no wonder you look as you do, but did you enjoy?

She had to admit to herself the answer was a definite yes, the girl was now gently massaging her, a kiss was planted on her mouth to which she found she was responding by inserting her tongue into the young girls mouth.
She reached out and gently began to squeeze the young girls breasts through her tee shirt, slowly awakening the nipples, they were now responding and sticking out hard and long.
The young girl broke away and helped into the warm bath, as she lay there the girl gently soaped her, round her now aching neck and shoulders, she was wishing for her to go lower to her waiting breasts.
After what seemed an eternity the hands were on her nipples twisting and pulling them gently, as this was arousing her she felt one hand begin to go down over her stomach and gently arrive at the opening of her pussy.

She now reached up and felt the girls breasts from under the tee shirt, both breasts were warm and the nipples were hard and ready for the woman.
The girl stepped back and removed all of her clothes and began to step into the bath.
As she did she paused with one leg in the bath and the other on the side giving the woman a clear and unobstructed view and access to the young girls pussy.
This invite she could not refuse. Leaning forward she placed her mouth over and on the young open pussy.
Taking long but slow sucks she pulled the pussy into her mouth. Holding the girl by her buttocks she began to move her tongue in and around the wet salty tasting pussy.
The familiar hip movements were now starting as the young girl ground her pussy into the woman's mouth.
Before long the girl came and slowly got fully into the bath.
Her fingers had found the entrance to the woman's sore but waiting pussy, they gently entered and left the pussy time and again until she gently let go and allowed herself to come on the probing fingers.

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