Friday, August 27, 2010

Rhythm of the Rain Part V

by Christopher
Written by a man.

As her waves subsided from their furious intensity, I took my tongue away from her saturated pussy and moved up to kiss her puffing mouth.

Her shudders of orgasmic bliss fading, her lips met mine with as much passion as before.

Kissing me, she used her naughty, kittenish tongue to taste herself on me.
Darcy cant get enough of her slick essence, blushingly admitting that every time she masturbates she will lick her fingers clean, finding her exotic taste as exciting as I do.
The fell of her tongue darting along the inside of my mouth, licking along my teeth and lips, seeking the feminine flavor deeply thrilling.
She giggled in the dark at the feel of my heavy erection pulse into her thigh.
She was licking her lips wetly as her fingers slipped around my meaty shaft, her thumb finding the glans very swollen and very slippery from drops of pre-come oozing out from the tiny slit.
"Not tired yet, stud?" she whispered saucily, giving me a single, sensuous stroke.

"Hell no, baby," I replied with false bravado, thanking my lucky stars that wed lit those candles in the main room.

She squealed as I stumbled about, almost falling several times but somehow making it into the area overlooking the crashing sea, the candles flickering wildly.

Darcy slipped from my arms and stared wide-eyed at the surf pounding its elemental fury on the shore, the rain lashing the windows, but we were safe, snug and warm in our little love nest.

My brain was short-circuited through my loins, my breathing ragged from a heart hammering with desperate need and I knew only one cure. I caught hold of Darcy and crushed her to me, grinding my painfully swollen erection against her lithe thighs.

I was on fire as she grabbed my hardness and whispered that she longed to feel me inside her.

Darcy pushed me back onto the spacious rattan couch, straddling my hips with a wanton smile.

Then, still gripping me with her hand, she lifted her hips up and lowered herself on my throbbing rod, her hands guiding my raging cock into her slippery groove, swallowing me whole.

Her satiny cunny tightened about my bulky penis as she settled herself on my hips, stroking my balls.

My dick swelled to its full size, filling her up, and we both groaned in delight. I gripped her firm rear as she began riding me up and down, in and out, her vaginal muscles always clutching at the flaring head before it could escape.

I could feel those pouty lips clenching about me and the pleasure they sent flowing through my engulfed manhood made me gasp aloud.

As she rode me, Darcy leaned over me for more balance to work her surging hips with all the skill of a lusty young cowgirl.

In this position, her smallish breasts jiggled in front of me, occasionally bumping my face.
I grabbed those ripe, bobbling boobs and ran my moist tongue all over them, tasting the slight salt of perspiration beading up, before licking her blatantly swollen nipples.
I licked and sucked each of those plump plums with wet greedy slurps and Darcy began purring with happiness, humping me sensuously.

My own luscious joy was slowly mounting higher, higher and my breath began to become more shallow as she bounced harder and faster, driving my rampantly thick cock deep inside her wetness.

With her body streaked with tiny rivulets of sweat, her hair wildly tossed, her eyes darting about blindly, Darcy seemed consumed by an inner fire. It was a moment to savor but the exquisite ache in my prick said I couldnt wait.

Darcy cried out in surprise and disappointment as I forcibly caught hold of her flailing hips and pick her up off my rigid pole, unbelievably bloated and coated with her flowing nectar.

"Im sorry baby, " I whispered.
"I was about to come." taking a deep breath she told me it was o.k. and gave me a smile resplendent with love and understanding.

Suddenly inspired, I picked her up and lowered her on a nearby lounge chair.

Darcy was still unbearably hot from the incessant rhythm of the torrential downpour outdoors so she draped her legs over each of the thickly upholstered arms.

With her knees wide apart she closed her and spread her plush lovelips with the thumb and third finger of her left hand while her bunched index and middle fingers stroked at the slippery clitoris of naked pink.
I stood back and simply watched this erotic display of self-love, trying to regain my composure.
She then thrust a finger into her squelching, juicy slit, telling me how good it felt, but that my big hard cock would fill her up much better.

I was able to watch Darcy touch herself for awhile longer before succumbing to her salacious invitation.
She lay back in the chair and held her legs wide open for me.

With a lewd look in her eyes she urged me to fuck her so I mounted her, surrounding her body totally with mine.

Darcys right hand found my engorged organ while her left cupped and fondled my balls.

She was so ready for me I didnt need me to guide me into her.

The moment the tapered glans found her slick vulva it simply glided inside.

That initial penetration must have thrilled her because she instantly wrapped her legs around my back and shoved her hips up at me, sucking me in deeper.

I started slowly stroking in and out of her, just a few inches at a time, then another inch, until we could no longer bear the erotic torment and I plunged the full length of my hot cock inside my beloved.

I began pumping her with long, rhythmic thrusts, drawing out most of the bulky shaft, glistening from her oily juices until only the bulbous know was still enfolded by inside her warm labia, then driving forward forcefully, burying myself to the balls in her steamy wetness.

I was also able to stimulate her clitoris by introducing a strong upsweep as I reached the deepest part of each stroke, much to Darcys delight, who writhed her mounting bliss.

I smelled the salty scent of her arousal and thrilled to the soft sounds of pleasure she gasped breathily into my ear.

I could only imagine the view she had of my meaty organ skewering the juicy split peach nestled between her thighs and, behind me, the assault of the waves and wind and rain as they surged toward her widespread legs.

It must have seemed she was being ravished by all the forces of nature.
The sofa creaked and she locked her ankles around my wait and clung to me desperately.

Our bodies moved together with an easy, liquid grace, slippery with the heated moisture of fresh sweat and wanton lubrication.

Higher our passions mounted, and higher until the honeyed pleasures of our lovemaking drew out an orgasm of cascading bliss, her back arching painfully as the deliquescent joys liquefied her convulsing pussy into a steamy, bubbling cauldron.

As much as I wanted to slow down my pace, I could not as within the molten core of my very soul, glittering sparkles of joy began to coalesce.

The thrumming pressure in my loins built relentlessly, beautifully, along my throbbing cock pistoning furiously in and out of her silken cleft, down the rippling tendons of my tensed thighs and curling into the quivering muscles of my taut stomach.

I even felt it in my heaving pectorals, where Darcys breasts bobbled delightfully against my chest, and as they did it seemed that I could feel the sweet little pressure of her rubbery nipples catching upon my firm flesh, flipping free and catching happily again.

I wasnt long before I felt that inexorable tide within my loins begin to rise in great swells like that of the churning sea outside me.

I was growling in the back of my throat in a duet with the rolls of the thunder reverberating within my body and my impending release seemed to be matched only by natures intensity.

A pulsing fullness, blissfully chaotic, fountained up from deep within, a firestorm that broke with raw intensity releasing a whirlwind of spiraling bliss, drawing everything into a voracious vortex before imploding in a burst of such sheer rapture that I sobbed, writhing in excruciating ecstasy as on and on my penis pulsed thick creamy waves flowing into the safety of her welcoming harbor.

I collapsed into Darcys loving embrace, completely spent from an overdose of lovemaking as euphoric as any narcotic.
In the dim glow of the table lantern, she leaned over, her mouth finding mine in a long tender kiss.

Eventually we reluctantly rose and made our way back to the bed where we lay together, lightly touching the planes and curves of each others sated body. I settled down with my head on her warm breast, my fingers curling protectively over her silken muff.

Darcy snuggled closer and I thought I saw the slightest trace of a smile cross her lips as she sleepily whispered "Im glad we had sense enough to come in out of the rain."

She had calmed the storm in me and the one outside seemed overwhelmed by her.

The sound of the blustering wind and crashing waves had diminished from frightening howls of wildness to a soothing lullaby.

But it was the rhythm of the rain that would always stir something deep in my beloved.

Perhaps our next trip should be in the Caribbean. We both have time off in about six months and that should be right about the middle of the rainy season.

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