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Editor's Note: Okay, the next two posts are by a guy named Brian. These are not long ago posts that I am saving, but e-mails I got recently that started out something like, "Camilla, you are the smartest woman in the world, and though I really would like to meet you for lunch and discuss the works of Plato, Ibid and Descartes, I would settle for fucking your brains out behind the smoothie machine at 7-11."

Okay, the e-mail did not really go like that, but it sounded funnier the way I enhanced it. The guy even offered to send me pictures of his penis. Weak in the knees, I am right now. Without further ado, a couple of stories from Brian.

by Brian

“Wow! 3:50 in the afternoon, 10 more minutes until 4pm meeting, on a Friday afternoon”, I thought to myself wishing it was five o’clock already so I can get home and recover from an intense week at work. I am sitting at my desk bouncing my right leg as I am reading getting the latest sports headlines and scores.

“9 more minutes, I think in 4 minutes I need to go the bathroom, and then I’ll head off to the meeting.”, I said to myself.

I work for aerospace company as an engineer, every Friday is casual Friday, and you don’t need to show up in your nice dress clothes for work. So today I am wearing khaki pants, black shoes, and black polo shirt which is tucked in.

As the 8 minute mark approached, I started to clean up my desk, and get my notebook and pen to bring to the meeting, at that moment my hot sexy administrator just walked past me. Her name was Lisa. What made her so sexy was the way she dressed, always looking classy, and always looking primed for action. Today she was wearing short sleeved button up collared blouse. The color was a light gray, and the material was silk. She had on a very tight skirt, as she walked just covered her knees, with a slit up her right leg, that went up to her mid thigh area. To top it off she had a pair of 3” black heels that always made her legs longer and sexier.

It’s about 5 minutes until the meeting, thank goodness the conference room wasn’t too far from the restroom, so I went, did my business, and then stepped out, and at the same time Lisa stepped out from the bathroom. The initial hit of wind from opening the door, brushed her hair out and made her close her eyes for that moment, while I sneaked a peak and gave her a quick up and down glance. And I looked away instantly as she walked out.

Lisa and I don’t have much of a history, sometimes we would smile and say hi to each other passing by, or I would ask her for few work related items, but that’s about it. When I do visit her at her desk I noticed that she did have on a wedding ring and photo of her and husband on her desk.

3:59pm came around and everyone who was invited to that meeting showed up, and took their sets. Lisa sat towards the right side of, her body was perfectly straight, and her legs crossed. I was sitting at the other end of the conference room table opposite of the projector, facing the powerpoint presentation.

Our manager welcomed us to the meeting, and apologized for having it so late in the afternoon on a Friday, but he wanted together to get an update on the projects he is managing. So he went through some slides, and I sat there, bored as all can be, tapping my feet on the ground, and looking attentive, scratching notes in my notepad. Every now and then I would look at lisa, as she would fix her long hair, placing it behind her ear, and just looking hot. I had the back view, and didn’t have a great look at her as opposed to the guy sitting behind her.

About 35 minutes in the meeting, I kept looking at my watch, and counting down the minutes to go by. Lisa is still looking attentive and talking notes, as I start wandering off.

“And that’s how this project is progressing, and we have to remember that the deadline for this is three weeks away. Well, I think that’s all for this project, I am going to let Brian come up her to talk about the software milestones ahead of us, and how his team is doing, so Brian, the floor is yours.”

I was shocked because no one told me that I was supposed to give a status on software milestones.

So I got up from my seat, and started looking at the previous schedules and deadlines my manager had just shown and relating that to the milestones. In other words I was a complete disaster, trying to looking cool and in charge.

I kept looking at the group, and shying away from Lisa, just picking up a glance or two, and noticing how hot her legs were as she crossed, uncrossed, and crossed them again.

I was a mess, it’s Friday, I wasn’t prepared, I am stuttering, I am using the words “Uh” way too many times, and everyone looked so serious. So I had to wrap it up, now.

“And that’s the next couple of milestones that our team is working on. And the great news is that we are about 4 days ahead of schedule and should have our first software load ahead of schedule, any questions?”

We all know it’s Friday, and no one wanted to ask anything, we all wanted to go home.

Suddenly a sexy sultry voice came across the room.

“Brian, you mentioned you can be done with the initial development in a few days from now? I just wanted to make sure I got that comment correct since I am writing the minutes for this meeting”


God she is fucking hot, at that moment I was thinking:

“Brian, you mentioned your cock was satisfy any woman? I just wanted to make sure I got that comment correct so I can try it out for myself”

“Yes Lisa, that is correct, in a few days, any other questions?”

I can feel my cock bulging as I was looking at her, I was eye fucking her hard.

“Thank you”

I sat down, as my manager stood up, and says, “Well it sounds like we are on great schedule, and I know it’s Friday, and I know that most of you don’t care as of now, and you probably want to go home, but as a reward for everyone’s hard work, I think we all need a break, so in about 30 minutes meet me at the Claim Jumper on 4th Avenue for Drinks and snacks, and oh yeah, the drinks are on me!”

The room muttered, free drinks, free food, alcohol, you name it, the atmosphere was definitely on a high note.

Since Claim Jumper was about 2 minutes away from here, I decided to leave some of my personal items in my desk for the fear of getting too drunk and losing them. I put my wallet, keys, and ipod in my desk drawer.

I saw Lisa walking buy, as she smiled, and headed towards the exit, she was on her cell phone, I guess it was with her husband, I heard her say, “I love you.”

A buddy of mine gave me a lift to Claim Jumper, the group of 15 of us, from that meeting were already there, and my manager showed up on time, and told the bartender, “here is my credit card drinks and snacks for these people are on me.” So we ordered up, I got a beer for starters, and started talking with other people. I saw Lisa chatting with some of her girlfriends from the meeting drinking a Martini.

So after a few beers, and few shots, and few talks about weird shit, I think I was ready to head home. During the time, I kept my eye on lisa, looking at her hot body, her gorgeous smile, and soft skin, and her perfect hair, everything about her was perfect.

“Oh that’s a good buzz!” As I thought to myself.

So I went to the bathroom and took my last piss, and my coworker and I decided to go home. As I was looking for Lisa, I noticed she took off, I just wanted one more good look at her ass before I left, hoping to remember her imagine in my head so I can jerk off tonight.

So I got into tom’s car, and we took off, thank god for the DD.

I was looking around for my keys, and

“Shit, Tom do you mind dropping me off at the office, I left my keys there”

“yeah sure, do you need a ride home?”, Tom asked.

“Nah, I’m cool, I’ll call a cab”.

“You sure, I can wait”


“Promise not to drive home?”

“YES I PROMISE, I need my keys to get into my house!”

“Okay, if you say your cool, your cool!”

We approach the building, as I walk into the building, my bladder had to go again, so I went, washed my hands, and got a drink of water.

I was on my way back to my desk, I looked at the office clock and it was 11:51pm, the cleaning crew left, the lights were turned off, and it was really quiet.

Then I head a faint sound in the background, like someone was lifting something heavy. I thought was completely drunk and just imagining things. So I let it go, and decided not to investigate it.

Then I heard it again, this time it got louder, and louder, and louder.

“What the heck?”

So I followed the sound to the conference room were we had our meeting earlier today. I peaked around the wall, and looked in to the glass window, through the open blinds, and there was lisa sitting on the chair, her skirt was hiked up to her hips, and her right tight out from her blouse.

Her hands were in her panties, clearly massaging her pussy lips, as she moaned louder, and I looked over at the computer monitor she was looking at, and saw something, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

I looked closer, and saw that it was a hand on a cock, and it was being stroked.

“Oh baby, stroke it faster, and faster for me”, Lisa said.

Lisa’s hand was quickening, her touches have become a good long strokes of her pussy. It was dark, I couldn’t see anything well, especially after a night drinking.

I felt my cock getting really fucking hard, looking at her gorgeous body, as she fucked her pussy.

The cock on monitor was getting stroked faster and faster, and then “Oh hunny, move the camera to your pussy, a let me see you fuck your cunt!”

I saw lisa move the video camera between her legs, as she pulled off her panties, and spread her legs, placing both her feet on the edge of the table.

You can see her cunt, completely shaved, as I thought to myself, “I knew it”

The camera was positioned between her creamy thighs as she took two fingers and shoved it in her bald cunt, and fucked her swollen lips faster and faster. Her head rocked back on the chair, as you can see her body starting to lose control.

She kept looking at the cock on the monitor, and arching her back, as she leaned forward to her hand, fucking herself faster and harder.

“Cum with me baby, cum with me, I wish I can feel your cock inside me right now!!!”

The person on the monitor stroked his cock faster and harder, you can see the skin moving up and down with his hand, and you can see the camera zoom in and out from the tip of his cock. The precum was obvious as the zoom clearly made it.

Lisa rocked her body more, since it was dark it was hard to see what she was clearly doing.

“God I need a cock right now, I need to get fucked”, she muttered under her breath.

Just then the cock on the screen spew a glow of hot warm cum all over his hands. And lisa buckled her hips and let out a soft moan as she clearly has cum.

She sat there, touching her pussy, soothing it, as she brought the camera to her face, “I love you hunny, I really miss you, and I can’t wait to see you again. Just two weeks until you come home from England!!!”

The cock on the screen was now a face, and it was her husband.

“I love you lisa, I always have”

“I love you too baby, and thank you”

With that the connection was disconnected, and the image of her husband was gone.

But lisa still sat there, with her legs spread, her panties off, and the glare of the monitor shadowing her hot body.

Shell shocked by what I just seen, I noticed my cock was really fucking hard, and wet.

I stood there, kind of embarrassed of what I seen, but more intrigued of what is to happen next.

Just then lisa, reach into her purse, and got something out. I couldn’t tell what it was, then I heard a humming sound.

She slid the object into her pussy, the humming sound got loud, the soft, loud, and soft.

I realized she was fucking herself with a mini vibrator. I watched her cup her 36C breast sucking on her nipples as she let her hand control her pleasure, as she slid the toy in and out of pussy.

She was talking to herself, “God I need a fuck, it’s been 2 weeks, I need it, I want to feel it again”

I don’t know if she was aware that I saw her exhibition, but I didn’t know what to do.

So I just stood there, watching her, see her shaved cunt swallowing this toy, as she spread her legs more and more, fucking it harder and faster.

Just then, she stood up, moved the laptop away from her, and cleared the table.

She took off her clothes, and got on all fours on the table, and took her toy and slide it in her pussy.

Her face was towards me, and her ass was pointed in the direction of the conference room door. So I walked quietly to the door, and watched from there. I stood there, as she took her vibrator, and shoved it all the way in her lips, moaning, and dripping her juices on the table.

I was taken back of the dream that has come true, as I grabbed my cock, and started to massage it through my pants.

Her legs spread a little bit more, as her toy and fingers were now immersed in her pleasurable lips. Fucking herself faster and faster. I can tell her own self pleasure wasn’t enough as she was getting bored with her toy. The effort and satisfaction was there.

She has laid her tits and face on the cold table, as her ass was still up in the air, her toy was buzzing and humming slowly, as it wasn’t doing her any more justice.

I walked into the conference room, and stood to the left of her, and took my lips and kissed her ass, feeling how soft her skin truly was.

Lisa was taken back and the surprise gesture, as she quickly got up.

“Brian, I am married, how long have you been there?”

As she got up and grabbed her clothes, and all her possessions trying to clean up, and embarrassed.

“I’ve been watching you for a good 20 minutes”

“What did you see and hear?”

I told her the whole story of what I saw, and she sat in the chair, embarrassed, and I assured her that I will never tell anyone.

“Was that your husband?”

“yes it was. He has been on a month business trip in England, and I thought I would come in and use the video camera, and play with him online. I knew it was Friday, and that we were going to the bar, and drink, and I thought everyone would just go home”

“Well, I forgot my keys.”

“oh”, Lisa replied in shock.

She sat there still covered up, and she started to look down on the ground in shame, and still reeling from the fact that she got caught.

I walked up to her and grabbed her chin and told her that I wouldn’t say a word to anyone. And I apologized for the kiss on her ass, and for walking in.

I got a little closer, hoping she would see the bulge in my crotch.

“it’s okay, but I am married!”

“I know that”, and I let go of her chin, and then she started to look down on the ground, and I knew she saw my crotch.

She sat there, still naked, and she was looking around for her panties and shoes on the ground. God I fucking wanted her, I needed to fuck her, she is so fucking hot, and I don’t care if she is married. So as she was distracted, I had found her panties already, and then I pulled my zipper down, and exposed my hard precum dripping cock to her, and put her panties on it.

“is this what you were looking for?”

“Dammit brian, no, I am married!” And she grabbed her panties off my hard cock. I felt her finger tips graze my skin as she retracted it off of me.

Just then I made my decision, still feeling buzzed from the alcohol, I grabbed her head, and pulled her face and mouth closer to my cock, and shoved my hard dick inside her mouth, forcing her to suck on it.

She was resisting really good, as she fought with my cock inside her.

At first it didn’t feel good because she was biting and fighting, I didn’t want to blackmail her, and if I was it was going to be the last thing I do, as pathetic as that may sound.

So I told her, “I heard you say you need cock, and here it is, take it or leave it?”

Still feeling the affects of cumming and fucking her cunt with her hands, she knew that her husband is 2 weeks away from coming home, and that she couldn’t wait any more.

She dropped her clothes on to the ground, and grabbed hold of my hips, as she started to suck my cock up and down. Bobbing faster, as she removed her mouth from my cock.

“OH god Brian, I’ve wanted you for so long, I saw you look at me today at the bar, and…..”

She continued to suck me, taking her right hand, and pumping my cock as she sucked on it, faster and faster.

She took her hands and undid my belt buckle and my pants and let them fall to the ground. She saw my cock was through my boxer pee hole, and she removed them as well.

I stood there half naked, as she took my cock, sucking it, and biting it.

I was looking down seeing her mouth devour my 8” shaved cock, as she was sucking it all the way to the base of my cock, to the tip of it, gagging gently as my cock hit her throat. Up and down her head went, and inhibition.

Grabbing my hips, she took her mouth, and sucked my cock, she was pulling her mouth all the way up to my tip, and then took her tongue and licked the cum off of it, and then slamming her mouth on to my cock.

I quivered in pleasure as she repeated this for what seemed like forever. But I didn’t complain, she was fucking good.

Then she took my shaft, and lifted it, licking my balls, and around it, and sucking on it, and then spiting on it, as I grab her head, massaging it, and stroking her hair.

“God you are fucking good!” as I moaned in complete pleasure.

She moved from the chair to her knees, as her tongue went from my balls, to beneath it, that layer of skin between my balls and my ass.

I moan in pleasure, since not a lot of visitors have pleasure this particular area. Her tongue worked in circles, licking it, as she pumped me harder and harder. My vein was throbbing, pulsating, as my cock was starting to twitch.

I told her to come here, as I patted the edge of the table. I picked her up, and sat her ass on the cold table, as she spread her legs, and put one finger on her pussy, and slid it up her cunt, then licking it.

I pressed my face into her cunt, taking my tongue and licking up and down her pussy, licking her outer walls, and tasting her sweet juices flowing from her lovely lips. Her legs spread further out more, and her hand was grabbing my head as my tongue slowly licked her right lip, I then bit it, and then continued to her clit, pulled it, and then licker her left lip, biting it again.

I repeated this motion several times, as grab my head and pulled me closer to her, suffocating me with her own juices.

I shook my head left to right licking her cunt, and tasting her drops of Jupiter onto my tongue. I looked up to see her head back, as she brought it back down, part of her face was covered by her hair. I reached up and grabbed her nipples pinch it, and flicking it, as she grabbed my hand, and sucked on all four of my fingers. Since she had pretty long hair, I was able to reach around her shoulders, and grabbed her hair, and pull back on it, as I licker her faster, and faster, oscillating my tongue to full speed.

She was resting her legs on my shoulders, “Ohhhhhh shit, lick it harder baby, lick it”

I relieved my tongue for a brief moment, and spat on her lips, and then took my free hand, and ran my fingers through her lips, spreading my spit, and feeling how wet she was.

I did it again, this time, after running my fingers through her lips, I slide two fingers inside her, and then my tongue went towards her clit, licking it and bitting it.

My fingers worked its way inside her, penetrating her, in and out.

“You like that baby, you like the taste of my cunt?”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Unable to talk since my tongue is occupied, but I did nod my head up and down, in reply.

“Goooood you’re are fucking good!”

My fingers jammed so hard inside her wet pussy, I felt her squeezing my fingers, as she screamed louder, my pace quicken as my fingers found her gspot, and I wanted to expose her sexual weakness. So I just fucked her raw, my fingers ramming her hard, and my thumb on her clit massage that, while my tongue just found any part of her pussy, and licked it.

My hand was fuck her faster, as I was completely driver her wild. Her head kept swing back and forth, and her hands roaming my head, as plotted her climax.

“Faster baby!, Fuck this cunt”

At that moment she needed more, so I put another finger in her tight twat, slamming it harder and faster.

I wanted to rock her HARD, so I stood up, grab her back with my right arm, and then slammed her pussy hard with my fingers. Every time I slammed my three fingers inside her, her body jumped, as I stretched it out. Wanting to meet my fingers, she slammed her cunt onto my fingers, meeting me in the middle. I looked at her, finger fucking her, eye fucking her, as she moaned louder “fuck it, Fuck it, fuck my married cunt!” Then I moved to be above her pussy, and spit on, making you watch it hit your cunt.

Just then, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmmmmmm”

I felt your body quiver in pleasurable excitement.

I pull my fingers from your cunt, and bring it to your mouth, as you slowly suck the cum off each finger one by one, licking it, suck it, and biting it.

She slid off the table top, and then grabbed my cock “I need this bad, you better fuck me good!”

So turned her back towards me, showing me her great ass, and she spread her legs and put her right leg up on the table and leaned forward.

I took my cock and slide it inside her, she moaned in pleasure feeling my hard cock slowly going inside her.

“Fuck yeah” She moaned!

I pressed my cock slowly inside her, stretching out her cunt, and feeling her warm juices surrounding my cock, as I pumped faster and faster, grabbing her hips.

“Mmmmmmm baby, yeah, fuck me, fuck this married cunt”

I don’t know why she kept mentioning that she was married, but it turned me on hearing it!

So I continued to pick up the pace, pulling my cock all the way out to the tip, and slamming it back in into her hole. Feeling her body rock back as she takes all of me in. I can feel my balls swing back and forth, hitting her pussy as I fucked her.

I grabbed her hair, with my right hand, as my cock pumped every inch of it’s throbbing member inside her. Her pussy started squeezing me, wrapping it, taking it, oh fuck she is good!

“mmmmmmm baby, fuck me, fuck it” fucking it faster, “YEAH, mmmmm” and harder, “ohhhhhhhh fuck it” spanked her ass, and grunted “oh shit, do it again” so I spanked her harder and pulled her hair harder “ohhhhhhhhhhh god yes!!!!”

I can feel an explosion my cum wanting to fill her, as her tight warm cunt seduced my cum, penetrating every gaping hole of her, filling it.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”

I let go of her hair, and reach around and massaged her clit, feeling how swollen it was I grabbed it and pulled it, spanking it, as my cock fuel her desire, a fucking desire.

Her hot ass was read from my hand spank her, her body quaking in anticipation, and her pussy twitching to an orgasism.

Suddenly her mouth opened up, and her breathing got deeper, and her pussy clenched my cock, as I slammed her tight hole, stretching, hiting her cervix, massaging her inner walls, and fulfill what her husband cannot do right now.


And let out an orgasism that made her body quiver in excitement. The vein of my cock was ready to push, as I can feel my cock leave my balls, and rush through my cock, and shoot my hot load inside her cunt.

She gasp for air, as she moaned like a whore, feeling my cum hit her walls, filling her pussy.

I pulled my cock out, and she got down from the table, and wanted to suck the cum off my cock, so she squatted down and started licking the cum off of me, tasting it. “Mmmmmmm this taste fucking good, you should try it!” She stood up and kissed my mouth, as we exchange our cum in our mouths massaging each other’s tongue.

We looked at the clock and it was 1:30am.

“Getting kind of late isn’t it?” Lisa said.

“It is it is” I replied.

Lisa bent over and gave me a good kiss on cock, before she started to clean up, and got dressed.

While I was getting dressed, she grabbed her laptop, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Brian, I really needed that!”

“you’re welcome”

“I’ll see you Monday!”

With that she took off, and left the building, but she left her panties behind. So I picked it up, put it in my pocket, and went to my desk, grab my keys, called a cab, and I was on the way.

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