Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eight Months

by Hijack75
Written by a man.

This is a story that may be of some interest to you.

It happened a few years ago when I was
seeing two girls at the same time.
Both young women were in love with me and I believed I loved
both of them.

I had been going out with Kate for some time before I met Zoe.
Zoe knew of Kate.
I didn't try to hide it from her, and it wasn't long before Kate learnt of her existance also, but
amazingly seemed to tolerate the situation.

Eventually I decided to engineer that both girls be at my house on the same evening.
thing was I had just got tired of trying to work a schedule between them, I just got sick of
lying - what was the point ?

both knew the true situation.
The atmosphere that evening was, as you
can understand, very tense and angry, but I told them that I loved them both and was unable to
choose between them.

Really, I suppose, expecting both to leave me, I said that they themselves
must decide which of the two was prepared to stay.
To my suprise neither wanted to finish it, and
after some further heated disscussion it was agreed that they would both have to just accept each
other and that was that.
Incredibly I now had two girlfriends and I didn't have to lie and didn't
have to cheat.

The really fascinating thing about the whole affair was the strange natural order that
developed between the three of us over the following months.

In particular Kate's story.
As I said
she was the original of the two girlfriends and the older at 28, she was very pretty, only 5"2 tall
and slightly built.
She had such a placid and gentle nature that I suppose she was really the last
person you would expect to get involved in what transpired.

At first Kate did not join in at all, Zoe was younger, 21 (I was 31 at the time), and had no
inhibitions whatsoever, we would initiate lovemaking on the sofa in full view of Kate, Kate would
go into the kitchen out of the way, on the nights she stopped she slept in the spare room.

After about a week or so, with my encouragement,she began to join in with us.
I tried to
gently cajole the two women into lovemaking together, but Kate refused point blank.
It was
always Zoe that slept in the double bed with me, with Kate in the spare, unless that is, when Zoe
was working shifts (she was a nurse).

Even then when Zoe would return from her night shift to
find Kate asleep in bed she would turn her out to the spare room (your place -she would say).

For whatever reason, I don't know...maybe competition between the two women, they
would do almost anything I asked of them.
I loved Kates body and would tell her to undress in
front of both myself and Zoe.
She would then be expected to remain naked, sometimes for a
couple of hours at a time or more.

I found this an incredible turn on, sometimes I would put some
music on and have her dance for us, other times she would sit between us on the sofa while we
watched television, looking back this was very much the beginning of the hierachy that
gradually developed between the three of us.
Kate was also a naturally tidy person, Zoe and I
would never wash up or cook we left it to Kate.
In fact by now it's fair to say that by some
clever manouvering, Zoe was definately No.2 to Kate's No.3 .

As the weeks went by the pecking order that existed between us gathered momentum and
became more and more deeply entrenched.
Kate was the one who always did all the work, made
the beds and cooked our meals, it's just the way it was.
And by now, whenever at the house, she
was almost always ordered to be in some or other state of undress.
For whatever reason she just
seemed to accept her nudity, perhaps she felt it was her way of grabbing some of the attention
back from Zoe (she had the better body).
For her part Zoe encouraged it, she would tell me that it
made her feel that she was THE girlfriend, whereas Kate was, well, just the maid.

She could wear
whatever she liked when she liked, whereas Kate only ever wore what she was told to wear
(which was true), but that she now felt it was only fair that she too should now have authority
over Kate, to which, after some deliberation, I agreed.

By this point I would just tell Kate what to
do, and so she was told that from this point on it made sense for her to obey Zoe's instructions
equally as much as mine.
This worked to my advantage, as I now managed to get my wish that
the two women lovemake together, whereas I had not pushed it, Zoe now positvely insisted on

At first Kate was very reluctant and deeply embarrased by this. Zoe would loose patience with
her and couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, but with some gentle coaxing I got
her to the point where she would perform just about any sexual act that Zoe wished.

The more we began to put on Kate the more it was obvious she thrilled to it.
She had been
my girl for the last year and a half, and never had I seen her in such a state of high excitment as
When we would bind her hands behind her, or to the brass headboard of the bed, her
nipples would harden, would fill with blood.

Her teats were so incredibly erect that Zoe and I
would usually spend the best part of Sunday mornings just kissing and sucking on them.
would eat yoghurt, syrup or cream of her breasts and she would be fucked, fingered and tongued
almost continuously.
We would use her and watch her as she orgasmed again and again.

On the other hand from this, it was strange how it all became such a commonplace thing
in our lives, I well remember one evening, we were all three at home, it was early and Kate was
wearing one of my shirts while she prepared tea for us all.
After eating I told her to draw the
curtains and remove the shirt, as she would spend the rest of the evening naked.

Kate and I were in a silly mood. We found some clingfilm from the kitchen cupboard and
both fooled about for ages trying to fashion a bra for her out of it.
Kate thought it hysterical, and
when, after about an hours work we were finally happy with the results, we had asked Zoe if she
wanted one made for her.
Zoe, however was not amused, and switched on the TV in answer.
little later after discarding the bra, I had Kate lie back on the sofa and smeared her breasts,
belly, thighs and her legs in yoghurt and slowly began to lick it off.
As I was doing this I looked
across to see Zoe in the chair opposite, totally engrossed in her favourite TV program,Coronation

Within minutes I was astride of Kate and penetrating her deeply. Once again I looked across at
Zoe and could see by her face that some important event must have been happening in her
I could see her irritation that our noise and movement was distracting her from what
was happening on screen.
Later that evening while I watched the news, I noticed that Zoe had
taken off her knickers, and, sat with her legs spread wide apart, had Kate on her knees in front of
her giving her attention with her tongue.
As I watched TV I listened to her contented moans, and
resolved to have Kate again before the evening was out.

It's true to say that by now I was besotted by Kate, it's also true to say that Kate knew it.
Watching this girl doing things I would never have believed of her, seeing her submit and
comply to whatever she was told, had made my passion for her so intense that she now meant
everything to me
.It was beginning to show as well, I tried to hide it, but by now Zoe was
beginning to suspect that it was Kate I really wanted.
Zoe's growing jealousy of Kate was
becomming a problem.
She began to call her "slut" or 'whore' and she was starting to talk of
She suggested we should start to beat Kate, she was sure that she would probably enjoy it, and anyway she needed 'teaching a lesson'.
This I did not want, there was no way that I was
going to see Kate abused, not in the ways Zoe was talking of.
In the end we compromised ... later
that week Kate was ordered naked and Zoe fastened a collar and leash around her neck.
She led
her around the house pointing out jobs that she had not done, or had not carried out to our
Her hands were then bound in front of her and she was put over the sofa with her
bottom up in the air.
Zoe and I then took turns in spanking her for the first time, I have to admit it
was Zoe's punishment that made her cry and not mine.
Afterwards I rubbed baby lotion over her
rear, Zoe said it would be a good idea for me to take her anal style.
To prepare my way she
squirted a few drops of the lotion onto Kate's entry and pushed her finger through past the
resistance and deep inside her.
She worked her finger in and out for a while, then withdrew it, and invited me to fuck her.
I spread her buttocks and pushed hard into her, her muscles were
very contracted, and she was so, so tight.
With my hands supporting her around her waist I felt
her take a sudden sharp deep breath, as she let it out she momentarily relaxed a little, and I eased
my full length inside her.
I ejaculated almost immediately .
My very high state of arousal kept
me hard and rigid, and so, as I continued to fuck her, Zoe took polaroid pictures - all the time
telling Kate that she was a slut, that next time she would really give her something to cry about, and that from here on all of her entries would be for us to use and enjoy.

As I have previously mentioned, Zoe worked a shift pattern, so at times Kate and I had the
house to ourselves.
I loved to bathe with both women but bathing with Kate when we were alone
was always a very sensual experience , all the more so if she needed to shave herself.
I had
asked both women from the very beginning to go clean shaven, indeed both were carrying out
this practice long before having met.
To me pubic hair feels coarse and nowhere near as good to
the touch as bare skin, if either girl had been neglecting this area I would never kiss her
intimately .

In the bath Kate and I were soulmates.
I'd feel so close to her, she would sit with her back
to me , and I would kiss her neck and ears and gently wash and caress her body .
She would
hold up her arm while I shaved her, first one arm then the other.
I would kiss the freshly naked
skin and pull her in closer to me so that she would feel me big and strong pressed up against her
back .
She would turn her head so that her mouth met mine and I'd kiss her deeply .
Kate grew
little hair on her legs and so they did not always need attending to, but if they did I would
watch her, kiss her back, her neck and shoulder's and tell her how much I loved her.

Sometimes I would penetrate her at this point or she may take me into her mouth.
Sometimes we
would just kiss .

After drying ourselves, Kate would sit on the edge of the bath to attend to herself.
I would
sit on the floor in front of her .
She would open her leg's and apply the soap and then the razor ,
when she felt she was finished, she would invite me to touch her, to check that she was smooth
and to my satisfaction.
One time she had confided in me that although she was well used to
being naked before me, often for long periods, that when I would watch her shave, she felt
many times more naked , more open and accessable than at any other time .

I realised from this that Kate must have felt at her most vunerable, and so in order to gain more control I
decided to ritualise the whole thing.
Kate was told to always seek my permission before shaving, and afterwards she was always to present herself for inspection only to myself, Zoe ,I told her
was to be excluded and was not to be present ( Kate had seen Zoe shave or be shaved by me on
more than one occasion.
Zoe was a little lazy in this practice and sometimes halfway through
some game or other I would decide that she needed the razor).
Kate being Kate, would never go
longer than a few day's and always kept herself silky smooth.
She never failed an inspection.

When I was happy with her I would take her hand and lead her into the bedroom, she would lay
on her back and open her leg's.
I loved to touch her, loved to feel her sopping wet, to kiss her,
explore her with my finger's or my tongue.
I loved to watch her as she squirmed and wriggled
and moaned to my touch.
I loved her.

I suppose the most fun times we spent together, had to be when we were playing our
Saturday game.
I mentioned that the three of us would play games together.
Some of the games
we played at the house (with Zoe in particular), where really quite bawdy and absurd in nature
and I do not feel that I can elaborate on these.
However I will tell you of a favourite game that all
three of us would play together on most Saturday's.

Within easy driving distance there were several large shopping centre's.
We would visit
large and popular department stores and clothes' shops, only ones with the correct changing
facilities would do, the fitting rooms had to be of the communal type rather than individual
Zoe and Kate would each choose a couple of garments to try on.

Once inside the changing room the object was to make the biggest splash they possibly
Kate would just be wearing a simple one piece dress, underneath which, she wore around
her waist a gold chain and apart from her shoes, nothing else.

Zoe always wore a one piece jump
suit that unzipped from her throat down to her waist, she would always cause maximumn impact
by just kicking off her sandals, unzipping and stepping out of her suit stark naked.
For this
reason, of the two girls, Zoe always went first.
The women around them would all react in
differing ways, some would quickly look away, whereas others apparently looked like they had
been hit by a train .
As they tried on the clothes they would discuss me, what I liked most about
each others body and if thier choices would be to my liking.

After the initial shock and suprise,
most of the other women were quite frantic to get outside just to see who was the object of these
two young womens' illicit desire.
They would be whispering excitedly to thier husbands or
partners or girlfriends, hurriedly checking up and down any likely looking man who happened
to be in the immeadiate vicinity.

The two girls would appear from the changing room to get my
approval, deliberately, they would go completely over the top,acting like a couple of excited
schoolgirls in the company of some teen hero, it was all part of the fun.

Sometimes changing they would come across a woman who would ask if they were both
with the same man, even ask personal questions about thier lives (they would of course try to
Once a woman told them 'they were the sort who gave women a bad name', on at least a
couple of occasions a woman asked if, she too, might join them.

One, a young girl,late teens,
wished to 'spend some time shopping with them both', another,a woman of about 40 who had
been incredibly inquisitive about them, followed us around for the best part of an afternoon and
even back to the car.

Later they would discuss and laugh about the reactions they had caused, did you see her
face!!!, at these times Zoe and Kate would appear almost to be as best friends.
Later still we all
wondered at how many houses , pubs and dinner parties we were being dissected that night and
for how long people might remember us.

However, by about eight months or so I sensed that something had to give.
Our Saturdays
were not the same fun.
Zoe was now deeply suspicious of my feeling toward Kate and she was
becomming increasingly spitefull toward her.
If we planned to go out somewhere together Zoe
would now try to put Kate off, along with the names, she would ridicule her at every opportunity.

I had even begun to try to encourage Kate to stick up for herself more, had tried to be more
aware of her situation in any game that we played together.
The problem in trying to defend
Kate was that Zoe would then want to clarify her position - was Kate below her or not?, I had to
admit she was.

I cut down on the spankings on the pretext that I was tiring of that game, but Zoe
had a new idea for Kate, she had a male colleague at work to whom she had shown Kate's
polaroids and had promised him that he could fuck her while we watched.

I was horrified at the
I told her she was mine and not some 'toy' she could loan out.
We argued briefly, I told her
no, and that, I thought, was the end of it.

Inevitably it was Zoe's bullying of Kate that was in the end the undoing of it all.

I had been
working late one week, travelling from home in Birmingham to Manchester each day.
It was
pretty obvious from the frosty atmosphere when I got in at night that all was not well.
I arrived
home at about nine on the evening of the third day to find Kate gone.
Finally, after much
argument, I got the full and complete story, or at least Zoe's version of it.
Apparently Zoe had
returned early from work to find Kate already there, she told her to make her a sandwich and
went into the lounge and switched on the TV.

Sometime a little later she had told Kate to undress, telling her that I might be back earlier
that evening and that I would want her naked .
This she would almost certainly have got away
with , but she then added that she would be putting Kate on her leash .
Kate had always been
reluctant about the dog leash.
It was plainly obvious that she disliked it and felt totally
humiliated and degraded by it, which was why I suspect, Zoe was so keen on it, and in all truth I
suppose, me also.
This was something new to Kate.
She admitted she had worn it on Zoe's say
many times before but never when I was not there and she wasn't going to wear it for her... no
way !!.
Zoe had confessed that when she had refused she had been really mad, they had got into
a blazing row.
Zoe had pinned her to the floor , and had then told her of her colleague from work.

She said that later that evening he would be coming to the house to fuck Kate and that he would
be bringing a video camera for her to film it all.
This she added, was on my express instructions, that I wanted to see her being fucked by another man.
Zoe claimed that she was only testing
Kate and that she had told her so afterwards, but on freeing herself Kate had just packed up her
belongings and left.

Zoe said that she was sorry to see her go but it was, well... one of those

Kate for her part believed Zoe's story.
She said that she felt I had betrayed her.
I tried to
explain that it was never in my mind, that I would never have allowed it, but she would not listen.

I even dumped Zoe in an effort to win her back, but it was useless.
Shortly afterwards she got
herself a job in London and left the area.

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