Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Karol's Erotic Adventures: Part 2 (Jealosy)

By Karol
Written by a woman.

I walked into the bar after agreeing to meet her there at 9:00.

I was a few minutes late, traffic had been a real bitch and finding a parking spot at the bar was next to impossible.
Not to mention that I had just been thru a impossible day with work.
So many problems that had to be solved right away.
I had snapped at numerous people during the day as it progressively got worse.
I was stressed out and at the end of my rope.
The one pleasant thot in my mind was looking forward to just having a drink and talking with my lover.
She has this incredible way of calming me down with just a smile.

The place was packed, people everywhere, I had to literally push my way thru the crowd which seemed to annoy me a bit.
I saw her at the end of the bar.
She was wearing tight jeans and a long sleeve tee.
God she looked incredible.
I stopped dead in my tracks tho when I noticed the two females she was talking to.
They were laughing at something she was telling them.

I could see how they were looking at her.
I really couldn't blame them, she is so lovely to look at and once you talk to her you are immediately taken in by her intense eyes.
I felt a pang of jealously rip thru my heart as I watched her lean closer to one of them, like she was trying to hear over the music and the crowd.
Oh great I thought to myself, this is the last thing I needed to see today.

The tall blonde placed her hand on her arm and whispered in her ear.
God, I felt like an arrow pierced my heart as I watched her whisper back to the blonde.
What were they talking about?
My mind raced as I tried to decide what to do.
I was so tired from the long day, my thoughts were confused, I love her so much I thought, but maybe its not the same for her.

How many times had we said I love you to each other, did she mean it?
Did she need more than I was giving her?
Somehow I convinced myself for that brief second maybe she wanted this tall blonde more then me.
At that moment she looked over and saw me, I must of had a strange look on my face cause her face took on a puzzled look.

She said "Hi Baby" over the beat of the music.
The blonde said something else before I could respond and she looked at her and laughed again.
"Fuck it" I thought, I can't handle this tonite.
I turned to walk out, but got no more then a few steps before she grabbed my arm and spun me around.

"where you going hon?" she leaned to kiss my lips.
I felt her lips press against mine. "I just had a really fucked up day hon, maybe we should just forget tonite"
My mind was saying "maybe you should just go enjoy your new friend"
She smiled and said "No, lets not forget tonite, lets get you a drink baby, I'm so happy to see you"
I think I smiled a little bit, cause she leaned close to my ear and said "I loveyou"
God, everytime she says that I feel a chill go thru me.
She slid her arm around my waist and led me to the bar and ordered a mudslide for me and another glass of wine for herself.

While we waited for the drinks she leaned me against the bar and stared into my eyes
"so...you had a bad day darling?" she said and leaned to press her lips on mine.
All my tensions from the day just melted away. I forgot about the two she had been talking to.
I forgot about breathing I think.
Her kisses have that affect.
I just become totally absorbed in her, her smile, her perfume, her body, just lost in her.
All doubts of her love for me died in that simple sweet kiss.

Our drinks came, and we sipped them slowly, her staring at me, god her eyes could burn straight thru to my soul.
I want you now, I thought, hell, when don't I want her?
I would have to wait till later, no sense getting all riled here in the bar.
"Come to my window" started up softly on the jukebox , she grabbed my hand and led me to a slightly dark corner, she slipped my hands around her waist, and slid hers up my shoulders around my neck, pressed her body close to mine and started to move to the music.

Here we were dancing in the corner, couples everywhere, bodies moving to the music, her lips found my neck, shivers ran thru me.
I'm so sensitive on my neck, the beat of the music, the words were flowing thru my mind.
The pressure of her warm body against mine as we moved was stirring desires hot thru me.
My hand moved to her chin, to lift her lips to mine.
Pressing softly, feeling her passion flow back thru my lips like a soft electric charge.
God how I loved her so at the moment, like every other moment in my life. "I want you right now" came off her lips as we kissed. My mind whirled with thots of kissing her body, kissing every inch of her, but how could we here? "ummmm me too hon" I murmured back against her lips.

I felt my shirt being pulled out of my jeans, felt her backing me against the wall, her lips were like hot fire on mine, my mind was clouding in my thots of what I wanted from her.
I felt her hand slide under my shirt, felt my pussy go wet instantly as her fingers brushed against my skin.
Felt her unsnap my jeans and slide the zipper down, felt her pull my shirt over her hand as she slid her hand down into my panties.

Felt a groan escape my lips as her fingers reached my wetness.
Her tongue slid thru my lips as she shoved her hand down harder, I was thanking god I had worn baggy jeans.
She broke our kiss and pulled her head back to look at me.

She stared straight into my eyes, a smile on her lips as she worked her fingers back and forth across my clit, I could feel my own juices sliding on her fingers.
I just stood there, locked in her stare, feeling as she slid a finger into me, I looked around to see if anyone was noticing us here in the corner.
I don't think I cared, it felt too good.
I looked back at her as she started to work her finger back and forth in my pussy.
Her smile became a grin the harder she fucked me.
My breathing was coming in short gasps as I watched her eyes .
She fucked me with her finger, she fucked me with her eyes.

Didn't take long for the orgasm to build up.
She noticed my eyes start to go wide and my pussy start to tighten on her finger, she leaned and smashed her lips against mine as I started to cum.

She kissed me thru that orgasm, as it ripped thru me, I tried to scream or moan or something to release the explosion in my mind, but her lips silenced me.
My head was spinning like crazy, my legs were weak.
When she pulled back from the kiss all I could say breathlessly was "GodDAMN baby, that was awesome"
She pulled her hand out of my jeans, smoothed my shirt over to cover my undone button and zipper, looked at me and said with a grin
"that felt Great!"
I grabbed her and kissed her hard.
I looked around quickly saw a door to my left marked "office".
Before a word could be said I took her hand and led her quickly to the room, shutting the door behind me I turned her around and kissed her again.
No words had to be spoken, she knew what I wanted and she offered no resistance, she wanted it too.

I looked into her lust filled eyes and pulled her closer still, lifted her shirt over her head, before it was clear from her head my tongue was licking along the edge of her bra, she dropped her shirt as I licked along the valley between her breasts.

I groaned into her skin as the scent of her perfume filled my nostrils, the texture of her bra on my tongue.
I licked at her nipples thru the material, felt them come alive and harden.
"oh god" she moaned as she held tight to my shoulders.

My hands worked at the button on her jeans, the zipper came down, she reached around me to help me slide them down as I gently bit down on her nipple thru the bra.
Once she had stepped out of them, I dropped to my knees, pulling her to the carpet with me.
I Moved myself between her legs and lifted her bra above her breasts to free them.

God, I couldn't wait, I wanted to do so much to her, wanted to taste her, to love her, to show her the passion that burned deep inside me for her.

My lips sucked her breast in hungrily.
Like an animal feeding I ravaged each breast back and forth while she moaned wildly in my arms.
I could feel her stomach rising and falling rapidly against mine.
I literally dragged my tongue down the center of her body.

Down to her panties as I backed up slowly to position myself.

She opened her legs wide and I could see her wetness on her panties, I licked at the material, feeling her softness beneath it.

Tasting the familiar sweet juices of my precious lover, my mind flooding with a whitehot intense passion for her.

I pushed her panties to the side and buried my lips around her clit, sucking its sweetness into my mouth.
Her hands immediately were in my hair, twisting her fingers to grip and hold me there like she was afraid i would stop.
I wanted so bad to to torture her long and slow, but i couldn't, I needed to feel her pleasure now, needed to feel her sweet pussy contracting on me.
I slid a finger into her deep wet tight pussy.
Heard her say my name as she arched to meet my hand.
I licked back and forth at her sweet little hard clit.
Flicking my tongue back and forth wildly, chasing it with my tongue as my finger slid in and out of her wetness.

Surely, I thot I could never show her how much I loved her enough, this had to be the only way to show her, the only way I knew how.

Her hips were moving to meet my finger, she was moaning my name over and over, her fingers gripping my hair so tight pushing me down as my tongue worked her clit.

Her pussy started to contract tightly on my finger as I shoved it in and out of her.
My excitement built as I felt her orgasm start to roar thru her, as I heard her shout my name out in a raspy passion filled scream.

GOd she came so hard, her body shuddered, her pussy drenched my hand, I removed my finger and licked her softly as her orgasm spasmed its wild course thru her tortured mind.
She calmed as I licked her softly, filling my throat with her cum, covering my lips in her sweetness.
Feeling every drop of tension leave my tired mind as my love for her overflowed my heart and mind.
I smiled as I crawled up her body, her arms moved around me to pull me ontop of her, my lips moved down to hers, as I shared her passion with her.

"I Love You" she said and smiled weakly at me.

"Me, too baby, I love you!"
We ended up getting her dressed and walked out of that little room holding hands.

The two girls she had been talking to smiled at us.

She squeezed my hand hard as we walked by them.
We finished our drinks and danced a little more, before heading home.
We made love again before we fell asleep together
. My last thought as I drifted off was that I could live thru a million bad days as long as she was there at the end of each one.

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