Friday, August 20, 2010

Fire Side

By Sexxy Baby
Written by a woman.

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"Sexxy Stories"

U2's song 'I will follow', from one of their earlier
albums, is one of my favourites.
It tells a story,
although telling stories can be hard sometimes ... like
this one where I rent a room for a night when I'm away on
a business trip to let off some steam.. the first problem
is, it takes me almost for ever to find a park near the
hotel and I am late when I finally get to meet up with my
friend Katrina in the foyer.

Fortunately she doesn't
mind, as she places a warm kiss on my cheek and asks me
how my week has been.
Well, just fine, I tell her, and
now here I am, fumbling around with my car keys and
wallet and pink make-up stick and being asked dumb
questions by the hotel manager, which at this time of
night just makes me want to scream a little.

"Do you have any preferences?", he says, clicking his pen.

"Preferences?", I smile tiredly.

"Yes. Room 507 maybe? That's unoccupied at present, and
comes with a bar and free drinks"

"A bar would be great! But we'd also like a room with a
fireplace in it please, this looks like an old hotel so
I'm sure you'd have one of those".

"Yes we do madam, it's on the 4th floor, room 416, with a
view of the harbor bridge you'll like. Please excuse me
for a moment while I fetch you the the keys, please feel
free to sign our guest book while you are waiting..."

I shuffle about in my wallet for my credit card; Katrina
is standing behind me with our new toy for the night
standing at her side and not saying a word.
Ryan I think
his name is.
Tina looks at me as we wait patiently for
the manager and smile at the fact that it's so damn easy
for us to pick up good looking guys in hotels in less
than ten minutes, even ones like Ryan who agree to be the
submissive partner in a threesome for one night, to serve
two women who want to indulge in a little sexual

Time passes slowly when you are waiting in a hotel foyer
- let me fill you in on the more interesting details...

At last Ryan is down on his knees in the bathtub,
coughing and spluttering a little, and begging for
pleasure, or mercy, or both I'm not sure - neither of
which, judging by his character so far, he is going to

Please excuse me if in there are no formalities
I am just so fuckin' goddam horny at the moment
that I want to launch right into this tale of Bondage and
female pleasure. I told you already (haven't I?) that
Ryan's ass is already quite red from a playful whipping
that I gave him while he bent over submissively on the
bed in the next room for ten minutes; it took Tina that
long undress herself as I watched, and fasten her black
leather mask and get the 7" black rigid strap-on out of
her bag, and lay the other items of torture on the bed
("Sexxy, you are so naughty!").

Sometimes I had to swear
at Ryan and tell him to "shut the f*** up", because he
wanted to turn his head and have a gawk at Tina
I just told him to hold still, with his face
down on the plush lace bedspread, while he submitted to a

Now it was my turn to undress.
I let Tina take over with
the leather paddle, and she relished the thought of
trying out our new toy.

Meanwhile, I strip off and take out the other paddles, a
larger white strap-on dildo from for myself (damn hard to
find a stud with a dick this big!), my favorite silver
handcuffs, various pieces of black and red silk material
of different sizes and shapes.
A large tube of KY-Jelly
lubricant (enough to last all night) a cock ring, and a
few other feminine necessities...

While Ryan is still clearing his throat in the old
bathtub now, I suppose there is just enough time to let
you know about what we are going to do to Ryan next, hey?

I don't want to spoil the story by telling you before it
actually happens.
Anyway, Katrina is standing next to me
at this moment pointing her large black strap-on at Ryan
and I know her pussy is just aching to get some action
like mine - her long jet black hair is spilling out of
the back of her black face mask, and her red nipples are
already standing to attention at the thought of the
pleasure we are going to inflict on ourselves.

"Sexxy, it's been way too long since we did this together!"

"I know Tina!", planting a wet, sloppy kiss on her red
lips and mixing my pink make-up a little with hers.
Jesus, when was the last time we found a stud like this
and played with him all night??? Too long...

I'm sure if you enjoy reading about female domination or
male submission (and this story is true, it actually
happened only a short while ago when I visited Sydney on
a weekend business trip) that you would want me to get
right on with the story.
You don't really want to hear
about Ryan's boyish little smile, and submissive little
"sure !" as Tina and I described to him over a brandy in
the bar down below our plans for tonight, and how he
would fit in with them, if he would be our little toy for
the night... Katrina and I pretty much kept our
identities secret from Ryan, we gave him false names
(Tina is not my friend's real name), and I certainly
wasn't about to tell Ryan what I did as a manager and
where I did it, or that Tina was a successful Sydney
advertising executive and earned well over $200,000 a
I guess my rented BMW roadster out the front of the
hotel is testament enough to that anyway...

Ryan is down on his knees in the tall white ceramic
bathtub, naked like a baby as I have already said, and
feeling a little cold and wondering what is next, hehe..
It's funny as I tell you about this, watching and
listening to Ryan as he pants quietly to himself,
twitching his beautiful reddened backside, and hoping the
itch will go away.
But it won't.
You know what I would
like Ryan? To listen to a bit of U2 music while we fuck
you long and slow - actually at the time this story
happened U2 were in town for gay and lesbian mardi-gra
and Tina and I went and saw them after we had finished
with Ryan... they were fantastic!! The biggest TV screen
in the whole darn world!!!!!! Well anyway, I digress...

"Well little Ryan, we are about to beat you, and piss on
you and butt fuck your sorry little ass for the rest of
tonight until we're tired of it and have had enough and
leave you here all alone.. so tell me that you still want
to submit to all this???"

Katrina smiles and checks her strap-on is well in place.
Ryan looks around at my perfectly trimmed blonde pussy
bearing over him, and from a slightly awkward angle
glimpses my rock hard round pink nipples and firm tight
breasts that point out into the air.
My long blonde locks
are swishing down around my narrow waist and perfectly
tanned skin as I move closer to my little toy ("ah!
Saturday nights were never so good Tina!) Actually I'm
amazed he is not trembling at this early stage in
proceedings, how can any hetro man see Sexxy Baby naked
and not faint??? I just wonder...

"Yes!", no hesitation in his voice as he
acknowledges the will of those in control

"Well fine", I say, and as if impersonating
a police officer in a gruff tone, whip and
out my silver handcuffs, chaining Ryan to
the shower head.

"Turn the water on Sexxy", orders Tina, as she leans over
to climb in the bathtub and rub her long black cock all
over Ryan's smooth ass.
The handcuffs rattle a little on
the shower head as I adjust the water to a pleasant
temperature, and set the nozzle to spray all over Ryan's
neck and torso.
Katrina has the black material in hand
and is tightening it around Ryan's eyes so that he will
be unaware of what is next...

"You first Tina!" I urge kissing Tina again on her moist
red lips and fondling her breasts as she climbs forward
and straddles Ryan in the bath with her long, firm legs.
Tina pushes Ryan's head down and begins pissing her hot
yellow piss all over his neck, shoulders, and down his
back until the warm liquid is running over his quivering
She is moaning and trying to expel every last drop
from her bladder onto her sex-toy. Ryan guesses what she
is doing and groans helplessly.

My turn.

"You little fuck!" I snipe, and taking my pleasure begin
urinating over Ryan's head until he is completely
immersed in liquid..
Katrina takes immense pleasure
watching me dominate our toy and is rubbing her tits and
smiling as I steady my legs either side of Ryan and piss
down his neck, rubbing his arms a couple of times as I do
to make sure he is well coated.
Now for my last effort, I
steady myself with my thighs on the shower head, spread
my tanned legs as wide as possible and squeeze my taught
abdominal muscles, shooting a warm thin stream of piss
over Ryan's hair and face, letting him gasp and slurp at
my refuse.

"Enjoying it Ryan?" I demand, as I expel my last few
drops... We wait together and study Ryan, and decide
another kiss is in order.
Our hot pink tongues intertwine
and I feel her hard black cock rubbing against my stomach
as we deep kiss for about 10 minutes or so, with only
Ryan's groans to accompany us in the background.
Katrina takes the shower nozzle and hoses Ryan down
thoroughly now with the warm clean water, while I scrub
our toy over his whole body with a warm soapy sponge,
being careful not to touch his genitals.
Soon we are
toweling Ryan down with big fluffy bath towels as he
remains hand cuffed to the shower head.

Ryan is now lying on his back on the large four-poster
bed, dry and warm as a baby, with his arms and legs
spread wide and a fresh blind fold over his eyes and a
red silk gag in his mouth.
He is breathing contentedly
through his nose and I believe he is trying to hum a
Chicago song.. well, anyway, Ryan, did
you mind that long whipping session after we finished
drying you off? I bet you didn't.. felt so fresh I'm sure
and I just loved it anyway.

By now Ryan really understands who is in control here,
I'm sorry if I keep saying that to you, but you know if
it weren't for the fact that I were lying on the other
side on the bed right now, with our strap-ons off, and
with Tina's clit in my mouth, I would definitely be
paying attention to Ryan.
But I think he can wait for a
little while, it's been a while since I had a good 69
with an expert like Tina: no-one tongue fucks quite like
an Italian believe me!!!

Tina gets up and reaches for her strap-on while I tease
Ryan by pulling off the blind fold and kneeling above his
face with my gorgeous blonde snatch.
I continue
masturbating and letting him see right inside my pink
canal (he is screaming now and fighting now against the
hand and feet restraints) and so in awe of what I can do
with my pussy without me touching him that he doesn't
notice Tina until she kneels down and starts licking
Ryan's anus with her long soft tongue, gently at first,
to wet all around the soft pink puckering skin, and then
more intensely as she forms a circle to harden her tongue
and slip it inside him.
She then sits up, and stops for a
minute or two, to secure her dildo in place.
She lubes up
the rod by sliding her hand up and down the black rod in
a mock wank and we both laugh and look at each other
smiling as Ryan lies helpless beneath us.
We pant
together as I stroke my pussy and cum over Ryan's face in
time to Katrina's cock pounding show.
My cum is dripping
down into Ryan's eyes and cheeks as Katrina begins
lubricating Ryan's tender ass flesh now with her warm gel.

Ryan cannot get enough.
He submits trembling as he sees
Katrina take her hand off the fake cock and kneel between
his legs and feels the pain at first, then mild constant
pleasure as she slowly enters his anus with the smooth
tip of her black rod.
She begins fucking, careful not to
make contact with his thick hardened rod or sack (we
laugh a little and smile knowingly that Ryan's cock
doesn't really compare to the black stud we had the last
time!) and slowly Ryan is panting and moaning and
wishing, that just somehow he could get the pleasure on
his cock that he needs, and the relief that he so
desperately craves...

Through his gag, Ryan is snorting and panting intensely.

His cock is swelling and he sees Sexxy Baby's gorgeous
blonde pussy above him go for a second round, and watches
her cum yet again and spray him with her pussy juice as
she engages in a long, intense kiss with Tina's mouth.

Tina is squeezing her tits and rubbing her clit as she
begins to fuck like a maniac.
Tina knows that despite all
that has gone before Ryan is now enjoying the tightness
of the ropes and the incredible sensation of getting
fucked up the ass by a horny Italian woman with long jet
black hair, but despite her impending climax it pleasures
her more to know that she can stop anytime she wants to
halt Ryan's pleasure ubruptly. In fact, just as he is
getting near to shooting a mountain of sperm all over the
two of us, Katrina notices the purple colour of Ryan's
engorged cock head and to deny him, decides it's time to
withdraw her cock from Ryan's ass, and for the first time
touches his love toy by taking it in her free hand and
methodically squeezing below Ryan's fat cock head to make
this erection painfully, quickly subside.
As I watch his
cock deflate I am wiping my pussy clean all over Ryan's
hot face.. 'eat me Ryan' I snicker, knowing he can't,
although he tries desperately to tongue my bulging wet
lips through his tight red silk gag.
Tina and I then
climb off the bed together, and hand in hand walk to the
fireplace sans dildos to continue our lovemaking without

Ryan, denied yet again, bends his head, to watch the show
on the sheep skin rug a few meters away.. his mind is
buzzing with the spectale of another long pussy eating
festival, and the sight of Sexxy's legs wide open for a
perfect view of her anus and pussy being licked and
sucked from below by her female lover...

Katrina unties Ryan for me and makes him roll over and
get onto his knees.
She pats me gently on the ass and
slides over to grab her red silk gown off the bed and go
to sit by the fire and sip champagne and watch me whip
Ryan's bare ass bright red yet again.
She loves it when I
fuck our little stud doggie style and it makes her
jealous and want to do the same.

"Move over, give me a go now!" cries Tina, as I head for
the shower to wash Tina's cum off my face and take a
As I head for the door Tina removes the long
white dildo from my loins, hot and lubricated and ready
for more action.
Tina wastes no time in strapping it on
and climbing onto the bed and finding Ryan's asshole so
she can begin fucking him again doggie style....

Ryan is too tired now to muster
even one orgasm, rather, he
submits with little whimpers and
soft groans to Tina as she uses
him for her fantasy. His dick is
hanging limply half soft between
his weakened, trembling knees...

Wonderful that U2 music huh? It's still buzzing through
my head as I return to the fire side to eat some warm,
dark chocolate and watch Tina fucking Ryan up the ass in
slow, long, deep motions.
This has been a night to
remember! My warm skin is tingling from all the shower
steam, and I even have time to pull out my camera and
photograph Tina in action with our new toy, one of her
hands fondling his ass and the other holding a cigarette...


Ryan stirred when the warm rays of light hit his face.

The window was only slightly ajar yet the room was still
toasty warm from the night before. He felt intoxicated by
the over powering odor of female sexuality still around
him, as if his body and the bed had been doused in a
flammable liquid and one spark from the glowing embers in
the fire would make the whole room rupture and explode.

Yet Ryan felt and saw no-one. He tried to get up and
noticed by the wall clock that it was 11 am.

It was then that Ryan became aware of his immobility:
each hand and leg had been tied by a red silk scarf to
the four posts of the large double bed and he lay there
naked and helpless.
A note rested on his bare stomach and
as he read the letter from his awkward position there
seemed to be two telephone numbers scribbled on it, or so
he thought.

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