Thursday, August 19, 2010


Written by a man.

I'm in Spain it's hot and I'm with a woman that I really wish I had never met.
Were in a hotel bar, she's had too much to drink and so have I.
She's getting drunk because she has told me another of her "fantasies" and is now trying to drink the courage to wander down to the beach and "you know on the beach", I'm drinking because I'm bored.
I'm bored because I know that all that's going to happen tonight is that she will drink too much and the most sexual thing that I'm likely to take part in is being nagged into tossing her off before she passes out.

She's passed out.
I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, she is spralled on it.
I didn't even bother to take her knickers off.
I'm drinking a whisky from the mini bar, my wrist aches and my fingers are sticky.
I stand and wander out onto the balcony, continuing to drink the whisky I lean on the rail.
Time for some serious thought.
I look back through the open door, the sight that greets me is not an unpleasant one.
K is about five foot six in height, neither fat nor thin.
Her hair is short and currently white.
She is spread across the bed, lying on her back with her legs spread apart, her knees slightly bent, exposing her pussy where I earlier pulled her French knickers to one side.
Apart from that she is fully clothed, wearing a tight, glittery, strapped dress, which has been hitched up to just below her hips, again to allow access to her pussy.

I take another sip of whisky.
I have come to the conclusion that something has to change.
K is selfish, not just in sex but in everything she says and does.
This relationship is going nowhere.
Either I leave as soon as we get back to England or I make some radical changes to the way that I behave towards her now and see what happens.
If it don't fit force it, if it breaks you needed a new one anyway.
I smile, swallow the rest of the whisky and walk back to the bed.
I stand next to the bed alongside K's head and unzip my flys with my left hand.
My belt needs two hands so I place the whisky glass on the bedside table.
I unbuckle my belt, undo my trousers, release my cock from my underpants and fondle myself until my cock is firm.
I reach to the bedside table and take a tube of KY from its surface.
I rest my knees on the edge of the bed and applying a small amount of the KY to my circumcised cock slowly start to wank myself over her face.
It's not long before my spunk shoots from the end of my cock and sprays across her upturned face.
She doesn't even stir.
I examine her face noting the way my spunk has trailed across her open mouth, falling between her parted lips.
Her lips move slowly together and still asleep she swallows and then her lips part again.
I reach down and using my finger gently scoop up more of my spunk from her face, allowing it to fall from my fingers and onto her lips.
Again her mouth slowly shuts and her throat moves.
I try to repeat this "feeding" of K but the spunk that's still on her proves difficult to pick up and I only succeed in spreading it more thinly over her cheeks and forehead.
I decide to leave it there.
She won't figure it out, in the morning she'll just assume that what's on her face is spilt drink.

I zip myself up and go to the mini bar for another drink, pouring from the bottle I toast myself.
Tomorrow K's training starts.

The next day not much seemed to have changed.
Every time we went down to breakfast K would insist that we spent half an hour looking around the hotel gift shop, not that anything had changed from our previous visit.
She would spend this time examining in the smallest detail some useless tasteless and overpriced pieces of tat, usually the same tat she'd spent half an hour looking at the previous morning, but this morning a broach had caught her eye.

It was a enamelled metal broach of a Ladybird.
It wasn't ugly or even tasteless, it could even be called cute it was however ridiculously priced.
The same item from a local market back home would cost a tenth of the price.

"Look love." I said
"We need our money for our trip to town today, tomorrow we're going to the city, I can get some more cash then and tomorrow night we can buy this".

"Can't you get some today?"

"No. No big banks in the local town."

"Well we've got the money why don't we buy this now?

"Because we need the money for today."

"What for?"

"You do want to eat don't you?"


"That's what we need the money for."

"But I want this now"
Her voice was starting to wine
"I want to wear it into town."

"You can't have it now"
I was starting to get tight lipped and I spoke the rest of the sentence slowly as if trying to explain something to a child
"Because if you buy it now we won't have any money for the rest of the day and then we won't be going into town anyway."

She stamps her foot, spins around to turn her back to me and marches off, leaving me rolling my eyes heavenwards and wondering where she'd left her brain cell today.

Later whe're back in our room, I'm dressed in some loose fitting shorts and a T shirt. K, dressed in a bikini, is in the bathroom making up her face.
The bikini isn't a revealing number but one that covers her arse and tits well.
I'm in the bedroom and it's when I allow my eyes to wander over the top of the dressing table that I notice a small black box, a small, broach sized black box.
I walk over, pick up the box and knowing what I'm going to find inside, open it anyway.
K comes out of the bathroom fiddling with her hair as she walks towards me.

"What the fuck is this?" I ask, my tone measured and even, showing her the opened box.

"oh" she said glancing down " I was going to tell you."

"Just how the fuck are we going to get into town now you stupid, selfish, braindead cow?"

"You don't talk to me like that!" She hissed back.

I feel my fists itching, I dearly want to hit this woman but some part of me prevents it.
Instead I grab her shoulders and spinning her around shove her away from me.
Her knees hit the edge of the low bed and she falls forwards,
I lean over her and seizing either side of her bikini bottoms just above her hips jank them back to her knees.
Using my left hand to pin her to the bed I bring my open right hand back behind my head and then down in a wide arc on her exposed arse.
She yells in surprise and pain.
The report from the impact of my hand echoes around the room but I'm far too angry to care about what the other guests of the hotel might hear.
K does care and instead of making a determined attempt to escape she reaches above herself and pulls a pillow down to her face and uses it to muffle her cries as my hand continues to rain down on her rapidly reddening rear.
Each time my hand strikes she flinches forward and gasps, then as my hand travels back to deliver the next blow she moves her arse back into its original position ready to receive it.

She is making no real attempt to wriggle free, playing a hunch I force my hand between her legs, which are still held together by her bikini bottoms and push my hand up the inside of her thigh until the thumb brushes against the lips of her pussy.
I wiggle my thumb back and forth and with a little effort push my thumb into her pussy.
It's dripping wet.
She lifts her head from the pillow arching her back away from the bed.

"Yesssss" she hisses.

The fucking bitch is enjoying this!
This increases my anger, moving behind her, holding her down with my left hand in the small of her back I work my own shorts down over my thighs, then pulling her cheeks apart with both hands start to force my hard cock into her tight and as far as I know virgin arsehole.
She squirms under me and squealing into the pillow tries to pull herself up the bed.
I grab her hips and continue to force myself into her, my unlubricated cock battering against the muscles of her tight hole.
Suddenly I feel the pressure on the head of my cock give as I force it past her ring and the rest of my shaft rams into her with ease.
I fuck her, not gently and with no care of her pleasure or pain.
I pump myself into and out of her as hard and as fast as I can.
Her cries are muffled by the pillow which is now marked with smudged lipstick and mascara.
Her hand reaches back between her legs and she plunges her fingers into her pussy, her cries of protest turning to pleasure.
I keep fucking.
I fuck and fuck and fuck until nothing else matters but filling this bitch's arse full of my spunk.
I tense and pushing into her as hard as I can, pump my seed into her.
I fall forward on top of her, resting for a moment, then push myself up and roughly pull my cock from her.
She lies where she is her hand sill rubbing furiously at her clit.

"That's right girl" I tell her leaning over her again "Finish yourself off, .....Finish yourself off whilst I watch my spunk ooze out of your arse."

She looks back at me as her hand moves faster, some of my spunk runs from her open arse, into her soaking pussy and down her fingers onto her wrist.
She buries her face back into the pillow as her orgasm rips though her body and collapses onto her own arm.
I pull my shorts back around my waist and straighten my shirt.

"I'll be in the bar, you sort yourself out then come and join me. We still have to sort out some cash."

Without a backwards glance I walk out of our room, deliberately leaving the door to the corridor open as I leave

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