Thursday, August 12, 2010

Further adventures of Colleen

Written by a woman.

It had been about 3 weeks since my visit to Babette's apartment. Things had been busy at work and we had seen each other and talked, but nothing was mentioned about our pleasure time. I had been out with a couple of guys on dates, and I fucked them at the end of the date, it was good (they each enjoyed it immensely), but I just didn't get the pleasure I got from Babette.

Then, on Friday morning she came by my desk and said she had a new wine I might like, and if I was free to come on by that evening at 7:00. I readily agreed. I already had a date, but I cancelled that. All day long, every time I thought of her and her great body, I got hot. I thought "I've got to stop this or I walk out of here with a wet spot on the front of my skirt!".

I arrived on time and she answered the door wearing the same robe as before. I came in and sat down, she poured some wine and we chatted a bit about the office, usual girl talk.

Then I said "It's a bit warm in here."

I pulled my sweater off over my head, and since I purposely hadn't worn a bra that night, my big tits just popped out. My nipples were already hard from my thoughts. I caressed them and she couldn't take her eyes away.

She said, "Yes, it is hot" and stood up and let her robe drop.

She smiled, and I looked up and down her body, just as good and delicious as I remembered. She came over, sat beside me and we kissed long and hard, our tongues teasing one another. I put my head back and she kissed all the way down my throat to my chest and then on to my tit. She started to suck and play with the hard nipple with her tongue, while she squeezed the other tit with her hand. Oh, that was great!!!! She pulled me to my feet, and I quickly slipped off my skirt and panties.

She reached down and felt my pussy, she smiled and said "Already wet? So am I."

So I felt her, and she was.

We rubbed each others pussy's for a few seconds, then she said "Come on." and led me in to the bedroom. As we left the sofa, she reached down and picked up a basket I hadn't seen before.

I said "What's that?" and she said "New pleasures" and smiled.

We got to the bed and I laid down across it like before. She leaned over me again, putting one of her large tits in my mouth while she sucked one of mine - it was as great as I remembered, first swirling her tongue and licking it, then sucking and nibbling with her teeth softly, all the while rubbing my other nipple with her thumb and forefinger. I did the same to her, but I enjoyed sucking more, which she seemed to enjoy having me do, and since her other tit was hanging down, I squeezed it like I was milking her. She moaned with pleasure when I started that. We switched tits, and she started to suck my other one and I sucked her other one. She reached her free hand down and slowly rubbed my pussy. I spread my legs even further apart and thrust up against her hand, eager for some action there.

She said "Well, let's see what we have in the basket?"and pulled out a large long banana, and started to peel it. I knew what was going to happen and I got hotter.

She knelt between my widely spread legs and kissed my pussy, then licked it softly. I know I was moaning, but I didn't care. She moved back and then I felt the banana - she just touched it to my pussy, but I was so hot my pussy almost sucked it in.

She slowly moved it in - it was at least 9 or 10 inches long, and I moaned "Give me all of it" and she slowly did.

My hips were really moving now, but she pushed it all the way in and then started pulling it out with her teeth and eating it as it came slowly out. My orgasm, that had been building all day long, came in a rush, flooding her mouth and she hungrily licked it all. I lay back completely spent.

She stood up and rubbed her pussy, and said "Let's have some more wine and then you can do me with a large cucumber that I have."

I said "Gawd, that sounds great. Maybe you can fuck me with that later?"

She said, "Well, since tomorrow is Saturday, and if you don't have anything to do, we could go all night."

With my head spinning and my knees weak, I said "That would be heaven."

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