Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rhythm of the Rain Part II

By Christopher
Written by a man.

My lust for her became more inflamed than ever and I couldnt help passing my tongue over my lips as I surveyed and admired the contours of her ripe backside, the rounds of her buttocks, the deep valley between them, and her luscious sex, a sweet split peach, nestled between her protective thighs.

Darcy glanced back over her shoulder, her eyes glittering as she saw my swollen penis jutting out like a fleshy spear from my groin.

"Hey baby," she said in a throaty whisper, her fingers slipping down to open up the soft, naked flesh of her sodden vulva to expose the succulent pink within.

"Come here and give us what we both want."

Heart pounding beneath my chest, desire pulsing through my blood, my loins throbbing with lust for her, I came up behind my horny lady.

I placed one hand on her waist while I smoothed the other along the creamy cool skin of her rear.

The splashing rhythm of the rain echoed and I breathed hot into Darcys hair.

My achingly hard cock was pressed against her soft, supple ass and I moved the hand that had been at her waist up to her bosom, finger and thumb plucking gingerly at one of her dark, thimble-like nipples.

I snaked my other hand in between her legs and cupped her moist cunny, my fingertips swirling insistently through the wet folds, searching for her slippery little clitoris.

Darcys reaction was immediate, squeezing her thighs together, holding my hand close to her steamy puss.
I could almost feel a pulse of ecstasy as I stroked through her sloppy slit, my imprisoned fingers rubbing at the quavering morsel of her clit in quick, circular motions.

This sensuous masturbation was not only thrilling to Darcy but to myself as well.
I was becoming incredibly horny as well, my breath was coming in short bursts, my face felt hot and flushed, and my cock was obscenely swollen, the bluish veins threading down the engorged meaty shaft like corded steel wires.

The bulbous head had turned a fiery reddish-purple and was pulsating with desire, drawing up a glistening pearly drop.

My testicles felt impossibly swollen, as if the twin reservoirs were filled to bursting with seed.
I begged Darcy to release my hand so I could replace it with something even more pleasing.

Without a word, she wriggled up so that her head and upper torso were bent quite low over the railing, allowing her to push her glorious backside upwards.

Raising her hand, she reached for my jutting pole, guiding it to nestle among her silky-wet folds.

"Give it to me, baby," she whispered in a tremulous voice, her desire almost palpable.
"I need you in me so badly."

Holding her close again, I angled her legs a little further apart to give me full access to the lush, ripe petals then gently eased the blunt knob forward.

For a few seconds I encountered slight resistance but then Darcy instinctively shifted forward, allowing the full length of my shaft to slide into her sweetness with a lovely squishing sound.

Each time with Darcy is like the first time for me; I never fail to be amazed at how wet and hot she is, once my cock is pressed up inside her steamy channel!
I wanted to go slowly, to luxuriate in that velvety heat, to build myself up over time, but I just couldnt do it.

It was just too joyous to plunge my beefy penis again and again into her succulent depths.
With the cold, splashing rain pounding our naked, writhing bodies, it felt like we were animals fucking in the middle of a jungle, with me humping my woman the way a male lion mates with a lioness.
I was bent over her, hands grasping her waist, my meaty cock sluicing into her slushy cunny like I was in heat.

The long sighs issuing from her mouth told me that Darcy had completely given herself over to the sensations now flooding through her body and transmitting themselves through the tip of my pistoning rod, down through the shaft to my very soul.

I pumped my swollen organ in and out of her with rhythmic thrusts, completely filling up her juicy well with every deep stroke.

Each time as I withdrew, my cock seemed even wetter, so that even my balls were soon soaked with her flowing fluids; when I rammed it back in, burying myself to the hilt, the pair in their sac slapped against her ass

Not content to merely receive my thrusts, she began to twist her ass in undulating motions, thus taking my pounding cock even deeper, holding it firmly while her glossy inner membranes clutched at it greedily.

Again and again I drove my aching manhood into the nestling heat of her vagina, jerking my hips as she whimpered with the pleasure of making hot, passionate love in the pouring rain.
To add to her pleasure, one of my hands ran over her quivering tummy and up to her pillowy breasts, groping the swaying, pudding-soft tit and the firm ripe nipple.

Laying my weight along the arch of her back allowed me to bring my other hand down to her pussy, scooping a dollop of her syrupy lubrication and massaging the slippery mess where I knew it would do the most good.

Darcy joyfully responded to this added stimulation, squirming and wriggling about to such an extent that I had to work to keep my cock inside of her without the use of my hands.

I began to feel the first sweet stirrings of an impending release.

With each lunge, my balls were growing tighter and tighter, until they no longer hung down but were hard up against the root of my prick, all but bursting with the pressure of the bubbling semen they held inside.

She seemed to sense this, and she moved her hand down so that she could fondle my scrotum as it swung against her.

She was pulling me deep into her and I was pushing on her as hard as I could, pumping with my hips and stomach while my hands were squeezing her tits and stroking her cunny, stimulating her to the very core of her being.

Without warning came a strong gust of wind, bringing with it a rush of rain that slammed into us.

The sound of it was thunder without the thunder and it sent Darcy tumbling over the edge.

Writhing in unbridled joy, her back arched, she came, nearly sobbing with the great racking tremors of pure bliss. Her inner walls began to pulse erratically, gripping me wetly and firmly in a truly seductive embrace.

I managed to resist the urge to come myself, having not quite reached the highest levels of arousal.

I continued to pinch the plums of her nipples while roughly fingering her pulsating clit, compounding the sweet agony of her climax which made her pretty mouth open wide in pleasure, seemingly releasing all her orgasmic energy into the smoky-gray sky.

With Darcy having already achieved her orgasm I was now free to focus on my own.
I brought my hands to her hips and banged my cock into her, holding her firm, pulling her into me with each stroke. I was on fire for her, and I could not fuck her fast enough: my hips were moving like the piston of a steam engine at full throttle.

With my climax pulsing liquidly between my shivering lips, so very close to blossoming, I plunged furiously into her fiery pussy, needing desperately to reach that crest.

She was so hot within my cock felt as if it was being scorched by that deliquescent heat.

The pressure was such that I could hardly stand and I cried out for the want of ecstasy to relieve that exquisite anguish.

In an instant that gave no warning, my ramrodding cock buried itself one last time then expanded infinitely inside her.

Tremors of spasming ecstasy rippled blissfully beneath my trembling stomach, like the spreading wake of a stone dropped into a warm pond.
I could feel myself releasing my fluids deep within her even as the breathlessly sweet sensations reverberated within my veins, coiling in the sensitive flesh of my engulfed penis, quivering in open lips that grunted and whimpered.
I surrendered myself utterly to those dazzling pleasures coursing through my body.

It seemed that my spurting might go on forever, deep inside her, and she said that she could feel it splashing within while the culmination of my lusts and desires rolled on, and on.

Despite the chill rain, we actually stood there, naked in the midst of a growing storm, holding on to one another, warmed by each others body heat and the depth of emotions we both shared.

We knew it was time to get inside when a jagged bolt of lightning struck in the distance, shaking us from our dreamy state.

Giggling at how silly and yet how intimate our lovemaking had been, we hurried back inside to safety, hand in hand.

Even with her hair plastered down to her cheeks and every drop of makeup washed off her face, Darcy was breathtakingly beautiful to me.

Her perfect breast bobbed in time with her step and streams of fresh rainwater trickled down her shapely thighs, seemingly designed to protect her delicate pussy.

She was shivering and I reached out to hold her.
"Youre freezing, Darcy."

"I am very cold," she admitted, her teeth chattering.
"Im going to take a hot shower.
Care to join me? You look as cold and drenched as I feel. "

I thanked her but told her I was going to clean up the mess we made first.

Darcy nodded then told me if I changed my mind I shouldnt hesitate to join her.
We kissed fondly, and her mouth was warm but her breasts were quite cold. I gave her a playful slap on the fanny and told her to go get that shower.

I was toweling up the puddles wed left on the floor when I heard the water being turned on.

The rain was still splashing against the windowpanes and I smiled, remembering Darcys pure joy during the lovemaking, how excited the rain had made her.

I was quite surprised to feel a sudden small twitch in my penis so soon after sex.
Perhaps I would take up her offer to share that shower.

The moment I opened the door to the bathroom, a hot billow of steam came rushing out.

I had learned that Darcy loves her showers nice and hot, and what with us being out in the chilly rain, this one was exceptionally toasty.

Though the glass was rippled, I could easily make out Darcys naked form as she slowly lathered her hair with sudsy shampoo.

She must have heard me enter because right away she opened up the shower door.

The steam-filtered light seemed to bathe her in an ethereal radiance which combined with the rivulets streaming down her sleek wet body, seemed to accentuate her lush curves, immaculately silken flesh, and ebony hair slicked back from an angelic face resplendent with life and love.

She had one slender arm high on the shower door, the other behind her, and her high, perky breasts were crested by ripe, plump nipples, tiny crystalline drops of water dangling from those plum-colored tips.

Her nubile body shimmered with dampness and clinging steam, the tiny streams spilling about the indented bowl of her navel before to flow down long svelte thighs.

It bypassed the thick tangle of sable curls through which peeked her rosy petals, still plump from our earlier lovemaking, moist from not only the showers heat but also from the moisture seeping from within.

Darcys sexual arousal was not something that she, much less I, could simply turn on and off.

She often needed a good of soft , sensual kissing and gentle caressing that would slowly progress to more intimate snuggling and then to provocative fondling.

But right then, as she stood there in the steamy air fragrant with the stirring aroma of her womanhood in heat, she was very ready and willing, offering her self up to me.

Seeing her like that was very exciting to me but I told myself that I was going to hold myself in check, to allow us to enjoy the intimacy of each other without my desire becoming a mindless lust.

Closing the door as I joined my smiling wife in the shower, I shut out the world, giving us time and space to bathe one another which, while not very rare, was always treasured.

I began by starting where she had left off : washing her hair.

Reaching for the shampoo, I poured some of the greenish gel into my hand then worked into her hair.
I began to rub it in slowly, letting it lather fully, keeping her head out of the spray so the soap could work into her scalp, as she likes it.

She pushed the few stray strands back away from her forehead, allowing me to draw it together behind her ears.

With the shampooing done for the meantime, I took the bar of vanilla-scented soap and began to rub it all over her body, delighting in the way my hands slipped around her curves, feeling the wetness of her naked skin, the seductive heat pulsing just below the velvety surface.
She gasped as slipped my fingers along her upper inner thighs, and though I deliberately stayed away from her furry delta, I could already feel a tiny rivulet, thicker and slicker than the water.


brought my finger playfully to her mouth, tracing her full, pouty lips before letting her suck the tips, letting her show me her need for my love, my touch.

Continuing to tease her, knowing that it would only sweeten the moment for both of us, I had her turn around, ostensibly to cleanse her shoulders and back but really to allow her to feel my soft penis against her bottom, a great turn-on for her.

Soon my hands strayed about the front of her slippery torso and soon I was gently massaging the pert globes of her breasts.

How diligently I soaped her silken skin, cupping and releasing those resilient handfuls, squeezing.
Eventually, of course, my fingers would discover the stiffened nubs which crowned her high, dusky mounds, and I tortured them mercilessly.

With her back turned to me and her head dreamily inclined, Darcy shivered at my touch.

The irresistible caress of my knowing fingertips upon her throbbing nipples inflamed her passions unbearably, making her body crave for even more. I tried to prolong her erotic agony, because, I was loath to release her from the sweet bondage of her need.

I hate to admit it, but the knowledge that I controlled her sexy body made it quiver and sweat and long for more was deliciously arousing. Her lovely dark face was flushed with pleasure, but she reddened further as I made her tell me her innermost desires.

"Tell me," I whispered to Darcy as I stood behind her, naked in the steamy warmth of the shower.

I rolled her stiffened nipples between my naughty fingers and thumbs.

Her body writhed under my tantalizing stimulation, wicked twistings and pullings, which whetted her appetite but refused to grant the release they made her fevered body hunger for.

"Tell me what you want me to do," I murmured into her ear, letting my tongue run slightly across the trembling lobe before pushing my face into the fragrant mass of hair to nuzzle the downy nape of her neck.

"You know what you need and I will give it to you but you must tell me your desire."

"Kiss me!" she breathed hotly, turning so that now the water was hitting her back, some of it coming over her shoulders to strike me in the upper chest.

Our bodies, slick and heated, slid together in a passionate embrace.

I took her chin in my hands and parted her quivering lips with my thrusting tongue, searching and exploring her mouth.

Soon my wet, consuming kisses were trailing along her delicate nose, brushing her adorable cheeks and tracing her lovely chin.
I swept my tongue along her throat into the tiny hollow at the base, feeling her blood pulse hot and quick.

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