Friday, October 27, 2006

In Good Hands

by Candy

After a long week, I arrange to meet you after your last meeting on Friday afternoon.
I say to you "Honey, I know that you have been working very hard this week and I want you to let me pick you up.
I've arranged for dinner and a lovely evening together."
Of course you comply and happily look forward to seeing me later.
Little do you know that I have amazing things planned for you.
I have the ultimate relaxation schedule planned and I fully intend to see that you get to purr in the lap of luxury.

The time rolls around so slowly to three o'clock then crawls to three thirty, just half an hour to go.
My preparations are finished and I sit back an relax, excited about the evening ahead.
At four o'clock you are to meet me at the loop and join me for what you think will be a Friday night drink at the local watering house.
Waiting at the curb you look down and impatiently kick a little rock onto the road.
It bounces onto the road and collides with the tire of an oncoming vehicle.
You watch as the front end of a slick black limo slides up to the curb and stops.
Irritatedly you look beyond the car that has blocked your view and move to the end of the obstructing limo in order to become more visible to me when I drive up.

Standing there you check your watch again, shift your weight from one foot to the other and then pace two steps forward.
The limo driver emerges from the huge car and walks briskly towards you and addresses you, "excuse me, Mr. Jones, would you please follow me".
Blinking with surprise you turn to follow as he turns and opens the back door, stepping aside to let you enter.

Hesitantly you stoop to look inside, trying to decipher the figure obscured by the shadows.
As your eyes adjust you realize that it is me and with an amused smile you slip into place on the seat across from me.
The driver closes the door behind you and the world you just stepped out of gets shut out with it.
You are now in my world, completely enveloped in these new surroundings and a little bewildered as the car pulls away from the curb.

You eye me up and are pleasantly aware of the scent of my perfume in your nostrils.
You wonder why I haven't spoken and you try to look past my sunglasses for some indication of my intentions.
I just sit there quietly and cross my stockinged legs, watching you intently.

I sit and admire you in your working uniform, suit, tie, shiny black shoes and neatly combed hair.
I imagine your day and the routine meetings and endless conversations.
I have you now, all to myself and I am going to take very good care of you.
I lean forward and smile, offering you a drink.

"Martini sweetheart?" I ask you while I am already shaking the decanter.
I pour us both a lovely cool drink and you take yours from me, letting your fingers linger on mine as I pass it to you.
I give you my little sexy half smile and ask you how your day was.
I lean back maintaining my aloofness as you explain the mundane details of your day.
"Darling, loosen your tie, make yourself comfortable," I say to you, "wouldn't you like to get out of those ghastly working clothes and into something a little more comfortable?"

You begin to loosen your tie as I extract a package from the bag at my feet.
I toss it on the seat next to you and wait for your reaction.
By now you have realized that this is a game and you decide to play along with my little charade.
Opening the box you pull from it the beautiful brocade silk lined robe in tones of ruby and blood red that I have chosen for you.
The lapels are black and the weight of it in your hands is absolutely sumptuous.
Stroking the sating lining you look up at me surprised at my extravagant choice.
"Only the best for you my darling!" I say to you as I slide my glasses down to look at you with my piercing blue eyes.
You lean forward for a thank you kiss and teasingly I reply to it by tut tuting you and telling you to wait.

The car continues on a course unknown to you and your head feels light from the martini.
You look at me for reassurance and I smile lovingly in your direction.
The tension from the week starts to fall away from you and the excitement of the adventure ahead just starts to take it's hold. I am happy to have you near me again and I am also looking ahead to my plans.
I have arranged the ultimate in relaxation and pleasure for you.
"Eugene, won't you take off your jacket, your shirt, and lastly, your trousers" I say to you in a sugary sweet tone.
I know full well that this will not be a comfortable thing for you to do but it is a test...
I know you will not disappoint me.

"I would like to see you in your robe, Darling" I continue "and to know that you are naked underneath it".
Alas, you do not disappoint me and you begin to disrobe in front of me.
Proud as you are, you never take your eyes off me, knowing that I am enjoying every minute of your apprehension.
I take your clothing from you one piece at a time and it is awkward for you in the limited space of the car.
At last I have you in the back of a shiny black limo completely disrobed and beautiful before me.
I revel in the wickedness of it and wait for you to don the silky smooth robe.
My smile expands as I see you take on a different persona as you pull the lapels over your chest and secure the front with a knot.
My lover, the perfect gentlemen, what is he thinking?
I cannot resist leaning forward to run my hand under the robe, up your naked thigh and over your balls.
"Eugene, you look stunning," I whisper to you in a lusty tone, "won't you come here so I can kiss you."
You lean towards me and we kiss, gently at first, exploring each others lips, then more passionately we lock into a soul kiss.
I pull away from your heat, panting, curbing the urge to devour you, to release my desire for your sex.

I know we must be getting close to our destination so I lean back, rearrange my skirt, and gather my composure.
We arrive outside of and immense stone building. Our driver holds open the door of the limo and waits for us to depart.
I have provided you with a pair of masculine leather slippers to accent your robe and I wait for you to exit before getting out behind you.
Most certainly you are unsure of being on the street in a robe but there is not another person to be seen down the block.

I stand behind you, slightly taller than you in my stiletto heels, and I press my hand to the small of your back, urging you to follow the driver.
The entrance is framed on both sides by giant ionic columns with shiny blocks of granite at their base.
The high foyer leads up a set of steps and ends with two large glass doors fitted with brass.
The handles are of solid brass and each is a representation of an elephants head with the long trunk making up the handle.
Inside we are welcomed by rich splendor as we walk into the front room upon a red carpet.
It is splash of warmth on the coolness of the green and white marble.
It runs the length of the front hall and leads to the foot of a winding staircase, curving upwards to unknown rooms on the level above.
I take your hand in mine and with absolute mischief in my eyes I recommend that you must soak your weary bones and relax after a such a long week.
I lead you up the staircase an stop at the first door.
It is a barred by a heavy wooden door carved in bias relief with pictures of intertwining bodies, locked in positions of pleasure.
I push the heavy door open and stand aside for you to enter.
You move through the door and look around in awe.
The room is humid and fragrant with the scent of tropical plants and flowers.
Filling the room are curtains of exotic greenery growing up towards the to ceiling.
The floor is tiled with the undulating shapes of polished river rock.
It is a beautiful atrium with the centerpiece being a bubbling pool of water complete with cherubs and naked nymphs pouring endless streams of water from bottomless vessels.
I turn you to face me, smiling with the joy of bringing you to this paradise. I slide the robe down over your shoulders, revealing the curves of your collarbones.

Your eyes are a deep blue and you are smiling with delight.
I run my soft hands over your naked shoulders and take your face in my hands.
I bring it close to mine and whisper to you "tonight is for your pleasure only, my darling, and your pleasure will be my pleasure."
Kissing you gently on your full sensuous lips I let my hands slide down over your shoulders and then drop to the belt of your robe.
I pull the knot from it and find the opening, pressing my hands flat to your smooth stomach and sliding them around your waist then up your back then to where the robe is resting on your shoulders.

I pull it down further and it falls to the crook of your elbows.
The ebony black lining shimmers against the paleness of your skin and your visage fills me with a longing that I have to fight to control.
You let your hands fall to your sides and the robe drops to the floor in a supple heap.
You are naked, standing proud and erect, your eyes lazily trace an invisible line from the neckline of my blouse up over my jaw to my lips, where they pause, then up to meet my gaze.
You always were the one to make love to me with your eyes alone.
My awareness shifts to the way my clothes feel next to my skin.
The warm humidity of the atrium has caused my skirt to stick and my silk blouse to feel too warm.
As if you had just read my thoughts, you start to unbutton my blouse, the pearl buttons giving in to your fingers, the silk falling open to reveal the lace of my bra.
You tug the fabric of my blouse from the waistband of my skirt and slide your hands around to the fastening at the back.
Deftly you undo the hook and zip as your naked body moves so close to mine.
The skirt starts to move down over my buttocks with the pushing of your hands and it falls down around my ankles. Our faces are so close, I can see tiny beads of perspiration on the top of your lip.

Slowly your hands move up my body, barely coming in contact with my skin, passing lightly over my breasts and thrilling me with delicious shivers of delight.
You take my face in your hands and pull my lips up to meet yours.
Softly you lick the outline of my lips, dragging the tip of your tongue slowly around the cupids bow of the top then tracing the fullness of the lower one.
Your eyes are on mine and I part my lips to accept the tip of your probing tongue.
I suck it between my lips before opening them to accept the fullness of your open kiss on my mouth.
Your lips join mine and your tongue finds a ready playmate.
Our bodies are not pressed together, they hover closely, not quite touching, I picture your penis pulsing with hardness and my wetness beckons with a silent beacon.... "find me" it purrs, eager to have the sensation of first contact.
You take your lips from mine and stand back a pace.
My awareness shifts once again to my attire. Still in my bra and panties I stand before you, waiting for your next movement.
You remove your feet from your slippers and barefoot you step behind me.
Your lips find where my neck meets my shoulders and they settle gently at first then press into a full kiss.
Your tongue forms a wet point and draws a damp line across the back of my neck to the other side.
I feel your breath follow that line, cooling it, making it feel like your tongue still lingered there.
Once again your hands are on me, sweetly they caress the dip of my waistline, the feathery touch igniting sensuous explosions on the surface of my skin.
You find the elastic of my panties and slip your fingers into it, pulling it down and away from my body.
The crotch clings damply to the cleft between my legs and you stop.
With one hand at the front and the other behind you pull the crotch firmly up, pressing it to my swollen mound, pulling it into the crack of my ass.
A tiny moan escapes my lips, this pressure is a relief, a brief respite from your light, teasing attentions.
You hold me like this for a moment then with a swift movement you pull my panties down and I step free of them and my skirt.

This leaves me with only my bra and my lace topped stockings and my stiletto heels.
You again move behind me and I feel the smooth head of your prick moving across the underside of my butt cheeks.
I look down to see that you have a firm grasp of your prick and are guiding the swollen glans over the curves of my ass cheeks.
I thrill at the sight of you.
The hotness of your organ transfers itself to the sensitive zone where my legs join.
I bend forward slightly and let you trace silky circles over this electrifying spot.
I try to press back on you to get a firmer sensation but you move away, just out of my reach.
You aren't about to let me have any clitoral stimulation until you see fit.
I turn to face you and look you haughtily in the eyes, then with a little smile I bend my knees and start to descend on your manhood, planting tiny kisses down your chest and stomach as I go.
Your fist is still wrapped around yourself, squeezing so that the glans has become a beautiful shining plum.
Looking up at you I lick my lips, making them glisten wetly.
You take your swollen sex to my lips, guiding it then pushing it down onto my waiting mouth.
You watch as my tongue flicks out and assaults the surface, wetting it before I let my lips circle the very tip.
Then, with a very strong suction, I pull that hot bulb past my tight lips and into my mouth.
You relinquish your hold on it, groaning and letting your head fall back as you surrender to the sensation.
I don't let up the suction as I draw you further into my mouth.
My hand closes around your shaft, squeezing you to absolute fullness, my other hand finds your balls and I start to pump them in rhythm with my mouth.
I work you, pushing you to your limit, feeling the rushing of semen into your hot balls.
I move my one hand from your balls to the underside of your prick, to that ridge just in front of your anus.
I cup it in my hand and apply a rhythmic pulling pressure.
I hear you groan, your body tenses and I know that if I don't stop now it will be too late.

I stop moving all together, your prick held in the warmth of my mouth.
You stand rigid, waiting, holding back but not wanting to.
I squeeze hard on your balls and shaft while applying a firm suction to your glans, then I release you all at once.
I stand away from you, looking at you in this fully aroused state, taking pleasure in your discomfort.

There is a film of perspiration glistening on your skin, you feel damp to my touch.
Reaching for me you pull me towards you then crush me to your chest.
Your press your lips firmly on mine and kiss me deeply, hotly with a barely tempered passion.
I find your hands with mine and holding them tightly I break from your embrace and pull you over to the pool.
I release you then, stepping out of my heels I a show off my backside with a deep bend as I remove first one, then the other stocking.
You reach for me again and your hands are on the straps of my pretty bra.
You tug them down over my shoulders, revealing my breasts and you firmly grasp them in your hands.

Squeezing them so that the nipples stand fiercely forward you lower your mouth.
I can't tear my eyes away as I watch your tongue dart from between your lips and flick at the end of my nipple. Flicking, flicking, just grazing the very tip of this hard little erection, teasingly causing my clit to contract in it's hood, drawing my attention to a very serious need.
I moan audibly as I watch this torturous assault on my nipples.
You bare your teeth and start to graze them over this sensitive nub, then you bite down gently causing a brief pain that is so pleasurable.
I can feel a trickle of wetness making its way down my thigh, I try to press my legs together for some relief for my clit.
You are relentless, not letting go of my breasts until each nipple in turn has been made into a taught little red raspberry.
I try to pull away but you won't free me from your grip and I cry out for some relief.
"Oh baby won't you please fuck me now!"
You let go of my breasts and steer me by my shoulders down into the warmth of the pool.
Following close behind I feel your hardness against my buttocks.
I succumb to the sensation of weightlessness as I submerge my body and float up to the surface.
You are watching me as I roll onto my back in the water and reach to put my hand between my legs.
Smiling, you catch it before I have a chance to even press my lips together... too late.
You grasp me by my hips and steer me through the water around to the terraced steps on the other side.

My shoulders bump the top stair that is just under the surface of the water.
I struggle to pull myself up onto it as you continue to push me back.
My body is mostly out of the water now and my nipples jut out heartily.
You lick and suck them vigorously again before before positioning yourself to mouth the mound between my legs.
I almost beg you to let me come.... but I don't, knowing that you would probably tell me that payback can be a bitch.

You pull my legs wide and I watch your eyes play over my swollen pussy lips, watch them take in the sight of my very anxious sex, pulsing and twitching under your gaze.
You slowly lower your head, moving your mouth ever closer.
I closed my eyes, anticipating the sensation of your warm mouth moving over my slit.
I felt your hands on either side of my pussy, gently pulling open the folds to reveal the swollen bud of my aching clitorous.
I could only feel your hands for what seemed like forever until I felt the very tip of your tongue make contact.
I moaned and my breathing became more erratic.
It was all I could do to remain still while you pursued this torturous teasing.

Such a tiny flicking sensation...
I pictured again how you had taunted my nipples and imagined my clit in their place.
As lightly as you flicked I knew that it wouldn't take much to bring me to climax.
You persisted with this gentle flicking and you had to move with me as my hips started to buck of their own accord.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not meet with a firmer contact than this maddening flick at my clit.
I almost cried until you stopped flicking and pressed your pointed tongue down harder.
Without stopping the flicking motion you just moved the point of contact closer.
The sensation became stronger, my clit started to burn with the sensation and my orgasm hovered as the heat increased and spread completely over my whole crotch.
I stopped breathing as the heat intensified.... the pressure from your flicking tongue pushing me past the point of no return. I hung on the edge of orgasm for ages before it finally came crashing in on me pulsing in great ribbons of pleasure that coursed through my body.
My hips bucked and danced as you persisted, assaulting my tender clit with more flicking.
I screamed as you unrelentingly sucked my clit between your lips and continued to flick with your tongue.
I came again, harder, my cries echoing throughout the atrium.
Finally, your fervor subsided and you let me come down from the intensity a bit.
I looked at you and saw a fire burning behind your eyes...
you needed your own release desperately.

I carefully stood, knowing what I wanted next.
You followed me to the juice bar in the corner where I pulled myself up onto the counter.
It was a perfect height for you to gain access to my cunt with your stiffened prick.
You took up your position between my legs and placed each of my legs over your shoulders.
Now you had a perfect view of my womanhood which you were about to enter.
I could see it myself, your rigid rod poised to thrust into my warmth. I looked to your face, to meet your deep blue eyes and you stared back intently as you slowly pushed your length into me.
I had to suck in my breath with the extreme pleasure of your entrance.
We both watched as you cleanly slid in and out of my slick wet lips, disappearing then sliding into view again.
Your pace was steady, a slow deep thrusting, hilting me then drawing back to the very head.
I could feel the tension in your body start to build..
your mouth came to mine and your kiss was deep and passionate.
Your thrusting became stronger, more focused and I could feel myself start to build towards another orgasm along with you.
You pushed deep into me, thrusting your hard swollen glans against the walls of my hot cunt.

Your mouth was hard on mine, sucking a licking at my lips and tongue.
You heaved into me, every muscle tensing with the mounting pleasure.
Deeply you thrust again and again until you pulled yourself from me and grasped your spasming prick in your fist as it pumped a huge load of jism over my tits.
It streamed out in hot gushes and landed on my neck, chin and all over my breasts.
You pushed yourself back into my cunt with a final effort and released another flood of pleasure that coursed through my body as I came once more.
We collapsed into each others arms, panting heavily.

We were both sticky with cum and sweat and as you locked me in your embrace I whispered to you....
I really hope you enjoy the dinner I have planned.....


bad influence girl said...

i certainly hope part two survived :)

Suck Me said...

That was hot hot hotttttttttt!!!!!!

Camilla said...

sadly, part two did not survive.